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Manual - Seaford School District_ Seaford_ Delaware. USA


									Dear XC Athletes and Parents:

Welcome back! It is no secret that this is truly one of my favorite times of the year, meeting the XC family back for action, personal
growth, personal memories, and looking back on a season of achievements that trophies will not simply cover! We have expanded the
number of participants and hope to not disappoint with expertise of strength and endurance form our coaches, athletes, and trainers.
High School tryouts begin August 16th, at 8:00 AM. Please report to the Chapel Branch field on time. It is vital for you to be in
attendance an absence could hinder your chances at future opportunities.

Physicals: Each athlete competing will need to have a physical and a permission to participate form on file with the district. New
physicals will need to be on file,(dating after May 1st!)               and we would like to see those before the first week of July
based on the sign up list created outside of 214. I realize there will be additional individuals interested, however, please make it a
goal of your to turn in a completed physical form before the end of the first week in July, so I do not have to hound you when you
need to be concentrating on being prepared for a great 2010 season! Having this done at the Wellness Center      is free and they can
be reached at 302 629 0884. See info below:

                                                      Wellness Center Dates/Hours:
                                                       August 10, 11, 12 (9am-2pm)
                                                      Week of August 16th (9a-12p)

                                     Appointments must be made prior to the above dates. (629-0884)

                                    Individual sports packets are located in the high school main office.

                                        Any questions call the Athletic Director at 629-4587, X303.

Students will also need to be on the eligibility list regarding adequate grades and no discipline infractions. THE ABSOLUTE LAST
DATE for physicals in August 5th as well as permission from parents! The Wellness Center is open limited hours over the summer,
so do not hesitate to contact them!

Players always question what can they be doing to ready for a 3.1 run?! It sounds scary, however, everyone knows you have THE
BEST group of supportive individuals surrounding you, from coaches, to peers, to past athletes, to trainers, we will whittle success in
you little by little, and the ability to see beyond a day at a time results in success. Our biggest claim to fame has been a commitment
to family values in XC and an even bigger heart. Easily you should be able to check out The Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch
with someone that knows the course asap, and get this worry out of your mind. Second, walk, jog, run the short course, then build up
to the whole course. If you are able to do this before the season starts, and even WAY before the season starts, you’ll knock out the
worries of things that will be really insignificant with knowledge first hand. Longevity and the ability to see the big picture, as well as
learned patience constitute a successful XC athlete. The fastest does not constitute the best XC runner, again, patience, endurance,
and an open mind all are the key features that result in success, the rest comes with your heart. We each take pride in what XC brings
to you as a person, as well as an athlete, and will help instill values and skills you can apply to every sport, every discipline, every
walk of life you open your mind to. ANY 5k’s that are out there, I would suggest trying them out and running in, as these follow a 5k
length you will see during the regular season. Look to some of our past leaders like Chris Wilkerson, Tim Fields, Macey Cordrey, and
others that can lead you to the local 5k’s that will ready you for the 2010 season. When in doubt, check out a list of 5k’s as well as keep in touch with Coach Brake on the Seaford Run a Thon Series!

(Four more left in this season!) We hope you can have at least one mile under your belt by the first week or practice, and be able to
turn on the two mile expectation easily the second week, so know of that mileage now and the technique will come during regular

All High School athletes need to schedule their work around practices, as the XC season comes and goes quickly, and this year we
look to be competitive on a state level, but more importantly, on each and every personal level of every athlete. You have all summer
and the rest of your life to work, and we need that serious commitment to make this XC season a success on a personal and athletic
level for you.

Everyone knows each of the XC coaches gives 100% to the XC sport because they believe in it, they believe in the family that has
been created dating back to Mr. Morris, and we count on each of you to keep those values alive each year 100% should be given in
practice, in cheering each other on, in competition, and even in the spaghetti dinners and lunches we have! There are many challenges
out there from other schools, but this is a year we have the chance to show the young and experienced talent as well as the grit
determination we have to be something great and rewarding on and off the course. XC needs to be a high priority to you not only
because of the talent you bring to the team, but the experience and support you will bring each other. This is what makes XC a unique
sport and not for everyone. XC likes it that way! We are always welcoming but stingy when it comes to giving each of you up
because we grow together from the very first day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 302 536 1795 and I am excited already in seeing the great
individuals that have signed up showing the spirit of XC that Mr. Vince Morris showed years ago! Welcome to the XC family!

                                          NUTRITION: THIS IS HUGE IMPORTANT!

       Hours Before a Race or Meet HAVE
  Water or diluted juice or diluted energy drinks                                            Load up on a variety of healthy
  Whole-grain toast/English muffin with a little
                                                                                             food during the week. Eat lots
   peanut butter OR some whole-grain cereal OR
              a small portion of pasta.                                                         of fruits and veggies, lean
             1/2 banana or other fruit                                                        protein from fish and beans,
             Remember to eat lightly!!!
                                                                                              stay hydrated, eat dairy and
     2 Hours Before a Race or Meet AVOID                                                      other calcium-rich foods, get
                   Dairy products
                                                                                             your slow-release energy from
    Full strength orange juice or energy drinks
                    Spicy foods                                                              potatoes and beans, and make
       Fatty foods such as butter, food with
                                                                                               sure to include healthy fat.
                   saturated fat.
                                                                                             Then on the day of your race,
       Fatty foods such as butter, food with
                                                                                                         eat lightly.
                   saturated fat.

   After a hard practice, race or meet HAVE
    Fruits & Vegetables (as much as you want)
                    Other carbs

Practice: Starting August 15th, we will have the annual spaghetti dinner at Coach Brake’s house, 5:30 PM
SHARP! From there we will start August 16th, at 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM. We will practice each day at various
locations. Practice time is limited so it is imperative that we work hard on our events and take advantage of
each practice session. Attendance is mandatory to participate in meets, with three unexcused absences, you
will be asked to not participate in meets, while you may be asked to leave as part of the team as well.
Attendance to practice and meets is a required part of being a part of the 2010 Season and Team!
                              Typical Workout Schedule
Monday          8-16

Tuesday         8-17

Wednesday       8-18

Thursday       8-19

Friday          8-20

Monday          8-23

Tuesday         8-24

Wednesday       8-25

Thursday        8-26

Friday          8-27

Practice after school – dressed in large gym by 3 P.M.

Practice on school days ends between 5:00 and 5:15 PM.
6 Tips to Run Through the Heat

By Jenny Hadfield

Summer is a great time to run. However the heat and humidity can play havoc on your running pace. The
warmer the weather, the more challenging it becomes to adequately cool your body. Heart rates are
higher and breathing is more rapid than your normal running pace. The body has to work double time in
the heat. The good news is there are a few tricks for beating the heat and getting in your runs this

Switch gears and adapt. It takes about two weeks for your body to adapt to the heat and cool itself
more efficiently. Slow your pace and reduce your intensity and get the run in rather than pushing through
it. Doing so will allow you to more efficiently acclimate and continue to run. Your body will gradually
become better at cooling itself in the warmer weather allowing you to continue to run at your normal

Work with the heat. Run by your effort level rather than your typical pace until you acclimate. If you are
new to running, add power walk breaks every 4 to 8 minutes to cool yourself during your runs. It is all
about managing your body core temperature and not allowing it to rise too much, risking overheating and
really slowing down. Like a car, if the temperature rises too high you will overheat.

Accessorize. Wear light colored, loose fitting wicking running gear. Technical apparel will allow moisture
to pass through them to be evaporated, keeping your cooler. Wear sunglasses that filter UVA and UVB
rays, waterproof sunscreen, and a hat or visor to protect your skin and eyes from the sun.

Timing is everything. Run at cooler times of the day in the morning or in the evening. If you run in the
morning, you'll avoid the heat, but may encounter a higher humidity. The air quality is also better in the
morning, since ozone levels increase soon after dawn, peak at midday, and then again in the early
evening. Times to avoid running are noon till 3pm.

Extreme measures. If there is a heat alert or poor air quality day, take your workout indoors. You won't
get any super-human reward for pushing in dangerous heat and it most likely will take your body longer
to recover from the workout. Train smart.

Hydrate during your workouts. For workouts shorter than 45 minutes, water works just fine. For longer
runs, research suggests consuming about a cup of sports drink every 15 to 20 minutes to fuel your
muscles and aid in maintaining electrolyte levels.

Coach Jenny Hadfield is the co-author of the best-selling Marathoning for Mortals, and the new Running for Mortals and
Training for Mortals series. Coach Jenny has trained thousands of runners and walkers with her training plans. Improve your
running performance or train for your first race with Coach Jenny's Active Trainer Program.

Teams score against each other the first time they
meet on the schedule.
The Host Team is required to call in the scores to
the media
Invitationals were kept on corresponding dates and
are subject to change.
**This season 7 weeks will be used for competition.
***Laurel, Delmar and Woodbridge are not eligible to
win the championship this season

**All meets will start at 4:00P
Fall Sports Begin- August 14th      Competition
Begins- Sept. 10th
 WEEK #1
9/02                                                   Invitational XC Play Day 4:00 PM
                                                       Lake Forest Invitational @ Killens Pond- Start
SAT. 9/11                                              Time- 10:00A
WED. 9/15                                              Smyrna @ Lake Forest
                                                       Milford @ Seaford
                                                       Sussex Central & Delmar @ Cape Henlopen
                                                       Caesar Rodney @ Polytech
                                                       Dover @ Woodbridge
                                                       Laurel & Sussex Tech @ Indian River
                                                       Viking Invitational @ White Clay Creek State
FRI. 9/17                                              Park (Start Time TBA)
                                                       Ron Powell Invitational @ Powell Memorial
SAT. 9/18                                              Park- Start Time 10:00A

WED. 9/22                                              Laurel & Lake Forest @ Cape Henlopen
                                                       Seaford & Delmar @ Sussex Tech
                                                       Caesar Rodney @ Sussex Central
                                                       Woodbridge @ Milford
                                                       Polytech @ Smyrna
                                                       Indian River @ Dover
                                                       Middletown Invitational @ Lums Pond Park-
FRI. 9/24                                              Start Time- TBA
                                                       Bull Run Invitational @ Hereford HS (MD)- Start
SAT. 9/25                                              Time- TBA

MON. 9/27                                              Lake Forest @ Milford
                                                       Laurel & Dover @ Seaford
                                                       Smyrna @ Sussex Central
                                                       Delmar & Sussex Tech @ Caesar Rodney
                                                       Cape Henlopen @ Woodbridge
                                                       Indian River @ Polytech
                                                       Tidewater Classic @ Winter Place Park- Start
WED. 9/29                                              Time- 3:45P
                                                       Salesianum Invitational @ Brandywine State
SAT 10/2                                               Park- Start Time 12:00P

                      Lake Forest, Sussex Central &
WED. 10/6             Seaford @ Laurel
                      Polytech, Dover & Milford @ Delmar
                      Sussex Tech & Woodbridge @ Smyrna
                      Indian River & Cape Henlopen @ Caesar
                      University of Delaware Invitational @ White
FRI. 10/8             Clay State Park- Start Time- 3:15P

WED. 10/13            Sussex Central & Sussex Tech @ Dover
                      Caesar Rodney, Laurel & Smyrna @ Milford
                      Seaford & Polytech @ Cape
                      Woodbridge, Delmar & Lake Forest @ Indian
                      Bellevue Invitational @ Bellevue State Park-
FRI. 10/15            Start Time- TBA

WED. 10/20            Smyrna & Cape Henlopen @ Dover
                      Caesar Rodney & Woodbridge @ Seaford
                      Lake Forest & Polytech @ Sussex Tech
                      Indian River & Milford @ Sussex Central
                      Delmar @ Laurel
WED. 10/27            Milford & Cape Henlopen @ Sussex Tech
                      Dover & Caesar Rodney @ Lake Forest
                      Woodbridge, Laurel & Polytech @ Laurel
                      Seaford, Indian River & Smyrna @

                      Kent County Championships @ Polytech- Start
TUES. 11/2            Time- 3:15P
                      Sussex County Championships @ TBA Start
TUES. 11/2            Time- 3:15P
                      Henlopen Conference Championships @
SAT. 11/6             Killens Pond- 2:00P
SAT. 11/13            Delaware State Championships @TBD

                      HAC All-Conference Meeting at Seaford HS-
THURS. 10/28          7:00P
                                   GUIDELINES AND EXPECTATIONS
Practice will begin at the designated start time and place. It is important that you get to practice on time and I
will be taking roll to make sure you do. If for any reason you can't come to practice, you will need to notify me
before practice begins for that day. Failing to notify me will result in an unexcused absence. Three unexcused
absences will result in dismissal from the team and/or loss of letter eligibility.


   1. DO YOUR BEST. Run each practice the best you can. 90% of cross country is mental attitude.
         o Your body can always do more than you think.
         o *Eat appropriate foods
         o *Get 8 hours of sleep a night
         o *Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day
         o NO HEADPHONES
         o RUN IN PAIRS
         o BE AWARE OF DOGS
   7. MEET ROUTINE: At all home and away meets a team warmup and warmdown will occur.
         o You are expected to be a part of this. Your support of other teammates in their races is also
           important as well as being informed
           afterwards. Failure to do this may result in not running in the next meet.

As in all sports, the nature of Cross Country can cause injury. Most will be minor and can be managed with
basic first aid. Your coach is certified in first aid and CPR and should be contacted immediately if you get
injured. If you become ill or dizzy, notify the coach immediately.

It is essential that you have a good pair of running shoes to practice in. Good shoes can help avoid many
running injuries that can keep you from participating. Get some shoes that have good support and cushioning.
Cross training shoes are not made to run high mileage so try to get some well made, name brand running shoes.
See me if you can't get shoes. Those that want to run fast in the meet should purchase some racing shoes for the
meets. For every 1 ounce your shoe weighs less than your training shoes will decrease your time by 1
second for 1000 meters you run. This amounts to 25-30 seconds for a 3 mile race. I also suggest you get a
water bottle of some kind to bring with you to practice. It is very important that you drink lots of fluids before
practice, during practice, and after practice. You can get a plastic sipper at many convenience stores.

The school district will provide transportation to and from each of our competitions. Traveling as a team builds
team unity. If you must use alternative transportation, please let me know the day before the meet and have your
parents contact me when you are leaving.
Before the first meet, I will issue you a meet top, shorts, and warm-up suit. These are to be worn only at the
meets. The league has specific requirements for dress at the meet so don't forget your uniform. You will need to
provide your own practice clothes and sweats. Any lost or damaged items will be charged to you. You may also
order a practice team shirt if you want.

Lettering in cross country requires the athlete to earn points based on attendance at practice and meets, placing
in meets, and attitude. The athlete will also need to show improvement in his/her running, have less than 3
unexcused absences, and complete the season. Based on the previous best seven race results and the coach's
discretion determines who runs the next varsity meet. Please refer to varsity lettering sheet for details.

Three (3) unexcused absences from practice during the season will cause the athlete to lose varsity letter
eligibility. I expect to hear from you before practice begins when you cannot be in attendance. We all have
personal emergencies, dental appointments, etc. But the courteous and responsible thing to do is to inform the
coach and your teammates of your conflict. Those that miss practice frequently may be required to verify
absences with a note from a parent.
As for attendance at meets, they are the reason we exist. The team is relying on everybody to perform the best
they can. An athlete will only be excused from a meet if there is a prior medical reason or a rare unforeseen
family reason.

Treating one's teammates and coach with respect and common courtesy is a fundamental requirement for team
membership. Cross country, like track and field, must be based on development of individual talents. No ball is
being handled, nor are intricate "plays" required; however athletes are expected to naturally join the club and
support one another as individual runners. The requirement for mutual respect among athletes and coach is
broad enough to cover any foreseeable incident which may require disciplinary action. Violations will be dealt
with on an individual basis.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT(cut, sign, and return acknowledgment)
We certify that we have read and understand the cautions, considerations, and responsibilities required for
participation in the Seaford High School Cross Country Program.

Parent/Guardian Signature/date

Athlete Signature/date
2010 High School XC Athlete/Parent Manual

                   2010 XC
Here for the Challenge, There for the Heart

     Coach Doakes : (302) 393-9168,

 Coach Brake: (302) 629-4587, ext 405

                    Trainer Chris Wilkerson:
                                 Seaford XC Agreement Sheet
As the parent of ______________ I have received, read, and agree with the documentation that Coach
Doakes/Coach Brake has provided regarding my son/daughter participating in the 2010 Cross Country Team
for Seaford High School. My son/daughter did bring this home and I have read the Team Rules, the School
code of conduct, I have knowledge that the physical must be completed before my son/daughter can practice,
and that practice begins August 16th. By signing this slip I agree with the terms of the materials and will work
with my son/daughter to ensure that every thing is carried out.



The school no longer will carry insurance to cover athletes; if you need insurance it can be purchased through
the nurse’s office. Insurance is required.

Home Phone # ______________________________________________________________________

Parent Cell # ________________________________________________________________________

Parent Email_________________________________________________________________________

Player Cell # _________________________________________________________________________

Athlete Email _________________________________________________________________________

Player Date of Birth____________________________________________________________________
                                                   Seaford XC

                                     Team Rules and Policies              2010
1.   The Seaford code of conduct will be followed at all times.

2. Absolute total effort and commitment is expected by all players in games and practice, and high levels of
   personal behavior standards are required at all times.

3. Report to room the large gym ON TIME.

4. All athletes are expected to attend home games and practices if they are not directly involved for whatever
   reason. (Unless otherwise directed by the coaching staff).

5. Three unexcused absences from practices/games will be understood that you are resigning.

6. All school attendance and discipline levels are to be met.

7. Advanced notice of missing a practice or game is expected at least 24 hours in advance and STILL might count as
   unexcused and one of your three.

8. If at all possible, appointments, etc., should be made for Friday’s as this is typically a bit easier a practice,
   UNLESS falling before the day of an invite or meet!  Schedule work so you can get a full day of practice
   completed, this will allow you to keep up mileage and endurance on a personal and team level.

9. It is your responsibility to get to home games and practices. Seek others who drive and make sure both sets of
   parents approve of the situation and the proper papers have been signed.

10. Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and other illegal substances will be handled to the fullest extent of the code of conduct
    following due process. Plays may face suspension or expulsion from the team during investigation and as
    punishment if guilt is found. All Cross Country Players will follow the school policy on drug testing. These items
    have no place on the cross country field and/or high school athletics.

11. Players will be expected to carry out team duties as assigned by the coaching staff. These may include, but are
    not limited to, carry water, unloading food, collecting equipment, timing, helping coaching staff both home and
    away, and attending to team matters. No matter your class grade level, you are responsible to the team!

12. All school property, especially uniforms and team equipment must be looked after properly. These include
    watches, stopwatches, uniforms, and these are your responsibility while in your possession. These are your
    responsibility and must be returned in the same condition as received.

13. Game day: Be 5 minutes early before the bus is to leave, as well as to practice and/or competition days!

14. Wear team uniforms and shirts only on game days.

15. Navy/kakhi pants/shorts with a collared shirt are to be worn in school on game days. (Sweatshirts and other
    tops worn must be without screen prints). However, when we dismiss for early dismissal, do not be afraid to
    show the other team what we have in the form of screen print representation! On some days a dress shirt and
    tie may be required for boys, and more formal for ladies.

16. Players are expected to maintain a professional representation of our Seaford XC Team in both appearance and
    behavior. If you are from another XC Team and would not envy one of our athletes based on behavior and/or
    appearance, then this needs to be questioned. Clothing, hair, hygiene are examples that should be maintained
    outside of behaviors best representing out XC Team.

17. Players may not leave from meets until dismissed by the coaching staff. This will typically be after a team talk,
    meeting, or clean up from a course.

18. Practice – daily from 3:00-5:15 until it is competition! Some evening practices will be scheduled, please keep a
    close watch on the bulletin board in room 214 marked XC for any changes.

19. Preseason practice is a requirement. Athletes are expected to get the preseason practice schedule!

20. Being late for practice is a violation and deemed punishable. Being without prior and valid excuse/permission
    three times will result in removal from the team.

21. Changes to the schedule: This does occur. Please maintain a close tie to the bulletin board in room 214 as well
    as the following website, or

    http://www. OR by simply calling captains and/or Coaches. It is your job to listen to
    announcements for any changes! ALWAYS be prepared for indoor or outdoor practices with appropriate shoes
    despite the weather, day, etc.

22. The highest degree of sportsmanship is demanded and expected at all times in representing the soul of what
    our XC Team symbolizes!

23. The coach’s reserve the right to adjust and modify these policies when necessary, as well as input from trainers
    and assistants. Players will be advised of changes as they occur.

24. Participation in other sports or activities during the Fall must be cleared with the coaching staff. No varsity
    player may play another sport for school at this time, no Football, soccer, or Field Hockey. No varsity player may
    play on any outside team outside of school during the high school season. Band involvement needs to be
    approved before the first meet; if you are allowed to play it will be with the understanding that no XC practice or
    meets will be missed. Junior Varsity athletes must get approval for sports and band from the coaching staff.

25. Playing outside activities that place your body as risk are prohibited during the Fall season and could be
    considered grounds for removal from the team.

26. Team Captains are chosen and decided usually naturally, however, as a team we are guided and decided on
    issues, so discussions need to be held as such and not individually in order that ALL athletes may concentrate on
    the task at hand, improving your own personal times as well as increasing the competitiveness of the team,
    distractions that can be avoided are expected to be!

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