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					Sussex NGB Forum: Terms of Reference

1. Name of the Group

      1.1    The group shall be known as the Sussex NGB Forum.

2. Purpose of the Forum

      2.1    To share good practice between Sussex Sports Governing Bodies thus reducing
             duplication and adding value.
      2.2.   To provide a networking opportunity for all National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and
             County Associations (CAs).
      2.3    To provide a common Sussex NGB/CA voice on any issue, topic or concern when
             requested by strategic agencies.
      2.4    To work together on cross sport projects.
      2.5    To liaise with sports/partner organisations as considered appropriate by the Forum.

3. Membership

      3.1    Core membership: county or regional representatives of any recognised sport and
             representatives from Active Sussex.
      3.2    Further representatives or guest speakers may be invited to specific meetings depending
             on the core theme or current project e.g. Representatives from SSPs, FE/HE, Leisure
             Trusts or local authorities.
      3.3    Future membership will be on invitation or request as decided by the core membership at
             the time.

4. Meetings and Communication

      4.1    Meetings will be held quarterly and will aim to compliment related forums such as the
             South East Regional NGB Forum or generic planning/reporting cycles.
      4.2    Meeting dates will be set at the previous meeting.
      4.3    Meeting locations will be in an accessible central Sussex venue and where possible, the
             host shall bear the costs of venue hire and for refreshments.
      4.4    Meetings will be conducted in a constructive and positive manner and in the spirit of
             partnership working recognising the varying capacities of NGBs.
      4.5    In between meetings, Active Sussex will provide strategic updates to the Forum via
      4.6    A dedicated webpage will be provided by Active Sussex to contain NGB contacts, notes of
             Forum meetings and other useful document as the need arises.

5. Officers and Organisational Roles

      5.1    The Chair of the Forum shall be a current Sussex NGB Development Officer as agreed by
             the Forum.
5.2   Active Sussex will support the Chair by acting as secretariat at meetings and by assisting
      in the planning and organisation of meetings unless an NGB particularly requests to take
      these roles on.
5.3   Meeting agendas will be set by the Forum members either at the previous meeting or via
      a separate request to the Chair.
5.4   The Forum will nominate a NGB officer(s) to represent the NGB collective view on related
      county strategic groups such as Coach Sussex, Partnership Development Manager’s
      meetings, Sussex Disability Sport Group etc. In these instances, representatives will be
      expected to canvass NGB officers’ views ahead of a meeting on agenda items and share
      with the Forum the key outcomes of the meeting.
5.5   Members of the Forum are encouraged to cascade relevant information arising from the
      Forum, throughout their own networks and spheres of influence.

Revised July 2010

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