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									                                       eK WAGON and eK SPORT

    Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) launched the
new eK WAGON and eK SPORT, which have unique fea-
tures including a diverse range of handy storage spaces
and a power sliding door – the first on a bonnet-type
passenger minicar – on 13 September 2006.

1. Targets

    In developing the new, second-generation eK WAG-
ON and eK SPORT, MMC sought to create a superior
mini-wagon series that carries forward the qualities that
established the first eK generation as a new minicar
standard and enables convenience, peace of mind, and
a feel-good factor to be experienced not only by drivers
                                                                                     ek WAGON
but also by passengers.

2. Features

2.1 Design
2.1.1 Exterior
    The body inherits the distinctive semi-tall, long-roof
proportions of the first-generation eK WAGON, but it
offers a new blend of casual individuality and contem-
porary urban quality thanks to simple, elegant design
features that include taut-looking contours, unique,
new-accent front graphics, and clear-lens rear combina-
tion lamps that convey a sense of innovation and self-
2.1.2 Interior
    The interior design blends household-appliance
familiarity with a sense of digital-device precision with-
in a contemporary two-tone*1 environment that creates                                 ek SPORT
optimal visual contrasts and offers a new kind of relax-
ation together with a pleasant sense of tension.
    Operability and functionality are enhanced by an         2.2 Power sliding door
instrument-panel-mounted shift lever and by center-              The body incorporates a power sliding door – the
meter instruments that are offset toward the driver for      first on a bonnet-type passenger minicar. A unique
visibility. At the same time, utility is enhanced by         MMC-developed mechanism positions the center rail
increased storage capacity and by location of the audio      inside the sliding door to create an adequate door-open-
unit near the top of the center stack. The result is a       ing width of 530 mm. The sliding door can be opened
fusion of peace of mind, convenience, a feel-good fac-       provided there is clearance of about 200 mm on the out-
tor, and enjoyment of using the car.                         side, so it permits easy ingress and egress in narrow
   *1: Two-tone coloring is used in the new eK WAGON.        parking spaces. It can be opened and closed using a
                                                             keyless-entry key, using a switch on the left-hand cen-
                                                             ter pillar, and using a switch in front of the driver’s seat.

2.3 Useful storage spaces                                       Also, vehicles with two-wheel drive and a four-
    Storage convenience is enhanced by increased stor-      speed automatic transmission each deliver improved
age capacity and by the addition of a lid to the mini       fuel economy thanks to the addition of a lockup mecha-
trash box. Each seat has a cupholder, and an innova-        nism to the torque converter.
tive Multi-Position Utility system allows users to cus-
tomize the interior space by attaching or moving around     2.6 Enjoyable handling and a quiet cabin
various amenity items among attachment points that              MMC improved the suspension tuning and suspen-
share the same mode of attachment.                          sion mounting rigidity by conducting mechanism analy-
                                                            sis and structure analysis using computer-aided engi-
2.4 Collision safety                                        neering technologies, thereby combining a smooth ride
    For safety in the event of a collision, the eK WAGON    with low-roll handling stability. Newly added bulkheads
and eK SPORT each have a RISE*2 body combining a            behind the front fenders help to keep engine-compart-
high-energy-absorption front structure and a high-rigid-    ment noise out of the cabin. They’re complemented by
ity cabin structure. Collision safety is further enhanced   other noise- and vibration-suppressing details includ-
by measures that enable compliance with regulations         ing sound-absorbent material in the dash pad. Idling
on pedestrian safety, by neck impact reducing front         vibration, running vibration, and high-speed noise are
seats that mitigate neck injuries in the event of a rear    significantly reduced, resulting in one of the best levels
impact, and by front seatbelts that each have a preten-     of cabin quietness in the class.
sioner and a force limiter. Also, hazard-evasion perfor-
mance comparable with that of larger, compact cars is       2.7 A wide range of colors
realized by technologies that include an antilock brak-         To accommodate diverse preferences and give cus-
ing system (ABS) with electronic brake-force distribu-      tomers the enjoyment of making color choices, all new
tion (EBD)*3. The overall result is high performance in     eK WAGON grades are available in a range of 11 colors.
terms of both active safety and passive safety.             The new eK SPORT is available in a range of six careful-
   *2: Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution                   ly selected colors including the new Dawn Silver
   *3: The ABS with EBD is an option with certain grades.   Metallic, which projects a steely look of strength.
                                                            MMC’s choice of ‘theme’ color for the new eK WAGON
2.5 Clean-running, fuel-efficient powertrain                is Pearl Beige Solid, which conveys a sense of calmness
    All new eK WAGON grades and the new eK SPORT            and amicability.
‘X’ grade have a 4; low-emission-vehicle rating by
virtue of exhaust emissions that are 75 % lower than        3. Major specifications
those permitted by Japan’s 2005 regulations. (The eK
SPORT ‘R’ grade’s exhaust emissions are 50 % lower              Major specifications are shown in the following
than those permitted by Japan’s 2005 regulations.)          table.

                                               Model                                         eK WAGON                                                         eK SPORT
                                                                    M                          MS                    G                   GS               X                   R
Specifications                                           5 M/T                       3 A/T                                                      4 A/T
                 Overall length                  (mm)                                                              3,395
                 Overall width                   (mm)                                                              1,475
                 Overall height                  (mm)                                                     1,550                                                             1,570
                 Wheelbase                       (mm)                                                              2,340
                                     Front       (mm)                                                     1,300                                                             1,295
                                     Rear        (mm)                                                              1,295
and              Minimum ground clearance        (mm)                                                      140                                                               160
                 Interior length                 (mm)                                                              1,895
                 Interior width                  (mm)                                                              1,275
                 Interior height                 (mm)              1,290                       1,265               1,290                1,265                     1,290
                 Vehicle weight                   (kg)   800/850           810/860                      830/880                     850/900             840/890            870/920
                 Seating capacity            (persons)                                                               4
                 Minimum turning radius           (m)                                                                4.4
Engine           Model                                                                                    3G83                                                        3G83 I/C T/C
                 Steering                                                                        Rack and pinion (with power assistance)
                                     Front                                                                  MacPherson-strut
                                     Rear                                                                 Torque-arm (three-link)
Chassis                                                                                                                                                                   Ventilated
                                     Front                                                          Disc (13-inch)                                                           disc
                 Brakes                                                                                                                                                    (14-inch)
                                     Rear                                                              Leading/trailing drum (7-inch)
                 Tires                                                                                 155/65R13                                                          165/55R14
                                                                                (Mini Car Product Development Project, Product Development Group Headquarters: Morii, Seko)


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