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					  Chapter 5 - Resumes and Correspondence
Writing Your Resume                                         What are my special, technical, or field specific
Your resume is a powerful marketing tool to land
an interview. It’s an important part of your total
                                                            Highlight qualities that will respond to
package, and must be clear, concise, appealing,
                                                            employers’ needs, such as skills in bilingual
and informative. There is no right or wrong way
                                                            communication, word processing, spreadsheet
to write your resume. It should reflect your
                                                            and database management, programming
unique experience, personality, and style. Your
                                                            languages, clerical, cash handling, customer
objective is to communicate what makes you
                                                            service, and sales.
stand out as a stellar job candidate.
                                                            What are some of my more important personal
Why Create a Resume?
                                                            attributes? How do they relate to the world of
Looking good on paper is often the first step to an         work? Where have I successfully used these
interview. It summarizes your skills, education,            abilities?
activities, and on-the-job experiences, and
demonstrates how your qualifications match the              Make a list of special qualities that set you apart
employer’s needs. Resumes should be                         from other applicants. Employers will be looking
customized or tailored to a specific job                    for examples of:
                                                            • Your ability to deal with high-pressure
Employers typically view a resume for no more                 situations
than 15 to 30 seconds.                                      • Willingness to assume responsibility
                                                            • A high energy level
Take advantage of that time by crafting a resume            • Strong interpersonal skills and initiative.
that is clear, concise, and quickly demonstrates
how you meet their needs.                                   Think of specific examples of where and how
                                                            each skill or attribute led to a tangible result or
Four Steps to a Power-Packed Resume                         achievement. Include work experience,
                                                            internships, volunteer activities, clubs and
1. Take stock of what you have to offer.                    organizations, research projects, sports, etc.
2. Prioritize your skills and experience.
3. Pull it all together.                                    Write down your personal attributes, relevance
4. Put it on paper.                                         to job performance, place, or situation.
                                                            Generate a list of your accomplishments.
Take Stock
                                                            Prospective employers want to know what you
Before you touch your fingers to the computer
                                                            have achieved and how your performance made
keyboard, take an inventory of what you can offer
                                                            a difference. Identify at least three accomplishments
an employer. The following exercises can help
                                                            for each example or situation you listed in the
you thoroughly assess your professional abilities,
                                                            preceding exercise. Your answers to these
technical skills, personal attributes, experience,
                                                            questions may help you to identify challenges or
and accomplishments.
                                                            problems you faced, your solutions, and the
                                                            accomplishments of which you are most proud.

Have you:                                                 The statement, “Commended for efficiency and
• Done something faster, better, or cheaper?              accuracy in completing office duties” gives you
                                                          more mileage than, “Responsible for typing and
• Increased membership, participation, or sales?          filing.”
• Saved your organization any money or
  eliminate waste?                                        Prioritize Your Skills and Experience
• Identified and/or helped solve any problems?            Identifying your primary career objective will
                                                          help you decide which skills and experiences to
• Instituted any new methods, systems, or
                                                          emphasize and which ones to omit when creating
                                                          your resume. If you haven’t yet made a career
• Suggested a new service, product, or project?           decision, it may be helpful to enroll in the Career
• Re-organized or improved an existing system?            Center’s Skills Assessment or “How to Discover
                                                          Your Dream Job” workshops and to consult with
• Refined the nature of an existing task?
                                                          a career counselor.
• Maintained a consistently high level of
  performance?                                            Ideally, each resume you produce will be tailored
                                                          to fit the specific job for which you are applying.
• Demonstrated leadership skills and exhibited            When precise tailoring is not possible, construct
  good team player skills?                                your resume so that it is targeted towards your
• Reached out for more work or more                       primary career or job objective. You can then use
  responsibility?                                         your cover letter to emphasize or add job specific
• Achieved results with little or no supervision?         skills.
• Motivated others?                                       Think about your primary career objective and
                                                          write down your principal abilities, skills,
• Coordinated any event or project?
                                                          attributes, and experience desired by employers
• Trained another person? What were the                   in this field.
• Tutored anyone? Did their grades improve?               Pull it All Together

• Acquired industry-specific knowledge?                   Regardless of the format you have chosen, the
                                                          following information should be included in your
Emphasize the Results                                     resume. Consider using the CARR Method (see
                                                          page 52).
Quantifying your accomplishments gives
prospective employers a sense of how you went             Heading
about an assignment or project and the bottom-
line results of your performance. Numbers speak           At the top of the page, list your name, mailing
volumes to people who make hiring decisions.              address, email address, and a telephone or cell
Consider how much more impressive it is to show           number where you can be reached or a message
measurable results to an employer.                        can be left. Keep your outgoing messages and
                                                          email address professional. Be sure to check
For example, this sentence, “Organized all                regularly for incoming messages.
sorority philanthropic events which resulted in
contributions of over $4000” is much more                 Objective
impressive than “Organized all sorority
philanthropic events.”                                    Whether to include an objective section is
                                                          optional. If you decide to use one, state your
Here’s another example of how quantifying your
                                                          objective clearly and succinctly. Avoid lengthy,
accomplishments can be quite powerful,
                                                          meaningless statements, such as “A challenging
“Developed tact and diplomacy in dealing with
                                                          and rewarding assignment in a dynamic company
customers in a fast-paced environment” is more
                                                          that will use my exceptional managerial skills.”
effective than “Served food.”

If you have more than one career interest, you                may create special sections (e.g., Marketing
can prepare several versions, each tailored to a              Experience and Related Experience), and arrange
different objective. Or you can mention your                  the positions in reverse- chronological order
objective in your cover letter and omit it from               within each section (list most recent first
your standard or “master” resume. For general                 followed by the previous position and so on).
use, such as for distribution at career fairs, we
recommend that you create a version without an                Categorized by skills and major areas of
objective statement so that your resume does                  accomplishment
not “screen you out.”                                         Some “skills” categories might be:

Qualifications Summary                                        • Leadership
                                                              • Teamwork
Most recent graduates probably will not use this              • Research
section or may title it “Special Skills.” Only people         • Communication
who have several years of experience and/or                   • Technical
technical skills they want to bring to the attention          • Interpersonal Skills
of prospective employers generally use a
“Summary of Qualifications.” The key word is                  Activities and Honors
“summary.” You do not need to provide details or              • List student organizations, professional
tell where you gained the special skill. This                   associations and committees, indicating any
information will be included in your “Experience”               offices held.
                                                              • University activities that show evidence of
Education                                                       leadership, initiative, community involvement
                                                                or the use of special skills may be listed under
This may be the first section of the resume for                 “Leadership.”
many students and recent graduates. List
“Education” before “Experience” when education                • Organize the information to highlight your
is your strength, and “Experience” first when it is             greatest skills and achievements.
your greatest asset. This principle of leading with           • Recent graduates and continuing students also
your strengths should be used in deciding on the                should include academic honors (Dean’s List,
order of major sections and for prioritizing                    honor societies, and scholarships). You may list
information within sections.                                    honors separately or as a bullet-point under
If your major is not career related, but some of
your coursework is relevant, you may want to                  Other Information
include a subsection that begins, “Relevant
                                                              You may want to highlight other achievements or
courses: . . .” Include your Grade Point Average if
                                                              skills that are not easily incorporated into the
it is high and you are a continuing student or
                                                              other sections. This may include such things as
recent graduate.
                                                              licenses, certifications, credentials, research, or
Experience                                                    publications. Simply create an appropriate
                                                              heading and insert it in your resume so that it
Your experience is not limited to paid positions.             gets the attention it merits.
Also include non-paid and volunteer work. You
may choose from different ways to portray your                References
                                                              You do not generally list your references on your
Reverse Chronological Order                                   resume. Instead type them on a separate sheet of
You may include all part-time jobs, internships,              paper, using the same heading as your resume,
and other work experience in one section. Or you              and take them along to the interview.

Personal Data                                                Guidelines to Crafting Your Resume
Under most circumstances, it is not appropriate
to include your ethnicity, age, marital status or            Content
religion. In some countries, including this
information is required. See “Work Abroad                    Emphasize accomplishments and results most
Resume / International CV Resume” on page 73.                likely to increase your appeal as a job candidate.
                                                             Minimize job descriptions and listings of
Put It On Paper                                              responsibilities. What you did to make a
The next step is to put all the information in front         difference is important to a prospective
of you together in a layout that is graphically              employer. Speaking of position titles, you do not
pleasing, attention getting, easy-to-read, and               have to use your precise payroll title. Use titles
focused on your accomplishments and results.                 that are descriptive of your responsibilities. For
Your overall objective will be to present yourself,          example, “Accounting Clerk Intern” is much more
skills and accomplishments in the best possible              descriptive than “Intern.”
light and catch the reader’s attention in about 30
seconds. It should be presented in a clean,                  Layout
simple, professional, easy to read manner where
the employer should not have to “work” at                    Leave some white space to create an uncluttered,
finding what they need to on your resume.                    organized look. Be consistent in your use of
                                                             indentations, capitalization, fonts, and spacing.
The Final Draft
Congratulations! You’ve completed your resume
draft. Before you send it out, make sure your                Check and double check to make sure your
resume is persuasive, targeted, and memorable:               finished draft contains no mistakes in spelling,
                                                             punctuation, and grammar.
 • Bring your resume to the career center and
   receive feedback from a Career Counselor or               Paper
   Peer Advisor.
                                                             When printing your resume, use high quality 8
 • Ask one or more managerial-level individuals              1/2 x 11 bond in white or ivory, laser printed, on
   from your target industry to critique your                one side only. If possible, buy envelopes and
   resume before sending it off to a prospective             letterhead paper to match or complement your
 • Proofread! Proofread!! Proofread!!!
Career Library / Lab Resources                               Brisk, active phrases convey energy and
• The Adams Resume Almanac                                   enthusiasm. Use a “bullet” format, listing one
                                                             task or accomplishment per line. You will
• Encyclopedia Of Job-Winning Resumes                        probably think of points to add once you begin
• The Job Hunter’s Word Finder: The Complete                 composing your resume.
  Guide to Key Words and Phrases for
  Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews, and Job                Length
                                                             Strive to be brief and concise, yet provide
• Best Resumes for College Students and New Grads
                                                             pertinent information. Remember that a
• Designing Creative Resumes                                 prospective employer will spend less than a
• From College to Career: Entry-Level Resumes                minute evaluating your resume. Unless you are
  for Any Major                                              working in a very technical field and have many
                                                             years of experience, limit your resume length to
• Perfect Phrases for Resumes
                                                             one page – two at the most.

Appearance                                                   no work experience, have significant gaps in your
                                                             employment record, have a pattern of short term
Choose a standard, easy-to-read font (such as                jobs (subsequent to graduation from college), or
Arial, Calibri, Century Gothic, or Times) in a 10-12         have held several positions in which you have
point size. Do not excessively bold or italicize             exercised the same skills. The functional format
words/bullet-points, as many organizations use               is often used by job seekers who are making a
computer-based resume scanning systems to                    drastic career change and want to emphasize
make the initial cut. Some of these programs                 their transferable skills.
have difficulty “reading” bold and italicized fonts
and flashy graphics.                                         The Combination Format

Format                                                       As the name implies, the combination format
                                                             merges elements of both the functional and
Choose the format that best represents you and
                                                             chronological resume. It stresses skills and
your career objective. The “Resume Formats”
                                                             capabilities, but adds positions, employers, and
section of this guide offers advantages of
                                                             dates. The main advantage is that it shows the
different styles. Dozens of books are available at
                                                             potential employer where and when you gained
the Career Center Library and at bookstores to
                                                             the skills you are highlighting. If you have a stable
give you additional ideas.
                                                             employment record, it is important to include a
                                                             job history to help remove some of the
Resume Formats                                               suspicions that often rise in the minds of
                                                             employers reading functional resumes.
There are three basic formats for resume
preparation: chronological, functional, and
                                                             The Technical Resume
combination. There is no magic or prescribed
formula, each has its own advantages. The best
                                                             Although the technical resume uses one of the
advice is to choose a format that best portrays
                                                             traditional formats (chronological, functional, or
your skills and experience at a glance.
                                                             combination), there are some nuances in the
                                                             content and presentation. Individuals targeting
Chronological Format
                                                             positions in information technology, engineering,
Chronological resumes are the easiest to prepare             or consulting should consider using this
and read, and the most commonly used. This                   approach. Some subsections that may be viable
format puts emphasis on past experience and                  are “Technical Skills,” “Projects,” or “Relevant
employment, such as work experience,                         Coursework.”
community service, relevant course work, special
projects, student groups, and extra-curricular               • Include all paid and unpaid experiences,
activities. Information about your current or                  projects, or hobbies that relate to the
most recent position is listed first and then                  industry that you are targeting.
previous positions follow in reverse chronological
order. This format is most common for college                • Include operating systems, hardware
students.                                                      platforms,     environments,       programming
                                                               languages, software applications, communication
Functional Format                                              protocols, databases, etc., of which you are
                                                               knowledgeable. Remember to use “buzz”
The functional format enables you to focus on                  words that would catch the eye of the
skills and qualities that can be applied to a                  employer or scanning programs. However, do
number of work situations. It is best suited when              not misrepresent your skills by including
you want to deemphasize your employment                        programs with which you are not familiar.
record. You might choose this format if you have

• List relevant coursework or projects that                 Keywords and Nouns
  emphasize your technical skills, knowledge,
  and experience. List coursework by title, e.g.,           You can improve your odds of securing an interview
  “Logic Design” rather than by course number.              by filling your electronic resume with keywords
                                                            (most keywords are nouns).
• Summarize your technical skills and
  knowledge in an itemized fashion (e.g., a                 • Use nouns that state specific job functions,
  bulleted format) and prioritize them by your                skills or responsibilities, such as marketing,
  proficiency using them.                                     competitive analysis, sales quota, or TQM
                                                              (Total Quality Management). Get noun ideas
• Quantify your experience whenever possible.                 by reading job descriptions. Note nouns used
  Cite numerical figures, percentages of                      by firms on your prospect list.
  efficiency improvement, lines of code written
  or debugged, numbers of machines                          • If responding to a specific job opening, try to
  supported, etc. If appropriate, also include                use as many keywords as possible from the
  accomplishments achieved in coursework,                     job description.
  student activities, etc.
                                                            • Forget the admonition about not using jargon
• Include your GPA if it’s 3.0 or higher. Many                and “buzz words.” But only include terminology
  technical companies assume that if your GPA                 appropriate for your profession or industry.
  is not listed, it is below 3.0. You can list your
  overall, major, or upper-division coursework.             Scannable Resume Tips

• Use simple, traditional fonts and avoid heavy             • Choose a simple font such as Arial, Times,
  use of italics and underlining. Usually, a one-             Calibri, or Century Gothic in size 10-12
  page resume is adequate for an                              points.
  undergraduate level of accomplishment. If
  your resume has more than one page, your                  • Keep it simple. Avoid complicated layouts,
  name and page number should be on all                       graphics and shading. Use all caps for major
  successive pages.                                           headings, and avoid overusing bold, italics, or
• This is the time to “market” yourself in an
  honest way. Make sure you are highlighting                • Always include a cover letter to supplement
  your strengths and qualifications.                          your resume.

The Scannable Resume

Many companies today use software that scans
resumes looking for specific keywords or phrases
that match the job opening. By using this
method, the company can quickly match
qualified job seekers with positions.

 For more information, refer to Electronic
 Resume Revolution by Joyce Lain Kennedy and
 Thomas J. Morrow, available at the Career
 Center Library and most bookstores.

                                    CARR Method
                                     For Writing Resume Bullet-Points

The best approach to writing your resume is to apply the CARR method to construct your bullet-points. This
method allows you to think about the various aspects of each experience to help you write an action oriented
statement to help you describe your experiences and accomplishments.

C   ontext:   Workplace Environment, Employees, etc.

              “Small, fast-paced literary management office of six employees: One President / CEO, Two Managers,
              Two assistants and one intern (me!)”

A   ction:    Explain your actions, framed in the context of the situation.

              “Kept office informed of different changes with clients, Made sure clients were happy—handled
              conflict when manager was not available...”

R   esult:    Explain the result and its benefit.

              “Clients and managers were happy, office ran smoothly, projects were able to meet their dead
              lines—eventually a movie was made.”

R   elate:    Connect your experience with the desired qualities to write your bullet points.

              • Maintained high-quality client service in a fast-paced environment
              • Co-managed client schedules and travel plans
              • Collaborated with managers, assistants and clients to create blockbuster movies

 Use the “CARRS Worksheet”
to try out this exercise with
      your own experiences

                 The “CARRS Worksheet” is available for download at

  Power Verbs That Enhance Your Resume
Accelerated    Collected        Empowered        Informed       Prescribed            Secured
Accommodated   Commissioned     Enabled          Initiated      Prioritized           Served
Accomplished   Committed        Encouraged       Innovated      Processed             Set goals
Acquired       Communicated     Endorsed         Inspected      Procured              Settled
Acted          Compared         Engineered       Inspired       Produced              Shaped
Activated      Compiled         Enhanced         Instituted     Programmed            Smoothed
Added          Completed        Enlarged         Instructed     Projected             Sold
Addressed      Composed         Enlisted         Integrated     Promoted              Solicited
Adjusted       Computed         Enriched         Interceded     Publicized            Solved
Administered   Conceptualized   Enumerated       Interpreted    Purchased             Sought
Admitted       Concluded        Envisioned       Interviewed    Queried               Spearheaded
Advanced       Confirmed        Equipped         Introduced     Questioned            Specified
Aided          Consented        Established      Invented       Raised                Spoke
Alleviated     Consolidated     Estimated        Investigated   Rated                 Stimulated
Allocated      Constructed      Evaluated        Involved       Realized              Streamlined
Allowed        Contracted       Examined         Issued         Recommended           Strengthened
Altered        Contributed      Excelled         Judged         Reconciled            Studied
Ameliorated    Controlled       Executed         Justified      Recorded              Submitted
Amended        Converted        Exercised        Launched       Recruited             Substantiated
Appointed      Cooperated       Expanded         Lectured       Rectified             Suggested
Apportioned    Correlated       Expedited        Led            Reduced (losses)      Summarized
Appraised      Corresponded     Explained        Licensed       Refined               Supervised
Apprised       Critiqued        Extended         Lightened      Referred              Supplemented
Approved       Customized       Extracted        Linked         Reformed              Surveyed
Approximated   Debugged         Fabricated       Maintained     Regarded              Sustained
Arbitrated     Decided          Facilitated      Managed        Regulated             Synthesized
Arranged       Deciphered       Familiarized     Marketed       Rehabilitated         Systematized
Ascertained    Dedicated        Fashioned        Measured       Reinforced            Tabulated
Assembled      Delegated        Figured          Mediated       Rejuvenated           Tailored
Assessed       Deliberated      Finalized        Minimized      Related               Taught
Assigned       Delivered        Forecasted       Mobilized      Relieved              Traced
Attained       Demonstrated     Formulated       Modeled        Remedied              Trained
Attested       Designated       Fostered         Moderated      Remodeled             Transacted
Audited        Designed         Founded          Modernized     Repaired              Transformed
Augmented      Determined       Fulfilled        Modified       Reported              Translated
Authorized     Devaluated       Generated        Monitored      Represented           Transmitted
Balanced       Developed        Grew             Motivated      Researched            Updated
Bolstered      Devised          Guaranteed       Multiplied     Reserved              Upgraded
Boosted        Diagnosed        Guided           Negotiated     Resolved (problems)   Validated
Brainstormed   Directed         Handled          Officiated     Restored              Valued
Budgeted       Disbursed        Hired            Operated       Retrieved             Verified
Calculated     Dispatched       Identified       Orchestrated   Revamped              Visualized
Catalogued     Displayed        Illustrated      Organized      Reviewed              Wrote
Centralized    Drafted          Implemented      Originated     Revised
Certified      Eased            Improved         Overhauled     Revitalized
Chaired        Eclipsed         Improvised       Performed      Revived
Charted        Edited           Increased        Persuaded      Sanctioned
Clarified      Educated         Indexed          Pioneered      Satisfied
Classified     Elevated         Indicated        Planned        Scheduled
Coached        Elicited         Inferred         Polished       Screened
Collaborated   Employed         Influenced       Prepared       Scrutinized

      Action Verbs by Functional Skill Area
Aided           Active           Analyzed            Administered   Arranged        Advised
Arbitrated      Abstracted       Approved            Allocated      Assembled       Attended
Advised         Adapted          Arrange             Analyzed       Bound           Cared
Clarified       Composed         Classified          Appraised      Built           Coached
Consulted       Conceptualized   Collated            Audited        Checked         Coordinated
Co-authored     Created          Compared            Budgeted       Classified      Counseled
Collaborated    Designed         Compiled            Calculated     Constructed     Demonstrated
Coordinated     Developed        Documented          Computed       Controlled      Explained
Counseled       Directed         Enforced            Developed      Cut             Furnished
Defined         Drew             Followed through    Evaluated      Designed        Generated
Enlisted        Fashioned        Met deadlines       Figured        Developed       Inspected
Formulated      Generated        Prepared            Maintained     Drove           Installed
Influenced      Illustrated      Processed           Managed        Handled         Issued
Informed        Imagined         Recorded            Performed      Installed       Mentored
Inspired        Improvised       Retrieved           Planned        Invented        Delivered
Interpreted     Integrated       Set priorities      Projected      Maintained      Referred
Interviewed     Innovated        Systemized                         Monitored       Repaired
Mediated        Painted          Tabulated                          Prepared        Provided
Merged          Performed                                           Operated        Purchased
Negotiated      Planned                                             Repaired        Submitted
Promoted        Problem solved                                      Tested
Publicized      Shaped
Recommended     Synthesized
Represented     Visualized
Resolved        Wrote

Achieved        Administered      Assembled          Calculated   Extrapolated       Adapted
Assigned        Chaired           Built              Cataloged    Evaluated          Advised
Consulted       Convinced         Calculated         Collected    Gathered           Clarified
Contracted      Directed          Computed           Computed     Identified         Coached
Controlled      Examined          Designed           Conducted    Inspected          Developed
Coordinated     Executed          Engineered         Correlated   Investigated       Evaluated
Decided         Expanded          Fabricated         Critiqued    Monitored          Encouraged
Delegated       Facilitated       Maintained         Diagnosed    Proved             Informed
Developed       Improved          Operated           Discovered   Reviewed           Inspired
Established     Initiated         Programmed         Examined     Surveyed           Motivated
Evaluated       Managed           Remodeled          Experimented Tested             Represented
Negotiated      Oversaw           Repaired                                           Participated
Organized       Produced          Solved                                             Provided
Planned         Recommended                                                          Supported
Prepared        Reviewed                                                             Taught
Prioritized     Supervised                                                           Trained
Produced                                                                             Verified

                     Reverse-Chronological Resume

Your Name
Address ∙ City, State Zip Code ∙ Phone Number ∙ Email Address

OBJECTIVE:       (Optional)
Briefly and succinctly, state the type of job and the industry you prefer.           Study Abroad can be
                                                                                         listed in the
EDUCATION:                                                                            Education section.
University of California, Los Angeles
BA/BS, Major Field of Study                              Expected graduation date (month, year)
 • GPA: (List if 3.0 or above)
 • Relevant Coursework: (Optional)
                                                                               List course titles
                                                                             not course numbers.
 • Computer (State your computer skills and proficiency level)
 • Languages: Include Foreign Language Proficiency

Experience can be divided into RELEVANT EXPERIENCE or a category that reflects
similar experiences (e.g. Teaching Experience, Marketing Experience, etc.)

Employer Name, City, State                                                                 Dates
Position Title
                                                                             Bullets should begin with action
 • 3-5 bullet points.
                                                                                   verbs (see page 54).
 • Avoid literal descriptions of duties and tasks;
   DEMONSTRATE your skills through results and accomplishments.

Club/Organization Name, City, State                                                        Dates
Position Title
(Format the same as above)
                                                                      These are examples of other sections
COMMUNITY/VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE                                         that can be included in the resume.
                                                                  If you were an active member/participant,
ACTIVITIES                                                         simply state the name of the organization
                                                                            with dates of involvement.


                                               State the Honor/Award received and provide
                                             the date (month, year) or # of quarters received.

                   Reverse-Chronological Resume

                                                                 You may use the Century Gothic
                                                               10 point for the body of this resume.
501 Westwood Plaza ∙ Los Angeles, CA 90024 ∙ (310) 555-5555 ∙

OBJECTIVE: A management trainee position in retail merchandising.
                                           Using bullets can be a great way to separate your contact
EDUCATION:                                    details. To add these in MS Word select “INSERT”
                                               from the toolbar then “Symbol” then choose “∙”
University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts in English                                                           June 2012
         • GPA: 3.46
         • Relevant Coursework : Elementary Accounting, Statistics, Business Writing, Research
           Methods, and an independent research project.
                                                                  Round GPA to two decimal points;
EXPERIENCE:              List courses in order or relevance      you do not need to include all of the
                              to the position / industry             numbers listed on your DPR.
Assistant Manager
SANDS FURNITURE, Santa Monica, California                                          2010 - Present
• Schedule and supervise a staff of seven employees.
• Increased sales volume by 25% in just six months.
• Joined firm as sales associate; rapidly promoted to Assistant Manager.

Program Coordinator
ASIAN EDUCATION PROJECT, UCLA                                                         2008 - 2009
• Trained 15 new volunteers to work with at-risk elementary school children.
• Wrote, compiled and edited a twenty page manual for training volunteers.
• Expanded the program to include five additional elementary schools.
• Began as volunteer; selected for promotion to Program Coordinator.

Office Assistant
THOMAS TEMPORARIES, INC., Sherman Oaks, California                              2007 - 2008
• Provided clerical support for several large corporate offices and law firms.
• Enhanced administrative skills and became proficient in the use of computers.
• Received several offers for permanent employment based on excellent performance.


Programs : Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access.
Operating Systems: Familiarity with PC and Mac.
Languages: Fluent in Spanish; Conversational in Japanese.           Use PRESENT tense for current
                                                                   tasks/positions and PAST tense for
HONORS & ACTIVITIES:                                                  completed tasks or positions
                                                                         you’ve already ended.
Deans List
Career Director, Undergraduate Business Society at UCLA
Contributing Writer, “Pacific Ties, UCLA” (student special interest newspaper)

                                                                   Consider giving categories to your
                                                                  skills such as “computer programs”
                                                                            and “languages.”

           Targeted Reverse-Chronological Resume

405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024, (310) 825-4321

CAREER OBJECTIVE: An entry-level position on a newspaper editorial staff.
                                                     To add a line under your contact information in MS
EDUCATION:                                            Word go to “Borders and Shading” and select the
                                                          “___” grid to create a line under your text.
Bachelor of Arts in English
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                               Expected June 2012
   • GPA: 3.46
   • Independent Research Project: Wrote a 40 page report on Latino influences on mainstream
     popular American culture. Researched current periodicals covering cultural, educational,
     economic and social issues.
                                                                           Be as specific as possible when
                                                                          applying to a particular position.
   • Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, and Blogging.
   • Bilingual Spanish/English (oral and written translation); Conversational Japanese.


Contributing Writer
PACIFIC TIES, UCLA                                                                     2008 - 2011
   • Authored articles targeting Asian American issues for special interest newspaper.
   • Researched community issues and interviewed prominent community leaders.

Program Coordinator/Editor
ASIAN EDUCATION PROJECT, UCLA                                                          2007 - 2009
   • Compiled and edited a 20 page training manual for volunteers.
   • Expanded program to include five additional elementary schools.
   • Recruited and trained volunteers to work with at-risk elementary school children.


Assistant Manager
SANDS FURNITURE, Santa Monica, California                                               2009 - Present
   • Created ad copy and developed other promotional materials.
   • Composed a wide variety of business correspondence.
   • Joined firm as sales associate; rapidly promoted to assistant manager.

Office Assistant
THOMAS TEMPORARIES, INC., Sherman Oaks, California                                  2006 - 2008
    • Enhanced administrative skills and became proficient in the use of computers.
    • Received four offers for permanent employment based on excellent performance.

                               Business Resume Sample 1

                                              BENJAMIN BRUIN                                       Created using the Calibri font.
                                     330 De Neve Dr, Room #C5-315 ∙ Los Angeles, CA 90024
                                              (310) 555-5555 ∙
University of California Los Angeles | Los Angeles, CA
B. A. Business Economics                                                                                               June 2012
    • Accounting Minor; Specialization in Computing
    • Cumulative GPA: 3.83; Major GPA: 3.86; SAT: 2310
    • Relevant Coursework: Finance, Managerial Accounting, Computer Science, Statistics, International Trade
    • National Champion – DECA Business Plan Competition (2009)

UCLA Travel Study | London, England                                                                                Summer 2009
   • Studied International Business Law & Taxation within the European Union
                                                           Some employers may ask for SAT Scores; include
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                     the breakdown if your quantitative score helps
Jefferies & Company, Inc. | Century City, CA                     emphasize your quantitative abilities.
Wealth Management Intern                                                                                            Summer 2011
     • Assisted Managing Director in creating performance reports and asset allocation proposals
     • Identified new opportunities to realize capital gains and maintain credit quality, coupon rate, and maturity
     • Prepared marketing materials and PowerPoint presentation for prospective corporate account

Beacon Economics |Los Angeles, CA
Intern                                                                                                               Spring 2010
    • Conducted literature reviews and gathered data analyzing shortage of future Allied Healthcare workers
    • Created written reports and presentations to assist in gaining media coverage of recent research findings
                                           Consider breaking the traditional grammatical rule if
UCLA Daily Bruin| Los Angeles, CA
                                        you want to add extra emphasis to a number less than 10.
Account Executive                                                                                      March 2008- Dec 2010
    • Implemented innovative marketing strategies to develop stronger partnerships with potential clients
    • Generated 20 new clients and over $15,000 in sales within the first three months of employment
    • Collaborated with a team of 10 representatives to exceed Student Media’s annual revenue goal of $900,000

LEADERSHIP AND CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT             The “+” symbol can be a great way to show an estimate
UCLA Bruin Consulting| Los Angeles, CA      or can be used in place of words like “more than” or “over.” Jan 2011 - Present
Finance and Outreach Director
    • Collaborate with a 9-person board to implement over seven quarterly professional events for 450+ members
    • Planned and hosted UCLA’s largest annual Consulting Fair with over 20 firms and 250+ attendees
    • Developed innovative marketing campaign that increased event attendance by 70%

UCLA Undergraduate Business Society | Los Angeles, CA                                                               Fall 2010
Investment Banking Workshop Participant
    • Selected to participated in a 6-week intensive workshop series on valuation techniques, merger & acquisition models,
      restructuring and market/industry trends led by top investment banking firms

Strategy & Operations Healthcare Case Competition                                                                       April 2010
    • Led a team of 4 to develop strategic and operational recommendations for new market entry
    • Created strategic plan for partnership with a major pharmaceutical corporation to gain advanced sales and marketing
                                                                               Use symbols to instead of writing out the words
                                                                               "percentage" or "dollar", as in 25% or $2 million.
    • Computer : Experienced in Excel, PowerPoint, Word; Adobe InDesign, Photoshop; basic C++
    • Language : Intermediate Fluency in Spanish; Conversational Farsi
    • Interests: Classical piano, camping in the Sierras, scuba diving, Sudoku

             Include categories to highlight your skills.

                              Business Resume Sample 2

501 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, California 90095 ∙ (310) 206-1931 ∙


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                                    Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Business Economics                                                                 Expected June 2012
Minor in Accounting
• Cumulative GPA: 3.76
• Relevant Coursework: Macroeconomic Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Principles of Accounting, Intermediate Accounting,
Management Accounting, Tax Principles and Policy, Principles of Economics
• Honors: 2011 William Sharpe Fellow; UCLA Dean’s List
• Activities: Undergraduate Business Society; Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi


MORGAN STANLEY                                                                                                   Los Angeles, CA
Wealth Management Intern                                                                                           Summer 2011
• Generated 20+ leads for a private wealth management group with over $250 million in client assets
• Investigated new prospects and created comprehensive call lists of real estate prospects
• Developed a strong professional network while perfecting effective communication skills

HIGHER SALES TRAINING COURSE                                                                                       Los Angeles, CA
Sales Trainee                                                                                                            Fall 2010
• Selected to participate in two day sales training course held by Accelerate Performance Sales Consulting
• Received certification for completion of intensive training in telephone, face to face consultative sales skills
• Conducted case study as an account executive selling sponsorships to corporate partners


DELTA SIGMA PI, UCLA                                                                                           Los Angeles, CA
Vice President                                                                                          Fall 2010- Spring 2011
• Compiled and created Annual Business Report and submitted final copy to the National Chapter
• Managed financial statements, recorded activities, and contacted employers to support organization’s efforts

PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS CASE COMPETITION                                                                      Los Angeles, CA
Tax Project                                                                                                   November 2010
• Developed an effective healthcare reform proposal and presentation for a small fictitious company
• Collaborated with a team of 5 to brainstorming ideas, adjusting ideas to make ideas more concise and relevant

Gold Award Recipient                                                                                              April 2008
• Dedicated over 100 hours to plan and execute a community-wide book drive generating 1,240 books for a library in
• Developed curriculum about Botswana and Africa and taught the material to elementary school students

                                                    COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT
UCLA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)                                                                      Los Angeles, CA
Income Tax Preparer                                                                                            Fall 2010 - Present
• Volunteer with low-income residents to help them meet federal and state tax regulations
• Assist in filling out 1040 Individual Tax forms and answering client questions regarding tax forms

• Computer: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop
• Language: Fluent in conversational Mandarin

                            Teaching Resume Sample

                                               JAMES BRUIN
                501 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA, 90095 • 310-555-5555 •

University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology                                                              Expected June 2012
   • GPA: 3.3
   • Awarded the Chancellor’s Service Award
   • Relevant Coursework: Child Development, Social Psychology of Higher Education, Understanding Gifted
     Students, and Academic Success in your Undergraduate Experience

Project Literacy, UCLA                                                                       Sept. 2009-present
    • Travel once per week, four hours per week, to tutor a 4th grade student in a low-income, urban
    • Assist the student in developing personal learning strategies
    • Review homework, create flashcards, and engage the student in the learning process
    • Consult with teachers and parents regarding student progress and attendance

Undergraduate Section Leader, UCLA                                                        Sept. 2010-Dec 2010
   • Led section of 15-students through discussion of course material and review for midterm
   • Utilized learning theories to create interactive lessons and student-run discussion
   • Assisted students in selecting and writing a 20-page research paper
   • Oversaw the development of a training manual for future section leaders

“Academics in the Commons” Workshop Leader, UCLA                                          Sept. 2009-June 2010
   • Trained to provide educational workshops to fellow undergraduates
   • Presented 4 workshops per quarter, on topics including: “Preparing for Law School,” “Transfer Adjustment,”
   • and “Study Skills”
   • Utilized technology to engage students through visual and interactive learning

Swim Instructor / Lifeguard                                                                Summers 2008, 2009
   • Taught 30-minute swim lessons to students, ranging from 2 years old to adults
   • Presented safety workshops to educate the students on issues including: pool safety, community health,
     and handling emergency situations
   • Evaluated mastery of techniques for advancement to the next skill level

Resident Assistant, UCLA                                                                     Sept 2008-Present
    • Assisted with the high school to college transition for 90 first-year students
    • Facilitated roommate contracts and effectively handled counseling situations
    • Created 7 active and passive programs per quarter on academics, personal growth, citizenship and
    • community development
    • Awarded Hall of Fame programming award for canned food drive
    • Served as part of a rotating duty team enforcing on-campus housing policy

Functional Resume with Limited Paid Experience Sample

  405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90095                                    Created using the Arial font.
  (310) 825-4321


  A cooperative education position or internship in the computer industry.


  University of California, Los Angeles                                                    Expected December 2012
  Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Computing Specialization

  Fresno City College                                                                                      June 2010
  Associate of Science, Mathematics

  Coursework includes: Systems Programming, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems,
  Modeling, Network Fundamentals, Programming Languages, Compiler Construction, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms
  & Complexity, and related mathematics courses.
                                                              If you transferred from a junior college but didn’t
  COMPUTER SKILLS                                          receive an Associate Degree, you can state under UCLA
                                                            that you transferred from “xyz college” with “x” GPA.
     • Programming Languages: HTML, XML, ASP, Visual Basic, PHP, Java, JavaScript,
     • Operating Systems & Environments: Windows 7, Windows XP
     • Application Software: Microsoft Office 2010, 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher);
       Adobe Photoshop

     • Produced computerized chess game using artificial intelligence problem solving.
     • Designed own homepage using HTML, XML, Java.


  Habitat for Humanity                                                                               Summers 2010, 2011
      • Participated in local chapter’s fundraising events and assisted with logistics, registration and set-up
      • Designed marketing flyers utilizing Microsoft Publisher and created a short video of the chapter’s
        accomplishments with Final Cut Pro (
      • Worked as a team with other college students and people from the community in building homes

  Camp Grow Summer Camp
  Recreation Assistant                                                                            Summers 2008, 2009
     • Organized and led arts and sports activities for up to 50 children from ages 6-13 years old
     • Collaborated with camp counselors and other staff on creating activities for the different age groups
     • Became CPR certified in order to respond to unexpected injuries or crises

                                                          For those that have creative / technical / programming
  Computer Science Students Association, UCLA
  Webmasters Student Group, UCLA
                                                              skills, employers like to see what you’ve done –
  UC Regents Scholars, UCLA                                              provide a link to your work.

                          Combination Resume Sample
(For Alumni, Returning, and Non-Traditional Students with Substantial Experience)

                                                 JAIME BRUIN
                 200 Oso Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90095 • (310) 825-4321 •

      • Designated “Sales Person of the Year” three years in a row.
      • Achieved a 57% increase in sales volume within first year as manager.
      • Recommended a new product line that resulted in $3.5 million dollar increase in business.
      • Designed system for inventory control that resulted in 30% reduction in merchandise loss.

                                               MARKETING SKILLS

  Sales Promotion:
      • Prepared and supervised sales promotion projects for major business organizations.
      • Created newspaper, radio, and television advertising campaigns for new product lines.
      • Represented company at trade association meetings to promote products and services.

    • Recruited, trained, and supervised local and regional sales staff.
    • Developed and implemented sales training and development programs.
    • Assigned territories, established quotas, and supervised achievement of goals.

  Market Research:
     • Organized and directed market research projects to determine customer needs.
     • Prepared sales forecasts; recommended product design, pricing and distribution.
     • Composed detailed reports of survey results for corporate management team.

                                               ADDITIONAL SKILLS

  Computer: MS Word, Excel, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark XPress, LINUX, Windows

  Language: Bilingual Spanish/English

                                             RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

  Director of Marketing & Sales                                              2009 - Present
      ImageNet USA Communications, Montebello, CA
  Assistant Sales Manager                                                    2006 - 2008
      True Gear Clothing Company, Los Angeles, CA
  Account Executive                                                          2004 - 2006
      Weber-Ubick Engineering Company, Ceres, CA

                                          PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS

  Latino Business Association, Information Technology, Chairperson, Los Angeles
  Latino Business Student Association, Founder, Alumnus, UCLA


  University of California, Los Angeles                                      2009
  Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

  Reverse-Chronological Technical Resume Sample

                                                                     Created using the Times New Roman font.
501 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90095 │ (310) 555-555 │

Full time electrical engineering position focused on integrated circuit design

University of California, Los Angeles                                                     Expected June 2012
   Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
   Major GPA 3.5
Coursework includes: Circuit Analysis, Analog Circuits, Digital Design, Laser Laboratory,
   Semiconductor Device Design, Integrated Circuit Components

  C, C++, Matlab, SPICE

Electrical Engineering Department, UCLA                                                                   2011
Circuit Analysis
   • Worked on eight-bit ADC using successive approximation method in CMOS.
   • Created layout and performance analysis of D-FF using MNOS and CMO.
   • Designed and conducted SPICE analysis of dual stage operational amplifiers.

Electrical Engineering Department, UCLA                                                                   2010
Digital Circuit Design
   • Designed, implemented, and debugged digital logic circuits.
   • Programmed in AHDL in conjunction with the Altera 610 EPLD.

Raytheon, El Segundo, CA                                                                         Summer 2010
Engineering Intern
   • Assisted with design of man-machine interface for system planning device.
   • Tested integrated circuits.
   • Obtained U. S. Industrial Secret Clearance.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Student Chapter, UCLA                             2009
Project Manager
    • Initiated pc-board electronics projects for members using a computer program to design pc-board layout
       and fabrication.
    • Increased member base by 50% during recruitment campaign.

Eta Kappa Nu, Electrical Engineering Honor Society, UCLA                                        2008 - Present
Information System Coordinator
    • Maintained organization’s website.
    • Tutored members in C++, HTML, XML, and JAVA.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE), UCLA
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), UCLA

                              Pre-Health Resume Sample

                                                      DAVID E. BRUIN
                        100 Violet Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90019 (310) 851-1234

University of California, Los Angeles                                                                      Expected June 2012
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics
Overall GPA: 3.56 / Science GPA 3.64

Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity, Introduction to Molecular Biology, Genetics, General and Organic Chemistry Laboratory,
Molecular Parasitology, Advanced Molecular Genetics

Clinical Research Assistant, Cardiac Surgery, UCLA Medical Center                                               June-July 2011
     • Performed a review study of minimally invasive versus conventional heart valve surgery.
     • Retrieved, studied, and evaluated patient charts for left anterior descending coronary artery
       endarterectomy clinical outcome study and performed patient follow ups.

Research Assistant, Pathology, L.A. County-USC Medical Center                                            March 2010-May 2011
    • Collected and analyzed heart dimension measurements, stained tissues, performed photo imaging;
      analyzed proteasome, transcription factor, and myocyte activity.
    • Honors Thesis Presentation, April 2010: "Effect of a Proteasome Inhibitor on Reperfusion Injury of
      the Myocardium Using a Pig Myocardial Infarction Model" (publication).

Clinical Research Assistant, Cardiac Laboratory, UCLA Medical Center                                      June 2009-April 2011
     • Worked on clinical study correlating link between mast cells and coronary artery disease (one
       publication, three manuscripts in preparation).
     • Consented patients, collected samples, analyzed data, observed procedures and consults.

Clinical Research Assistant, Emergency Room, UCLA Medical Center                                               December 2009
     • Shadowed emergency room physicians.
     • Collected and analyzed data of troponin measurements for clinical study on myocardial infraction patients.

CARE Corps Volunteer, Ayacucho, Peru                                                                      June 2009-July 2009
Health Mission Volunteer, Peruvian American Medical Society, Ayacucho Regional Hospital
    • Assisted physicians from the United Stated and Peru in healthcare facilities (i.e., emergency and
      family medicine, pediatrics, surgery, rural mountainside house calls).
    • Observed healthcare professions give disease prevention presentations to high school students
    • Administered fluoride treatment to grade school students.

Clinical Assistant, Family Practice of Robert D. Kashman, MD, Sierra Madre, CA                                      April 2009
     • Shadowed and assisted physician and staff (i.e., administered flu shots, bandaging, x-rays).

"Coronary Artery Disease and the Inflammatory Process," Pathology 134 Poster                                      August 2011

"Uniqueness of Zarathushtra's Vision and Its Impact," 7th World Zoroastrian Congress, Houston, TX              December 2010

"Factors that Control the Habitats of May Flies in Western North Carolina," Appalachian State                        July 2009
    University, Boone, NC

"Mast Cell Tryptase Measurements during Cardiac Catheterization and the Effect of Heparin                         August 2009
    Administration," American Heart Association Poster Session, Chapel Hill, NC

                                                                      Note about Presentations and Publications:
                                                            These sections are included as examples and may not reflect all
                                                              undergraduates’ experiences. Some students might include
                                                                sections to discuss course projects and papers instead.

               Pre-Health Resume Sample (continued)

   • B. Upadhya, J.L. Kontos, D. Bruin, J. Pye, W. Boucher, T.C. Theoharides, G.J. Dehmer, E.N. Deliargyris. Mast Cell Tryptase is
      Not Elevated in Patients with Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction. J Heart Fail 2011; 7(1): 72.

    • Joseph Pye, David Bruin, Arlene McCain, Dwight D. Bellinger, Elizabeth Merricks, Julian Adams, Peter J. Elliott, Christine
      Pien, Thomas H. Fischer, Albert S. Baldwin, and Timothy C. Nichols. Proteasome Inhibition Ablates Activation of NF-kB
      Induced During Myocardial Reperfusion and Reduces Reperfusion Injury. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. November 7, 2010.

   • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society April 2011
   • Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North American Academic Scholarship April 2011
   • American Heart Association Student Research Award April 2011
   • UCLA Undergraduate Research Support Award October 2010
   • Dean's List Recognition

    • AIDS: Principles & Policies
    • Problems in Health Education (Independent Project)
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology
    • UCLA Mini-Medical School: Health & Research Seminar
    • Physical, Organic, Analytical, & Bio-Chemistry
    • Statistics & Data Analysis
    • Complementary & Alternative Medicine: Principles & Policies
    • Clinical Lab Science-Medical Topics
    • Genetics, Cellular, Developmental, & Molecular Biology
    • Emergency Medical Technician-Basic

English & French - Bilingual

                                  Nursing Resume Sample

                                          AMANDA E. BRUIN
               1029 South Landmark Ave. • Los Angeles, CA 90019 • (323) 851-1234 •

Master of Science in Nursing Specialization: Primary Care: Family Nursing                                     2012
   • Coursework includes: Biobehavioral Foundations of Health Assessment, Research Design and Critique, Pharmacology for
     Advanced Practice Nurses, Biobehavioral Foundation of Acuity and Chronicity in Illness, Professional Issues in Nursing, C
     Clinical Practicum, Advanced Practice Nursing: Residency

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Cum Laude                                                                    2004
    • GPA: 3.66

   • 7 years experience in direct patient care and clinical evaluations.
   • Proven ability to ensure quality health care while containing costs within a hospital environment.
   • Demonstrated capability to efficiently prioritize a broad range of responsibilities.
   • Skilled in program management and interfacing with medical and administrative hospital staff.
   • Fluent in spoken and written Tagalog; Conversational knowledge of Spanish and French.

Reis Kryden Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Huntsville, ME                                                   2008-2010

Administrative Nurse Coordinator: Maternal Child Health Department
   • Developed cross-orientation and staffing patterns to utilize staff from three units.
   • Orchestrated community outreach program resulting in a 36% increase in the unit census.
   • Served as a liaison to promote a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.
   • Prepared five-year budget projections.
   • Streamlined monthly ordering system for supplies which eliminated financial stresses.
   • Reviewed and revised policies to reflect family-centered care.
   • Promoted Breast feeding Education.
   • Served as Hospital Lactation Consultant.
   • Prepared Child Birth Education classes (average class size 15-20).

Mount Vernon Hospital Medical Center, Mount Vernon, NY                                                       2004-2008

Staff Nurse: Labor and Delivery Unit
    • Oversaw total patient care in labor, delivery, cesarean section, recovery and postpartum period.
    • Interpreted fetal monitoring data for Non-Stress Tests and Oxytocin Challenge Assessments.
    • Provided patient care for pregnancy complications including post-operative counseling.
    • Updated a 30 pg. policy and procedure manual on unit operations.

LongView Board of Education, Longview, MA                                                                    2005-2006

Substitute School Nurse
    • Rendered first aid care to students (student body 1,500).
    • Completed student files for new admissions and transfer students.
    • Reviewed files for immunizations, physical exams, and dental surveys.

Hillview Municipal Hospital Center, Hillview, MA                                                             2004-2005

Staff Nurse: Surgical Unit
    • Prepared patients for surgery (200 bed facility).
    • Initiated pre-operative teaching classes and rendered all phases of post-operative care.

                  Nursing Resume Sample (continued)

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Newport Beach, CA
Sponsored by the Institute for Diversity in Health Management                                                  2010-2011

Management Assistant: Hospital Operations
   • Interviewed several Senior Center Directors and developed a standardized questionnaire as part of the tools utilized in
     preparing for a comparative study.
   • Assessed eligibility issues on obtaining medical records per contracts.
   • Participated in the interview process of some positions in the joint venture between the Hospital and the Surgery Center.
   • Shadowed the CEO and other health care executives to their respective meetings.

Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA                                                                   Summer 2009

Community Needs Coordinator
   • Assisted in the administration of planning a community needs assessment.
   • Provided data entry work for Community Benefit Inventory for Social Accountability Program (CBISA).
   • Undertook preliminary analysis of CBISA from the different participating departments.

Center for Health Care Rights, Los Angeles, CA                                                                 Winter 2004

Health Foundation Fundraising Assistant
    • Identified and attracted sources of financial support with foundations, government, and corporate funding to support
      the organization’s activities.
    • Conducted research assessing community health care needs in the areas of Medicare and Managed Care.
    • Monitored government activities concerning health care policy and aging policy at the local, state, and federal levels.

Congressman Howard L. Berman’s Office, Washington, D.C.                                                        Summer 2003

Health Legislation Intern
    • Provided research for specific health issues such as lupus, Medicare, immigration and welfare reform.
    • Attended congressional hearings/briefings and acted as the liaison between the staff and the Legislative Aide
      Representative for the Congressman.

   • ANA - Certification Nursing Administration
   • California Registered Nurse License #345678
   • California Public Health Certification # 345649

   • Presented paper on “Health Ethics in the U.S.” at the American Conference on Nursing Practices XXII, Washington D.C.
     Oct 16-19, 2010.

   • Member of the California Nurses’ Association
   • Member of the United Nurses Association of Los Angeles
   • Member of Women in Health Administration (WHA) of Southern California

   • Volunteer, Venice Family Clinic
   • Publicity Chair, Women in Health Care Management (Van Nuys Chapter)

   • Distinguished Nursing Student Award from the Association of Operating Nurses in Los Angeles
   • Recipient of the S. Eric Anderson Scholarship at UCLA
   • Recipient of The Institute for Diversity in Health Management Scholarship

                             Pre-Law Resume Sample

                                           AMANDA E. BRUIN
             501 Westwood Plaza., Los Angeles, CA, 90095 (310) 555-5555

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science                                                Expected June 2012
Major GPA: 3.46 Overall GPA: 3.59
   Coursework includes: Principles of Thinking and Philosophy, Business Law, Labor
   Policy, International, Comparative and American Politics, Ethnic Studies,
   Community Development, Statistics, Grassroots Organizing, Macro Economics,
   and Calculus.
Education Abroad Program                                                            Summer 2011
University of Chiang Mai, Thailand
   • As part of the Program, completed a 15-page independent research report on
     Thai student civic involvement, including community service and voting behaviors.
Reebok International Ltd., Los Angeles, CA                                           September 2010-Present
Legal Intern
   • Conduct extensive web-based and conventional legal research for athletic
      apparel corporation.
   • Develop concise legal advertising guidelines for marketing department on use of
      certain descriptive terms.
   • Prepare presentations for supervisor on legal aspects of Internet privacy and
      intellectual property.
   • Areas of legal research also included employment, sales, and contracts.
American Red Cross, Long Beach, CA
Summer Youth Services Coordinator                                                    Summer 2009
   • Joined organization as youth services staff; rapidly promoted to Lead Coordinator.
   • Directed continual expansion of youth involvement in Red Cross health and
     disaster preparedness programs.
   • Supervised and actively involved over 100 youth volunteers in programs and services.
UCLA Pre-Law Society: President and Treasurer                                         September 2009-Present
   • Plan and supervise all Society events, which have included presentations by area
     attorneys, an LSAT
     preparation course forum, and informal discussions with UCLA Law School students.
   • Collaborate with law school counselors to schedule information panels with
     various law schools.
   • Create an alumni network that will aid Society members in choosing law schools
     and finding employment.
United Cambodian Students of UCLA: President September                              2010-June 2011
    • Revitalized the morale of the organization by stressing individual needs and
      re-assessing the importance of members.
    • Supervised a leadership board consisting of eight personnel and a membership
      comprised of 30 members.
    • Drafted and administered the addition of a mentorship and internship program to UCS.

                   Student Athlete Resume Sample

                                                                             Created using the Calibri font.

                                        TERRY BRUIN
          501 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90095 │ (310) 555-555 │ │

University of California, Los Angeles                                           Expected June 2012
Bachelor of Arts, History

Conversational French
Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

Team Member, UCLA Women’s Volleyball                                            August 2008 - Present
   • Compete at Division I level in one of the nation’s most recognized
   • Practice up to 25 hours per week and travel while maintaining full
     course load and meeting other related commitments
   • Work directly with coaches and team captain on strategy and team
     building exercises
   • Serve as a mentor to potential recruits and current freshmen class

Volleyball Instructor, UCLA Volleyball Camps                                    Summers 2008 - 2011
   • Taught communication and teamwork skills to children ages 5-14
   • Develop weekly lesson plans and goals customized to various skill
     and learning levels
   • Communicated with parents, students and other coaches
   • Promoted additional UCLA-sponsored clinics resulting in improved
     attendance and revenue for the athletic department

Server, Chili’s Bar & Grill                                                     Summer 2007
   • Provided excellent, friendly customer service as a result of positive
     evaluations from patrons
   • Quickly learned complex order-entry system and trained new servers
     on the system
   • Polished interpersonal skills and assisted the manager in scheduling

Outreach Volunteer, Sierra Club                                                 Spring 2011
   • Educated groups of 25-30 children in 4th and 5th grades about
     conservation and the environment
   • Assisted outreach manager, educators and other staff on local field
     trips (hikes, nature walks and visits to the aquarium)
   • Collaborated with other volunteers to create fun and interactive
     activities to inspire children about the environment

             Biotechnology / Science Resume Sample

                                                      Lindsay Bruin
                                                     501 Westwood Plaza
                                                    Los Angeles, CA 90095

Seeking an entry-level Manufacturing Associate or Quality Associate position in order to develop a foundation for an
opportunity in project management or regulatory affairs.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                           Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Science, Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology                                 Expected June 2012
Overall GPA: 3.6; Major GPA: 3.75
Coursework includes: Biochemistry, Organic/Inorganic Chemistry

      • Assays                     • Protein purification
      • PCR                        • Autoclave
      • Gel electrophoresis        • Spectroscopy

AMGEN                                                                                           Thousand Oaks, CA
Supply Quality Management, Corporate Quality                                                    June 2011 - Present
Quality Assurance Intern
    • Responsible for non-compliance issues with suppliers
    • Assessed and changed material specifications within a defined change control system
    • Updated company supplier database

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                           Los Angeles, CA
Department of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology                                       May 2010 - June 2011
Lab Assistant
    • Generated lab strains for projects (Bordetella strain with Tetracycline resistance)
    • Assist with lab projects under Post Docs (competition assays)
    • Mini-prep plasmid samples with micro centrifuge protocol using micro columns or
      phenol / chloroform precipitation
    • Disposed biological and hazardous waste
    • Cleaned and sterilized equipment/stock solutions
    • Maintained sterile supplies in lab

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES                                                           Los Angeles, CA
Chemistry Department                                                                            August 2009 - May 2010
Lab Assistant / Clerk
    • Cleaned toxic spills (mercury) and disposed waste (organic solvents, acids and bases)
      and maintained equipment
    • Prepared stock solutions and prepared labs for use
    • Stocked commonly used chemicals
    • Maintained NMR functionality

UCLA Rock Wall                                                                                Los Angeles, CA
Climbing Instructor                                                                           September 2009 - Present
    • Supervise climbers’ safety in gym and teach belaying technique courses for new climbers

                              First Year Student Resume

                                                  Fletcher Bruin
                                                   501 Westwood Plaza
                                                  Los Angeles, CA 90095

University of California, Los Angeles                 If you are unsure of your
Bachelor Degree in Progress                            major, you can just put                           Expected June 2015
                                                    “Bachelor Degree in Progress”
Thomas Jefferson High School , Oakland, CA                                                                       June 2011

                                          High school is acceptable on a resume during your freshmen
                                          and sophomore years; once you’re a junior it can be omitted.

Assistant Social Chair
Sproul Residential Hall, Los Angeles, CA                                               September 2011-Present
• Coordinate team-building activities for residential community of 50 students.
• Collaborate with 4-member leadership team and participate in bi-weekly meetings.
• Brainstorm creative ideas and execute implementation of those ideas.
• Develop promotional campaigns resulting in 25% increase in fall quarter program attendance.

Assignment Editor
Thomas Jefferson High School Warrior Press, Oakland, CA                                  September 2010-June 2011
• Oversaw staff of 6 for award-winning student newspaper.
• Researched news stories and organized weekly meetings.
• Collaborated with advisor, section editors and writers to identify and prioritize stories for publication
• Assigned topics and reviewed content and submissions.


Steve Fisher’s Steak and Eggs, Berkeley, CA                                                                   Summer 2011
• Provided quality customer service in a fast paced, high volume establishment.
• Collaborated with serving staff and participated in team-building trainings.
• Resolved customer complaints and polished multi-tasking capabilities.
• Recognized by management team for promptness and perfect attendance.


Rosemary Meadows Senior Center, Richmond, CA                                                      January 2010-June 2010
• Led 25 residents in weekly creative art projects.
• Kept detailed records of attendance for Gold Star Program.

MEMBERSHIP: UCLA Undergraduate Business Society                                                   September 2011-Present

SKILLS: Proficient in MS Office Suite; Experience with Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Type over 75 wpm

    Please note that Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel,                         You can determine
 PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. If you are not familiar with all               your typing speed online
   programs in the suite, list those that you are familiar with.                  at

   Work Abroad Resume / International CV Sample

                                                                                                  Many countries refer to

                                               SALLY A. BRUIN                                     a “resume” as a “CV” or
                                                                                                    “Curriculum Vitae.”
                                       501 Westwood Plaza • Los Angeles, CA 90095
                                           (310) 555-5555 •                                Other countries
                                          DOB 7/3/92 • Citizenship: United States                            may ask for personal
                                                                                                             information such as
                              Many international countries expect a photo of a candidate to be included          citizenship or
                               as part of the resume. Include a professional-looking 1.5”x1.5” photo.           Date of Birth.
Internship Objective

To obtain an international internship where I can gain experience in a cross cultural setting to further develop
my academic preparation in economics and enhance my French language skills.


Bachelor of Arts, Economics                                                        June 2012
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)                                       Los Angeles, CA
    • GPA: 3.85
    • Activities: UCLA Volunteer Day (2010, 2011); America Reads Volunteer (2010-11)

Study Abroad Program                                                                             Summer 2010
University of Florence                                                                           Florence, Italy
    • Studied Roman History, Art, and Italian

Specialized Training

Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Power                                                             August 2009
Core Power Yoga                                                                                   San Jose, CA


    • Fluent in French
    • Proficient in Italian

Work Experience

Assistant Manager                                                                                 Summer 2011
Grand Tan Club and Skin Spa                                                                       Malibu, CA
    • Managed part-time employees through scheduling and performance reviews
    • Developed a new employee training manual
    • Implemented Daily Operating procedures and initiated opening and closing
    • Created bi weekly payroll program

Administrative Assistant                                                              Summer 2009
The Grand Ole Creamery                                                                Los Angeles, CA
   • Established standard accounting procedures including bookkeeping, payroll,
     and auditing
   • Supplied chain management including procurement and inventory
   • Assisted with on premise services including catered events, wholesales, deliveries

Work Abroad Resume / International CV Sample (continued)

  Volunteer Experience

  Volunteer Care Giver                                                              2007-2008
  Morning Side Nursing Home                                                         San Jose, CA
  • Provided empathetic care for 55 senior citizens in a residential nursing home
  • Designed weekly activity hour to get residents engaged in social activities

  Camp Counselor                                                                     Summers 2006- 2007
  Go Team! Sports Camp                                                               San Jose, CA
  • Mentored ten youth campers during their summer camp experience
  • Collaborated with Camp staff to design and implement creative and fun youth programming

  University Affiliations

  • Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.                                                   2009 – Present
  • Golden Key, International Honor Society                                         2010 – Present
  • Chinese Cultural Night, Student Production Group                                Fall 2010

  Professional Affiliations

  • Cultural Economics International, Student Member                                2010 - Present
  • International Economics Association, Student Affiliate                          2010 - Present


  • Proficient in the use of PC and Mac
  • Skilled user of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Experienced public speaker and professional presenter

  Honors and Awards

  • Smithson Scholar, UCLA                                                          2008 – Present
  • Chancellors Scholarship Recipient, UCLA                                         2008 – 2009

                      International Student Resume Sample

   If you have “adopted” an American first              Try to keep it to one page, unless you are writing a CV. Be consistent in your
name, indicate this in parenthesis at the top of      formatting (e.g., bolding). Use font size 10-12 for the body. Focus the content on
   your resume. If your name is difficult to         qualifications and requirements. Don’t include personal information (e.g., marital or
 pronounce, you might include the phonetic             health status, religion, ethnicity, photograph, hobbies, or employment status.)
  spelling beneath your name.(Way-Kong).
                                                   WAI KWONG (PETER) LEE
    CURRENT ADDRESS                                                                                              PERMANENT ADDRESS
    1234 Strathmore Street                                                                                       843 Tung Lung House
    Los Angeles, CA 90025                                                                                        Flat 4, 6/B
    Phone: (310) 869-5432                                                                                        Kowloon, Hong Kong        If you include an objective, keep it concise and list                                 Phone: 123-4567-8910
                             the position or type of position you are seeking.
    To obtain a software engineering position with emphasis on communication software development.

    SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS                         Optional, but can help highlight how your experience, academic background,
                                                           and personal abilities relate to the specific needs of the position.
    •   Three years of experience developing dynamic and interactive databases
    •   Proven communication skills as demonstrated through campus leadership, multiple presentations
    •   Tutoring other international students in reading, writing and speaking English
    •   Fluent in English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Malay. Proficient in French
    •   Proficient in Microsoft Office, SPSS, PageMaker, Dreamweaver, and C++
    •   Traveled extensively throughout Asia, France and Russia and developed a solid understanding of the cultures and customs

    EDUCATION                                               Only list schools you received degrees from
                                                              or are currently pursuing a degree from.
    Master of Science in Computer Science                   If you list degrees from foreign institutions,       Expected: May 2010
    University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)            provide a frame of reference when possible.
    • GPA: 3.5 / 4.0                                              If you include a GPA from a foreign
                                                                institution, convert the number to be
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering                    consistent with the 4.0 GPA scale.            May 2008
    The University of Hong Kong Pokfulam, Hong Kong
    • Globally recognized and ranked as the #1 university in both Hong Kong and China


    Systems Analyst / Programmer                                                                          August 2008 - Present
    Academic Technology Services – University of California, Los Angeles
    • Created the personnel database for the Department of Educational Services
    • Analyzed, designed and implemented the Job Matching Program for the University Career Center
    • Helped implement inter-departmental computer communications systems (Outlook)
    • Wrote FOCUS programs to extract information from student records database
    • Established supercomputer connection with XYZ State University
    • Coordinated and presented training sessions for computer users in the Department of Student Affairs


    Vice President of International Students Association - (UCLA)                                                2008-09
    Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity – The University of Kansas                                              August 2006-Present


    Dean’s List – UCLA                                                                                           August 2006 – Present
    Recipient of Academic Scholarship; $4000- UCLA Department of Computer Engineering

        Group all of your relevant experience into one section. Include relevant part-time jobs, internships, lab
      experience, and volunteer experience. Group other less relevant experience into a separate section, such as
      "Additional Experience." Start descriptions with active verbs (e.g., developed, led, created, organized, etc.).
     Focus on accomplishments and outcomes of your experiences, not just responsibilities or duties. Since dates
   aren’t as important as job titles and descriptions, it’s better to put the dates on the right side rather than the left.

Career Correspondence
Should you write a letter, call, or send an email?           • Get to the point quickly.
There’s no single, correct answer. How you get in
touch and what you decide to say depends on the              • Have specific questions or topics in mind just
circumstances. If you ask yourself, “What’s most               in case the conversation “takes off” so you
appropriate?” you probably won’t go wrong with                 appear motivated and organized.
your decision.
                                                             • Always act and sound professional. Make sure
Current and popular ways to correspond with                    you don’t appear indifferent, overconfident, or
potential employers include the cover letter, the              lazy.
telephone, the letter of inquiry, and email. Each
has distinct advantages. Sometimes the choice is             • It is always a great idea to draft a tentative
obvious; other times it’s not so clear cut. If there           outline of what you would like to cover in your
is ever any doubt as to which method would be                  conversation.
most appropriate, select the cover letter or the
letter of inquiry. Here are some situations to               Email Message
                                                             While some employers accept resumes by email
• A job listing may state, “No phone calls,                  many prefer that candidates apply through their
  please,” which immediately narrows your                    online application process. Please keep in mind
  choices.                                                   that the way your application looks on your
                                                             computer might not be the way the employer
• The culture or nature of the industry. Email               views it, if you are asked to apply online.
  has become a way of life in many
  corporations. On the other hand, a letter may              To help assure your communication arrives at its
  be more appropriate when corresponding                     destination in the same format that you sent it,
  with someone in a conservative business                    you may insert your resume as an attachment
  environment.                                               and copy and paste your resume into the body of
                                                             your email message, unless requested otherwise.
• The “closeness” of your relationship with the
  contact. You may decide to email a recruiter               1. Saving and sending your documents in PDF
  that you “hit it off with” at a career fair and               may help ensure they keep their original
  send formal cover letters to the rest. Or you                 format / layout.
  may feel comfortable picking up the phone to
  follow-up with an individual you recently met.             2. For Mac Users: Consider saving your
                                                                document in the universally recognized rich
The Telephone                                                   text format (RTF) to ensure that the reader
                                                                can open and view your attachment.
A phone call may be a good choice once you’ve
established contact with the individual or                   You may also want to follow up with a hard copy
organization. Be cautious: many busy prospective             by mail to ensure that your resume reaches the
employers are turned off by unsolicited phone                potential employer in the correct format. If you
calls.                                                       doubt the potential success of sending career
                                                             correspondence via email, choose another
• Begin by asking if this is a good time to talk.            method.
  If not, ask for a specific time to call back.

• Introduce yourself.

Types of Correspondence                                      Goals of the Cover Letter

The Letter of Inquiry                                        • To quickly and clearly point out your skills,
                                                               knowledge, and track record.
The purpose of the letter of inquiry is very similar
to that of the cover letter. The main difference             • To explain how these credentials can make a
between the two is that a letter of inquiry is a               tangible contribution to a prospective
request to obtain information about possible                   employer.
openings or career paths within a company, while
the cover letter is sent in response to an actual            • To persuade the reader to continue on to your
posted opening or opportunity.                                 resume with positive expectations.

A letter of inquiry usually begins with expressing           Rules for Cover Letters
your interest in the company. Here’s an example:
                                                             • Target your message.

 Dear ________,                                              • Relate your skills and experience to a specific
                                                               position in a specific organization.
 I read your company’s description in Forbes
 magazine and would like to inquire about                    Spotlight Your Accomplishments and Measurable
 employment opportunities in your consultant                 Results
 training program. I am extremely interested in
 the health care consulting field and read that              • Show how your credentials match the
 your company is one of the fastest growing in                 requirements of the job.
 the industry.
                                                             • Incorporate information that reflects your
                                                               knowledge of the company, its industry, and
The body of the letter of inquiry follows the cover            relevant issues.
letter goals and rules as outlined on the following
pages.                                                       • Editorialize the accomplishments cited in your
                                                               resume. Expand on the information in your
                                                               resume, don’t repeat it.
The Cover Letter
                                                             Focus on What You Have to Offer
In most cases, a cover letter should accompany
each resume and/or application. It lets you go in
                                                             • Describe how your skills, expertise, and past
depth to support what you mentioned in your
                                                               accomplishments can benefit the employer.
resume. As important as it is, a cover letter has a
life expectancy of only about eight seconds, but
                                                             • Follow standard business protocol.
in that short amount of time, it must achieve
certain goals.
                                                             • Write clearly and concisely, and check your
                                                               letter for spelling and grammar.

                                                             • Use the same font and paper that you used for
                                                               your resume.

Send Your Letter to a Specific Individual

• Ideally, the letter should be addressed to the
  person who is likely to make employment
  decisions. It may take some resourcefulness                 Job Search JumpStart provides high-impact,
  on your part to identify this person, but the               core job search strategies in a fast-paced
  letter will probably be better received.                    three-hour time slot! Receive expert
                                                              instruction and guidance on your job search
• Make sure you have the correct spelling of                  strategies, resume and correspondence, and
  their name and title before mailing.                        interviewing skills. Maximize your use of the
                                                              Career Center resources and services to
• If you cannot find the name of the person the               jumpstart your job search and gain a
  letter is addressed to, you may use a title that is         winning edge! Open to currently registered
  specific such as “Dear Human Resource                       UCLA students and fee-based at $20 per
  Representative” or “Dear Hiring Manager” or                 session charged to your BAR account (Billing
  “To Whom it May Concern.”                                   and Accounts Receivable).

• Don’t forget to sign your letter, if sending a hard         Fall 2011                  Schedule subject to change

  copy.                                                       Law, September 22, 4-8pm
                                                              Prep for Fall Recruiting, September 28, 4-7pm
The Thank You Letter                                          Consulting, October 3, 4-7pm
                                                              Finance / Econ, October 6, 4-7pm
Information regarding the thank you letter and a              Prep for Fall Recruiting, October 13, 4-7pm
sample can be found in Chapter 8: Successful                  Government & Public Service, October 17,
Interviewing (page 101).                                         4-7pm
                                                              MBA, October 27, 4-7pm
Other Types of Correspondence                                 Winter 2012

• Reference List (see page 81)                                Internship Search, January 10, 4-7pm
                                                              Engineering / Technology / Consulting, January
                                                              25, 4-7pm
• Salary History (see page 82)                                Entertainment,February 7, 5-8pm
                                                              Dentistry, February 9, 4-7pm
                                                              Osteopathy / Allied Hlth. / Physician Asst., February
                                                                 13, 4-7pm
                                                              International Opportunities, February 15, 4-7pm
    Career Center Library / Lab Resources
                                                              Nursing, February 22, 4-7pm
                                                              Optometry, February 28, 1, 4-7pm
     • The Adams Cover Letter Almanac                         Psychology, March 1, 4-7pm

     • Cover Letters That Knock ‘Em Dead                      Spring 2012
                                                              Pharmacy, April 4, 4-7pm
     • The Perfect Cover Letter                               Post Bac / Gap Year, April 10, 4-8pm
                                                              Public Health, April 12, 4-7pm
     • Gallery of Best Cover Letters                          Sports, May 2, 4-7
                                                              Marketing / PR / Advertising, May 8, 4-7pm
     • Perfect Phrases for Cover Letters                      Medicine, May 22, 4-8pm

                                                              Register today at

                              Cover Letter Template

                                            Your Name                                  Use the same heading as your
                                                                                      resume to create a “letterhead”
                                      Address, City, State, Zip Code                        for your documents.
                                         Phone number, Email

                                                                         If you cannot find the name of the contact,
Name of Contact                                                                consider addressing the letter to
Title                                                                   “Hiring Manager” or “Internship Coordinator.”
Name of Organization
City, State Zip Code

Dear ________________,

INTRODUCTION: State the position or type of work for which you are applying. Identify how you heard
of the position (e.g., UCLA Career Center or through a business contact / referral). Briefly (in one or two
sentences) introduce yourself and explain your interest in the job and something about the company
that attracts you (will show your ambition, passion, and interest).

SELL YOURSELF: Expand on why you’re qualified for the position. Highlight two or three major
accomplishments that demonstrate your initiative, creativity, follow through, communication skills, and
problem-solving capabilities. Be sure to draw a connection between the needs of the current job
opening and the skills you can bring to the job. Research the company and industry beforehand.

ASK FOR AN INTERVIEW: Reemphasize your interest, politely thank the employer for their time, and
request an interview.
                                                                                             This section can be either
                                                                                              one or two paragraphs.

                                       When sending an electronic
Sign your name here.                  copy, leave four lines of space
                                        in place of your signature.

Your name typed

                                       You might also include other documents requested
Enclosure: Resume                       in the job description. For example, an unofficial
                                           transcript, writing sample, or salary history.

             Cover Letter Sample with Job Description

501 Westwood Plaza ∙ Los Angeles, CA 90095 ∙ (310) 555-5555 ∙

                                                                                 JOB DESCRIPTION:
                                         The Human Resources Generalist manages the day-to-day operations of the Human Resource
October 12, 2011                         office, including the administration of the human resources policies, procedures and programs.
                                         The HR Generalist carries out responsibilities in the following functional areas: departmental
                                         development, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), employee relations, training and
Mr. Samuel Smith                         development, benefits, compensation, organizational development, and employment. The
                                         Human Resources generalist is responsible for all or part of these areas: recruiting and staffing
Human Resources Manager                  logistics; organizational and space planning; performance management and improvement
California Medical Group                 systems; organization development; employment and compliance to regulatory concerns and
8800 Wilshire Boulevard, 10th Floor      reporting; employee orientation, development, and training; policy development and
                                         documentation; employee relations; company-wide committee facilitation; company employee
Beverly Hills, CA 90210                  communication; compensation and benefits administration; employee safety, welfare, wellness
                                         and health; and employee services and counseling. The Human Resources Generalist originates
                                         and leads Human Resources practices and objectives that will provide an employee-oriented,
Dear Mr. Smith,                          high performance culture that emphasizes commitment, integrity, productivity and dedication,
                                         goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce.

I am applying for the Human Resources Generalist position advertised in the October issue of the Human Resources
Career Bulletin. I will graduate in June with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California, Los
Angeles. The values of commitment, integrity, and dedication to everyone in regards to healthcare is something
that is very important to me and I’m excited about the prospect of working for California Medical Group who
espouses those same values.

Through my internship in the Human Resources department at Interprint, I acquired an excellent understanding of
the responsibilities and expectations associated with working in this field. This knowledge, combined with my
computer proficiency in Word, Excel, and Access, allows me to be extremely innovative and efficient. Additionally,
I developed strong written and verbal communication skills through human resources activities such as drafting job
postings, evaluations, conducting employee orientations, and speaking to audiences of over 75 people.

I believe that I could be a valuable asset to the California Medical Group. Please contact me at your earliest
convenience so I may provide you with more information. I can be reached at (310) 555-5555 or


Roger Bruin

Roger Bruin

Enclosure: Resume and Unofficial Transcript

                         Internship Cover Letter Sample

                                                    JESSICA BRUIN
      501 Westwood Plaza ● Los Angeles, California 90095 ● (310) 206-1931 ●

January 06, 2011                                                                     If the location is not listed on the job description,
                                                                                   use Google to find a street address for the local office.
Internship Program
Walt Disney Studios
500 South Buena Vista Street                                                                   If the position description does not include
Burbank, CA 91521                                                                              a contact name, consider using “Internship
                                                                                                 Coordinator” for internship applications.
Dear Internship Coordinator:

I would like to be considered for the Walt Disney accounting internship program posted on UCLA’s BruinView™
website. I am currently a junior and majoring in BUSINESS ECONOMICS WITH A MINOR IN ACCOUNTING at the
University of California, Los Angeles. My academic integrity and work experience have given me the essential skills
to excel as a member of your team.

My interests in accounting first started last year when I had the opportunity to volunteer with low income residents
and help them with their federal and state income tax returns. My coursework in accounting, finance, and
management has provided the strong quantitative and analytical skills mentioned in your internship posting.

This internship program provides a great opportunity for me to apply my communication, organizational, creative,
and quantitative skills in a collaborative and interactive environment. For the past two years I have worked as a
student assistant for the UCLA Anderson School of Management. This position requires organization, EFFECTIVE
COMMUNICATION, and technical skills, as I am responsible for scheduling appointments and interfacing with
prominent alumni and professionals. Having such an important role, I have truly learned how to effectively manage
my time to balance my work, school, and leadership commitments. This position has provided me with an
opportunity to develop strong communication and computer skills from using programs like EXCEL AND
POWERPOINT in addition to learning how to prioritize tasks to ensure all projects are completed in a timely

I believe that I will provide an immediate benefit to the Accounting team at Disney because I am a dedicated and
determined individual. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to scheduling an interview where
I can talk more about my interests and qualifications.
                                                                          JOB DESCRIPTION:
                   The Financial Audit Internship is located in Glendale, California and resides within Corporate Management Audit at The Walt
Sincerely,         Disney Company. Corporate Management Audit consists of a team of audit professionals that performs integrated audits in
                   the areas of design, efficiency, and effectiveness of internal controls. The department schedules and plans audits, monitors
                   fieldwork progress, and communicates results and recommendations with senior management. The intern will assist
                   Financial Audit Seniors and Managers with audit planning, fieldwork, documentation, and reporting tasks; develop financial
                   auditing, accounting, and general analytical skills; work with Enterprise Resource Planning system (SAP) to extract data and
                   perform analytics using Excel, Access, and other tools; and assist in preparation and presentation of various projects in
Jessica Bruin      assigned audit areas and provide solutions to problems as needed.

                   Emphasis in ACCOUNTING, Finance, Business Administration, or related desired. General accounting and business
                   process knowledge related to financial statements, revenue recognition, account reconciliation, amortization, etc.

                   Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office, with an emphasis in EXCEL AND POWERPOINT. EXCELLENT VERBAL AND WRITTEN
                   COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Ability to adapt behavior and approach to different people and situations, including working well
                   independently and with teams. Maturity, self-confidence, and tactful assertiveness. Only students who are actively enrolled
                   in a college and working towards a degree will be considered for this opportunity.

                 Reference List Sample

                                                                  Use the same heading as your
                                                                 resume to create a “letterhead”
                                                                       for your documents.
                              Roger Bruin
501 Westwood Plaza ∙ Los Angeles, CA 90095 ∙ 310.555.5555 ∙

                               REFERENCE LIST

                              Mr. Samuel Rivers
                    Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of LA
                       800 South Figueroa St. Suite 620
                            Los Angeles, CA 90017
                                 (310) 555-5555
                           Relationship: Supervisor

                              Ms. Brenda Smith
                             Owner, Market Café
                             1111 Montana Ave.
                           Santa Monica, CA 90403
                                (310) 999-9999
                            Relationship: Employer

                               Dr. Sally Wonder
            English Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
                           158 Humanities Building
                            Los Angeles, CA 90095
                                (310) 555-5555
                            Relationship: Professor

                Salary History Sample

                                                             Use the same heading as your
                                                            resume to create a “letterhead”
                                                                  for your documents.
                            Roger Bruin
501 Westwood Plaza ∙ Los Angeles, CA 90095 ∙ 310.555.5555 ∙

                              Salary History

                       Sony Pictures Entertainment
                         November 2009-Present
                    3960 Ince Boulevard, Culver City, CA
                          Title: Accounting Intern
                        Starting Salary: $12 / hour
                         Ending Salary: $14 / hour

                           UCLA Career Center
                       September 2010- June 2011
                   501 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA
                            Title: Peer Advisor
                       Starting Salary: $9.25 / hour
                        Ending Salary: $10 / hour

                      UCLA Department of English
                      September 2009- June 2010
                 158 Humanities Building, Los Angeles, CA
                          Title: Student Assistant
                       Starting Salary: $8.50 / hour
                       Ending Salary: $8.50 / hour


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