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                <p>For a mobility challenged person, owning a wheelchair
accessible vehicle of their own can be extremely liberating, reducing the
need to rely on other people and introducing renewed independence into
their lives. While there are a variety of community services available
which transport wheelchair-bound passengers, there are many reasons to
own your own wheelchair vehicle or car.</p>
<li><strong>New Opportunities:</strong> A personal <a rel="nofollow"
href="http://www.csv.com.au/">wheelchair accessible cars</a> can bring
new opportunities to a mobility challenged person. For young people,
owning a wheelchair car can mean the chance to attend school or
university independently, allowing them to continue their education and
grow as an individual. Wheelchair accessible vehicles can also aid
mobility challenged people to enter the workforce for the first time or
to return after an absence. The ability to work or learn independently
can boost a person's self confidence significantly.</li>
<li><strong>Following Dreams:</strong> A physical disability doesn't have
to mean giving up on cherished dreams and goals. Owning a Wheelchair Car
or vehicle, especially one with a self drive function, gives mobility
challenged people the chance to put their dreams into motion, without the
aid of a personal carer or a charitable organisation. Owning a car is a
dream many young people have, as it symbolises much more than a piece of
machinery. For many, driving represents unrivalled freedom and
independence. With a <a rel="nofollow"
href="http://www.csv.com.au/">wheelchair accessible vehicles</a>, many
more can achieve their dream of driving.</li>
<li><strong>Freedom to Choose:</strong> Many people who choose not to
drive live inner-city, as the lifestyle suits them well and the public
transport is sufficient to get around easily. Many mobility challenged
people, however, will prefer living in the quiet suburbs, or even the
tranquil country. Owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle allows the
mobility challenged to choose their own lifestyle, including where they
live, where they travel to and how often they travel. These vehicles can
also help people to live independently, in their own home rather than a
nursing home.</li>
<li><strong>Customised Designs:</strong> Owning your own wheelchair
vehicle means that your vehicle will serve your specific needs, resulting
in an ideal driving experience. Every person requires different
adaptations to their vehicle, such as driver controls, entry ramps or
lifts and seating configurations. Wheelchair accessible vehicles built
for general use will not address your personal preferences and do not
represent the potential such vehicles hold for providing a liberating
driving experience.</li>
<p>If you are a carer or a mobility challenged person yourself, it is
worth considering purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle for your
private use, to greatly improve the quality of life of the user.</p>


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