THE SUPERIOR NANO MATERIAL; Nano Graphene Platelets (NGP) outperforms Carbon NanoTubes (CNT) by anamaulida


									The Nano Graphene Platelets (NGP) material discovered in 2004 has been
studied for a number of years. It has many of the same characteristics as
Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) and other carbon nano particles; NGPs overall
performance equals or exceeds most application performances when compared
with any other Nano particles. Nano Graphene Platelets are also known as
Graphene Nanoplatelets and Carbon Nano Tubes are also known as Carbon
Nanotubes.According to some studies, composites when infused with NGP are
stiffer and less prone to failure than composites infused with carbon
nano tubes or other nanoparticles. These gains are in the area of 1 order
of magnitude.When added to polymers, NGPs mechanical strength exceeds
that of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT). NGP and CNT can have similar
functionalization or surface treatments to improve mechanical bonding and
electrical characteristics. NGPs superior shape (grid like or fence
shape) gives a better mechanical attachment than the CNT tubular shape,
this unique shape gives NGP significantly higher strength, puncture and
crack resistances, as well as excellent permeability barrier properties.
These improved properties can be seen in a host of different materials.
Super capacitors can perform better when made with NGP. NGP based
nanocomposite materials exhibit high levels of capacitance and electrical
conductivity as well as demonstrating chemical stability and low mass
density. The conductive film is superior because of the unique molecular
shape of the particles, which can store more electrons than other known
materials.When adding 1% to 2 % NGP by volume to aluminum the electrical
conductivity and strength are improved significantly.References and
Additional ResourcesGraphene Outperforms Carbon Nanotubes for Creating
Stronger, More Crack-Resistant Materials by Professor Nikhil Koratkar
April 26, 2010
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