Will there be another World War by anamaulida


									This article is nothing more than speculation but speculation is good and
healthy if it causes us to use our minds. Now my answer to the question
is yes.       The biggest problem that the world has as far as weaponry
is the nuclear technology that so many countries posses. Since this
technology was developed during WWII the United States has tried to keep
the lid on these weapons but the truth is that there are countries who
posses these weapons who are more than eager to use them if necessary.
Iran is a case in point. The Iranians have been feverishly trying to get
this technology while the US and Israel have been doing all that they can
to block it. The problem with Iran having this technology is that regime
makes no bones about using it. They have made not so veiled threats about
what they will do and I have no reason to doubt them. India and Pakistan
also have this technology, along with Russia, North Korea, Israel, and
Syria. I suspect that the Libyans also have this technology also. The
problem is that sooner or later with nuclear weapons in everybody's hands
there is going to be a problem. Someone is going to push too far. This is
evident to me by the fact that many countries like to use the threat of
nuclear war as a bargaining chip.

  The terrorist fervor is another catalyst which needs to be considered.
Radical Islam has spread throughout the Moslem world and is gaining
everyday. The radicals believe that it is their duty to take over the
world in the name of Islam. They don't mind using violence to make their
point and they will strike anywhere at any time. I don't believe that
radical Islam in itself is enough to start a world war but it is
certainly a good catalyst. If all of the other ingredients are right it
would be a major contributing factor.          Another possible voilatile
factor is the widespread civil unrest in many of the countries of the
world today. This in itself is not enough to start a war but if
conditions are right in other places it will certainly be a strong
contributing factor.      There are several countries which have large
armies whose intent has to sometimes be questioned. China has the largest
armed force of any country in the world and they don't mind throwing
their weight around. They are currently beefing up their military power
in all areas that they need to be strong in order to challenge the US for
world dominance. They are at odds with the other nations of the Pacific
Rim because of the resources available in the South China Sea. They need
those resources to feed and supply their enormous country and they will
take them if they have to. The problem is that they have been claiming
control over much of the same area as other Asian Nations.      North
Korea also has nuclear weapons and a large army. The North Koreans have
attacked South Korea several times within the past year in unprovoked
actions. The problem with North Korea is that they have wrecked their own
economy by using their resources to buy weapons. They are in desperate
need for money or some other type of assistance. They will raise a ruckus
in order to get aid from the US. That tactic would work when Bill Clinton
was president but George Bush refused to honor it as well as President
Obama. The US has started an initiative to account for all of the
nuclear weapons and material in the world but I believe that is too tall
of an order to fill. Money talks, and as long as there is a lust for
power countries will continue to purchase nuclear weapons and material
from whoever will sell it to them. The proverbial cat is definitely out
of the bag. Military Ring Express      Related Articles - war, terror,
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