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Discover Special advertiSing Section Alfeios


									                                                     Special advertiSing Section

 Alfeios River                                                                                 Mani area

 Kledonia, Epirus                   Parga

Touring Greece is a unique journey, full    parks, as well as traditional settlements   homemade, traditional pies stimulate
of adventures and knowledge. A road         that conceal a long-lived history and       all senses.
where the quintessence of adventure lies    a profound continuation of old Greek             Touring Greece from north to south,
within exploration, where the evergreen     morals and customs.                         milestones are set by emotion-stirring
vista of imposing mountains blends              Vivid colors and breathtaking images    locations, thrilling landscapes, and
harmoniously with the vast, deep blue       accompany every journey, while the          ecosystems that render the entire trip
seas to portray the versatile mosaic        sounds and fragrances of Greece stay in     unforgettable. Modern Greece invites
of Greece.                                  the memory forever. How can one resist      travelers to challenge themselves and
    There are many advertures to choose     the magic of a crimson sky at sunset,       experience all it has to offer with a
from. Ascending green mountains,            when the sun dives into the emerald         single goal in mind: Tour around each
exploring the sublime caves, sailing        sea, the mysterious hazy atmosphere         and every site, and fall in love with its
the historic Greek seas with their          that dominates at sunrise on a steep        unmatched natural beauty.
friendly harbors and the indigo beaches,    frozen Greek mountain peak? The
descending frozen rivers. Even greater      scent of pine trees, olives and oaks, the
knowledge is gained through encounters      upstanding flying of seagulls, the gurgle
                                                                                        Ministry of Culture and Tourism
with regional fauna and visiting            of ice-cold water from the wellsprings      Greek National Tourism Organization
precious biotopes and national eco-         of a mountain village and the aroma of      w w w. v i s i t g r e e c e. g r

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