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					                                  2009 Lift-a-thon
Date: May 30, 2009
Time: 10:00 am
Place: RHS Weight Room

The lift-a-thon is a major fundraiser for the football program. The money raised goes
purchase new equipment, medical supplies, team awards, and to help with the numerous
other expenses required to run a first class football program.

Each player will seek sponsors to donate any amount towards the lift-a-thon. Each
participant will acquire a new maximum lift in the BENCH PRESS, SQUAT, and
POWER CLEAN and will have a three lift total. Sponsors can pledge a certain amount of
money per total lbs. lifted, or give a flat donation. Encourage people give a flat donation.

EX: 700 lbs. total lifted x $.10 per lb.= $70

Most people will donate $10-$25.

Possible Sponsors
    Mom and Dad                                        Parent’s Friends
    Grandparents                                       Teachers
    Neighbors                                          Boss (if you work)
    Aunts                                              Parents co-workers
    Uncles

  1. Player Goal- each player has a personal goal to raise $100- this is not hard to do if
      you work at it. People will help you, but you have to ask for it.
  2. Team Goal- minimum of $5,000

Awards (You must raise a minimum of $50 to qualify)
  1. Awards will be given for top individual sophomore and varsity lifters.
         a. Sophomores- 155 lbs. and under, over 155 lbs.
         b. Varsity- 175 lbs. and under, over 175 lbs.
                    RIPON FOOTBALL
                Lift-a-thon Collection Sheet

#          NAME             Cash or       Amount   Total
                            Check         Paid
* Make Checks Payable to Ripon Football     Total $_______
                               Mailing List

Name                Address               City            State    Zip

Please list names and addresses of your extended family members or family friends
who may be willing to sponsor you for the lift-a-thon. Telephone them ahead of time
and explain what the lift-a-thon is and why you are participating.

*Bring this list to Coach Johnson
         Our football program is doing our annual lift-a-thon fundraiser. This is an
opportunity for me to show how hard I have worked in the off-season to get stronger and
also to do my part to help raise money for our program. Basically I am asking you for a
donation. The money raised will help us to continue to have a first class football program.
You can base your donation on the amount of weight I lift, but most people choose to
give a flat donation. For example, if I lift a total of 500 lbs., and you donated 10 cents per
lb; that would be a $50 donation.
         My coach has asked me to set a goal of raising $100. You can donate any amount
you are comfortable with. The average donation is between $10-$50. Any amount helps
and I really appreciate your support. Please make your check payable to Ripon High
         Thank you very much. Everyone in the program really appreciates your support.
You can count on me continuing to work hard and for the Indians to have a great football
season this year.

Yours truly,
             Start Right Now Getting Pledges
       Get started by telephoning the people you know who will support you. Also, go
out and see people, your neighbors, family friends, etc. Don’t worry about “how good”
you sound or what to say (see attached script). People in this town want to help, all you
have to do is ask them.

Collect the donation- Fill in one line on the collection sheet for each donation. Turn the
money into Coach Johnson.

Tell people who write checks to make them payable to Ripon High Football.

        You are also asked to turn in a list of names and addresses for 5-10 of your closest
relatives/friends who may be willing to support you. Think of your extended family;
aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. You will send each person on your list a letter. All you
have to do is sign the letter and address the envelope. Remember, this is your football
program. Be proud to support it.

 The player who collects the most in donations will receive a $50 gift certificate to Sports

Every player who sells $100 or more will go into a drawing with a chance to win one of
four $25 gift certificates to Sports Authority.

Remember that each player in our program has a goal of raising $200 for the entire year.
Anything you raise over that can go towards your jersey, Ripon Football apparel, football
camp, etc. The lift-a-thon is one of the main ways for you to help your team. This money
helps to pay for equipment, medical supplies, team awards, team activities etc. This is
your program. Your participation is critical, take pride in doing your part to help our
                          LIFT-A-THON SCRIPT
Hi! My name is ___________________________________ and I play on the Ripon High
School football team. We are doing an annual fundraiser called a lift-a-thon and basically
I am asking you for a donation.

Football equipment is very expensive and the money we raise helps to pay for that
equipment. You can base your donation on the number of pounds I lift, but most people
just like to make a flat contribution regardless of the weight I lift.

 For example, if I lift a total of 500 lbs. and you pledge 10 cents a lb. that would be $50.
If you donated 25 cents a pound, your contribution would be $125.

The average flat contribution is between $10-$50. Any amount helps us and we do
appreciate any donation you can make.

(Collect the money. If they pay with a check, it should be made out to Ripon High
Football. Make sure you write the name of the contributor and the amount donated on
your collection sheet.)

Thank you very much. Everyone in the program really appreciates your help. We are
looking forward to a great football season this year.

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