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                                     Mrs Kathleen Rose Wade        to remember before you emigrate

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Emigration made easy
Our business deals with customers going through the emigration
process on a day-to-day basis. We’ve compiled this checklist to
make your transition abroad that bit easier. Simply use the list
and check off actions as you go.

12 months before you move
 	 	 tart	filling	in	Visa	application	forms.	Compile	all	of	your	personal	paperwork,	     Request up-to-date statements on any savings and pensions. Speak to a
   including	birth,	adoption	and	marriage	certificates,	employment	references,	           pension transfer specialist and a tax advisor to assess what’s important
   driving	licenses	and	qualifications.                                                   with	your	UK	pension(s)	and	what	the	tax	benefits	are.
                                                                                          Register your children in new schools in plenty of time.
6 months before you move
 	 	 nsure	you	have	had	your	Visa	medicals	and	police	checks	done.
   E                                                                                    1 month before you move
 	 	 et	quotes	for	international	removals	and	for	your	flights.	                          Bring council tax and utility bills up to date and cancel insurance policies
                                                                                          and	contracts	for	TV,	Internet	and	phones.
 	 	 nsure	any	pets	to	be	shipped	are	fully	inoculated	and	fit	to	travel.
                                                                                         	 	 ollect	all	handover	files	from	doctors,	dentists	and	schools.
   Get quotes and then book your preferred pet shipment.
                                                                                          Arrange private health cover if required.
   Give formal notice to your employer and get your P45.
                                                                                         	 	 ancel	any	redundant	direct-debits	or	standing	orders.
 	 	 sk	your	medical	centre	and	dentist	for	your	hand-over	files.
                                                                                         	 	 rganise	an	international	SIM	card	to	save	you	money	on	calls	when	you	first	
 	 	 ontact	a	resettlement	agent	for	advice	on	areas	to	live	or	rent	in.
                                                                                           arrive abroad. If you want to call the UK when you arrive overseas, you can use
   Importantly schooling options and local expat groups may help you settle in.
                                                                                           your UK mobile for this.
   Speak to a real estate company for detailed property and area searches.
                                                                                          Ask for a copy of your no-claims bonus from your insurer.
   Open an appropriate international bank account.
                                                                                          Make sure that your shipping dates coincide with your arrival abroad.
   Set up your Trading Facility with Moneycorp to get the best rates when
   transferring your funds overseas.

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