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									GPO Finance &
Administration has an
answer for you.                     Finance &
                                    Funding Options:
                                    Deposit Account,
                                    Credit Card,
                                    Direct Billing.

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Financial Arrangement for Customer Agencies

Transaction Type Description                   How to Establish             Unique Customers               Funds Received

IPAC             Intra-governmental            Submit to Finance &          DAPS (ALC 8522) —            4 times a month
                 Payment And Collection        Administration (F&A) a       DoD’s printing entity.       (5th, 10th 15th,
                 system handles funds          completed Form 4046          Requires line of accounting. and 20th of the
                 transfer between              as outlined at the bottom                                 month). Funds
                 agencies. This is similar     of the form. On the form,    Army (ALC 5570) —            are available
                 to a checking account         indicate the customer’s      GPO provides copies of       immediately.
                 where the US Treasury is      Agency Location Code         SF 1’s with the billings.
                 functioning as the bank.      (ALC) and all other          Requires line of accounting.
                                               requested information.
                                               An ALC is required for       Marines (ALC 6102) —
                                               all IPAC transactions.       GPO manually enters
                                                                            additional information into
                                                                            the IPAC.
                                                                            Requires line of accounting.

                                                                            Most agencies require
                                                                            funding information or
                                                                            accounting information for
                                                                            each order placed.

                                                                            (If there is no ALC
                                                                            associated with a customer
                                                                            see Direct Billing).

DEPOSIT          Customer submits a lump       Submit to F&A a Form         Several agencies use           Funds are
                 sum payment to be used        4045 indicating how the      deposit accounts as well       received before
                 over time. The customer       funds will be received. If   as the IPAC. SSA, FAA,         any transactions.
                 has total control over the    using IPAC, indicate the     Department of State, and
                 funds.                        Agency Location Code         USDA maintain deposit
                                               (ALC) and other pertinent    accounts to name a few.
                                               information requested. If
                                               not using IPAC, include
                                               a check for the deposit
                                               amount along with Form
                                               4045. Use the SF-1 form
                                               when placing specific
                                               orders from your funded
                                               Deposit Account.

CREDIT CARD      Customer uses the impact      Submit to F&A a              EEOC and the IRS use           Funds are available
                 (purchase) cards to place     completed Form 4046          this arrangement quite         when the GPO
                 orders. We pay the bank       as outlined at the bottom    frequently.                    submits the
                 2% for this process.          of the form.                                                transactions to the

DIRECT BILLING   For a few of our customers    Submit to F&A a              Congressional                  Funds are available
                 (the judicial branch, the     completed Form 4046          Budget Office                  when the GPO
                 legislative, and certain      as outlined at the bottom                                   receives and
                 executive branch grantees     of the form.                 The Courts                     deposits the funds.
                 are some examples), the                                    Grantees for the
                 GPO receives payments                                      Department of Energy
                 (either wire or checks)
                 for the bills sent to these                                Army Corp of Engineers.
                 customers.                                                 Requires line of accounting.

                                                                            Department of Air Force
                                                                            Requires line of accounting.

                                                                            Department of Navy
                                                                            Requires line of accounting.

GPO Billing Process

                                          Agencies submit SF1.

           GPO determines the most economical and efficient method for the printing job.

             Printing completed                                     Printing completed
           by commercial vendors.                                     by GPO plant.

                  Agencies receive printing and complete receiving documentation.

        Vendors submit invoices, proof
         deliveries, and other required
           documentation to GPO.

      GPO voucher examination section
      pays vendors in behalf of agencies.

   GPO billing section bills the agencies, in accordance with the information provided on the SF-1,
                      for printing jobs completed and received by the agencies.
            GPO Finance & Administration

                     For questions/inquires contact
your National Account Manager (NAM) at 202.512.1904 or nam@gpo.gov

    732 North Capitol Street NW   ■   Washington, DC 20401-0001   ■   www.gpo.gov

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