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					                             2010 SUMMER
                       JUNE 14th THROUGH AUGUST 20th
                                  10 Weeks of classes
                           Half days/Full days/Extended care
   Get a jump start on next year’s classroom activities in an exciting, engaging camp
 setting. Our week-long summer workshops are fun and educational, offering hands-on
                         learning experiences for grades K-12.

       Look inside to see what‟s new this year: We are offering more marine science,
 environmental, health and nutrition programs. Combining Art and Science, Camp Realize –
   an Invent Now Kids program, USA Chess Camp offered June 21-25 by Active Learning
 Services, extended care infused with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
                We are also extending our Lego Robotics classes to 4 weeks.

The Science Center is a member of:

The Summer Workshops program is sponsored in part by grants from: Progress Energy,
Raytheon Corporation, Margaret Ewell Dickins Foundation, Southwest Florida Water Management
District, Pinellas Community Foundation, City of St. Petersburg, Community Foundation of Tampa
Bay, Raymond James Foundation, NASA, and Publix.

Mission: To inspire, motivate and stimulate innovative thinking in the areas of science, technology,
engineering, math, and career development for K-12 students; enhancing their lives through instruction, hands-
on, and experiential education delivered through partnerships with schools, corporations, universities, and

                          The Science Center of Pinellas County Inc.
                          7701 - 22nd Avenue N. | St. Petersburg, FL 33710
                             Phone: 727-384-0027 Fax: 727-343-5729
• WORKSHOP DATES                                          • EXTENDED CARE
2010 summer classes run June 14th –                       In the Extended Care Program children will engage
August 20th                                               in activities that further encourage STEM learning.
Classes fill on a first-come, first-serve basis.          All children, regardless of age, enrolled in any
Advance registration is recommended to secure a           Science Center program and on Science Center
place in the class of your choice.                        property during extended care hours (prior to 9:20
                                                          a.m. or after 3:45 p.m.) must be registered in
• GRADE LEVEL                                             Extended Care.
                                                          To reach the extended care program after 4:30 p.m., call
Grade level refers to Fall 2010. Kindergartners           384-0027 ext. 221
must be 5 years old at the time of registration.

Although full payment is preferred for registration,
we will accept a 50% non-refundable deposit on
classes. Any accounts paid in full at time of
registration include a non-refundable registration
                                                          Full payment is necessary for extended care
• BALANCE DUE                                             registration. If your child is enrolled in both a
The balance due must be paid by the Friday prior to       morning and afternoon class for a designated
the first day of class. A late fee of $5.00 per class     week, lunch-time supervision is included at no
will be charged if the balance is late ($10.00 fee for    additional charge. (Note: ALL DAY workshops
an all-day class).                                        include lunchtime supervision in their price.)

• PAYMENTS                                                PAYMENT FOR EXTENDED CARE IS NON-
Payments for Science Center workshops are by              REFUNDABLE.
cash, check, MasterCard, Visa or Discover. Make
checks payable to "The Science Center." Please
put your driver‟s license number in the memo
                                                          IMPORTANT NOTES TO PARENTS
                                                          • Any  parent who wants to visit his/her child‟s class
section of your check.
A $30.00 fee will be charged for returned checks.         must check in at the front office to get a visitor‟s
                                                          • Children must bring lunch, snacks and drinks
                                                          daily. No lunch will be provided or ordered.
Class prices are based on enrollment. Deposits are
                                                          • Students are given breaks mid-morning and mid-
non-refundable. In order to receive a refund, minus
                                                          afternoon. Snack and drink machines are
the deposit, we must be notified of a student‟s
                                                          available. Snacks are 60¢ - 75¢ and drinks are
withdrawal at least seven days before class is
                                                          $1.00. SNACKS ARE NOT PROVIDED BY THE
scheduled to begin. Complete refunds are given
                                                          SCIENCE CENTER.
for the following circumstances only:
                                                          • For safety, all students must wear closed-toe
- Applicants move out of the city prior to the class.
                                                          shoes and appropriate clothing.
- Death in the immediate family.
                                                          • If your child has any special or medical needs
                                                          (including allergies), please call it to our attention at
• CANCELLATIONS                                           registration.
If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment,   • Registration hours: 8:45a.m. - 4p.m., Mon.-Fri.
you will be notified and receive a full refund.           • A City bus stop is located at the front entrance.
                                                          For more info call Transit Dept. at 727-530-9911.
There is a $25 processing fee for transferring your
child from one class to another.

• Student Conduct Guidelines
Our Student Conduct Guidelines are included on
page 4. Please discuss these with your child to
ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all.
                                                         EARLY PICK UP (during class time)
Up to 200 students arrive at the Science Center
                                                         If early pick up is necessary, please come to the
each day. To keep our students as safe as
                                                         office to sign your child out of class. Staff will
possible during arrival and departure from summer
                                                         direct you to your child‟s classroom.
workshops, please follow drop-off and pick-up
procedures. Please drive slowly at all times in the
driveway and parking lot areas.                          • ARRIVAL INFORMATION
                                                         Any student arriving before 7:30 a.m. must remain
MORNING DROP OFF                                         with an adult. The Science Center does not open
(9:20 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. for before care)                 for Extended Care until 7:30 a.m.
    1. If you choose to escort your child
    into the building, park your vehicle in              • LATE FEES
    the main parking lot.                                All students MUST be picked up by 5:30 p.m. There
    2. Please do not park in the driveway                will be a $5 late pick up charge for the first 15
    between the building and the parking                 minutes (5:30 - 5:45 p.m.) and an additional $1 per
    lot, even for a few minutes; this blocks             minute per child late pick up charge for each
    cars exiting the parking area.                       additional minute after 5:45 p.m. NO
    3. Escort your child into the main lobby             EXCEPTIONS.
    if you are using before care services or
    if they are going directly to class.                 • BIKERS & WALKERS
    4. Any child arriving before 7:30 a.m.                   1. Children walking or biking home must have
    must remain with their parent.                           written permission from parents on file in the
NOON DISMISSAL                                               2. All bikers must wear helmets.
(12:00 p.m.)                                                 3. A bike rack is located near the bus loading
    1. If your child is not staying for lunch or             area for your convenience. Locks are not
    afternoon classes, they must be picked up at             provided.
    12:00 p.m. in their classroom; late pickup will be
    in the lunch room.                                   Our available parking is limited and you may
    2. Please park your vehicle in one of the lined      experience parking challenges during pick-up and
    parking spaces in the main parking lot.              drop-off hours. We appreciate your understanding
    3. Enter through the front doors to sign out         and thank you for your cooperation with these
    your child in the classroom.                         procedures. By working together, we will ensure
    4. Sign your child out with the attending            the safety of everyone who comes to the Science
    Science Center staff.                                Center.

(3:30 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. for after care)
    1. All children leaving after afternoon
    classes will be signed out from the
    auditorium by their parent or guardian from
    3:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.
    2. Please park your vehicle in one of the
    lined parking spaces in the main parking lot.
    3. Children staying for after care will be
    signed out by 5:30 p.m.
    4. This is our "safety check" to be sure
    students can be accounted for. Safety is
    considered first.
    5. Any child who is late being picked up will
    be taken to after care and charged
                                      SUMMER WORKSHOPS/CAMPS
WORKSHOPS/CAMPS DISCLAIMER: Workshop fees vary depending on the cost of materials and/or transportation.
Workshop descriptions are written well in advance of the actual workshop dates. While the Science Center strives to follow
workshop descriptions listed in the brochure, there is the possibility that circumstances beyond our control might change
activities to some extent. For example, kits and supplies obtained for workshops might vary from the original description (the
suppliers sometimes make changes without informing us). Any such changes will not detract from the fun, hands-on and
creative classes that help our students discover the fun of science.

                                            The Science Center’s
                                         Student Conduct Guidelines
It is the intention of the Science Center to provide all students with a safe and secure environment. We
attempt to create a comfortable, fun atmosphere that will make the most of your child‟s Science Center

Please read these conduct guidelines carefully and make sure your child understands his/her
responsibilities and consequences relating to their behavior at the Science Center.

Student Conduct Responsibilities:
All students enrolled in camps or workshops at the Science Center must be able to demonstrate the
following with minimal direction and/or age-appropriate assistance:
    1. Maintain personal care.
    2. Respect others (listen, follow directions, use appropriate language, keep hands to self).
    3. Maintain self control.
    4. Stay with assigned group.

The consequences of inappropriate student conduct are as follows:
   1. At the first occurrence, the instructor will give a verbal warning to the student and will make a
       written record of the occurrence.
   2. At the second occurrence, the student will be counseled by the Director of Education, a parent will
       be contacted, and a written record of the occurrence will be made.
   3. At the third occurrence, the student will be removed from the classroom, a parent will be notified
       to have the student picked up immediately, and a written record of the occurrence will be made.
   4. There are certain behaviors that are considered severe enough to warrant immediate expulsion
       from the Science Center program or workshop, at the discretion of the Director of Education or
       Executive Director. These behaviors include, but are not limited to, physical aggression,
       possession of a weapon or illegal substance, stealing, jeopardizing the safety of another student
       or staff, repeated incidents of inappropriate language.

  Should a student be suspended or expelled for any reason, program fees are non-refundable.

KINDERGARTEN                                                   DANDY DINOSAURS: CARNIVORES AND
                                                               (WEEK 2 AM) 2AKDDCO
ARACHNIPHOBIA                                                  T-Rex prowled the ancient forests looking for other
(WEEK 9 AM) 9AKA                                               dinosaurs to eat. Omnivores prowled the forests looking
There are more than 30,000 species of spiders in the           for juicy insects and ferns to eat. Take a trip back to the
arachnid family with the largest being the Goliath bird-       Jurassic period and explore a world where dragonflies
eating spider. The females top out at a whopping 11            had three-foot wingspans and giant crocodiles made
inches long. Spiders and their cousins, the insects, will be   modern day crocodiles look small.
the topic of discussion in this class. Hold onto to your       ($70 members, $95 non-members)
hats, because there may be a spider or two visiting your
classroom.                                                     DANDY DINOSAURS: HERBIVORES
 ($70 members, $95 non-members)                                (WEEK 6 PM) 6PKDDH
                                                               Eat your vegetables and you‟ll grow up big and strong.
ART AND SCIENCE                                                Argentinosaurus ate his vegetables and grew to be 110
(WEEK 10 AM) 10AKAS                                            tons. That‟s 220,000 pounds! Listen to stories and
Learn about science while creating works of art. Try your      adventures about the plant-eaters that roamed the Earth
hand at color mixing, water color, salt crystal creation and   millions of years ago.
more. You‟re only limited by your imagination.                 ($70 members, $95 non-members)
($75 members, $100 non-members)

BIG BLUE OCEAN                                                 EARS, TEETH, AND TOES
(WEEK 7 PM) 7PKBBO                                             (WEEK 5 PM) 5PKETT
Did you ever wonder what‟s happening under the big blue        Each person‟s teeth are different, much like their
ocean? Come along with us and explore all the special          fingerprints and each person‟s ears contain the tiniest
creatures big and small that live in our oceans. The           bones in the human body. Sink your teeth into the fun
Science Center‟s 600-gallon touch tank will be home base       facts this class has to offer when you explore the wonders
for this class where students can touch a spider crab or       of the human body. Students will get a chance to use a
see an urchin.                                                 stethoscope, make fingerprints and perform some
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                 fascinating experiments relating to sight and smell.
                                                               ($70 members, $95 non-members)
Did you know that a falling star is actually a meteorite?      FINS AND GILLS
Study the objects that sparkle in the sky like: the Big        (WEEK 3 AM) 3AKFG
Dipper, Orion‟s Belt and the Horsehead Nebula. This            Find out what‟s swimming around as we delve into the
class also includes visits to our Spirit of Columbia           wonderful world of fish. Learn about why some fish have
Planetarium and, if you‟re lucky, you may spot a black         crazy colors and patterns while others are very plain.
hole.                                                          ($70 members, $95 non-members)
($70 members, $95 non-members)
                                                               FUN WITH RAINBOWS
CREEPY CRAWLY BUGS                                             (WEEK 3 PM) 3PKFWR
(WEEK 2 PM) 2PKCCB                                             Did you know that water is the only material on earth that
 “Bug” your friends with these and other fun facts about       naturally exists in three states: solid, liquid and gas. Learn
the tiniest creatures that inhabit our homes and               all about water both fresh and salt, how it cycles, what
backyards. Hold onto to your seats, because some of our        makes a rainbow and more. ($70 members, $95 non-
worms and tarantulas are set to crawl into your class.         members)
($70 members, $95 non-members)
                                                                   (WEEK 9 PM) 9PKSO
FUN WITH SCIENCE                                                   Did you know that sound moves through the air at 340 miles
(WEEK 8 PM) 8PKFWS                                                 per second? Join us as we learn all about sound: loud and
“Cool” does not begin to describe this class! Be a scientist and   soft sounds, high and low pitches, sound waves, animal
do all kinds of science-related experiments. Study chemistry,      sounds, musical sounds and more.
magnets, rocks, water and gas in this introductory science         ($70 members, $95 non-members)
class that will have your child yearning for more. Science has
never been so much fun.                                            YOUR WONDERFUL BODY
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                     (WEEK 8 AM) 8AKYWB
                                                                   This class is designed to give students an introduction to the
HABITAT IS WHERE IT’S AT                                           human body and the functions of its parts. Students will hear
(WEEK 5 AM) 5AKHWA                                                 the sound of their beating heart, meet our resident skeleton
The sidewinder gets its name because it moves sideways             Mr. Bones and study the importance of proper nutrition. This
across the hot desert sand that enables it to have only a small    class is a real “gas.” ($70 members, $95 non-members)
part of its body on the sand at one time. Explore different
ecosystems and how animals have adapted to life in their           WHAT’S IN MY SOUP?
environment.                                                       (WEEK 6 AM) 6AKWMS
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                     Did you know the first space meal was pureed applesauce
                                                                   eaten by Astronaut John Glenn while aboard Friendship 7 in
HIDE AND SEEK ANIMALS                                              1962? Join us as we learn more about where our food
(WEEK 7 AM) 7AKHSA                                                 comes from, good nutrition and healthy choices. We‟ll be
Learn about animal camouflage and other protective                 making some tasty treats in this class while we learn about
adaptations. Join us as we explore animals, their behaviors,       food science. ($75 members, $100 non-members)
life cycles and more. Get up close to our animal friends here
at the Science Center.
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                     GRADES 1-2
                                                                   THE AMAZING BODY
NATURE’S PALETTE                                                   (WEEK 10 AM) 10A12AB
(WEEK 1 PM) 1PKNP                                                  Did you know that the strongest muscle in proportion to its
Your friends will be “green” with envy when you tell them that     size in the human body is the tongue? Learn this “body” of
the feathers of a rainbow lorikeet are green, red, blue, yellow,   facts and many more in this fun introductory anatomy class.
orange and purple. This class looks at the dazzling array of       Mr. Bones, our resident skeleton, will meet you at the door.
colors found everywhere in nature. Get your eyes ready for a       ($75 members, $100 non-members)
sensory adventure that will tickle you “pink”.
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                     ART AND SCIENCE
                                                                   (WEEK 10 PM) 10P12AS
RAINFOREST ADVENTURES                                              Everybody loves slime! Join us while we make and explore
(WEEK 10 PM) 10PKRA                                                the properties of slime and learn about the science behind all
Did you know that rainforests are home to half the animal and      kinds of creations. We will be using a variety of mediums to
plant species on Earth? Or that 20% of the oxygen we breathe       explore the science of art. ($75 members, $100 members)
is produced there? Or that an acre of rainforest is cut down
every minute? Explore this lush habitat in a captivating class.    CAMP SERIES
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                     (WEEK 9 AM) 9A12CR
                                                                   Come along on three adventures that foster creativity,
RECYCLABLE ART                                                     teamwork, inventive-thinking skills, and science literacy. In our
(WEEK 4 PM) 4PKRA                                                  first adventure assemble model boats and use compasses.
Did you know that each of us uses approximately one 100-           Next explore engineering principles by building functional
foot-tall Douglas fir tree in paper and wood products every        vehicles and then practice creative problem solving while
year? Come learn about the importance of recycling and             redesigning traditional games. (This program is part of Camp
create fun art projects from recycled materials and more.          Invention. If the program minimum is not met, another camp
 ($75 members, $100 non-members)                                   will be offered in its place.)
                                                                    ($119 members and $119 non-members)
(WEEK 1 AM) 1AKSA                                                  FISHY BUSINESS
Come along as we learn about color mixing, art medium and          (WEEK 2 PM) 2P12FB
more. We‟ll be creating works of art and learning about the        The ocean depths are full of many amazing and wonderful
science behind our creations in this class while having fun.       creatures. This class dives deep into the world of marine life
($75 members, $100 non-members)                                    and explores all kinds of fish found in the depths of the big
                                                                   blue ocean. Our marine room with its 600-gallon touch tank
                                                                   will be the home base for this class.
                                                                   ($70 members, $95 non-members)

FLORIDA WILDLIFE                                                    SQUISHY OCEAN ANIMALS
(WEEK 6 AM) 6A12FW                                                  (WEEK 7 AM) 7A12SOA
What‟s hiding around that corner? Get up close to a snake           Invertebrates are squishy animals that have no bones. An
and alligator while learning about the wide variety of animals      octopus is an invertebrate as is a crab. Study their anatomy
we have here in Florida, where they live and how they               and how they differ from vertebrate animals or animals with
survive. ($70 members, $95 non-members)                             bones. Our marine room with its 600-gallon touch tank will
                                                                    be home base for this class. Our spider crabs and sea
GRAB YOUR UMBRELLA                                                  urchins will be waiting patiently for your arrival.
(WEEK 8 AM) 8A12GYU                                                  ($70 members, $95 non-members)
Take a dive into the snow, the sleet and the rain in this
introductory meteorology class. Learn how snowflakes are            STINK BUG FUN
formed, how fast tornados spin and how our weather                  (WEEK 1 AM) 1A12SBF
changes with the seasons. Our Bay News 9 Weather Room               Stink bugs and other creepy crawlies are the subjects of this
will be the home base for this class.                               adventure into the world of bugs. Learn why stink bugs stink
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                      and other fun, exciting facts about the smallest creatures
                                                                    inhabiting our planet. Spiders, worms and other six and
GREEN WEEK                                                          eight-legged creatures will be waiting in the “wings” to visit
(WEEK 4 AM) 4A12GW                                                  your class. ($70 members, $95 non-members)
Saving Planet Earth is the name of the game here. Discuss
global issues like pollution and recycling and see how each         SWAMPS AND DESERTS
and every one of us can help save our planet.                       (WEEK 5 PM) 5P12SD
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                      There are many different ecosystems on earth which contain
                                                                    many different living plants and animals. Explore the world of
GYROSCOPES AND WHEELS                                               nature in this exciting class and find out how certain plants
(WEEK 9 PM) 9P12GW                                                  and animals adapt to life in harsh environments such as
A physicist named Leon Foucault invented the gyroscope in           deserts or in flooded areas such as the ever-changing
1852. Since then they have been used in                             wetlands. ($70 members, $95 non-members)
cameras, compasses, airplanes, boats and even on the
Space Shuttle. Of course they are fun to play with too.             T-REX AND FRIENDS
Students will get their chance to use gyroscopes as they            (WEEK 3 AM) 3A12TF
study the Laws of Motion in this fun physics class. This class      What would you do if you saw a 20 foot high T-Rex in your
will make your head “spin.”                                         backyard? Well, for one thing don‟t let your dog out. This
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                      oversized carnivore is one of the many dinosaurs you will
                                                                    study in this “prehistoric” class. Read stories, make crafts
NATURE’S ENGINEERS                                                  and find out which dino is your favorite.
(WEEK 6 PM) 6P12NE                                                  ($70 members, $95 non-members)
Mr. Beaver is one of nature‟s finest building contractors. He
can build a spiffy new “log cabin” without the help of dump         TURTLES AND HURDLES
trucks and power tools. This class is about the amazing             (WEEK 2 AM) 2A12TH
architects and construction workers of the animal kingdom.          Hold your breath! Did you know that some sea turtles can
We‟ll discuss beehives, eagle nests, gopher tortoise holes          stay under water for as long as five hours? Their heart rate
and yes, beaver dams.                                               slows to conserve oxygen: nine minutes may elapse
 ($70 members, $95 non-members)                                     between heartbeats. Join us as we learn all about turtles,
                                                                    their behaviors, and how they survive in the wild.
THE RED PLANET                                                      ($70 members, $95 non-members)
(WEEK 3 PM) 3P12RP
Olympus Mons, a volcano on Mars, is 16 miles high,                  TWISTERS AND BLIZZARDS
compared to Mt. Everest which is only 5 miles high. Study           (WEEK 1 PM) 1P12TB
our amazing solar system and beyond. Then dazzle your               A tornado can pick up your car and toss it across the street.
friends with the incredible facts you‟ve learned. Numerous          A tornado is one of nature‟s exciting and very destructive
visits to our Spirit of Columbia Planetarium will be part of this   forces. Be a meteorologist and study the incredible forces of
“out of this world” class.                                          nature in our Bay News 9 Weather room. Study weather
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                      patterns and weather maps. Learn how to read a
                                                                    thermometer in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
THE SCIENCE LAB (OFFERED TWICE)                                     ($70 members, $95 non-members)
(WEEK 5 AM) 5A12SL, (WEEK 8 PM) 8P12SL
This class is about all the things that make science fun.
Study magnets, chemistry, rocks, water and gas, just to
name a few. Use gyroscopes, classify minerals and perform
basic experiments in this introductory physical science class
that will have your child „rockin‟ for more.
($70 members, $95 non-members)
USE YOUR BRAINS                                                   FLORIDA WILDLIFE
(WEEK 4 PM) 4P12UYB                                               (WEEK 5 AM) 5A34FW
The average human brain weighs only 3 pounds but uses             Screech owls, red rat snakes and opossums are just some
20% of your body's energy. Spend the week getting to know         of the incredible creatures that live in our state. This class
your body and how it works. Have fun listening to your heart,     will give you the opportunity to see a screech owl up close
counting your ribs and finding out if your fingerprint has a      as well as some Florida snakes and salamanders.
„swirl‟ or an „arch.”                                              ($70 members, $95 non-members)
($70 members, $95 non-members)
                                                                  FOOD SCIENCE
WHAT’S COOKING?                                                   (WEEK 3 AM) 3A34FS
(WEEK 7 PM) 7P12WC                                                Did you know that the first potato crisps were invented by an
When Marco Polo returned to Italy from China in 1295 he           American Indian named George Crum and that the first
brought back a Chinese recipe for „milk ice‟. Europeans           breakfast cereal ever produced was shredded wheat? This
substituted cream for the milk and, voila ice cream was born.     class is all about food: how it‟s made, where it comes from
Make your own butter, build with marshmallows and make            and how the major food groups help to build a healthy mind
color changing milk in this food friendly class.                  and body. ($75 members, $100 non-members)
($75 members, $100 non-members)
                                                                  FUN PHYSICS WITH TOYS
                                                                  (WEEK 6 PM) 6P34FPWT
GRADES 3-4                                                        Newton‟s Laws of Motion will be the major theme of this
CAMP SERIES                                                       class. Study speed and force using small cars, motion using
(WEEK 9 AM) 9A34CR                                                gyroscopes and gravity using various bouncy balls. A look at
Come along on three adventures that foster creativity,            the way physics affects everyday life will no doubt bring an
teamwork, inventive-thinking skills, and science literacy. In     understanding to the student that was not there before.
our first adventure assemble model boats and use                  ($70 members, $95 non-members)
compasses. Next explore engineering principles by building
functional vehicles and then practice creative problem            GALAXY EXPLORATION
solving while redesigning traditional games. (This program is     (WEEK 4 PM) 4P34GE
part of Camp Invention. If the program minimum is not met,        Did you know that there is a black hole in the center of all
another camp will be offered in its place).                       galaxies? This astronomy class takes a “far out” look at the
($119 members, $ 119 non-members)                                 wonders of space. Black holes, stars, constellations and the
                                                                  solar system will be the topics of discussion this week. A
CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION                                         planetarium show or two in our Spirit of Columbia
(WEEK 4 AM) 4A34CSI                                               Planetarium will be the highlight of this class.
Last night the bank was robbed and the perpetrator left his       ($70 members, $95 non-members)
fingerprints on the doorknob. Can you help solve this crime?
Delve into the world of forensic science and solve a variety      GREEN WEEK
of “crimes” using the same methods the “crime fighters” use.      (WEEK 2 PM) 2P34GW
Each class session has different crimes to investigate and        Saving Planet Earth is the name of the game here. Discuss
class content will be grade-level appropriate. ($80               global issues like pollution and recycling and see how each
members, $105 non-members)                                        and every one of us can help save our planet.
                                                                  ($70 members, $95 non-members)
(WEEK 5 PM) 5P34DB, (WEEK 10 AM) 10A34DB                          HABITAT HERO
Before an airplane is built there must be a blueprint detailing   (WEEK 1 AM) 1A34HH
every nut and bolt and part on the aircraft. Before a building    An oil-covered bird is not pretty, but it‟s one of the topics
is built, the blueprint must contain every square inch of         discussed in this environmental action class. Learn what it‟s
concrete and glass. Your budding architect or engineer will       like to be part of an ecological disaster team that responds to
love this class when they get to draw out plans of airplanes,     hurricane-ravaged areas, oil spills and catastrophes that
cars and buildings and then build their creations using Lego      affect the world around us. Be a hero and learn how to fight
building blocks. ($75 members, $100 non-members)                  forest fires, save the Everglades and, yes, which detergent is
                                                                  best to use when washing oil off a bird‟s feathers.
FLASKS AND BEAKERS                                                ($70 members, $95 non-members)
(WEEK 7 AM) 7A34FB
Marie Curie, the scientist who discovered radium, had a           ISAAC AND THE APPLE
laboratory in Paris filled with every kind of beaker, flask and   (WEEK 9 PM) 9P34IA
chemical you could image. Chemistry is often called "the          Called one of the greatest scientists of our time, Isaac
central science", because it connects the other natural           Newton‟s work was based on motion, gravity and energy.
sciences such as astronomy, physics, biology, and geology.        This physical science class will introduce your budding
Our chemistry room is not as elaborate as Madame Curie‟s          scientist to all sorts of fun experiments. Magnets,
lab, but it will be the location for this exciting class.         gyroscopes and many other gadgets will be used to help
 ($70 members, $95 non-members)                                   your child understand the principles of motion and speed.
                                                                  ($70 members, $95 non-members)
LIFE SCIENCE                                                       SPIDER’S WEB
(WEEK 6 AM) 6A34LS                                                 (WEEK 8 AM) 8A34SW
Did you know that the adult human brain weighs about 3             Our 8 legged friends, the spiders, are wonderful and
pounds and a sheep‟s brain weighs about 1/3 of a pound?            mysterious creatures that inhabit our homes and backyards.
All mammals are similar but how similar will surprise you.         You‟ll grow quite fond of them and their 6 legged friends the
Your future biologist will love this class as we explore all the   insects after taking this basic entomology class. You will be
parts of the amazing human body. The highlight of this class       delighted when our resident scorpion and spider make an
will be a sheep brain dissection. The dissection will be done      appearance in your class. ($70 members, $95 non-
by the teacher and students will get to observe this               members)
fascinating activity.
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                     WHALE WATCHER
                                                                   (WEEK 8 PM) 8P34WW
NEWTON’S NOTEBOOK                                                  The blue whale is the largest creature that ever lived on
(WEEK 2 AM) 2A34NN                                                 Earth. An adult can tip the scales at 200 tons with a tongue
Let‟s pretend you found a notebook and it belonged to Isaac        that weighs as much as an elephant. The study of whales
Newton. No doubt it would be full of integral equations,           and dolphins is called cetacean biology and scientists lucky
difference quotients and strange charts with tangent lines.        enough to encounter them are amazed at how intelligent
Simply put, it would be full of awesome experiments that will      they are. Explore the world of cetaceans in Whale Watcher.
be demonstrated and put to use in this introductory physics        ($70 members, $95 non-members)
class. Study motion, speed and inertia while playing with
gyroscopes and other physics- related toys.
 ($70 members, $95 non-members)                                    GRADES 4+
OCEAN IN MOTION                                                    LEGO ROBOTICS: BEGINNER
(WEEK 10 PM) 10P34OIM                                              (WEEK 1 PM) 1P4+LRB
There are over 20,000 species of fish ranging from the tiny        (WEEK 7 PM) 7P4+LRB
one-inch eel-loach to the mighty whale shark that tops off at      Students will learn how to design, program and build a
65 feet long. The ocean is a fascinating place so come with        competitive FIRST Lego League Robot using the Lego
us as we take a journey through the seven seas in this fun         Mindstorm Robotic kit. At the end of the program, teams will
marine science class. ($70 members, $95 non-members)               compete in a mini competition on site.
                                                                   ($125 members, $150 non-members)
(WEEK 1 PM) 1P34P                                                  LEGO ROBOTICS: INTERMEDIATE
Paleontologists study prehistoric life through fossils which       (WEEK 4 PM) 4P4+LRI
are the preserved remains of animals, plants, and other            (WEEK 10 PM) 10P4+LRI
organisms. Be a scientist and examine and handle real              Students extend skills learned in the beginner class to
fossils such as fossilized shark teeth, bones and vertebrates.     design and build a more sophisticated robot. Students first
Your very own dino hunter will really “dig” this class.            learn how to connect sensors to the robot, and then program
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                     the sensor chip for various operations such as voice
                                                                   activation, motion detection, light detection, and the ultra-
ROCK HOUNDS                                                        sonic sensor that reacts to the proximity of other objects.
(WEEK 7 PM) 7P34RH                                                 ($125 members and $150 non-members)
This class will „rock out‟ when you learn about the fascinating
world of rocks, minerals and the other essential building
blocks of the earth. Finger a piece of quartz and compare its      GRADES 5+
surface to a piece of obsidian. Then peel the layers of mica
apart and marvel at the shine of fool‟s gold. Geology has          ADVANCED ELECTRONICS
never been so much fun.                                            (WEEK 2 PM) 2P5+AE
($70 members, $95 non-members)                                     (WEEK 6 AM) 6A5+AE
                                                                   Sam and Nancy Edison‟s youngest child was a poor student
SHARKS AND MORE SHARKS                                             in school, but young Thomas grew up to invent the light bulb,
(WEEK 3 PM) 3P34SMS                                                the phonograph and a host of other electronic gadgets. Your
The prehistoric megalodon sharks were so large they ate            future Thomas Edison will enjoy learning about circuits,
dinosaurs for dinner. They no longer live on earth but their       circuit boards and soldering techniques. Cost of class
descendants do. Study the modern sharks that roam the              includes two solder practice projects and all necessary tools.
seas today such as makos, great whites, tiger and nurse            NOTE: Basic Electronics is a prerequisite before
sharks, and of course the largest of them all, the mighty          enrolling in Advanced Electronics.
whale shark.                                                        ($140 members, $165 non-members)
($70 members, $95 non-members)
BASIC ELECTRONICS                                                 MODEL ROCKETRY-EGGSCALIBER
(WEEK 1 PM) 1P5+BE                                                (WEEK 4 PM) 4P5+RE
(WEEK 5 AM) 5A5+BE                                                This rocket has a payload capsule large enough to hold an
Impress your parents with your electrical ingenuity. Study the    egg. Put an egg in it and see if your rocket makes it down
basics of electronics and learn how to solder and put             without breaking? Skill level 2.
together an electronic kit in this fun “electrifying” class.      ($95 members, $120 non-members)
NOTE: This class is a prerequisite for enrolling in
Advanced Electronics. ($125 members, $150 non-                    MODEL ROCKETRY-GUARDIAN
members)                                                          (WEEK 7 AM) 7A5+RG
                                                                  A multi-fin ground-to-air missile. This rocket is the guardian
COMPUTER GAME DESIGN/ STELLAR PHOTOGRAPHY                         of the sky, used to bring down enemy aircraft or missiles.
(WEEK 3 AM) 3A5+CGSP, (WEEK 7 AM) 7A5+CGSP                        Skill level 2. ($95 members, $120 non-members)
(WEEK 9 PM) 9P5+CGSP                                              MODEL ROCKETRY-INTERCEPTOR
(WEEK 10 AM) 10A5+CGSP                                            (WEEK 3 PM) 3P5+RI
Join us for two out of this world experiences. First, create      This two foot model flies to heights of over 500 feet. Skill
your own video game. No prior programming or video game           level 2. ($95 members, $120 non-members)
development experience is necessary. All basic
programming skills are taught through a step-by-step              MODEL ROCKETRY-NOVA PAYLOADER
approach. Once the basic project is completed, the student-       (WEEK 5 PM) 5P5+RNPL
designed video game can be played on your personal                This rocket has a clear plastic payload and flies up to 1000
computer with Windows 98SE or higher. Then have a “blast”         feet. Skill level 2. ($95 members, $120 non-members)
with a NASA space adventure when you control real
satellites and take digital images of actual stars, galaxies,     MODEL ROCKETRY-SCREAMING EAGLE
and nebulae.                                                      (WEEK 6 PM) 6P5+RSE
($100 members, $125 non-members)                                  The Estes model rocket version screams into the air on liftoff
                                                                  and recovers slowly on an 18-inch parachute. Skill level 2.
LOCAL ECOSYSTEMS                                                  ($95 members, $120 non-members)
(WEEK 6 ALL DAY) 6X5+LE                                           ZOOLOGY
Pack a lunch and put on your hiking shoes – it‟s time to hit      (WEEK 4 ALL DAY) 4X5+Z
the trail. Join us as we take daily treks to a number of          (WEEK 8 ALL DAY) 8X5+Z
locations in the Tampa Bay area where you will be able to         You‟re out of chicken and the Nile crocodiles are not happy.
marvel at mangroves, slither with snakes, and gawk at             Neither are the orangutans because you‟re out of bananas,
gators. Don‟t bother to bring your binoculars; we‟ll provide      too. A zookeeper‟s job is to make sure all the animals‟ needs
you with a pair that you can keep. With each tour the subject     have been met. Among the places this class will visit are
content and activities will be grade-level appropriate.           Lowry Park Zoo, Florida Aquarium and the Suncoast Seabird
 ($170 members, $195 non-members)                                 Sanctuary, to learn first hand how to properly take care of
                                                                  animals in captivity.
MODEL ROCKETRY-ALPHA                                              ($175 members, $200 non-members)
(WEEK 4 AM) 4A5+RA
(WEEK 8 AM) 8A5+RA
The ALPHA rocket is a great model to get your NASA career
started. Skill level 1.
($95 members, $120 non-members)

A 2-foot rocket with slow, controlled burn. Skill level 1. ($95
members, $120 non-members)

(WEEK 3 AM) 3A5+RB
Infiltrate enemy airspace with this sleek super, spy plane.
Skill level 2.
($95 members, $120 non-members)

Sport scale version of the USAF AGM-12D Bull Pup. Skill
level 2. ($95 members, $120 non-members)
    AM classes run from 9:30am - Noon
• PM classes run from 1:00pm - 3:30pm • ALL
   DAY classes run from 9:30am - 3:30pm

WEEK ONE • JUNE 14 - 18
Account balances must be paid by June 11th

GRADE     CODE       CLASS                        MEM    NON
  K         1AKSA    Science and Art               $75   $100
 1-2      1A12SBF    Stink Bug Fun                 $70    $95
 3-4       1A34HH    Habitat Hero                  $70    $95
 5+       1A5+RBB    Model Rocketry – Big          $95   $120
                                                                WEEK THREE • JUNE 28 – JULY 2
                                                                Account balances must be paid by June 25th
   K       1PKNP     Nature‟s Palette              $70    $95
  1-2      1P12TB    Twisters and Blizzards        $70    $95
  3-4       1P34P    Paleontology                  $70    $95   GRADE    CODE       CLASS                       MEM    NON
  4+      1P4+LRB    Lego Robotics: Beginner      $125   $150                                                          MEM
  5+       1P5+BE    Basic Electronic                            AM
                                                  $125   $150
                                                                  K        3AKFG    Fins and Gills               $70    $95
                                                                 1-2      3A12TF    T-Rex and Friends            $70    $95
                                                                 3-4      3A34FS    Food Science                 $75   $100
                                                                 5+      3A5+CGSP   Computer Game               $100   $125
                                                                                    Design/Stellar Photo
                                                                  5+      3A5+RB    Model Rocketry:              $95   $120
                                                                   K     3PKFWR     Fun with Rainbows            $70    $95
                                                                  1-2     3P12RP    The Red Planet               $70    $95
                                                                  3-4    3P34SMS    Sharks & More Sharks         $70    $95
                                                                  5+      3P5+RI    Model Rocketry:              $95   $120
WEEK TWO • JUNE 21 - 25                                                             Interceptor
Account balances must be paid by June 18th

GRADE     CODE         CLASS                      MEM    NON
  AM                                                            WEEK FOUR • JULY 5 - 9
   K      2AKDDCO      Dandy Dinosaurs:            $70    $95   Account balances must be paid by July 2nd
                       Carnivores & Omnivores
  1-2       2A12TH     Turtles and Hurdles         $70    $95
                                                                GRADE     CODE      CLASS                       MEM    NON
  3-4       2A34NN     Newton‟s Notebook           $70    $95                                                          MEM
  5+       2A5+RBP     Model Rocketry: Bull Pup    $95   $120     AM
  PM                                                               K      4AKCFS    Catch a Falling Star         $70    $95
   K       2PKCCB      Creepy Crawly Bugs          $70    $95     1-2     4A12GW    Green Week                          $95
  1-2      2P12FB      Fishy Business              $70    $95     3-4     4A34CSI   Crime Scene Investigation    $80   $105
  3-4      2P34GW      Green Week                  $70    $95     5+      4A5+RA    Model Rocketry: Alpha        $95   $120
  5+       2P5+AE      Advanced Electronics       $140   $165     PM
ALL DAY                                                            K       4PKRA    Recyclable Art               $75   $100
  5+       2X5+LE      Local Ecosystems           $170   $195     1-2     4P12UYB   Use Your Brains              $70    $95
                                                                  3-4      4P34GE   Galaxy Exploration           $70    $95
                                                                  4+      4P4+LRI   Lego Robotics:              $125   $150
                                                                  5+      4P5+RE    Model Rocketry:              $95   $120
                                                                  5+       4X5+Z    Zoology                     $175   $200
WEEK FIVE • JULY 12 - 16                                       WEEK EIGHT • AUGUST 2 - 6
Account balances must be paid by July 9th                      Account balances must be paid by July 30th

GRADE    CODE       CLASS                      MEM    NON      GRADE    CODE        CLASS                    MEM    NON
                                                      MEM                                                           MEM
  AM                                                             AM
   K      5AKHWA    Habitat is Where it‟s At    $70    $95        K     8AKYWB      Your Wonderful Body       $70    $95
  1-2      5A12SL   The Science Lab             $70    $95       1-2    8A12GYU     Grab Your Umbrellas       $70    $95
  3-4     5A34FW    Florida Wildlife            $70    $95       3-4     8A34SW     Spider‟s Web              $70    $95
  5+      5A5+BE    Basic Electronics          $125   $150       5+      8A5+RA     Model Rocketry: Alpha     $95   $120
  PM                                                             PM
   K      5PKETT    Ears, Teeth & Toes          $70    $95        K      8PKFWS     Fun with Science          $70    $95
  1-2     5P12SD    Swamps & Deserts            $70    $95       1-2      8P12SL    The Science Lab           $70    $95
  3-4     5P34DB    Design and Build            $75   $100       3-4     8P34WW     Whale Watcher             $70    $95
  5+     5P5+RNPL   Model Rocketry: Nova        $95   $120       5+     8P5+CGSP    Computer Game            $100   $125
                                                                                    Design / Stellar
WEEK SIX • JULY 19 - 23                                         DAY
Account balances must be paid by July 16th                       5+       8x5+Z     Zoology                  $175   $200

GRADE    CODE        CLASS                       MEM    NON
  AM                                                           WEEK NINE • AUGUST 9 - 13
   K      6AKWMS     What‟s in My Soup?           $75   $100   Account balances must be paid by August 6th
  1-2     6A12FW     Florida Wildlife             $70    $95
  3-4      6A34LS    Life Science                 $70    $95   GRADE    CODE        CLASS                      MEM    NON
  5+       6A5+AE    Advanced Electronics        $140   $165                                                          MEM
  PM                                                             AM
   K      6PKDDH     Dandy Dinosaurs:                             K       9AKA      Arachniphobia               $70    $95
                                                  $70    $95
                     Herbivores                                  1-2     9A12CR     Camp Series                $119   $119
  1-2      6P12NE    Nature‟s Engineers           $70    $95     3-4     9A34CR     Camp Series                $119   $119
  3-4    6P34FPWT    Fun Physics with Toys        $70    $95     5+     9A5+CGSP    Computer Game Design /     $100   $125
  5+      6P5+RSE    Model Rocketry:              $95   $120                        Stellar Photography
                     Screaming Eagle                             PM
 ALL                                                              K       9PKSO     Sound Off                   $70    $95
 DAY                                                             1-2     9P12GW     Gyroscopes and Wheels       $70    $95
  5+       6X5+LE    Local Ecosystems            $170   $195     3-4      9P34IA    Isaac and the Apple         $70    $95
                                                                 5+     9P5+CGSP    Computer Game Design /     $100   $125
                                                                                    Stellar Photography
Account balances must be paid by July 23rd

GRADE    CODE        CLASS                       MEM    NON
                                                        MEM    WEEK TEN • AUGUST 16 - 20
                                                               Account balances must be paid by August 13th
   K     7AKHSA      Hide and Seek Animals        $70    $95
   1-2   7A12SOA     Squishy Ocean Animals        $70    $95
                                                               GRADE    CODE         CLASS                     MEM    NON
  3-4     7A34FB     Flasks and Beakers           $70    $95                                                          MEM
  5+      7A5+RG     Model Rocketry:              $95   $120      AM
                                                                  K       10AKAS     Art and Science            $75   $100
  5+     7A5+CGSP    Computer Game Design /      $100   $125
                     Stellar Photograph                          1-2     10A12AB     The Amazing Body           $75   $100
  PM                                                             3-4     10A34DB     Design and Build           $75   $100
   K      7PKBBO     Big Blue Ocean               $70    $95     5+     10A5+CGSP    Computer Game Design      $100   $125
  1-2     7P12WC     What‟s Cooking?                                                 / Stellar Photography
                                                  $75   $100
  3-4     7P34RH     Rock Hounds                  $70    $95
                                                                  K       10PKRA     Rainforest Adventures      $70    $95
  4+      7P4+LRB    Lego Robotics: Beginner     $125   $150
                                                                 1-2     10P12AS     Art and Science            $75   $100
                                                                 3-4     10P340IM    Ocean in Motion            $70    $95
                                                                 4+      10P4+LRI    Lego Robotics:            $125   $150
                                                   Chess Camp

This summer USA Chess is offering a fun and entertaining chess camp at the Science Center of Pinellas.
Children ages 5-16, from beginner to advanced are all welcome! USA Chess is the largest and premier chess
camp organizer for children in the United States. Their staff is comprised of the finest children‟s chess instructors
in North America. Registration options include mornings, afternoon and all-day sessions. Campers experience
chess instruction and play in a fun filled environment designed to improve their skills whether they are interested
in casual or competitive chess. Tuition includes trophy, chess set and much more. Please visit: for program details. Registration must take place directly with USA Chess and not
through Science Center of Pinellas.

                                                   Camp Series

This summer, invest in the skills that will help your child achieve his or her full potential throughout the school
year. Nonprofit Invent Now Kids‟ premier program, Club Invention, is an adventure in creativity. Led by qualified
educators, this exciting program is being hosted by Science Center of Pinellas County this summer for children
entering grades one through four during Week 9. The Club Invention program is a unique opportunity for your
child to experience hands-on learning through FUN activities that will stay with them for years to come.

This year’s REALIZE program features:
    Viking Treasure Trek: The Quest Begins™
   Brave the fury of the ocean in search of long-lost Viking treasure. Investigate clues, solve puzzles, and work
   as a team to find the hidden fortune!
    Land Sled X-Treme™
   Get ready for the ultimate racing experience! Score materials to build a land sled by completing challenges
   and then race it in the X-Treme obstacle course!
    Recess Remix™
   Twist it, turn it, shake it, and reverse it. Turn the playground upside-down by mixing up old-school games in
   fun, new ways!

                             Coming Soon - Cyber Security Training Program

Cyber security is perhaps the top national security imperative for the United States. No nation relies more on the
internet for its own defense. The key to our protection and well being lies in people, much more than firewalls or
software. We need more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics educated U.S. citizens of all
disciplines, but we arguably require talent in cyber security most of all. Learn the fundamentals of computers,
operating systems, network interfaces, physical security, avenues of attack, and infrastructure security. Details
and schedule forthcoming of this jointly developed program with SPC.
Please print. One student per form. Forms are also available at:

 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Male / Female
 Student‟s Name                                                                          (Circle One)

Address                                                                                City                         Zip

____________________          _____________________________________
Home Phone Number                             Primary Email Address

______________________ _____          _______________________         ______________________________________
 Birthdate              Age            Grade (as of Fall 2010)            School

___________________________________________________                  _______________________________________
Father‟s Name                                                          Mother‟s Name
___________________________________________________                   _______________________________________
Occupation                                                             Occupation

___________________________________________________                   _______________________________________
Employer                                                               Employer

___________________________________________________                   _______________________________________
Work Phone Number                                                      Work Phone Number

___________________________________________________                   ______________________________________
Cell Phone                                                            Cell Phone

In case of an EMERGENCY, please provide us with the name and telephone number(s) of a person other than the parent(s). Please note that parents
will be contacted first (unless otherwise noted) and the emergency contact will only be used as a last resort.

____________________________________________________                  __________________________________________
 Name                                                                          Relationship to Student

 Home Phone Number                  Work Phone Number                 Cell Phone Number

DISCLAIMER: Class fees will vary depending on the cost of materials and/or transportation. For full disclaimer, please see page 4 of this brochure.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Does above child have any medical or special needs problems we should be aware of?
____YES      ____NO If yes, please put it in writing.
MEDIA RELEASE: Television/Newspaper/Staff photographers photograph students enjoying our activities.

COMPUTER USAGE: My child has permission to use the computer during Extended Care. ____YES _____NO

PARENTAL PERMISSION: I have read the above disclaimer, medical, media and hold harmless/indemnity information and give my permission for the
above named child to participate in Science Center activities and/or field trips associated with classes. I give my assurance that this information is
correct and will notify the Science Center of any changes.

REFUNDS & TRANSFER FEES: Class prices are based on enrollment. Deposits are non-refundable. In order to receive a full refund, minus the
deposit, we must be notified of a student‟s withdrawal at least seven days before class is scheduled to begin. There is a $25 processing fee for
transferring your child from one class to another.
       DATE: _______/_______/_____

 ____________________________________________               ________________________________________________
 PRINTED NAME (Parent/Guardian)                                            SIGNATURE
                                                                                              Continued on next page.

                                    MEMBERSHIP FORM: Please Check Membership Type

__Individual $40/year             __Sponsor $100 and Up                  __Family $75/year __Senior $30/year

Date Received_________________                  Receipt #__________________             Date in Computer____________

Date Expires__________________             Renewal_____            New_____          Card Given___ Card NOT Given___
STUDENT NAME ____________________________________ Grade as of Fall 2010 ______
• Using the correct week and time (AM/PM), print the class name (exact name is in brochure) and class code.
• Check supervision times, if needed, under the Extended Care column. If your child is enrolled in an AM and
PM class, lunchtime supervision is required and provided at no charge.
• For more information about balances due and late fees, please see Summer Brochure, page 2.
• Please keep copy of form for your tax records. Our tax ID is: 59-087-4941
                                                                                            Extended Care
Week       Name of Class           Class      Class     Amt     Balance     Rcpt    A   L    P   PAID   Bal
            (abbreviate)           Code       Cost      Paid     Due         #      M        M          Due

Name on Credit Card: ______________________________________________

Select form of payment: ____ Check (Payable to The Science Center) ___Cash ___M/C ___Visa ___ Disc

Card# _____________________________ Exp Date_________ Signature ___________________________
                            AUTHORIZATION FOR FIRST AID

In consideration of my child‟s attendance and participation in the activities offered at The Science Center of Pinellas Inc
2010 Summer Workshops/Camps from June 14, 2010 through August 20, 2010 (hereinafter “Workshops/Camp”) I hereby
agree as follow:

I, ___________________, on behalf of __________________ (insert child‟s name), my __________ (insert son or
daughter), (hereinafter referred to as the “child”), for him or her, and his or her heirs, administrators, executors and
assigns, do hereby release and hold harmless The Science Center of Pinellas, Inc, their officers, directors, employees,
representatives, agents and volunteers from any and all liability and responsibility whatsoever, however caused, for any
and all damages, claims or causes of action that I or my child, his or her estate, heirs, executors or assigns may have for
illness, personal injury, death or property damage arising out of, connected with, or in any manner pertaining to the

I fully understand that there are risks associated with my child‟s attendance and participation at the Workshops/Camps
including, but not limited to, possible injury or loss of life. Despite the potential hazards associated with the activity, I, on
my child‟s behalf, wish for him or her to attend and participate in the Workshops/Camps and freely accept and assume all
risks, dangers and hazards that may arise, and which could result in illness, personal injury, death or property damage to
him or her from his or her attendance and participation. I acknowledge that he or she is freely and voluntarily attending
the Workshops/Camps and that he or she is not required to attend or participate at the Workshops/Camps.

First Aid: I hereby authorize appropriate administration of first aid to my child by any individual associated with the entities
named herein during my child‟s attendance at the Workshops/Camps, including but not limited to calamine lotion,
cortisone, Neosporin, Isopropyl alcohol or other topical agents, as deemed necessary in such individual‟s sole discretion
and without further consent of consultation with me or with any other person. I understand that first aid will only be
administered by (CPR/First Aid) certified Science Center Staff Members.


Parent (Print Name) _____________________Signature _________________________Date __________

Witness (Print Name) ___________________ Signature _________________________Date __________
                                                                                                                                                U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                Permit # 6517
                                                                                                                                               St. Petersburg, FL

SCIENCE CENTER of Pinellas County Inc
7701 - 22nd Avenue N. | St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Phone: 727-384-0027 Fax: 727-343-5729

                           BECOME A SCIENCE CENTER MEMBER!
“Explaining our world” is what we do every day at The Science Center. Each year, thousands of Pinellas County
school students participate in hands-on classes that help them think critically and solve problems scientifically. The
Science Center brings science, technology, and math to kids in ways that are not available in the regular classroom
environment. No other place in Pinellas County offers this to students.

The Science Center is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization without ongoing government support. Support
from individuals plays an essential role in ensuring that the Center‟s educational programs continue to be available to the

Membership is the life-blood of The Science Center. Your membership will help ensure that the Center continues to
provide high quality education programs to you, your family, and the community. Thank you for becoming a member of
The Science Center!
                                                 Annual Membership Levels

Individuals - $40 per year
Families - $75 per year (up to 6 per household)
Senior (55+) - $30 per year
Sponsor - starts at $100 per year
                                                       Membership Benefits
FREE Admission to The Science Center for 1 year, and some special events.

Discounts for:
Summer Workshops
Fall/Winter Camps
Spring Camps
                                                          Additional Benefits
• Personalized Membership Card
• 10% discount in Science Center store
• Discounts on birthday parties or other group parties
A copy of the official registration and financial information (CH94) may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (800-435-
7352) within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.

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