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									                                                                                Summer Newsletter 2009

GReen, GReen and moRe GReen
The Spring Newsletter spotlighted    donated or discounted from           durability
our affiliate’s move towards         Whirlpool. To minimize the           We are employing a variety of
sustainable building and how we      heat loss through gaps and           methods to ensure that homes
are integrating green building       penetrations in the homes, we        last for many years and that
methods throughout our home          “super seal” the units, using        homeowners do not have early
building. Discussed in that issue    products to completely seal the      and excessive repair and
were indoor air quality and water    house and a rigid insulation         replacement costs. In the wet
efficiency, two of the four key      around the exterior of the homes     Puget Sound area, where mold
areas that we focus on because of    and under the entire slab. The       and rot are issues, it is important
the direct benefit to our            insulation is donated by DOW         to properly protect the house
homeowners. In this issue, we        through a partnership with           from water ingression. Proper
will discuss the remaining two       Habitat for Humanity                 flashing of doors and windows as
areas of focus – energy efficiency   International. We have chosen a      well as correct design and
and durability. Our guiding          simple, inexpensive and durable      installation of effective gutters
principle is to ensure that our      heating system (baseboard and        and downspouts are key features.
Habitat homes are simple to          baseboard with a wall mounted        To ensure the longevity of the
operate, easy to maintain, durable   natural gas heater) that allows      exterior of the home, 40-year
and affordable.                      control in each room so the          roofing and James Hardie siding,
                                     families can chose to heat only      which is guaranteed for 50 years,
   energy efficiency                 the rooms they are in and            is being installed. The baseboard
     Energy efficiency is            consequently add to their            heating system with an estimated
      fundamental to green           energy savings.                      lifespan of 30 years also
      building and has the added                                          contributes to reduced
       benefit of lowering monthly   The super efficient windows, rigid   replacements costs. Compact
       energy costs for              insulation around the exterior of    fluorescent lighting is installed
       homeowners. We                the homes, and the super sealing     throughout the homes as CFLs
maximize efficiency by installing    allows us to certify the homes       use 75% less energy and last up to
windows that are 15% better than     under the NW Energy Star             10 times longer than a standard
code and using Energy Star light     program. This means that the         incandescent bulb.
fixtures and energy star             house is at least 15% more energy
appliances, including                efficient than code.                 InTRodUCInG
refrigerators, washers and                                                HaBITaT’S GReen
dishwashers that are either                                               Team
                                                                          Powering our affiliate’s move to
                                                                          sustainable building and LEED
                                                                          standards is our new volunteer
                                                                          Green Team composed of Stefanie
                                                                          Dirks, Andrea Trissel, Stephen
                                                                          Wanderer, Ida Brown and Debbie
                                                                          Chambers. Most are graduates in
                                                                          Architecture and are LEED A/P
                                                                          (accredited professional) certified.
                                                                          They bring knowledge, energy
                                                                          and inspiration to the essential
                                                                          work of devising job site manuals
                                                                          that will document the new
Volunteers framing wall panels.            Photo Credit: Matt Varnado                      continued on page 3
 2     Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/South King County - www.

Ceo’S meSSaGe
                     This article is           battling with equal intensity to
                     part of a series          marshal all available resources to
                     elaborating on            reach them. Now is not the time
                     eight mandates            to curtail support for strategies that
                     crucial to the            provide critical bridges: bridges to
                     ability of this           equality, to asset-building and to
                     affiliate to              economic mobility.
                     define and
                     accomplish a              These are generous and
                     mission of                compassionate acts. But they are
Marty Kooistra CEO   relevance and             much more than that. These are
impact. The mandate I will focus               also the acts of social and economic
on in this piece is:                           inclusion that bring incalculable
                                               return in the form of the sustained
                                               well-being of entire communities.
     In our increasingly                       Maintaining these bridges— and
     important role as a                       the public trust that enabled their
     community catalyst, we                    construction—demands nothing less
     must influence change in                  than a transformation in service
     the systems and processes                 delivery. In a time of scarce
     that limit access to an                   resources, program providers must
                                               be eager and able to demonstrate         Framing at Rainier Vista’s first four-plex.
     affordable, durable                       valid methods and compelling             Photo Credit: Matt Varnado
     place to live.                            outcomes. In a time of urgency,
                                               fragmented service delivery cannot
                                               be accepted. Providers must align
I was recently asked to craft a
                                               around a common purpose in a             Help needed
position statement on behalf of a
number of local housing and                    way that leverages the unique            In an effort to save both money
social service providers. Here is              capabilities of each. They must not      and the environment, Habitat
the statement:                                 be complicit in practices that may       Seattle/South King County will
                                               inadvertently build walls rather         reduce the number of newsletters
“When we reflect on history, our               than bridges.                            we print and mail from 4 to 3
distance has a smoothing effect. A                                                      each year. We will, however, be
focus on the story’s larger arc can            We commit to these principles. We        sending out our e-newsletter every
obscure the waves that carry our               challenge ourselves and our              month full of color photos and the
days, weeks and months. As we go               communities to ensure that this          latest and greatest Habitat
                                               focus is a lasting one. We strive to     happenings. The problem? We
about our lives, however, we feel                                                       only have email addresses for
and adjust to each crest and                   equip everyone to move safely
                                               through history’s waves. The             about 40% of our mailing list.
trough. The turbulence of today’s                                                       Here’s where you can help. If you
economic storm has made us                     garnering of untapped social capital
                                               in our communities of concern can        have email and you are not
keenly aware of our individual and                                                      already receiving the e-newsletter,
collective vulnerability.                      become our future, bolstered with
                                               justified community support and          please log on to our website at
                                               producing unprecedented         The
We desperately seek stability and                                                       Home Page provides the option of
direction. We search for evidence              community pride.”
                                                                                        signing up for the monthly
to restore lost confidence:                                                             e-news. It’s as simple as that!
confidence in our leadership;                  As you might expect, we are
confidence in our institutions;                experiencing the effects of this
                                               current economic situation and are       We are also seeking volunteers to
confidence in our society’s ability to                                                  contact those of you for whom we
generate opportunities for secure              making the adjustments necessary
                                               to preserve our focus. We remain         do not have email addresses. If
livelihood.                                                                             you can help, please email Coral
The stability of a community is the            committed, and ask that you do all
                                               you can to join us in remembering        at
net result of the stability of each of
its members. Today, a profound                 and responding to the significant
number are struggling courageously.            need in our community.
Fortunately, service providers are
                                                                                         summer newsletter 2009       3

InTRodUCInG HaBITaT’S GReen Team
                                        three days a week and both
                                        construction staff and
                                        homeowner partners will
                                        benefit greatly from their work.   Board of Directors
                                                                           David Frum, President
                                        Thanks to their efforts, long      Sam Sperry, President-Elect
                                        term costs of homeownership        Linda Stalzer, Vice President
                                        will decrease with the change      Mike Quamma, Treasurer
                                        in materials and construction      Robert Pascal, Secretary
                                        methods toward durability,         Diankha Linear, Immediate Past President
                                        better indoor air quality and
                                        lower heating costs. With          Christopher Benson
                                        their timely help, Habitat for     Brian Chung
Green Team member Stephanie Dirks       Humanity Seattle/South King        Gary Fallon
volunteers three days a week.           County will become a leader        Craig Klinkam
                                        in sustainable building as a       John Lamb
processes necessary to build         low-income housing provider in        Bob Moore
sustainably. They are                our region.                           Judy Poston
volunteering from one day to                                               Janet Smith
                                                                           Lori Walker
                                                                           current as of August, 2008

THe exCITemenT IS BUIldInG!
If you would like to be a part of    your volunteer hours for Habitat.     The quarterly newsletter is a
our next big Special Event, get      You’ll have your own fundraising      publication of Habitat for Humanity
your hammers and computers           website (the computer) and will       of Seattle/South King County
ready for the Build-a-Thon!          join other Build-a-Thoners on site
What is the Build-a-Thon and         (the hammer) between September        (206) 292-5240
why a hammer AND a computer?         19th and October 3rd.                 publication credits
The Build-a-Thon is much like a      Interested? Contact Jillian Gross     editor: Terry DiJoseph
walk-a-thon where you, the           at or      design: King Street
volunteer, will engage family,       206.292.5240 x108.
friends and colleagues to sponsor

SeaTTle HYp TURnS one
In July, Seattle HYP (Habitat        We’ve met our membership goal
Young Professionals) will have       and put processes in place to
its first anniversary. Starting as   continue getting young
a group of nine dedicated            professionals engaged with
steering committee members,          Habitat.” In the future, HYP
HYP has grown to over 50             plans to coordinate volunteer
members. In the first year, HYP      days at the Home Improvement
has focused on organizing            Outlet and to organize a global
volunteer days on the 3rd            village trip for HYP members.
Saturday of each month, holding      Seattle HYP will also have a
regular social events, and raising   representative at the national
funds for Habitat through the        HYP conference in Austin, Texas
HYP annual membership                in October 2009.
donation and hosting three           Congratulations HYP on your
tables at this year’s Benefit        successful first year! Contact
Breakfast. Vajra Allan, HYP          HYP at or
Steering Committee Chair,            visit us on Facebook.
reports, “The first year has been
a huge success for Seattle HYP.
4     Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/South King County - www.

GRoUndBReakInG aT paCIfIC dRawS CRowdS
                                                                                      city of Pacific. The Geshow/
                                                                                      Bedeso home, a one-story, three
                                                                                      bedroom single family residence,
                                                                                      is being sponsored by Thrivent
                                                                                      Financial for Lutherans – Thrivent
                                                                                      Builds and local Lutheran
                                                                                      communities. The Jarbah home
                                                                                      will be a two-story, four bedroom
                                                                                      single family residence and is
                                                                                      being supported by St. Barbara’s
                                                                                      Parish in Black Diamond.

                                                                                      These are also the first Habitat
Joseph Jarbah, Miss Pacific, Mayor Rich Hildreth, Florence Jarbah, Abdul              homes to be built by Seattle/South
Geshow, Dwight Van Vleet of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, and Diane               King County which are designed
Gallegos, Habitat COO, break ground at Pacific build site.                            to be LEED (Leadership in Energy
                                                                                      and Environmental Design)
The ground was officially broken               turned out to celebrate this special   certified, meet the Evergreen
for our two new single family                  day for the Geshow/Bedeso and          Sustainable Development
homes in Pacific, Washington on                Jarbah families. Pacific Mayor         Standard, and be Northwest
April 18th. A crowd of over 60                 Rich Hildreth offered a warm           Energy Star certified. Each home
volunteers, staff, neighbors and               welcome to both the families and       is also designed to take advantage
members of sponsoring                          Habitat. These will be the first       of passive solar heating and be
organizations and local churches               Habitat homes to be built in the       ready for future solar panels.
meeT THe JaRBaH famIlY
My wife Florence and I were both               four of our kids finally arrived on    play. Our two other children will
born in Liberia. We separately                 August 22, 2006.                       finally join us.
fled the 14 year long civil war
which occurred in Liberia with                 Having heard that my family was           We can’t wait to move
our parents in 1990. We both                   slated to reunite with me, a              into our dream home .
grew up and met each other in the              brother in Christ told me about
Liberian Refugee camps (Peace                  the good works of Habitat for                          -Joseph Jarbah
Camp). We got married in the                   Humanity. I checked them out
refugee camp. Four of our                      and found that my family and I
children are living with us                    could benefit from Habitat.
currently: Schoolyne - 12 years,
Joshua - 9 years, Blessing – 8                 Currently my wife works for
years, and Jarrence – 6 years. We              Avamere Bel Air in Tacoma and I
also have two other children still             work for Laser Cutting Northwest
left behind in Africa: Emmanuel –              in Auburn. I am also studying
13 years and Justice – 7 years old.            mechanical engineering and
                                               Florence hopes to start school in
In 2003, there was an opportunity              the future. We are members of
to resettle the Liberian refugees              the Kent Church of Christ.
here in the United States of
America. Unfortunately due to                  Having experienced all this
some bureaucratic error, my wife               hardship of life and resettled in
and kids were not allowed to                   the U.S, we have always dreamed
resettle with me in the U.S. I left            of living the American dream.
my family and arrived here in the              Having our own home will be
States on January 15, 2004 along               something great for our family.
with my little sister. A few weeks             Our kids will be very happy
after arriving, I began the paper              because they will be free to play
work for my family to join me                  and interact; they will not always
here in Washington. My wife and                be policed when and where to            Florence and Joseph Jarbah breaking
                                                                                       ground on their new home site.
                                                                                           summer newsletter 2009   5

YoUTH Team HappenInGS
                                              Humanity campus chapters in          New items arriving daily!
                                              the Seattle area planned tabling    Visit often for best selection.
                                              events and handed out
                                              information in conjunction
                                              with issues on poverty housing
                                              and affecting change in
                                              housing policies.

                                              In March, students from the
                                              Youth Build Program, with the
                                              help of their supervisor, Bill
                                              Marratt, constructed planter
                                              box table decorations for the
Katherine Perry, Youth Team Chair, and        7th Annual Habitat for               BUY QUalITY Home
friend enjoying a day of fence building at    Humanity Breakfast. Forest             ImpRovemenT
                                              Ridge High School students          maTeRIalS aT GReaTlY
During the cold months of                     painted and decorated the 80          RedUCed pRICeS!
winter, the Habitat for                      planters which were successfully
Humanity Youth Team was fired                auctioned at the Benefit                  Visit our website at
up planning and participating in             Breakfast. The Youth Team     
Act!Speak!Build! activities.                 participated in Westway’s               All proceeds help build
                                             Community Day of Action in                  Habitat homes.
Act!Speak!Build! is a worldwide,             April and will finish off the year
student-initiated week filled                with Collegiate Builds scheduled       Tons kept from landfills
with activities promoting                    each month. For information              since January 2009:
advocacy for affordable housing              about how youth groups can be
and raising social consciousness             involved, contact Margie at
on the issues. Habitat for                                147

BenefIT BReakfaST a SUCCeSS
THANK YOU! The 7th Annual                    supporters. You are Building
Benefit Breakfast was a HUGE                 Houses, Building Hope!
success. We filled the
Convention Center with nearly                To view photos of the Benefit
650 enthusiastic Habitat                     Breakfast please visit http://
supporters for an inspirational     and find
and educational program. This                yourself in the enthusiastic crowd
year we raised over $245,000 to              of Habitat supporters. Thanks         Second Use accepts used
help build homes, transform                  again to chris daryl photography      material donations on our
communities and raise awareness              for their generous gift of time       behalf - doors, windows
about the essential issue of                 and talent to make these photos         cabinets, lighting, etc.
affordable housing. Thank you to             available.                              To find out more, call
all of our sponsors, guests, and                                                      Second Use Building
                                                                                        Materials, Inc. at
                                                                                    (206) 763-6929, or visit
                                                                                       them on the web at

                                                                                    This is a great way to
                                                                                   keep used materials out
                                                                                  of the landfill and the net
                                                                                    proceeds help us build
                                                                                  decent, affordable housing.
6     Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/South King County - www.

Volunteers hammer, measure, haul and saw at the Rainier Vista job site. Photo credit: Matt Varnado

As we approach the summer of                    story, three bedroom and a two        forward as well as a number of
2009, this affiliate has its most               story, four bedroom – will be         minor repairs. The Community
ambitious construction schedule                 finished in May and framing will      Day of Action held on April 25th
ever. At High Point in West                     then begin. All together, the work    boasted over 200 motivated
Seattle, siding is nearly finished              outlined above represents twenty-     volunteers painting the exterior of
on the two duplexes on Block 25.                two units of new construction!        three houses, building three new
The first three foundations are                                                       fences and doing preparatory work
installed on Block 26 and framing               During May, green-painted kiosks      for the installation of the new
for the five new units – two single             are being installed at each build     state-of-the-art, 2,500 square foot
family residences and three                     site. They will contain               playground. Over 200 volunteers
duplexes – is beginning. The                    information boards describing our     and organizers from the nonprofit
remaining two foundations on                    newly adopted sustainable             organization KaBOOM! built the
Block 26 will begin at the end of               building practices, how those         playground on May 14 and the
the summer. At Rainier Vista,                   practices will benefit our            neighborhood celebration was held
roof framing is finishing on the                homeowners and other                  on May 16th. The playground is
first of the three four-plexes which            information related to the mission    funded through a generous
will be completed in October. We                and work of Habitat.                  $61,000 grant from The Home
plan to start the second four-plex                                                    Depot along with a $7,500
foundation in mid-summer.                       Meanwhile, in Federal Way’s           contribution from the community.
Foundations for the two houses                  Westway neighborhood, work on
we’re building in Pacific – a one               the first major rehab is moving

Volunteers paint house at Community Day of Action in Westway.
                                                                                                                          summer newsletter 2009        7

THank YoU
Thank you to the following individuals and organizations whose donations help us build decent, af fordable
housing (Gifts of $250+ received between January 1, 2009 and March 31, 2009).
HomeBuilder - ($70,000.00 + )           Dr. Donald and Mrs. Pamela Mitchell     Sam and Winnie Sperry                  David Lyons
Habitat for Humanity International      Sara Mockett                            Ms. Diane Stevens                      Kathy Mackey
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans        W. Robert and Margaret R. Moore         Sullivan Conard Architects             David Malmquist
Washington Housing Trust Fund           NFL Charities                           Michael Suver                          Stephen Margolin
                                        Northwest Construction, Inc.            The Redman Company                     Bill and Barbara Marshall
House leader - ($30,000.00 + )          Pinkerton Foundation                    JoAnne Tompkins                        Kenneth Martin
Housing & Urban Development - SHOP      DeAnna Poling                           Lash and Guila Turville                Neil and Nancy McReynolds
University Unitarian Church             David Probert                           Carter Weil                            Gary Meyers
                                        Terry Proctor                           Kinnon Williams                        Rich and Pat Miailovich
master Carpenter - ($20,000.00 + )      Mike and Jamie Quinlan                                                         Chris Monteilh
Federal Home Loan Bank                  Rustan and India Leino                                                         Christopher and
Microsoft Giving Campaign               Jeffrey and Renee Schaberg              friend - ($250.00 + )                      Marquelle Morgan
Second Use Building Materials           Schultz Miller Inc                      Brian Adams                            Alan Moritis
                                        Janet and Denman Smith                  Adobe Systems Incorporated             Thomas and Janet Morton
Senior Carpenter - ($10,000.00 + )      The First Presbyterian Church of Kent   Mohamed Ait All Aoua                   Jason Moss
East Shore Unitarian Church             The Home Depot USA                      Bob and Tina Alexander                 Mary Mullen
Dan and Mareth Fulton                   John Tippett                            Anonymous (4)                          Peter and Mary Mullen
Youthbuild (King County, State of WA)   Klaus Toth                              Atef Azzam                             Gani Nazirov
                                        United Way of King County               Carrie Bagatell                        Northminster Presbyterian Church
Carpenter - ($7,500.00 + )              Vanguard Charitable                     Craig Bakeman                          Chris O’Connor
Denise Draper                               Endowment Program                   Mark and Heather Barbieri              Paul Okerlund
GLY Construction                        Deborah Wege                            Daniel Birmingham                      Trina Olsen
University Presbyterian Church          Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation         Bob and Karen Bliesner                 Peter and Laura Orser
                                        Kathryn A. Williams                     Betty Blume                            Pacific Medical Centers
Journeyman - ($5,000.00 + )                                                     Bobbe and Jon Bridge                   John and Catherine Parker
Dorothy Bullitt                         Supporter - ($500.00 + )                Thomas and Constance Brown             Nancy Pearson and Roland Yancey
Gayle Bushnell                          Thomas Adkins                           Reuben Butler                          Hilde Pfurtscheller
Lowe’s Charitable Foundation            Allworth Design                         Cardinal Heating and A/C, Inc.         Tom Phillips and Julie Wade
NBBJ                                    Anonymous (3)                           John and Glynis Carrosino              Ken Philp
The Greater Tacoma                      Travis and Christine Bagley             Charles and Wendi Carter               Norman and Nancy Pike
   Community Foundation                 B-Line, LLC                             Bill and Karla Center                  Dr Patrick and Mary Ragen
Unico Properties                        Jay and Loui Bond                       Grant and Laurie Chyz                  Patricia Reese
                                        Sharon Burke                            Jim and Janet Coleman                  Byron Richards
apprentice - ($1,000.00 + )             Doug and Melissa                        Peter Conard and Laura Appell          Emily and Ben Rollins
Alaska Airlines                         Chrysalis Hospitatlity Services, LLC    Keith Conti                            Russell Matching Gifts
Anonymous                               Clark/kjos Architects                   Hank and Susan Corscadden              Jeff Santerre
ARTERRA                                 Erle Cohen                              Kathleen Croston & Penny Ridderbusch   M. Kay Schellberg and
James Barrett                           Patricia and Theodore Collins           Sallie Crowell                             Terry Anderson
Tanya Bednarski                         David Danford                           Laurence and Gerrie Durack             Jonathon Schmick
Michael Byrd                            Eileen Dodd                             Paul Dziedzic                          Jim Schneidmiller and Gina Vangelos
Chevron Humankind                       Steve Elsoe                             Joan Enticknap                         Jennifer and Daniel Schroeder
Robert Ciro                             David Frum and Elizabeth Labadie        Gary Fallon and Leona De Rocco         Keith and Elanor Schubert
City of Seattle Exec. Services Dept.    Ross and Percy Gaussoin                 Gary and Tanis Fee                     David and Marilynne Scott
Clark Nuber P. S.                       Steve Hoedemaker                        Jay Fowler                             Robert Sexton
Combined Federal Campaign - King        Tom Hoover                              Brian and Jenna Free                   Richard and Elinor Shenk
    County & North Puget Sound          Ron and Rick Jay                        Bob and Jan Gerth                      Sherwin Williams
Erik Cullen                             Greg and Dawn Kero                      GGLO                                   Marc Silbey and Michele Blue
Rose Marie David                        Karl and Anne Korsmo                    Catherine Gibson and                   Kimberly Slee
John DeRocco and Eileen Ryan            Vicki Kost                                  Aleksei Krasnokutsky               Walter and Andrea Smith
Katherine Diamond                       Elizabeth Labadie                       Jean and David Gosse                   Cynthia Sonstelie
Daniel Duffus and Linda Duffus          John and Deonne Lamb                    Greenbank Gardens, Inc.                Dixie Stark
Ellingson Family Ltd Partnership        Brian and Janice Larson                 John M. Griffen                        Gregory Steinhauer
Employee’s Community Fund of            Diankha and Donald Linear               Karn Griffin                           John and Hong Stocks
    The Boeing Company                  Mark Litchman                           Jerry and Susan Haas                   Craig Sullivan
George Finkle and Eileen Farley         Ruth McBride                            Matt and Sherri Hainje                 Swenson Say Faget
Oliver and Helen Foehr                  Rick and Karen McMichael                John and Sondra Hanley                 Brian and Cara Todd
Nancy and Robert Fuller                 Joy McNichols                           Helsell Fetterman                      United Way
Diane and Thomas Gallegos               Tom and Margaret Mesaros                Pamela Hiatt                           Tess Wakasugi
Veronica and John Gates                 Miller Hull Partnership, LLP            Keith Hilmer                           Lori Walker
Gilman Family Foundation                Donald Morgan                           Intracorp Real Estate LLC              Washington Mutual Employee
Gudmundson Painting Co.                 Russ Mykytyn                            Robert and Michelle Keasal                 Giving Program
Magnus and Heather Hedlund              John and Jensen Nelson                  Deborah and Reiley Kidd                Darryl and Patrice Welch
Hillis, Clark, Martin & Peterson        Peter Noble                             Dan Kilpatric and Colleen Kinerk       Wells Fargo Community
Housing Development Consortium          Jeff and Margie Nomi                    Colleen Kinerk                             Support Campaign
Howard S. Wright Constructors           Thomas Norwalk                          Margaret and Alan Klockars             Robert and Jackie Whitson
Integrity Home Integration Inc          Mark Potvin                             Keith Kodat                            Julie Wilcox
Debbie and Dean Johnson                 Prestige Custom Builders                Roger Kohn                             Steven P. Williams
Bryan and Stacey Kidd                   Quality Plumbing                        Quentin and Katherine Kuhrau           Scott and Fiona Wolf
Marta Krogstad                          Michael Quamma                          Rich Lacher                            David Wright
Lanoga Corporation                      Queen Anne Lutheran Church              Diane Lagerstedt                       Paul and Susan Wyckoff
Jim Lawrence                            Rural Development Institute             Jean-David Larson and                  James Angerer and Mona Yurk
Steve and Donna Lewis                   Mike and Tammie Schacher                    Brenna Liesenring                  Joseph Zech
Kevin and Cindy Lohman                  Carrie Schnelker and Michael Sobieck    Carrie and Scott Lee
Lumbermens Inc.                         Jon Schorr                              Szelyn Lim
Marine View Presbyterian Church         Schuchart/Dow                           David Pruin and Rita
Master Builders Association of King     Lorrie and Paul Scott                       Lindle Pruin
    and Snohomish Counties              Steven Scott                            Thomas Lindquist
Audrey Matzen                           Sequoyah Electric, LLC                  Gordon and Jannelle Loewen
Susan and Matt Maury                    Skanska                                 E. E. and Vesta Loyd Jr.
David and Marcia McCracken              Carolyn Sperry                          Dick Lundgren
                                                                                                        US Postage
15439 - 53rd Avenue South, Suite B                                                                         PAID
Tukwila, WA 98188                                                                                       Seattle WA
                                                                                                      Permit No. 4526


                                                                       Our Mission
                                               Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/South King County works in
                                           partnership with God and people everywhere to develop communities
                                          with people in need by building and renovating houses so that there are
                                          decent houses in decent communities in which people can live and grow.

 photo courtesy of Sandra McCloud

m a R k                         Y o U R                    C a l e n d a R
w w — or call 206-292-5240
Friday, July 3 – Independence Day Holiday, Habitat Office closed
Saturday, July 4 – Construction sites closed in observance of Independence Day Holiday
Saturday, September 5 – Construction sites closed in observance of Labor Day Holiday
Monday, September 7 – Labor Day Holiday, Habitat Office closed
September 19-October 3 – Build-a-Thon: The Excitement is Building (see page 3 for details)
Saturday, October 3 – Rainier Vista Dedication and Build-a-Thon Closing Celebration

                 “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines
                 of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”
                                                         - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

        As part of our continuing effort to go green, we are using paper produced by a local company, that is
        40% post consumer recycled for this newsletter!

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