Hydration Tips for Softball Players

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					It's no secret that nothing beats water when it comes to keeping your
body well-hydrated. And hydration is an important ingredient when it
comes to any sporting activity, including softball. The reason for this
is that athletes lose a lot of water in their body due to sweating. This
is even made worse when playing under the direct heat of the sun, as the
extreme heat makes athletes sweat even more profusely. With the
developments in sports science and nutrition, substitutes for water have
been developed. But they don't just keep an athlete's body well-
hydrated, they also provide additional benefits otherwise not found in
water. Sports drinks and energy drinks Sports drinks are the next best
thing to water for their hydration and performance-boosting benefits. In
general, sports drinks provide an athlete with the following benefits:
they hydrate your body, provide you with a quick boost of energy from the
quick-burning carbohydrates in the mix, and finally, replenish your
potassium and sodium stores needed for muscle contraction through the
electrolytes. With many brands of sports drinks out there, many softball
players often ask me which brand provides the best benefits. The truth is
that behind all the marketing hype and other additional products, they do
the same thing: keep you well hydrated. Then there's also the wide use
of energy drinks among athletes. Some people find it surprising, even
shocking, that kids as young as eight drink these as substitute for
water, but what's even more surprising is that many athletes do the same
thing. Energy drinks only work as a stimulant, giving players a
temporary mental and physical boost, and nothing more than that. In fact,
energy drinks can also work as a diuretic, meaning they can actually make
you lose body water a lot faster. Therefore, energy drinks are a pretty
bad substitute to water, even to energy drinks, when it comes to keeping
your body well-hydrated. So if given a choice between sports drinks and
energy drinks, opt to drink a sports drink instead. It provides you with
real benefits when it comes to you game, not just keep you alert and
awake. How to make sure you're well hydrated More than just knowing the
right kind of drink to take in, you also need to take an active role in
ensuring that you're always well-hydrated. The first step would be to
take regular sips of your fluid of choice during the game. This ensures
that your body water is always replenished after you lose some of it due
to sweating. Never wait until you feel thirsty before you drink, because
it would be too late by then, as thirst is a sign that dehydration has
already set in. Being well-hydrated also means you always have water or
sports drink readily available. If your team doesn't provide you with
one, make sure you always bring a bottle with you during the game. It's a
small measure that makes a world of difference in helping you always stay
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