Rapid City Action Plan August 2011 Approved by liamei12345


									                                RAPID CITY SYSTEM OF CARE –STEERING COMMITTEE
                                                 ACTION PLAN

TEAM: Family & Community Partnerships of the Black Hills                                     DATE: August 26th, 2011

VISION: Strengthening families in our communities with hope, respect, trust, and partnerships.

MISSION: Transforming systems in partnership to reach the family’s goals. One Family, One Team, One Plan

Identify capacity within the agencies to provide trainings, etc. (Kelly Marker)
Change Agents to focus on identifying training needs.
DOC to share how EPICS relates to SoC

DOMAIN                           ACTION ITEM                               RESPONSIBLE PERSON                TARGET DATE FOR
                                 Write a single specific activity that     The single individual that is     COMPLETION
                                 will be taken: e.g. write a policy, put   responsible for completing the    The date by which the action item
                                 up a poster, collect data, conduct a      action item.                      is to be completed; e.g. April 27,
                                 training                                                                    2008, NOT Spring 2008.
Partnership Development          1. Meet with the Federation of
                                     Families Chapter to establish
                                     roles, expectations, and
                                     relationship between the
                                     Steering Committee &
                                     Federation Chapter.

                                 2. Develop structure to strengthen
                                    informal family support
                                    networks, with assistance from
                                    the Federation Chapter.

                                 3. Develop process to increase
                                    family representation on
                                    Steering Committee

                      4. Develop a process for including
                         Native American representation
                         on Steering Committee.

                      5. Document a process for
                         inviting/orienting new people to
                         the group.

                      6. Document a process for re-          Possible members: Native              September 30th
                         engaging partners who no longer     representation (Monica will check),
                         attend and contact new              Wellspring/Soaring Eagle (LuAnn
                         members.                            will check), Law Enforcement &
                                                             JSC (Jason will check), Ellsworth
                                                             (Paula will contact Lee Sasse),
                                                             Alys Ratigan (Monica will check),
                                                             and RCRH West Unit (Jim will

                      7. Members share overview of           Jason will advise when they could
                         agencies, SOC CAT                   share their overview of EPICS         Will advise

                      8. Family updates                      Monica                                Monthly

                      9. Change Agents                       Liz                                   Monthly

                      10. Other updates                                                            As identified

Building the Change   1. Create a “Talking Sheet” with       LuAnn will create draft for final     September 30th
Structure                information about the Rapid         approval next meeting
                         City Steering Committee
                         (including core values, mission,
                         vision, participating agencies, &

                           contact information).

                        2. Provide Change Agent Group
                           with guidance/tasks so that they
                           don’t lose momentum!!!

                           a) Create a Change Agent                                            Report/share progress September
                              “Talking Sheet.”              Liz will share with CA Group       30th
                           b) Develop processes for
                              identifying Native Am.
                           c) Gather feedback/specifics
                              from providers who are
                              doing something different
                              with families.
                           d) Gather family success stories
                              (qualitative data).

                        3. Post updates on WIKI Spaces        Everyone will go to the Wikispace Monthly
                           to increase collaboration with     for info and Jennifer will post
                           other communities (find link       items:
                           and post on agenda)                http://co-

Core SOC Intervention   1. Redefining success and focusing
Content                    on what families want to help
                           them meet their goals.

                           a) Each member will discuss
                              this concept within their
                              agency & report back.
                           b) Identify specific ways to
                              keep this at the forefront.

                        2. Completion of the SOCAT

                              (link SOC values to your
                              existing agency philosophy).

                            a) Meeting to outline SOCAT
                               priorities, strengths, and
                               provide guidance to Change

                          3. Quarterly Family Staffings.

                             a) Determine the number of
                                families we are working with
                                who are involved in multiple

                          4. Assess need for cultural
                             competency/poverty training
                             (someone in the State?);
                             determine what the Federation
                             Chapter is going to offer.

Demonstration of Global   1. E.g.: Sioux Falls: Demonstrating   All members discussion and clarify   By January 2012
Progress                     respect and dignity when
                             working with individuals,
                             families, and providers.





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