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                <p>Higher education is "An education that will result in
a college degree or an associate degree" It usually means education from
a school that offers post-secondary education. Definition of higher
education is different in different countries. Studying at high school
level may not be compulsory in many countries, and some limit public
schooling to a much younger age. In the western world it is viewed as
post-secondary school education undertaken on a voluntary basis. Student
can study in a university, or take a certificate class from collage or go
to a vocational school or trade school where student will become a
professor, a nurse or a doctor and so on.</p>
<p>Education beyond high school can give you choices that may not
otherwise be possible, open doors to better paying positions, and give
you the opportunity to do the things you enjoy most. By getting higher
education degree, you can expand your possibilities and increase your
career choices. .Higher education is therefore very important to national
economies, both as a significant industry in its own right and as a
source of trained and educated personnel for the rest of the economy.</p>
<p>Higher education offers a various range of courses and qualifications
such as bachelor degrees, higher national diplomas and foundation
degrees. Many courses take place in universities, but most are also
taught at higher education colleges, specialist art institutions and
agricultural colleges. You can choose to study different courses
depending on your penchant; there are thousands of options available that
can fill up your skills and interests.</p>

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<p>There are many different method of teaching in higher education, like
lectures, seminars and practical work. If the course includes seminars,
you can use this time to challenge each others' views in a neutral and
stimulating environment.Many higher education courses offer a vocational
program that is directly related to particular work areas, such as
accountancy, sports science and teaching. A higher education
qualification is essential for some careers like medicine, chartered
engineering and architecture. Higher education enhances important
transferable skills, such as numeracy, communication and information
technology, which can be very helpful for you in the fast-changing world
of employment.</p>
<p>In the UK and some other countries, post-secondary school education
below the level of higher education is referred to as "further
education". Higher Education" in the UK generally involves work towards a
college-degree-level or foundation degree education. There are two types
of higher education in the U.K.: higher academic education, and higher
vocational education.</p>
<p>In united states and Canada higher education refers to post-secondary
institutions that offer Associate's degrees, Bachelor's degrees, Master's
degrees, Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degrees or Doctor of Philosophy
(Ph.D.) degrees, or their equivalents, these institutions also offer
higher professional degrees in the field of  medicine, dentistry, the
law, art and so on. Such institutions may also offer non-degree
certificates, which indicate completion of a set of courses comprising
some body of knowledge, but this is not the basic purpose of the
<p>Â In Pakistan higher Education would mean education pursued after
completing the intermediate level, that is the 12th standard and it is
compulsory for higher education. The higher education commission of
Pakistan play very important role in research and development. Its main
purpose was to upgrade universities in Pakistan to be centers of
education, research and development. The HEC has played a leading role
towards building a knowledge based economy in Pakistan by giving out
hundreds of doctoral scholarships for education abroad every year.</p>


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