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					                               Chinese American Doctors
                                Association Of Houston

2010 - 2011
Board of Directors:                                                                           Newsletter Fall 2010
Kin Yee Chan MD
                               Welcome to our newest members of CADAH.
Danny Chow, MD
                               Lifetime Member
C. James Chuong, MD            Kimberly Yen, MD           Pediatric Ophthalmology
Peter Hsu, MD                  Michael Yen, MD            Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

Kathy Hwu, MD                  Resident Member
                               James Chong, MD            Ophthalmology, UTHSC  
Frank J. Liu, MD

Alice Luan, DDS
                               Student Member
                               Jennifer Chong             Medicine, UT SW                 Jennifer.chong@utsouthwestern.,edu
Yvonne Kew, MD                 Sharon Ho                  Medicine, UTMB        
Jimmy Moon, DDS                Ang Li                     Medicine, BCM         
                               Audrey Moon                Dentistry, UTHSC      
Jasmine Peng, DDS, PhD
                               Jeff Tang                  Dentistry, UTHSC
Hue-Teh Shih, MD, MPH          Kelly Zhao                 Dentistry, UTHSC      
Cynthia Woo, MD
                               Thank you to all regular members and student members for renewing your memberships in 2010.
Alternate Directors

Wei-Ming Tuan, MD
                                                COMMUNITY OUTREACH OPPORTUNITIES
Fundraising Advisor
                                        It is that time of the year again! The Houston Chapter of Tzu Chi Foundation is hosting a
Chia-Lin Sun                      health fair on November 25, 2010 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown
                                  Houston . The health fair will be held while the annual Thanksgiving lunch is served by the
                                  City Wide Club from 9 AM to 3 PM.
Andrew Chan                             We cordially invite you to join us at this special event. We will have physicians giving
                                  health consultations to participants as well as nurses performing blood pressure and blood glu-
Admin Coordinator                 cose measurements. We will also have influenza shots to administer on that day.
                                        Please kindly reply via email or phone if you would like to participate by November 6,
Jan Van Hsieh, PhD                2010. We will also need your specialty, license number, and DEA number for insurance pur-
                                  poses. I will make sure to keep all this information confidential. Thank you for your under-
Board of Supervisors:             standing.
Lillian Chan M.D.                       I appreciate your response and look forward to joining you in our efforts to help out our
                                  community through this health fair.
Peter Chang M.D.,Ph.D.                  My cell phone number is 281-468-1045 and email address is
Karl King M.D.
Chi Mao, MD, PhD
                                           Yours Sincerely,
                                           Shiou-Bih Yang, RN
Samuel Wang, MD

                         CADAH P.O. BOX 42147, Houston, TX 77242-2147        
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                                             President’s Message:
                                                   CADAH President’s Address - Fall 2010

Dear Colleagues:

This is the beginning of a new year for Chinese American Doctors Association of Houston. I hope you have all enjoyed
the summer with your families.

As usual, there has to be a President’s Statement for the Newsletter. I also wish the business of CADAH runs as usual
so the Directors can have an easier life out of their busy schedule. However, the year already has an unusual begin-
ning and I hope we can make the year as usual as possible.

Some politician has a famous quote: “It’s the economy, stupid!” With the lingering economical situation we are in, our
activities are indeed significantly affected.

Traditionally, we have continuing education activities every month or more frequently. This year, the industry that usu-
ally sponsors such activities started to impose more restrictions on the attendees. We are informed that the attendees
have to be topic-related, namely I cannot attend the talk by a dermatologist as a cardiologist because I usually do not
treat aging of the skin. As such, we have encountered difficulty in this main function of our organization. We have
managed to keep pace with the CME activities as before, but we need other avenues to generate funding for our CME

Until last year, we have been a key participant of the Chinese Health Fair every summer. Due to the cutback from the
industry and other financial sources, Health Education for Asian League (HEAL) decided not to have a large scale Chi-
nese Health Fair this year but instead focusing on a different form of educational activities for the community. Although
this gives our members a more restful summer, the Chinese-American community will miss the all-in-one health coun-
seling opportunity and the excitement of the huge crowd and the souvenirs. A more focused lecture series on diabetes
mellitus and its complications with related community service activities will be held on December 04, 2010. Several of
our members will be the speakers and volunteers for counseling on site. Please stay tuned for future events by HEAL.

On a positive note, we have our first named scholarship this year, thanks to the tireless effort of Dr. Danny Chow and
the generosity of Dr. Margaret Mo. Because of the change, CADAH Foundation passed a revision of its bylaws to bet-
ter define 2 types of named scholarships. Please read the new CADAH Foundation bylaws for this important change.

Without the all-in-one Chinese Health Fair does not imply we will have no vehicle to fulfill the objective of health educa-
tion for the Chinese Community. For those of you who read Chinese newspapers, you may have noticed that CADAH
has established collaboration with Southern Chinese Daily News to write a question-and-answer column on medical
and dental information for the general public. Several articles were published in April and May already. (see p 10)

                   CADAH         P.O. BOX 42147, Houston, TEXAS 77242-2147
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                                2010-2011 Officers & Committee Chairs:
President                                        Membership & Directory
Hue-Teh Shih, MD, MPH                            Jasmine Peng, DDS, PhD          Communication Coordinator                         Betty Lee, DDS
President -Elect                                 Publication & Newsletter
Danny Chow, MD                                   Kathy Hwu, MD                   Activity Director                              Cynthia L. Woo, MD
Secretary                                        Education                       Jimmy Moon, DDS
Yvonne Kew, M.D.                                 Peter Hsu, MD                                   
Treasurer                                        Community Affairs               Danny C. Chow, M.D.
Kin Yee Chan, MD                                 Frank Liu, MD                             
                                                 Alice Luan, DDS                 Fundraising Coordinator
Immediate Past President                           Frank Liu, MD
C. James Chuong                                                                            Administrative Coordinator
                                                 Jane Van Hsieh Ph.D.            Fundraising Advisor
Webmaster                                           Chia-Lin Sun
Andy Chan

  Dr. Alice Luan and Dr. Vincent Luan opened their den-
  tal practice recently in Richmond/Rosenberg. Childrens
  Dentistry of Texas specializes in treating children from
  infancy through their teenage years and children with
  special health care needs. Our top priority is caring for
  children’s dental health through education, prevention ,
  positive encouragement, and quality treatment.

Carolyn P. Chuong, daughter of Dr. James Chuong, and a Brown University 2010 graduate with major in communi-
ty health has been awarded a Fulbright scholarship to Venezuela. The Fulbright Program is the flag-
ship educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual under-
standing between the people of the United States and other countries.

Our Activity Director arranged our recent Coffee Appreciation Lecture, by Kathy Hsu, owner of Cafe La Tea Restaurant
and barista trained in Taiwan. The event was held at Acuity Hospital on Sat, Oct. 30. Topics included distinguishing
types of coffee beverages (difference between a café latte and café au lait), the finer points of coffee making, coffee
brewing methods, and a coffee tasting. Look for more great events organized by Cynthia! (

Annoucements? Good news? Babies? Weddings? New practices? Email me! or Kathy Hwu

                        CADAH        P.O. BOX 42147, Houston, TEXAS 77242-2147
                                         CHINESE AMERICAN DOCTORS ASSOCIATION
                                               SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM

The Chinese American Doctors Association of Houston (CADAH) has been awarding scholarships to local medical and dental stu-
dents for the past several years. Last year, five scholarships in the amount of $1000 each were awarded. Although the exact number
and amount of scholarships for this coming year has not yet been determined, the usual number of scholarships usually awarded are
between 2 and 5, of $1,000 each. The scholarship recipients will be announced at the Annual Membership Assembly to be held in
April, 2011.

To qualify, an applicant must be:

A student of Chinese descent.

Currently enrolled in an accredited medical or dental school located in Houston, or, if attending medical or dental school outside
Houston/Galveston area, should be a CADAH member’s child.

*Past recipients of this scholarship are not eligible

The application form and all supporting documents should be sent to the chairman of the CADAH Scholarship Committee:

                            Danny Chow, M.D.

                            2219 Cypress Run Dr.

                            Sugar Land, TX 77478

All documents must be postmarked on or before February 20, 2011.

Applicants must submit all of the following:

The attached application form with all blanks completed.

Signed Certification of Chinese descent.

Medical / Dental school transcript.

Two letters of recommendation. These must be from the applicant’s professors in medical or dental school, college, or graduate
school. Please send the letters of recommendation (in sealed envelopes with the author’s original signature written across the sealed
flap) along with completed application forms to Dr. Danny Chow, Scholarship Committee Chairman.

A personal statement – one page please

* As part of the scholarship award process, an interview will be scheduled with the scholarship committee in March, 2011.

                  Danny Chow, M.D.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Scholarship Committee Chairman, Dr. Danny Chow, at 713-201-3803 (cell), 281-890-
8885 (office), or 409-729-8088 (office).
                                           CHINESE AMERICAN DOCTORS ASSOCIATION
                                                  SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM
(Please type or print, use additional pages, or include CV, if necessary)

                    LAST                                     FIRST                 MIDDLE
Social Security Number:_____________________ E-mail:________________________


City:____________________ State:________________ Zip Code:_________________

Phone (home/cell):______________________
(Circle preferred contact number if more than one number listed)

Date of Birth:______________________ Place of Birth:__________________________

College/Graduate School(s):_________________________________________________

Major(s): ________________________________________________________________


Degree(s) and Date(s) ______________________________________________________

GPA (on a 4.0 scale):___________________ Rank/Size of Class:___________________

(or attach your CV)

(or attach your CV)

Extracurricular Activities: ___________________________________________________
          (or attach your CV)

Medical / Dental School:________________________________ Year entered:________

GPA (on a 4.0 scale): __________________Total credit hours: ____________________

MCAT or DAT scores:___________________________
                                                       SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

I certify that I am of Chinese descent and that the information contained in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Applicant:_______________________________________________________________


Postmark Deadline: February 20, 2011

Please mail completed application and all supporting documents to:

                    Danny Chow, M.D.
                    2219 Cypress Run Dr.
                    Sugar Land, TX 77478

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Scholarship Committee Chairman, Dr. Danny Chow, at 713-201-3803 (cell), 281-890-8885 (office),
or 409-729-8088 (office).
                                                       CHINESE AMERICAN DOCTORS ASSOCIATION OF HOUSTON

                                                                    APPLICATION & MEMBERSHIP UPDATE FORM

New (              )     Renewal (                 )       Year _________________                  Referred by: ____________________________

Lifetime Membership dues                      $300

Annual Membership dues (January through December)

       Regular membership                                      $50 per year

       Residents/Fellows/Interns                               $15 per year

       Students — medical & dental                            $10 per year

Name: (English) __----____________                                                                          (Chinese)        _____________________________________________________________________

Office Address: ________________________________________________________________________

                            City: ____________________________________________________________ ___State: _______________________________________                                 Zip: _________

 Office Phone: ______________________________ Office Fax: _________________________________

Home Address: ___--__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                           City: ____________________________________________________________ ________State: _______________________________________          Zip: ________________________

Home Phone: ______________________________                                                    Home Fax: _________________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________Alternate E-mail: __________________________

Date of birth: _____________________________________________________________________________                Country of birth: ______________                                     Sex: _________

Please check one:                             Citizen of United States (                  )     or Permanent Resident of United States (                                     )

Dialects & Languages: ___________________________________________________________________

Specialty: __________________________________                                                 Degree(s): __________________________________

Professional School: ________________________ Graduation Year: _____________________________

Licensed in the State(s) of ________________________________________________________________

Affiliations:                 Group Practice: __________________________________________________________

                              Teaching Institution(s): ____________________________________________________

                              Hospital(s): _____________________________________________________________

                              Academic Position(s): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______

Are you interested in serving in CADAH committee work?                                                      Yes (       )                   No ( )

Spouse’s name: (English) _____________________________________________________________________________ (Chinese)                  ______________________________________________________________

Is spouse interested in serving in CADAH volunteer work? Yes (                                          )                   No ( )

                              Please complete this form and mail it with your check payable to CADAH:


                                                                                                     PO Box 42147

                                                                                           Houston, TX 77242-2147
                                                                                                      Page 8
C A D A H Ne ws let t e r         Fa l l 2 0 1 0

                                                   Annual Meeting 2010

    Scholarship Winners                                            Our President

  Thanks for Drs. Jimmy and Barbara Moon for the photos!

                          CADAH        P.O. BOX 42147, Houston, TEXAS 77242-2147
PRESIDENT’S Statement (continued from p2)

The plan is also for the authors to be interviewed by a reporter from the Chinese TV station simultaneously. Both will be
posted on the websites of the News Group and CADAH. The goal is to eventually publish the compilation of the articles
as books. A portion of the proceeds can then be used to fund CADAH activities. This is another way for us to be inno-
vative during economical downturn and perpetuate the existence of CADAH. I hope our members can all actively partici-
pate in this activity that benefits all people in the Chinese community.

There has been a disparity in participation of community activities by our younger members as they may not be comfort-
able with their Chinese. An English-based radio station named “Asian Voice Radio (AVR),” established earlier this year,
has expressed interest in collaboration with CADAH. They may need guest hosts from time to time and they also would
like to recruit more of their regular hosts. CADAH can form a panel of hosts for them and provide health education to the
listeners with free air time. On the other hand, the members interested in being a radio talk show host can contact them
individually. This would be a good opportunity for the younger members to increase their visibility in the Asian communi-

Some members have lamented that we hardly have activities that spouses can participate anymore. On October 30,
2010, CADAH held a “Coffee Appreciation Party” at Acuity Hospital close to Hermann Park. CADAH and several mem-
bers have provided funding for the event and the members are free to attend with pre-registration. The details were an-
nounced by Dr. Cynthia Woo, Director of Activities. Please join me to thank Dr. Woo for her tireless effort in making this
happen. If the members enjoy such social events, CADAH can organize similar events on different themes.

Tsu-Chi Foundation traditionally has a Health Fair on Thanksgiving Day every year at George R. Brown Convention
Center. They do need physician volunteers to provide counseling. For the members interested in this event, please
contact Dr. Samuel Chen.

The 2011 Scholarship Gala is scheduled for February 26, 2011. Although it is still four months away, it is fast approach-
ing. I hope all members can continue to support this main event and contribute to the scholarship fund by joining the
party. Certainly, we have never refused donation from any business friends. As usual, patrons to the Gala will get tax
deduction on the portion of expense considered charitable donation.

Our 2011 Annual General Assembly will be organized by Dr. Danny Chow, President-Elect. Details will be announced at
a later date. We had a good turn out this year with more than 120 attendees. I am sure Dr. Chow will be able to attract
more members next year.

Details of these activities can be found in the reports by the individual Committee Chairs. Sadly, two members of Board
of Directors have resigned due to their busy schedule. Please join me in appreciating the active participation of Dr.
Jianwei Feng, who organized the picnic in 2009 as Activities Chair, and Dr. Peter Chang (plastic surgery), the outgoing
Community Affairs Co-Chair. I hope we can count on their continuing support of CADAH. To continue CADAH activities,
two Alternate Directors will assume the roles Drs. Feng and Chang held. Dr. Jimmy Moon, an active contributor to our
events, will be Co-Chair of Activities. Dr. Frank J. Liu will be Co-Chair of Community Affairs. I believe they will provide
tremendous help to the cause of CADAH.

As a last note, what is not business as usual is our political environment. We have seen the passing of Healthcare Re-
form bill in March, 2010. There are parts of the legislation that can benefit us but there are also parts that affect our live-
lihood as independent doctors. Unfortunately, the bills were written without much input from the doctors. The general
election is coming on November 02, 2010. To shape the health care system that fit the need of our patients and doctors,
please actively participate in this process by casting your votes to support the candidates that will serve the patients and
doctors better.      Hue-Teh Shih, M.D., M.P.H., President, CADAH
                                                                                                      Page 10
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                                                   Annual Meeting 2010

    Scholarship Winners                                            Our President

  Most photographed attendee :)

  Thanks for Drs. Jimmy and Barbara Moon for the photos!

                          CADAH        P.O. BOX 42147, Houston, TEXAS 77242-2147

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