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                If you struggle with the hassles of manually calculating
payroll every week, you may have considered buying a biometric time
attendance system. If so, you're not alone. Recent reports indicate
that biometric time and attendance system are growing in popularity more
and more every year with biometrics being one of the largest emerging
technologies over the next five years. If you're considering buying a
biometric time clock, you may have thought how innovative and simple they
may make your payroll process, but do biometric time clocks work?
<p>The answer is yes and better than ever! However, since most <a
rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview',
c5/">fingerprint attendance</a> systems utilize fingerprint recognition
scanners you should be aware that there may be a few times when the
scanner has issues reading a persons fingerprint. Read more as Avid
Biometrics takes a closer look at some of these issues that can arise
from using a fingerprint based system.<br> <br> Although there are a few
drawbacks, don't worry, these drawbacks generally only affect about 2-3%
of your workforce, so lets take a closer look.      <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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 <br> Age. Just like the tread on a car's tires, the tread on persons
fingerprints can erode over time. If a persons fingerprint is faded
(which usually happens to people over 60 years old), that employee may
have to use a different finger on their opposite hand to punch and out.Â
Newer biometric time attendance systems are beginning to use palm and
finger vein scanners as these are generally a bit more accurate and
dependable for people of older age. The downside is that not that many
systems utilize vein verification and the ones that do are fairly
expensive.<br> <br> Work Environment. If your investing in a biometric
time attendance system be aware that the work environment could affect
fingerprint scans. If your employees work in a restaurant and have oily
hands and don't wash them before punching out, or if you have a portable
time clock that construction workers use on site, the clock may have
difficulty reading fingerprints if your workers hands are dirty. <br>
<br> These two issues are the main obstacles people may face when
investing in a biometric time attendance system. Again, this usually
only affects about 2-3 percent of workers. Most biometric time clocks,
like those available at AvidBiometrics, do include some sort of backup
system such as a digital PIN or an RFID key chain that employees can
swipe if they ever have problems utilizing their fingerprint.<br> <br> If
you're still concerned about this, you may want to spend a little bit
more and make the investment into a time clock that utilizes hand
geometry such as the <a rel="nofollow"
href="">HandPunch</a> series
from Amano or Acroprint. These machines recognizes a users hand print,
and offer more ruggedness for tougher work conditions. They do cost a
bit more; however, when you eliminate buddy punching from your work force
you'll probably find that the system will pay for itself in no time at
all.<br> <br> If you're considering investing into biometrics, the time
is right. New systems are more reliable and affordable than ever.Â
You'll be seeing this technology show up in more and more business
applications and consumer products as well. Before making a decision,
be sure to compare features of any given model and choose the system that
is right for you and your business.</p>
<p>Â </p>                <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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