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 VoU                 No. 40
                                           rainian Week   THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3,1982                                                      25 cents

 Pope appoints Marusyn secretary                                                       Krasivska arrested in Lviv
 of Oriental Churches congregation                                                       NEW YORK - Ukrainian dissident
                                                                                      Olena Antoniv Krasivska, who was the
     VATICAN CITY - Pope John Paul        and a Melkite - who held the position subject of a defamatory article in the
  II named Bishop Myroslav Marusyn of secretary.                                      August 18 issue of a Communist Party
  titular archbishop of Cadeun and           Archbishop Marusyn's appointment newspaper, was arrested shortly after
  appointed him the secretary of the marks the first time in history that a the story appeared, according to hu­
  Sacred Congregation for Oriental Ukrainian holds such a high position in man-rights groups here.
  Churches on Saturday, September 25, the Roman Curia.                                   The exact date of the arrest and the
  reported America, the Ukrainian Ca­         Upon receiving news of the arch­ nature of the charges against her are not
  tholic daily newspaper.                 bishop's new position, the hierarchs of known.
     Prior to his appointment, Archbishop the Ukrainian Catholic Church, includ­          Ms. Krasivska, 45, was accused in a
  Marusyn was the apostolic visitator for ing Archbishop-Metropolitan Stephen story published in Vilna Ukraina, a Lviv
  Ukrainian Catholics in the Benelux Sulyk, Bishops Basil Losten and Inno­ daily, of stealing money from the
  countries and for Ukrainian Catholics cent Lotocky and Auxiliary Bishop Russian Social Fund, which was esta­
  without an exarchate.                   Robert Moskal, who were gathered in blished by author Alexander Solzhe-
     Archbishop Marusyn has already Philadelphia for the 70th anniversary nitsyn before his exile to aid families of
  taken on the duties of the secretary of celebration of the Providence Associa­ Soviet political prisoners.
  the Eastern Congregation, a position tion, sent a congratulatory telegram to            The article charged that Ms. Kra-
  that was vacated by Archbishop Mario Rome.                                          sivka, who managed the fund in Ukraine,
  Brini. The congregation, currently         It was also reported that the Very did not distribute the money to dissi­
  beaded by Cardinal Wladislaw Rubin, Rev. George Mylanyk has retired as the dents or their families, but spent it on
  has existed for 65 years. During this   undersecretary of the Sacred Congrega­ lavish living, fancy cafes and restau­
  time, .there have.been pnly two other tion for Oriental Churches. Msgr. rants. ,,                                   ' .
  hierarchs of the Eastern Rite —a Greek Mario Rizzi now holds this position.           . In a three-pronged attack, the article
                                                                                      assailed Ms. Krasivska's character, the
                                                                                      financing of the fund and its intended              Olena Antoniv Krasivska
 Patriarch's pastoral letter urges                                                    benefactors, and what it called the
                                                                                      ulterior motives behind dissent in the        receive. As further "proof," the paper
                                                                                      Soviet Union.                                 printed what it said were direct quotes
 Christian and national maturity                                                          Ms. Krasivska, the article said,         from Ms. Zarytska, Mrs. Неї and Mr.
                                                                                                                                    Osadchy, each saying that they never
                                                                                      became a dissident out of "egoism," and
     ROME - Oh the occasions of the issued a pastoral letter that calls on all pilfered monies from the fund for her               received any money.
  Feast of St. MaryTthe Protectress and Ukrainians to strive toward both Chris- own material gain. The fund itself,                   On hearing of Ms. Krasivska's arrest,
  the 40th anniversary of the founding of tian and national maturity.                 which depends on private funds, is in         Natalia Solzhenitsyn, wife of the Nobel
- the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA),         The patriarch asks all Ukrainians to reality financed by the CIA and other           laureate and president of the Russian
  Patriarch Josyf Slipyj of the "Po- cast aside their reUgious and political U.S. government agencies, the paper                   Social Fund, issued a statement refut­
  misna" Ukrainian Catholic Church differences and to unite in the spirit of said.                                                 ing the charges brought up in the article.
                                          brotherly love and forgiveness. He asks         The recipients of the fund, among           T h e authorities are trying to drive a
                                          all clergy and faithful brethren to pray them prominent Ukrainian dissidents             wedge between Ukrainians and Rus­
                                          together on the Feast of St Mary the Ivan HeL Kateryna Zarytska and My-                  sians," she said, "because they are
                                          Protectress, a holy day that brings khailo Osadchy, were described by the                deathly afraid of any solidarity that may
                                          together all the sons and daughters of paper as '^nti-Sovieti? Ukrainian na­             exist among honest people against their
                                          the Ukrainian nation.                       tionalists.                                  despicable regime, which is an enemy of
                                             The pastoral letter goes on to say:          Referring to what it said were Ms.       all people."
                                          "Particularly this year, the feast day Krasivska's private records, the paper               Ms. Krasivska is married to Ukrai­
                                          takes on an even greater meaning; this said that they show that Ms. Krasivska            nian Helsinki monitor Zinoviy Krasiv-
                                          year it coincides with the 40th anniver­ bilked several dissidents of                    sky, who is currently in the second year
                                          sary of the founding of the Ukrainian the amounts they were entitled to                  of a five-year internal exile sentence.
                                          Insurgent Army, the last all-national
                                          effort to free Ukraine from its enemies.
                                          This army sprang up in the hope to free
                                          Ukraine, the homeland, from its ene­          HUD grants ^6.7 million loan
                                          mies; it was a manifestation of love for
                                          one's country."
                                             The pastoral letter also stressed love.
                                                                                        for Ukrainian seniors' housing
                                          "Love for your motherland, based on             WARREN, Mich. - The U.S. De­             and various church and community
                                          love for God, blends together into one partment of Housing and Urban De­                 organizations of Metropolitan Detroit.
                                          great love; this love should be active,     velopment on September 22 awarded               Messages of congratulations on the
                                          alert Love without action, like faith S6.7 million to a non-profit Ukrainian             receipt of the grant were sent to the
                                          without action is dead. The words from corporation for the building of housing           Ukrainian Village Corporation by Sen.
                                          the First Epistle of St. John (3,18) 'My for the elderly.                                Donald Riegle.Rep. Hertel and Mayor
                                          little children, let us not love in word,       The Ukrainian Village "Non-Profit        Randlett. .
                                          neither in tongue, but in deed and in Housing Corporation was given ap­                     The corporation, which has worked
                                          truth', reflects every kind of love includ­ proval by HUD for a 56,737,000 low-          for 15 years on finalizing the project,
                                          ing love toward one's motherland," the interest loan for the project. It was the         plans to build 146 units of housing for
                                          patriarch writes.                           largest such grant ever awarded in           the elderly on a seven-acre site in
                                                                                      Michigan.                                     Warren, which has a sizeable Ukrainian
                                              He also notes: "A good patriot is a
                                          person who is, first and foremost just          The grant is one of eight awarded this   population.
                                          and noble and gives of himself without year to projects in the state of Michigan.           The non-profit body was organized
                                          profit. Work on the improvement of              It was obtained with the aid of Rep.     on the initiative of the Detroit Regional
                                           your heart and soul should bind the love Dennis Hertel, Warren Mayor James              Council of the Ukrainian National
         v . v Patriarch Josyf                        (Coatfaatd oa pap If)            Randlett, the Rev. Bernard Panczuk          Women's League of America.
                                                             THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLV           SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 . 1 9 8 2                                                                No. 40

  Dissident profile                                                                                                                         "disseminated" such "anti-Soviet"
                                                                                                                                            material as the second manuscript of
                  Yuriy Badzio:                                                                                                             "The Right to Live."
                                                                                                                                               Earlier this year, samvydav docu­
                                                                                                                                            ments reaching the West from Ukraine
               among the vanguard                                                                                                           indicated that Mr. Badzio had gone on
                                                                                                                                            three separate hunger-strikes in 1981 to
      JERSEY CITY, N.J. - Since that           Ukrainian nationhood. He became                                                              protest his arrest. In a statement from a
   day in 1965 when he joined Ukrainian       known to the West in 1972 for his                                                             Mordovian labor camp dated February
  dissidents Ivan Dziubaand Mykhailyna        "Unpublished Letter" to the members                                                           22, 1981, Mr. Badzio announced a
   Kotsiubynska in disrupting a screening     of the presidium of the Ukrainian                                                             three-day fast to protest "the dictator­
  at Kiev's Ukraine film theater to protest   Writers' Union, the Literaturna Ukraina                                                       ship of the Communist Party of the
  the destruction of Ukrainian culture        magazine and to the delegates of the                                                          Soviet Union (CPSU), violations of
  and the mass arrests of Ukrainian           sixth conference of the Ukrainian                                                             human rights in the USSR and the right
 'intellectuals, Yuriy Badzio's name has      Writers' Union.                                                                               to national sovereignty" for non-Rus­
   been inextricably linked with Ukrainian       In 1978, the KGB conducted a search                                                        sian nations.
   nationalism and dissent.                   of Mr. Badzio's apartment. Various                                                               The hunger strike was called to
     Today, Mr. Badzio is in the third year   items, including material for his thesis                                                      coincide with the 26th Congress of the
   of a seven-year labor camp and prison      on national and political problems,                                                           CPSU, Mr. Badzio said.
  term, which will be followed by five        were confiscated. In March 1979another                                                           The second, dated April IS, 1981, was
  years of forced internal exile.             search was conducted in Mr. Badzio's                                                          addressed to French Communist Party
     Yuriy Badzio was born on April 24,       apartment.                                                                                    leader Georges Marchais on the eve of
   1936, in Verkhna Lypytsia in the Muka-        Shortly after, on April 23, 1979, Mr.                                                      the French federal election. In it, Mr.
  chiv region of Transcarpathian Ukraine.     Badzio was arrested in Kiev and charged                                                       Badzio accused the Soviet government
  In 1953 he graduated with honors from       with "anti-Soviet agitation and propa­       Yuriy Badzio shortly before his arrest in        of contravening the Marxist ideology it
  secondary school and enrolled as a          ganda" under Article 62 of the Ukrai­                        1979.                            purports to espouse, democratic prin­
  student of Ukrainian philology at           nian Criminal Code.                          years earlier, in 1969, by a KGB opera­          ciples such as political freedom, public
   Uzhhorod University. After graduating         In mid-December of that year he was       tive. Yet, a second exhaustive search in         participation in government, freedom
  in 19S8 he worked as a principal of a       sentenced to seven years' imprisonment       1972 did not turn up the book, and there         of the press and the right to form
  school in the Mukachiv region.              and five years' exile. In a series of        were no witnesses to corroborate the             opposition parties.
     Since 1960 he has been a candidate at    appeals to Western organizations in          KGB operative's statement.                          The purpose of his statement, Mr.
  the Academy of Science of the Ukrai­        early 1980, Svitliana Kyrychenko, Mr.           Ms. Kyrychenko also noted that in             Badzio wrote, was to alert the French
  nian SSR for a doctoral degree in           Badzio's wife, highlighted what she          1972, the KGB confiscated a copy of              Communists, the working class and the
   Ukrainian literature.                      called irregularities in her husband's       Mr. Badzio's "Unpublished Letter,"but            entire French nation to Soviet viola­
     Following the protest at the Ukraina     case, including the changing of testi­       did not consider it a dangerous anti-            tions of human and national rights.
  theater, Mr. Badzio was stripped of his     mony and outright fabrications by the        Soviet document until 1979, when it was             The third statement received in the
  membership in the Communist Party, a        prosecution.                                 used as evidence against Mr. Badzio              West was dated April 22,1981. In it Mr.
  procedure which took nearly 10 months.         One of several examples of irregulari­    during his closed trial.                         Badzio assails the Soviet government's
   He was forced to work loading bread        ties cited by Ms. Kyrychenko dealt with         Mr. Badzio was ultimately charged             intepreta tion of Article 62 of the Ukrai­
  onto delivery trucks.                       a copy of Mr. Dziuba's controversial         with having "harbored for dissemina­             nian Criminal Code, the catch-all "anti-
     In thei970s, Mr. Badzio was working      book, "Internationalism or Russifio          tion" such "anti-Soviet" material as             Soviet agitation and propaganda."
  on his book, "The Right to Live," a         tion?" which the prosecution claimed         Mykola Rudenko's "Economic Mono­                    Mr. Badzio argued that since Article
  socio-historical analysis of the right of   was seen in Mr. Badzio's apartment 10        logues," and having "prepared" and                            (Continued on page 15)

Shcharansky declares hunger strike U.S. citizen in Soviet jail plans fast;
   WASHINGTON - Imprisoned So­ abuse of Mr. Shcharansky's rights wife asks Reagan for assistance
viet dissident Anatoly Shcharansky which has led to this desperate decision.
began an indefinite hunger strike on          We call on Soviet authorities to recon­         BROOKLYN, N. Y. - The wife of a                  book, "Spiritual Genocide in Lithuania,"
September 27 because of repeated              sider their treatment of Mr. Shcharan­       Lithuanian political prisoner whose                 and several samvydav appeals.
confiscation of his mail, reported            sky and restore his ability to be allowed    U.S. citizenship has been verified by the              In her letter to Mr. Reagan, Mrs.
Reuters news service.                         to communicate with friends and rela­        State Department, recently appealed to              Skuodis wrote that persecution of her
   Mr. Shcharansky's mother, Ida МІІ-         tives."                                      President Ronald Reagan to help her                 family includes constant surveillance by
grom, said she had not been able to send         Mr. Shcharansky, 34, is currently in      and her family emigrate to the United               authorities and threats to her and her
any letters since last December.              Chistopol prison in the Tatar ASSR.          States, reported the Lithuanian Infor­              daughters, Giedra and Daiva, who have
   Mrs. Milgrom told reporters that she       He was accused of spying for the CIA         mation Center here.                                 faced job discrimination.
feared that her son could die from the        and sentenced to 13 years in prison and         In a letter to the president, Irena                 She asked the president to allow the
effects of a prolonged fast because he        labor camp in 1977. Mr. Shcharansky          Skuodis made the appeal on behalf of                entire family to come to the country of
was still weak from a six-month period        was a founding member of the recently        her husband, Vytautas Skuodis, who in               her husband's birth.
of solitary confinement last year.            disbanded Moscow Helsinki Group,              1980 was sentenced to seven years in a                Meanwhile, a recent issue of the
   Alan Romberg, a spokesman for the          which monitored Soviet compliance            strict-regimen camp and five years'                 underground Chronicle of the Catholic
State Department here said: "We wish          with the human-rights provisions of the      internal exile for "anti-Soviet agitation           Church in Lithuania has reported that
to emphasize how thoroughly we de­             1975 Helsinki Accords from 1976 until       and propaganda."                                    Mr. Skuodis suffered a mild heart
plore the Soviet authorities'willful          last month.                                                                                      attack in early summer while on a
                                                                                              A U.S. citizen, he was born Benedict
                                                                                           Scott in Chicago in 1929, but was                   hunger strike. According to the story,
                                                                                           brought to Lithuania by his parents as a            Mr. Skuodis has pledged to stage a
Report KGB infiltration of peace groups                                                    small child. Mr. Skuodis is a geologist
                                                                                           by profession, and he is the author of a
                                                                                                                                               hunger strike each June 15 to protest the
                                                                                                                                               Soviet occupation of Lithuania.
   NEW YORK - Five KGB agents                 at Georgetown in March 1981.
posing as Soviet diplomats have infil­           He also appeared at the inauguration
trated the American nuclear freeze            of the disarmament program at the
movement in order to manipulate it for        Riverside Church and has spoken at
Soviet purposes, according to an article
in the October issue of Reader's Digest.
   The article said the Soviets — three
                                              disarmament forums at American uni­
                                              versities, including Harvard.
                                                 The KGB bureau in New York con­
                                                                                                                  Ukrainian WeelclV
 U.N. diplomats, the deputy director of       centrated most of its manpower on the                                             FOUNDED 1933
the Institute for the U.S.A. and Canada       freeze campaign, and U.S. counterin-
in Moscow and a counselor at the              telligence has identified more than 20          Ukrainian weekly newspaper published by the Ukrainian National Association Inc., a fraternal
Soviet embassy in Washington — have           Soviet agents who have tried to in­                         non-profit association, at 30 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ. 07302.
participated in disarmament confe­            fluence elements of the peace move­                                       (The Ukrainian Weekly - USPS 570-870)
rences at Georgetown and Harvard              ment, the article said.                                 Also published by the UNA: Svoboda, a Ukrainian-language daily newspaper.
universities and Riverside Church here.           Experts here have long suspected that
   The Soviets are identified as Sergei        the Soviets had managed to infiltrate          The Weekly and Svoboda:                                              UNA:
Paramanov, Vladimir Shustov and                the nuclear freeze movement in the                       (201) 434-0237, 434-0807                                        (201) 451-2200
Sergei Divilkovsky, diplomats-at the           West in the hope of directing its efforts                (212) 227-4125                                                  (212) 227-5250
United Nations, Radomir Bogdanov of            towards the United States and away             Yearly subscription rate: S8, UNA members            55.
the Institute for the U.S.A. and Canada,       from Soviet nuclear policies.
and Yuri Kapralov, an embassy counse­             At the same time, the Kremlin has           Postmaster, send address changes to:
lor.                                                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                           Editor. Roma Sochan Hadzawycz
                                               cracked down on the only independent           P.O. Box 346                                   Associate editor George Bohdan Zarycky
   Mr. Kapralov attended the first             disarmament group in the Soviet Union,         Jereey City, NJ. 07303                         AMttant editor Marta Kotonuyets
national strategy conference of the            arresting several activists and warning
American "Nuclear Freeze Campaign"             others to drop their activities.
No. 4 0                                                      THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY        SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 , 1 9 8 2                                                            3

   CIA: Kremlin's fear of possible unrest                                                NJ. program to honor Wallenberg
                                                                                            NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Raoul                 baritone Paul Plishka of the Metropo­
    in Ukraine led to Polish crackdown                                                   Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat
                                                                                         credited with saving more than 100,000
                                                                                                                                        litan Opera in New York.
                                                                                                                                           Also appearing will be the Kodaly
       WASHINGTON - Fear that the                According to Mr. Anderson, an­          Hungarian Jews from Nazi gas chambers          Chorus, a Hungarian musical group.
   Solidarity labor movement in Po­           alysts also point out that, like Poland    before disappearing in Budapest after             Tickets for the program are now
   land could spill over into Ukraine         (of which western Ukraine was a part       the war, will be honored with a special        available at the American Hungarian
   was "the real reason" for the Krem­        before World War II), Ukraine has          program here on October 5.                     Foundation in New Brunswick, the
   lin-instigated crackdown in Poland,        large iron and coal industries.               The program, jointly sponsored by           Scandinavian American Heritage
   according to syndicated columnist             According to the CIA report:            representatives of the Scandinavian,           Society in Edison, the Jewish Federa­
   Jack Anderson.                             "Those kinds of industries have            Jewish and Hungarian communities of            tion of Northern Middlesex County in
       Citing secret CIA reports, Mr.         created the same sorts of labor            Middlesex County, will be held at the          Edison, the Jewish Federation of Rari-
   Anderson said in his column this past      problems as they did in Poland,            Voorhces Chapel on the Douglas College         tan Valley in Highland Park, and the
   week that Moscow was extremely             including.long hours, six-day weeks        campus beginning at 8 p.m.                     Greater Monmouth County Jewish
   concerned about the possibility that       and unsafe working conditions."               The special tribute will feature ap­         Federation in Deal Park.
   a free labor movement, combined               In time, the analysis suggests, "the    pearances by authors, public figures              General admission tickets are S5 per
   with persistent Ukrainian nationa­         mood could develop" among Ukrai­           and diplomats who worked with Mr.              person, but a patron ticket at S25
   lism, could result in widespread           nians to imitate Solidarity.               Wallenberg. October 5 was chosen to            entitles the holder to special seating and
   instability in the large, industrial          Even though Ukrainians often are        honor the Swede because on that day            a program listing. Tickets may be
   republic.                                  entrusted with important positions in      last year President Ronald Reagan              purchased at the door or by contacting
       "The Ukrainians possess character­     government and industry, "they are         made Mr. Wallenberg an honorary                one of the sponsor organizations.
    istics which, taken together, give        still not trusted to withstand the siren   citizen of the United States, a distinc­           Additional information about the
   them a unique position among Soviet        song of Ukrainian nationalism,"            tion granted to only two other                  programs or tickets may be obtained by
   minorities,'' states the CIA report.       wrote Mr. Anderson referring to the        persons, Winston Churchill and Lafa­           calling the American Hungarian
   "Some of these features — the cohe-        CIA findings.                              yette.                                          Foundation at (201) 846-5777.
   siveness of the Ukrainian popula­             He noted that during World War             During the end of World War II, Mr.
   tion, the economic significance of the     II, many Ukrainian volunteers fought       Wallenberg, a member of an aristocratic
   area, the historical longevity of
    Ukraine as a distinct ethnic commu­
                                              with the Germans against the Red
                                                                                         Swedish family, used hastily prepared
                                                                                         Swedish passports to save condemned
                                                                                                                                        Museum awarded
    nity conscious of an independent
    cultural heritage, and Ukraine's
                                                 "In 1968, the decisive factor in the
                                               Kremlin's decision to invade Czecho­
                                                                                         Hungarian Jews, at times literally
                                                                                         yanking them off death-camp transport
                                                                                                                                        Ф20.053 grant
    susceptibility to Western cultural        slovakia was fear that the liberalizing    lines and spiriting them away to rented           NEW YORK - Director Maria
    influences - would seem to increase       effects of the 'Prague spring' would       safe houses flying the Swedish flag.           Shust announced that The Ukrainian
    the ability of the Ukrainians to resist   spread across the border into U-                                                          Museum had received a 520,053 grant
    Russification pressures.''                                                              When Soviet forces entered Budapest
                                               kraine," according to Mr. Anderson.                                                      from the institute of Museum Services, a
                                                                                         in 1945, they seized and imprisoned Mr.
                                                                                         Wallenberg, fearing that he was a U.S.         federal agency that administers to the
                                                                                         spy. He has not been heard from since.         nation's museums.
Chrysler chairman launches restoration project                                           There have been persistent claims that
                                                                                         Mr. Wallenberg has been positively
                                                                                                                                           This is the second consecutive year
                                                                                                                                        that a portion of the museum's general
                                                                                                                                        operating funds for this fiscal year was
for Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty                                                      identified as a Soviet prisoner by former
                                                                                         inmates of Soviet labor camps despite
                                                                                         Soviet counter-claims that the heroic
                                                                                                                                        provided by a general operating support
                                                                                                                                        grant from the IMS.
          by Andrew Keybida                                                              Swede died of natural causes in a Soviet           The allocation of 520,053 is the
                                                                                         prison in the 1950s.                           maximum possible for The Ukrainian
   NEW YORK - Lee. A. Iacocca,                                                              In addition to the honor bestowed by         Museum under IMS guidelines. The
chairman of a White House commission                                                      Mr. Reagan, both Congress and the             maximum allocations are 10 percent of
to restore and preserve the Statue of                                                    New Jersey State Legislature have              an operating budget, not in excess of
Liberty and Ellis Island, launched a                                                     passed resolutions calling for October 5        535,000. Last year, the IMS had award­
national campaign to raise some S230                                                     to be recognized as Raoul Wallenberg           ed The Ukrainian Museum with the
million during a September 16 cere­                                                      Day.                                           possible maximum of 515,932.
mony in Manhattan's Battery Park,                                                           The New Brunswick program will                  The Ukrainian Museum was selected
which overlooks America's two great                                                      include an appearance by author Per            from a field of 1,141 applications
symbols of freedom.                                                                      Anger, who spent time with Mr. Wal­            submitted by museums in every state,
   Sharing the platform with Mr.                                                         lenberg during his days in Budapest,           the District of Columbia and the Virgin
Iacocca, with the two American land­                                                     and who wrote "With Wallenberg in               Islands.
marks as background, were representa­                                                    Budapest."                                         In her letter the director of the
tives of some 50 different ethnic organi­                                                   Also on hand will be Dr. Harvey              Institute of Museum Services, Lilla
zations, many of whom are among the                                                      Rosenfeld, author of the recently              Tower, wrote: "I congratulate you on
16 million immigrants who came to the                                                    published "Raoul Wallenberg: Angel of          receiving this award. It is an indication
United States through Ellis Island.                                                       Rescue." There will also be a special         of the quality of your museum and of its
                                                                                         musical program in honor of Mr.                service to your community and to the"
    Among the invited representatives                                                    Wallenberg, featuring noted bass-               nation."
 were: John O. Flis, supreme president
 of the Ukrainian National Association
 and Andrew Keybida, member of the
 N.J. Ethnic Advisory Council.                                                           Plans under way to create
    Both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis
 Island are managed by th^ National
 Park Service, and a commission was
                                                                                         Ukrainian professionals society
 created to raise money and coordinate                                                       JERSEY CITY, N.J. - A group of             the terms "Ukrainian American," "pro­
 private activities with the Park Service                  Lee A. Iacocca                 Ukrainians from the New Jersey/New            fessionals" and "businesspersons." The
 in the repair and restoration project.                                                   York area recently agreed to work             association is designed to encompass
 Last May 18, President Reagan ap­            possessions. But they had hope and they     toward establishing an organization of        Ukrainian professionals and business-
 pointed Mr. Iacocca, chairman of had enormous perseverance! They                         Ukrainian professionals and business-         persons, as well as their Ukrainian or
 Chrysler Corporation, to head the wanted to work and they took pride in                  persons.                                      non-Ukrainian spouses. Membership is
 Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Centen­ that work. They built new neighbor­                  The organization, which is envision­       obtainable through sponsorship by two
nial Commission.                             hoods, churches and schools. They            ed as a community rather than a pro­          existing members.
                                             nurtured in their children a sense of        fessional association, has set as its major      The present members include scien­
    Mr. Iacocca stated that as a son of pride arid dignity and they turned to
 Italian immigrants who passed through providing help to others less fortunate            task the formation of a new network of        tists, teachers, writers, journalists,
 Ellis Island, the restoration will serve as than they."                                  Ukrainian Americans who together              dentists, physicians, lawyers, business-
a reaffirmation of that heritage. He also                                                would pursue social, community and             persons and others.
said that, in spite of some voices that        "I hope Americans will come to            public-affairs goals.                             Discussions about the formation of
would have everyone to believe other­ understand that those monuments not                   Among these goals are: expansion of         such an association have been under
wise, we Americans have a heritage of only symbolize a heritage of freedom               acquaintances, discussion of commu­            way since January, and in June a group
pride in workmanship, of the dignity of but they symbolize each of the 16                nity problems and needs, and promo­            of interested persons elected a steering
labor and of the value of hard work.         million people who poured into this         tion of the interests of the Ukrainian         committee to coordinate the group's
                                             country between 1892 and 1954. They         American community at large.                   activity during its organizational stages.
   Mr. Iacocca said: "Many of us have symbolize the courage and faith those                 Groups of Ukrainians in Philadel­              Formal elections of officers will be
parents or grandparents who were people passed on to their children. They                phia and Washington have also express­         held in early 1983.
among the millions of people who came symbolize the energy and vitality that             ed interest in such an organization.              The organization has already held a
through Ellis Island on their way to a those immigrants gave to the American                A name has not yet been selected for        number of meetings, and several guest
new life in a new land. If they were like dream."                                        the fledgling association, but it has been     speakers have addressed the members.
my parents, they came to this country          "If that isn4 worth preserving, 1 don't   decided by the core group of some 30           Among them were: Ihor Bardyn, who
with very little in the way to money or know what is," he said.                          members that the name would include                       (Continued on pa jt 13)
  4                                                            THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 , 1 9 8 2                                                     No. 40

  Conquest, Warn discuss Harvard monograph on 1933 famine
      CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Few if any                                                                                                     contrived element in thefamine, as well
   of the projects undertaken at the                                                                                                    as in collectivization policies in general,
   Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute                                                                                                 what, precisely, could have been the
   have so captivated the Ukrainian                                                                                                     reasons that impelled Stalin's regime to
   American public as the forthcoming                                                                                                  face with equanimity the prospect of
   publication on the famine of 1933.                                                                                                   millions starving?
      The project was initiated in 1980 by                                                                                                 CONQUEST: The main reason for
   the Ukrainian Studies Fund. As en-                                                                                                  the operation was dogma: the indepen-
   visioned by the USF, a monograph                                                                                                    dent peasantry was a bugbear on Mar-
  would be published in 1983 in obser-                                                                                                 xist grounds, and the market economy
  vance of the 50th anniversary of the                                                                                                 it generated was against the principle of
  famine which claimed the lives of                                                                                                    the fundamental evil of "commodity"
  several million Ukrainians. The publi-                                                                                               relations. At the same time the party
  cation would be the first major scholarly                                                                                            was committed to carry out this "revo-
  assessment of the famine and would                                                                                                   lution from above" by the method of
  serve as a groundbreaking work for                                                                                                   class war against the "kulak"element —
  further study of the era. It is being                                                                                                which in Bolshevik terms meant ex-
  prepared with the financial support of                                                                                               treme measures. Stalin also, and espe-
 the Ukrainian National Association.                                                                                                   cially in Ukraine, had a commitment
     The Harvard Ukrainian Research                                                                                                    against "bourgeois nationalism." And
  Institute became involved in the pro-                                                                                                of course he never had any objection to
 ject as part of its commitment to                                                                                                     mass slaughter as an instrument of
 maintain an exacting standard of ex-                                                                                                  policy.
 cellence in research and scholarly works                                                                                                 Collectivization, dekulakization and
 in Ukrainian studies. Prof. Adam                        Dr. Robert G. Conquest                                    B. Ulam
 Ulam, a Harvard specialist on the Stalin        this case your approach will be more or you can remember the exact wording the man-made famine are separate
 period, was appointed by the HURI to           less the same, or is the scope andsubject and source of a remark of Lenin's that matters. It would have been possible to
 find an author for the project. In April       of the work of quite a different nature? "the national problem is essentially a collectivize without dekulakizing; to
                                                                                                                                      collectivize and dekulakize without the
 of 1981, Prof. Ulam recommended the               CONQUEST: Yes, I do envisage the peasant problem"?)
                                                                                                                                      famine (this last was indeed the mode
 eminent author and scholar Robert              book as being of the same general type         But the economic point raises the outside Ukraine, Kuban, Lower Volga
 Conquest as the person best suited to          as The Great Terror." That is, "The whole question of Communist econo-
                                                                                                                                      and Kazakhstan). The decision to inflict
 the task. Prof. Conquest has written           Great Terror" told the story of the mic motivation and strategy at the time.
                                                                                                                                      all three was a political one. The general
 more than a dozen monographs on the            second main foundation of the Stalinist re- Above all, we are often told of the
                                                                                                                                      aim was the destruction of market
 Soviet Union, among them the highly            gime, the present book will tell the story Preobrazhenski idea of financing in-
                                                                                                                                      relations and of the last bourgeois or
 acclaimed "The Great Terror."                  of thefirst.There are obvious differences dustrialization from the product of the
                                                                                                                                      petty bourgeois classes; the particular
                                                - for example in that the investigations peasants. This can be done—as in Meiji
    In May of 1981, Prof. Conquest                                                                                                   aim in Ukraine was all those, but also
                                                of obscure political identities and Japan — but only by seeing that suitable
 agreed to join the project. At that time,                                                                                            the devastation of a hostile area.
                                                elements of the political struggle in consumer goods are pari passu made
 the contracting parties agreed that Prof.       1936-8 are not really paralleled in 1929- available to the peasant. Mere excess          ULAM: To what extent does the
 Conquest would work on the publica-            33; above all the emphasis in the earlier requisition (as had been seen in 1921) whole picture fit into the overallframe-
 tion at the Hoover Institute in Cali-          period is far more strongly on the results in one-shot, and even then not work of Stalin's policies, such as the
 fornia, where he serves as curator, while      population as Stalin's target, as against very great availability, of the peasant utter destruction of opposition, na-
 his junior collaborator, Dr. James            the Yezhov purge's extension also to the product, plus a reduction in sowing tionality policy, and simply the dis-
 Mace, would conduct research on the            ruling party, police and army elite.                                                  covery of a new method of governing
 project at Harvard.                                                                        area, and so forth.
    Since the spring of 1981, the Ukrai-           On the other hand, in both cases there     Moreover the whole operation was through supraterror?
 nian community has been kept up to            had never been a history written: other far less "rational" than such notions              CONQUEST: Bolshevik rule was
date on the research being done on the         books of great interest, documentation, presuppose. Indeed, it was part of the essentially a machinery by which the
 publication through regular press re-         economic analysis, and so forth exist, conditions of crash collectivization that subjective decision of a group of doctri-
leases and a cross-country series of           but not a history properly speaking. As it was not given any real planning naires could be imposed on society and
speaking engagements by Dr. Mace. In           you know, I see the writing of history, as preparation, for it had to be sprung as a the economy. Stalin had indeed dis-
his talks, Dr. Mace has stressed that the      against historiography, as work which, surprise and hustled through the Central covered (or made use of Lenin's dis-
famine can be understood only in the           while never relaxing the rigors of Committee by mere instant political covery) that the totalitarian party can
context of the Soviet Ukrainian ex-            accuracy and research, is above all a pressure.                                        rule against all the odds, and that terror
perience from the revolution to 1933. As       balanced, full and comprehensive nar-          ULAM: m connection with the above, is an excellent way of atomizing op-
for the publication itself, Prof. Con-         rative for the educated, non-specialist if there was a considerable political and position or resistance.
quest outlined its general format at a         reader. For lack of such, I think the
public seminar he presented at Harvard         terror-famine has not really established
                                               itself in the public mind — as it should
this spring.
   More recently, in answer to a number
                                               both on moral and intellectual grounds
                                               of a general sort, and because of the very
                                                                                            New Jersey governor creates
of queries contained in a letter from
Prof. Ulam, Prof. Conquest gave a
general outline of the monograph that
                                               great and continuing intrinsic signifi-
                                               cance of the subject.                        Office of Ethnic Affairs
he is preparing. What follows are                  ULAM: How prominently will the             JERSEY CITY, N.J. - New Jersey           Executive Order No. 11, which was
excerpts from their correspondence             economic component of the question Secretary of State Jane Burgio officially signed by Gov. Kean on July 23, and
provided by the HURI."                        figure in your work? In other words, I announced the formation of an Office which nullified Executive Order No. 65
                                               don t know whether you feel the way I of Ethnic Affairs in the state by Gov. that was signed by Gov. Brendan Byrne
                                               do, but one of the most fascinating Tom Kean. She made the announce- and called for a 16-member council.
                                               aspects of the subject when I was doing ment while representing the governor at
                                               work on a related theme was the ques- the Liberty Park Festival held here at               After her remarks, the secretary of
   CONQUEST: Before dealing with               tion of how contrived the famine was, Liberty State Park on September 11-12.           state introduced the new director of the
your more general points, let me say          andI or how much it was due to mostly                                                   ethnic affairs office, Robert Zochow-
that the core and essence of the book is                                                      The festival capped off Ethnic Heri-
                                              economic and natural causes. This tage Week in New Jersey (September 6- ski, a Polish American lawyer from
the terror-famine which was largely            would seem to me to be one of the most 12), which was proclaimed by the Princeton.
(and designedly) confined to Ukraine —        important aspects of the whole thing, governor on September 1.                              She also introduced members of the
and its outlier, the Kuban.                   and I wonder whether you share my              "By executive order last month Gov. ethnic advisory council, among them
    The central scene of the book, which      opinion.                                      Kean created an official state agency to  Ukrainian community activists Andrew
 all the rest leads up to or develops from,       CONQUEST: The economic side will address the concerns of all the ethnic Keybida of Maplewood and Zenon
 is a broad, cumulative and detailed          of course be covered - a n d fortunately, communities in New Jersey," she said.        Onufryk of Flanders. Mr. Keybida is a
description of the Ukrainian country-         the past decade has seen sensible, "It is called the Office of Ethnic Af- member at large, and Mr. Onufryk is
side in that frightful summer when it         though expert, economic treatment by fairs."                                           the Ukrainian community representa-
was all one .vast Belsen.                     Karcz, Lewin and others. And this                                                      tive.
                                                                                             She said that the office is part of the
    Naturally, the complete context of        sphere can and must be clearly and Department of State, adding that only                   Ms. Burgio also read a short letter
collectivization and dekulakization as a      comprehensively put, without too much one other state has such an office.              from President Ronald Reagan to Gov.
policy for the USSR as a whole will be        stodginess. But as to the causes of the        In addition to establishing the new Kean praising the festival as "an out-
thorougly covered, and so will the            famine, it can be shown that it was due office, Ms. Burgio noted that Gov. standing celebration of the rich diver-
political motivations of Marxism-             to conscious political decision. Indeed, Kean has expanded the New Jersey sity that is the source of America's
Leninism in the agrarian field, and the       the fact of its limitation largely to Ethnic Advisory Council to 19 citizen strength."
specific developments of political deci-      Ukraine was owing to special grain members and six department heads                        This year, marked the fourth year of
sions and maneuvers in Moscow.                quotas for that republic, whose excessive from state government. The chairman the Liberty Park Festival, which fea-
    ULAM: I was very much impressed,          nature was clearly and often brought to of the advisory council is George tured a wide variety of ethnic foods,
as you undoubtedly know, with both            Moscow's attention; and it was carried Pappas, a Greek-American engineer, crafts and cultural exhibits of 40
the substance and method of your              out pan passu (side-by-sidej with the she said.                                        different nationalities. It was the first
"Great Terror. "Now, do youfeel that in       purge of Ukrainian culture. (I wonder if       The new council was created by                       (CoBtfaacd OB pap 13)
No. 40                                                       THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3.1982                                                                5

Commentary: the "demise" of the Moscow Helsinki Group
          by Petro Grigorenko                 be forbidden under the present Soviet        renko and Ginzburg) and four emi-              completing their prison sentences).
    Although news of the Moscow Hel-          conditions. To avoid that situation and      grants (Ludmilla Alekseeva, Bakhmin,           When considering that the original
 sinki Monitoring Group discontinuing         to create a viable organization, the         Borikenov and Yuri Yarym-Agayev),              group consisted of 11 members, the
 its human-rights monitoring activities       group was organized without a formal         live in the free world. They participate       losses are great. As a result of these
 was shocking, it was, however, no great      membership or an organizational sy-          in many ways by defending the interna-         losses, the Ukrainian Group stopped
 surprise to me. What is surprising is that   stem. The membership was united on a         tional Helsinki movement with political        announcing the names of new members
 the event was erroneously reported           basis of mutual trust, individual respon-    and human-rights enthusiasts in scienti-       that represent the current basic strength
 as a liquidation of the group.               sibility, and amicable unanimity with        fic circles, cultural groups, trade unions     of the group. For this group to function
    For more than six years the Moscow        equal rights for all. Individuals desiring   and other fruitful international liaisons.     openly it must have the opportunity to
group - as well as all other Helsinki         to become members could join the             It is evident that the group has not           legally monitor compliance with the
 monitoring groups in the Soviet Union        group, provided there were no objec-         dissolved itself, but has changed its          Helsinki Accords. The governments
 — carried on its monitoring work             tions from the active members. For a         center of activity and the direction of its    that signed the accords can help attain
despite the Soviet government's (KGIft)       member wishing to drop out all that was      work, and is continuing its struggle for       that opportunity by confronting the
ceaseless persecution, various threats,       necessary was a statement of resigna-        the release of the imprisoned members          USSR with demands of honest com-
loss of livelihood, police surveillance,      tion without any explanations required;      of this and other groups, as well as of        pliance with all of the articles of the
illegal searches, arrests with sentences      no one could be expelled from the            Soviet political prisoners by demand-           Helsinki Accords and providing its
based on fabricated allegations, internal     group. No member could make deci-            ing either compliance with the Helsinki        citizenry with the necessary authority to
exile and expatriation.                       sions for another, and no one could          Accords or asking for its annulment. In         oversee the fulfillment of the act. They
                                              obligate others to any action contrary to    order to accomplish this the available         can ask the Soviets to release all mem-
    The group's tenacity of purpose in        his will. Each member could make             members of the Moscow Group who are            bers of the Helsinki Groups, political
human-rights work was a result of its         recommendations for a document; it           now living abroad must unite and                prisoners and prisoners of conscience
judicious organizational principles, its      would be considered the group's official     replenish their ranks with effective            from incarceration, exile and expatria-
flexible tactics, the members' moral          paper only upon its being signed by an       Moscow human-rights activists. They             tion.
steadfastness and courage, their noble        acceptable number of members. It was         must proclaim a Moscow Helsinki
aspirations, the support of the world                                                                                                         If the USSR refuses to accept the
                                              every member's right to participate in       Group in exile and begin its active work.      above, the Helsinki Accords should
community, the good will of the citizens      the group's activities by whatever means
(as evidenced by the continuous flow of                                                       As to other Helsinki groups, be they         then be declared null and void. This
                                              available, despite the scattering of the     Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Armenian or              should be followed with a demand for
information on human-rights viola-            members as a result of harsh Soviet
tions), and by the arrival of replace-                                                     Georgian, let it be known that the              the convening of a peace conference to
                                              persecutions.                                absence of certain overt human-rights           resolve the problem of post-World War
ments for those torn from human-rights
ranks by government terrorization. It is         In addition to the three previously-      activities does not necessarily spell their     II boundaries and the liquidation of the
evident that the group's ability to carry     mentioned members of the group there         demise. Even though members of the              Stalin-Hitler pre-war pact on the divi-
on its work was dependent upon an             are 12 other members, including four         groups have been transferred indivi-           sion of spheres of influence.
increasing number of new members.             members of the committee for investi-        dually from Mordovian and Perm                     Some final words regarding the other
Unfortunately, the replacements could         gating the government abuses of psy-         gulags to Kiev and Vilno to undergo             Helsinki groups: they were never
not overcome the losses resulting from the    chiatry for political purposes, namely:      "rehabilitation work," not one person          satellites of the Moscow Helsinki Moni-
government's unrestrained harassment.         Yuri Orlov, Anatoly Shcharansky,             has been found to announce the self-           toring Group, although in the spirit of
                                              Vladimir Slepak, Malva Landa, Feliks         dissolution of his group. These other          cooperation, the Moscow Group was
    As a result, the number of active         Serebrov, Tatiana Osipova, Victor            Helsinki groups, demeaned by some              notified post factum of their creation.
members in the Moscow Group steadily          Nekipelov, Ivan Kovalev, Vyacheslav          members of the press as "satellites," are       Their methods and goals were different
decreased until, finally, there were only     Bakhmin, Aleksandr Podrabinek, Irina         silent for they have been stifled no less      from those of the Moscow Group. They
three left: Yelena Bonner, a World War        Gryvnina, and Anatoly Koryagin. They         vehemently than the Moscow Group.              cooperated openly with the Moscow
II invalid and wife of academician            are in prison, labor camps, or in exile.                                                     Group, receiving help and advice only
Andrei Sakharov; 70-year-old ailing                                                           The number of silent voices in the
                                              Not only did everyone find a way to           Ukrainian Group is greater than the            when requested. Referring to the Mos-
Naum Meiman, a physicist and mathe-           reassert his membership but, astonish-                                                       cow Group's cessation of human-rights
matician; seriously-ill 75-year-old Sofia                                                  number in the Moscow Group. At this
                                              ing as it sounds, made an affirmation to     time, 27 members are in prisons, labor          activities, members of the Ukrainian
 Kalistratova, prominent Moscow at-           be on a mission to investigate com-                                                          Group wrote: "For over five years the
torney. The three were warned by the                                                       camps and in exile: seven of these who
                                              pliance with human rights in prisons.        are completing their prison sentences           Moscow and the Ukrainian monitoring
Moscow prosecutor that criminal action        Helsinki groups have even been or-                                                           groups operated in an atmosphere of
against them had been initiated under                                                      have received additional sentences,
                                              ganized in prison and labor camps.           three live at home under police sur-            mutual trust and cooperation." Both
the criminal code article covering "anti-                                                                                                  groups were allied in a mutual endeavor
Soviet agitation and propaganda." A              Another six of the group members,         veillance, seven were expatriated (of
                                              consisting of two expatriates (Grigo-        this latter group, six were banished after      to establish human rights for all.
stifling, tight police surveillance of the
three was started, making it impossible
for the group to legally continue its
work. These are the hard facts.               Book review
    Unfortunately, the Western press,
using eye-catching headlines by er-
roneously citing the group's Document
                                              Essays on Austrian Galicia: outstanding collection
 195, reported that the Moscow Helsinki               by Dr. James E. Mace                 filled with the publication of the ex-         Wilhelm Feldman, and Leila Everett's
Group announced "its own" dissolu-                                                         cellent collection of essays edited by         survey, "The Rise of Jewish National
tion and made no mention of any                  The modern Ukrainian movement             Andrei S. Markovits and Frank E.               Politics in Galicia, 1905-1907." Prof.
voluntary dissolution. The news com-          which asserted itself so strongly on the     Sysyn, "Nationbuilding and the Poli-           Mendelsohn's article provides ample
mentaries, rather than censuring the          stage of history after World War I was       tics of Nationalism: Essays on Austrian        information on the history of Galician
Soviet Union's authorities for degrad-        the product of a long symbiotic relation-    Galicia." Each of the 11 essays compiled       Jewry in the 19th century. Ms. Everett's
ing and violating the Helsinki Accords,       ship between the Ukrainian communi-          by Profs. Markovits and Sysyn is
chose to emphasize a funeral setting for      ties living under Austrian and Russian       written by a leading scholar in the field.                                 15)
one such organization that struggled for      rule. After the Ems Ukase of 1876 made       As a whole, the book provides the
security, humanrightsand a just peace.        Ukrainian national work virtually            reader with a useful survey of the pro-        Book notes
In addition, the reports erroneously          impossible in the Russian Empire, a          vince's history and elucidates a number
labelled other Helsinki groups as "satel-     number of outstanding Ukrainian acti-        on its most interesting sidelights.
lites" of the Moscow group and ignored        vists from eastern Ukraine moved to the                                                     Teacher publishes
their independent status.                     freer atmosphere of Galicia or had then-         Each essay represents the current
    A further example of the commenta-        works published there. Galician Ukrai-        state of the art in historical scholarship.
                                                                                            The introductory article by Prof. Mar-
                                                                                                                                          Ukrainian grammar
tors' posture was the incident revolving      nians, for their part, fully came to
about the exile of my friend and asso-        realize that they were of the same nation     kovits is, all in all, a highly informative       DETROIT - "A Ukrainian Grammar
ciate, Academician Sakharov, to Gorky.        as their kinsmen to the east and deeply       introduction to the general framework         for Beginners, Self-Teaching," a book
 Instead of expressing outrage over the       influenced the development of national       of the Habsburg Empire and Galicia's           by Martha Wichorek, a former Detroit
authorities' brutal arbitrariness, the        consciousness In eastern Ukraine. With       place within it, supplemented by an            public school teacher, is now available
reports reflected the dour mood: "On          the revolution, two sister governments,      excellent bibliography on the Austrian         through mail order.
the day that A.D. Sakharov was being          the Ukrainian National Republic and           Empire and the problems of nation-                The 338-page book is written in easy-
deported to Gorky, the fate of the human-     the Western Ukrainian National Re-           building, eminently suitable for the           to-understand English, and is geared
 rights movement was being decided."          public, were established, proclaimed         reader who might find that the book            especially to all those who know little or
                                              their unity, and Galicians fought for the    merely whets his or her appetite to know       no Ukrainian. The book contains an
    To help clarify and correct the           freedom of their eastern brethren under      more.                                          English word index and a Ukrainian-
 reports, I am briefly providing the          the slogan "Through Kiev to Lviv."              Prof. Ivan L. Rudnytsky's contribu-
 following organizational facts.                                                                                                          English dictionary, as well as 29 lessons
                                                                                           tion, "The Ukrainians in Galicia Under         and plenty of oral and written exercises
    The founders of the Moscow Helsinki                                                    Austrian Rule," is the best concise
                                        In view of the crucial importance of                                                              with answers.
 Group fully realized that a conventional                                                  account of the subject ever written by a
                                      eastern Galicia to the development of
 organization having a charter, by-laws,                                                                                                      The book costs S10 and is available
                                      the national movement, the lack of a                 Western scholar, and the same can be           by writing Ms. Wichorek at 13814
 formal membership, division of autho-                                                     said for Prof. Piotr Wandycz's essay on
 rity, meetings and conferences, wouldconcise, easily readable but scholarly,                                                              Vassar Drive, Detroit, Mich. 13814. There
                                      English-language history of Galicia                  the Poles in the Habsburg Empire.               is a SI.50 postage and handling charge
  Petro Grigorenko is a member ofboth under Austrian rule has long been a                     These two essays are complemented            for each copy. In Canadian currency
the Moscow and Ukrainian Helsinki major lacuna of Ukrainian studies in the                 by Ezra Mendelsohn's study of Jewish            the cost (including postage and handling)
groups.                               West. Now that lacuna has partially                  assimilation in Lviv, the career of             is S14.
 6                                                            THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY       SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3,1932                                                      No. 40

                                                                                         Focus on Ukrainian women political prisoners
     Ukrainian Weerh
                               Smear tactics                                             Oksana Popovych:
        When The Weekly first broke the story that Ukrainian dissident Olena
      Antoniv Krasivska was the victim of a vicious smear in the August 18 issue of
     a Lviv newspaper (see The Weekly, September 5), we expressed fear that the
                                                                                         23 years without freedom
     scope and vitriol of the obloquy meant that her arrest was imminent. Sad to                  by Nina Strokata
     say, we were right. News of her arrest has recently reached the West. Ms.
      Krasivska was hauled in shortly after her work, her reputation and her               Oksana Popovych was born in 1926.
     activities were publicly sullied in a spiteful and malicious article in Vilna      She grew up at a time when the Ukrai­
      Ukraine, which is published by the Communist Party of Ukraine.                    nian nation was in a desperate war with
        The technique of prefacing the arrest of a dissident with a well-placed smear   German Fascist and Soviet Communist
     is not new. It is a form of harassment and intimidation. Ukrainian political       invaders. During the war — in 1944 —
     prisoners Oles Berdnyk and Mykola Matusevych were both vilified in the             Oksana was sentenced to 10 years in a
     press before their arrests. Poet and imprisoned Helsinki monitor Vasyl Stus        Soviet labor camp for her participation
     was branded a fascist by the local press for a year before he was finally          in the two-front war for Ukrainian
     arrested.                                                                          independence.
        In the Vilna Ukraina article on Ms. Krasivska, the author accused her of           After her release in 1954, she worked
     misappropriating money from the Russian Social Fund - set up by                    at various manual-labor jobs since her
     Alexander Solzhenitsyn before his expulsion from the USSR to help the              previous incarceration prohibited fur­
     families of political prisoners - and using it for her own enjoyment. The          ther education or any other type of
     article reached new heights of creative animadversions, labeling Ms.               work.
     Krasivska "the Galician banking housewife" who sought to create "a private            In 1974, Oksana was arrested again,
     banking-credit operation" not unlike "the American Manhattan Chase                 this time for disseminating samvydav
     Bank" (sic).                                                                       materials. Shortly before her arrest, she
        References to Ms. Krasivska's "egoism," selfishness and cunning are             underwent orthopedic surgery on her
     passim; she is called "trivial, capricious, inconstant... and a liar."             hip. Her operation called for a lengthy
        But there is more here than mere character assassination. Ms. Krasivska is      and special convalescence. Yet, respond­
     also linked with Ukrainian "bourgeoise nationalism" and other Ukrainian            ing to KGB orders, her doctors issued a
     dissidents such as Kateryna Zarytska, Mykhailo Osadchy and Ivan Неї,               report permitting interrogation.
     whose father, the article says, "was an active helper and abettor of Banderite        As a result, a warrant was issued for              Oksana Popovych
     headhunted." Her portrait as a self-glorifying thief is meant to discredit the     her arrest, and she was taken into
     human-rights movement, Ukrainian nationalists both past and present, and           custody on a stretcher. As a protest,          ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
     the Russian Social Fund and its supporters in the West.                            Oksana went on a 45-day hunger strike,
                                                                                        which ended after she was force-fed by      Oksana's birthday: February 2, 1926.
        One often wonders why the Soviets should bother with the elaborate                                                          Sources:
     rigmarole of such vivid excoriations inthe press. The lurid language, sardonic     prison authorities.
                                                                                           Oksana Popovych was sentenced to a          в "The Persecution of the Ukrainian
     tone and limitless hyperbole of these denunciations evoke a quality of
                                                                                        term of eight years in a strict-regimen     Helsinki Group." Toronto: Human
     ridiculous parody rather than truth, something, we assume, the average
                                                                                        labor camp and five years' exile.           Rights Commission of the World Con­
     Soviet reader would quickly discern and dismiss as such.
                                                                                           In 1975, the International Women's       gress of Free Ukrainians, 1980, pp. 40-
        Maybe or maybe not. But the real reason for the smears has less to do with                                                 41.
     denouncing nationalism or gaining propaganda ground than it does with              Year, she entered a Mordovian labor
     intimidation, with the government showing again that, in the Soviet Union,        camp on crutches. Today, she must               " "The Persecution of the Ukrainian
     the press is merely another powerful tool of official repression. The personal    walk with the aid of two canes.              Helsinki Group. Fifth Anniversary
     attacks, the fabrications, the vilification, the brazen lies all send a clear and     During her imprisonment, she con­ update. November 9, 1981." Toronto:
     no-nonsense message to Soviet citizens: in this system, there truly is no         ducted constant protests against the         Human Rights Commission of the
     place to hide. There is also no recourse. One doesn't imagine that a dissident    unjust and cruel treatment of inmates        World Congress of Free Ukrainians,
     could bring a libel or slander suit against a Soviet government press organ.      by the prison authorities, and she           1981, p. 7, p. 22.
                                                                                        refused to do forced labor at the camp.       ' The Human Rights Movement in
        We in the West enjoy the benefits of a free press, and are at the same time                                                 Ukraine: Documents of the Ukrainian
     protected from it by a host of legal constraints and privacy laws.                Only those who have experienced
                                                                                       imprisonment in Soviet labor camps          Helsinki Group 1976-1980. Baltimore-
        Clearly, then, our outrage is heightened when we realize that Ms.
     Krasivska and others like her are being victimized by a press monopoly that is    can imagine the additional danger Washington-Toronto: Smoloskyp Pub­
                                                                                       confronting this invalid woman after        lishers, 1980, p. 48, p. 259.
     in the hands of a brutal and malevolent government, and that they have no
     forum to defend themselves, no way to publicly respond to the government's        she refused forced labor.                      о Herald of Persecution in Ukraine.
     wild accusations. We can only support Ms. Krasivska, proclaim her                     In 1979, while in prison, Oksana        New York: External Representation of
     innocence and continue to denounce the craven system which sees fit to sic its    joined the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.        the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, pp. 2-19
     yellow journalists on men and women seeking nothing more than the dignity             At the time of this writing, her prison (February 1981).
     of basic human rights.                                                            term is nearing completion. Still ahead,       о Hearing and markup before the
                                                                                       however, are five years of internal exile. Committee on Foreign Affairs and its
                                                                                       According to Soviet law, someone with       Subcommittee on Human Rights and
  Letter to the editor                                                                 Oksana's serious health problems may International Organizations, House of
                                                                                       be released from the exile term. Never­ Representatives. 97th Congress, First
Яв; Kobza tour editorial                                                               theless, past inconsistencies in the Session on H.Con. Res. Ill; H. Res.
                                                                                       application of criminal law in the USSR     152; H. Res. 193. July 28; July 30; and
                                                                                                                                   September 17, 1981. Washington: U.S.
  Dear Editor:                              their latest album (circa 1979) sells only do not bode well for her release from the Government Printing Office, 1981, p.
     In regard to your editorial (Septem­ moderately in Soviet Russia, while fresh exile sentence.                                 12.
  ber 26) portraying the current Kobza copies of the materpiece are virtually              The defense of Oksana Popovych
  tour of Canada as a mere "facade" and a unobtainable in Soviet Ukraine.               could promote her release from the exile Address:
                                                                                                                                   Oksana Zenonivna Popovych
  betrayal of reality, I am taking this       Please, we need not the fresh me­ phase of her punishment. It is impor­ 431200 Barashevo
  opportunity to accuse The Ukrainian mories of Ivasiuk's hideous death - tant to understand that conditions in
                                                                                                                                   uch. Zhkh 385/3-4
  Weekly of performing a disservice to its Time magazine goes so far as to call it a exile are in fact not better than in the Tengushevskiy r-n
  readers through misrepresentation of "celebrated" case. The Kobza ensemble labor camps, and in many cases are Mordovskaya ASSR
 the facts.                                has its opinions on this of which we shall much worse.                                  USSR
    Firstly, the Kobza ensemble was never know. Spare them - and us -                      Oksana Popovych's labor-camp term
 approached and invited to perform by more grief.                                       will end next month. Her exile term is
                                                                                                                                   Оксана Зенонівна Попович,
 the National Concert Agency, an or­                                Andrew Schepel scheduled to expire in October'1987.            431200 Барашево,
 ganization comprised of Ukrainian                                   Somerset, N.J.
 Canadians. Does The Weekly not                                                            Nina Strokata is a former Soviet уч. ЖХ 385/3-4,
 support the intentions of the honorable      P.S.: You may include, as a footnote, political prisoner and is one of the Теньгушевский р-н,
 members of this association in soliciting that I was in Ukraine (visiting) the very founding members of the Kiev-based Мордовская АССР,
 Kobza, despite their full awareness of day that Ivasiuk was buried — only a Ukrainian Helsinki group.                             СССР.
 the present situation in Soviet Ukraine? few hours away. Due to the strict
 Perhaps, our approach to the matter of censorship in the vicinity of Lviv, I was
Soviet tour groups in the United States unaware of the event until I read The
needs a careful re-evaluation.             Ukrainian Weekly upon my return to the        Philadelphia                center to offer Ukrainian
    Secondly, Kobza does not, as other­ United States.
wise suggested by The Weekly, perpe­                                                        PHILADELPHIA - The Philadel­ Wednesday starting October 6.
tuate the Potemkin approach to Ukrai­         Editor's note: The Weekly editorial phia center of the St. Clement Ukrai­              Registration for the courses will take
nian music and art. Do these young men takes issue neither with the Kobza nian Catholic University in Rome, place on that day beginning at 7 p.m.
not burn with resentment and hostility ensemble itself, nor with the Canadian located at 7911 Whitewood Road in There is no tuition, only a registration
toward the murderers of our beloved agency that arranged the group's tour,               Elkins Park, will offer once again free fee of S35. Refreshments will be served
Ivasiuk? Do they not feel the molesting but with the Soviet system that allows a instruction in the Ukrainian language. during class break.
breath of their accompanying nannies group like Kobza to perform abroad                    This year, there will be two courses —    For additional information call Dr.
wherever they perform? The Weekly while "kobzari" and composers like Ukrainian for Beginners and Advanced L. Rudnytzky during business hours at
may find it of interest to realize that Ivasiuk are murdered at home.                    Ukrainian. Students will meet every (215)951-1200.               . . v . v , v.
No. 40                                                     THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3,1982

                 The Madrid Review Conference: an updated report
                                                Religious freedom, which traditionally    the Christmas holiday issue of Wiado-              A particularly bloody and brutal
                Putin                      has been greater in Poland than in other       mosci Szczecinskie which claimed that          incident took place on December 16,
    The government has been carrying       areas of Eastern Europe, also was              Jews have been a source of trouble in           1981, when at least nine miners were
out a process described officially as      diminished somewhat by martial law.            Poland ever since 1947. The article also       killed and 39 others wounded in a
"verification," wherein individuals are    The weekly religious broadcasts on             said that Jews operating through KOR.          pitched battle with security forces
required to appear before a board of       state radio were suspended on Decem-           were trying to seize power in the coun-        during the suppression of a strike at the
review which passes on their political      ber 13, 1981, and returned on a more          try. The Jewish ancestry of KOR leaders         Wujek coal mine in Katowice. The
reliability. Those found to be unreliable   limited twice-monthly schedule in late        Adam Michnik and Karol Modzelewski              special riot police (ZOMO) employed
— often on the basis of nothing more       January. PAX, the Catholic lay or-             was mentioned in a denigrating manner.          tanks and other armored vehicles to
than Solidarity membership — are            ganization which had evolved since                The Grunwald Patriotic Union, a             crush miners who formerly were the
dismissed from their jobs. No figures       1980 from a strongly pro-regime and           hard-line nationalist group with de-            bedrock of support for the regime. The
are available on the exact number of        politically orthodox group with anti-         cided anti-Semitic overtones, seems to          miners have converted the site of the
those who have lost their jobs or           Semitic tendencies into an organization       be one of the few political entities to         battle into an informal shrine. On the
undergone the verification process, but     of more independent views and liberal         have survived martial law. The Grun-            same day, the official Polish media
the evidence suggests that many thou-       convictions, moved toward more tradi-         wald group reappeared in 1981 with              reported that 324 people, including 164
sands have been involved. Indeed, the      tional positions under martial law.            support from conservative circles in the        civilians and 160 policemen, had been
army newspaper Zolnierz Wolnosci            Ryszard Reiff, the chairman of PAX,            party after a long period of inactivity. It    injured and one person had been killed
urged on Janaury IS that the verifica-      was ousted from his position and               purports to interpret Polish nationalism       in Gdansk, the birthplace of Solidarity,
tion of staff process be "carried out at all removed as head of the Catholic parlia-      by tracing an alleged continuum of alien        during street demonstrations near the
levels important for our national exis-     mentary group (ZNAK) in January,              (i.e., Jewish) influence in events in           monument to shipyard workers slain
tence... (including) the party, adminis-     reportedly because he was the only            Poland from the security service purges        there in 1970. Eyewitness accounts
trative apparat, economy, education,         member of the Council of State to vote        of the 1950s to present Solidarity             noted that the demonstrations conti-
press, radio and television as well as       against promulgating the state of emer-       activists.                                     nued, and a virtual police riot ensued on
many other fields." The article also        gency.                                            Polish universities have a long-            December 17, 1981, as security forces
stressed the need to root out "disguised                                                   standing reputation for an independent         broke the strike in the Gdansk ship-
ideological and political opponents."           From the outset, the regime sought to                                                     yards. The events in Gdansk on January
                                             portray the Catholic Church's position        spirit. Many of them were at least
    The process of verification has not                                                    partially paralyzed by student strikes          31, where a number of people were
                                             on reconciliation as support for the                                                         injured and over 200 demonstrators
only been aimed at those occupying           pacification aspects of its martial law       during the month preceding martial
sensitive positions in the government or                                                   law. The strikes reflected impatience          were arrested, were another example of
                                             policies. As that premise became more                                                        the authorities' unrestricted use of force
the media but also at ordinary workers       difficult to project, a series of official    with intentional government delays in
who have been ordered to sign denun-                                                       adopting a higher education bill em-           against an unarmed populace. In mid-
                                             press commentaries accused some                                                               February, security forces conducted a
ciations of Solidarity. Those who refuse     members of the clergy ofcontributing to       bodying long-awaited academic re-
have been either demoted or fired.                                                         forms. Universities throughout Poland          massive countrywide sweep for sus-
                                             the problems which led to the imposi-                                                        pected martial law violators. Official
Church officials, including the primate,     tion of martial law. Trybuna Ludu             were closed following the imposition of
Archbishop Glemp, have often and                                                           martial law on December 13, 1981.               Polish Press Agency reports indicated
                                             expressed surprise over "provocative                                                          that 145,000 people were checked
bitterly denounced this practice, which      and politically inciting gestures by some      Most did not reopen until February 8.
makes a mockery of the goverment's                                                         Severe restrictions have been imposed          during "Operation Calm"; 3,500 people
                                             representatives of the clergy." One                                                           were detained and taken to a police
professed policy of tolerance and conci-     priest was arrested and received a three      to keep Polish campuses under tight
liation towards Solidarity and its mem-                                                    control. The compulsory study of the            station; 7,000 fines were imposed; and
                                             and one-half-year prison sentence in                                                          4,000 cases were referred to misde-
 bers, as immoral and unethical.              Koszalin province for allegedly "publicly     Russian language and Marxism-Leni-
                                                                                            nism has been reintroduced (something          meanor tribunals as a result of this
     Indeed, the Church has long sought      insulting and deriding...the ruling
                                                                                            both students and faculty fought hard          major demonstration of force by the
to maintain a dialogue between Soli-         authorities and...spreading false infor-
                                                                                            to have removed); a limited "verifica-         authorities.
darity and the authorities in the interests  mation." Another priest was arrested in
 of internal peace and national renewal.      March and charged with concealing the         tion" procedure has taken place in a             In various statements, the military
 After December 13, 1981, the Church         murder weapon in connection with the           number of universities; military com-         regime's leaders have insisted that the
 spoke out often and forcefully on the        slaying of a militiaman on a Warsaw           missars have been assigned to oversee         decision to implement martiallaw
 need to end martiallaw and returned to       streetcar.                                    the operation of the universities; and        resulted from their revulsion at the
 a dialogue among the parties in Poland.                                                    student and faculty ability to function is    thought of Polish blood being shed in
 The Polish episcopate, in several                 There have been signs that some          severely restricted. Henryk Samsono-          fratricidal strife. It is impossible to
 pastoral letters and statements, called       Polish officials have engaged in anti-       wicz, the respected rector of Warsaw          reconcile such statements with the
 for a swift end to martial law, release of    Semitic activities as part of the political  University, was forced to resign his post     employment of special heayily armed
 internees, amnesty for those charged          oppression undertaken since December         in early April. Later the faculty senate      riot police and elite internal security
 with violating martial law and for those      13, 1981. Brief expressions of anti-         approved a resolution condemning the          troops of the Interior Ministry to quell
 still in hiding, and an end to dismissals     Semitic sentiment and personal slurs         dismissal process and the selection of a      the actions of unarmed workers and
 from work for political views or union        and innuendo appeared in several             new rector without consulting the             students.
 membership. The bishops also urged a          newspaper articles denouncing promi-         university.
  resumption of talks between Solidarity       nent opposition figures from Solidarity       Since normal rights of assembly                  Despite continuous announcements
 and the authorities to extricate the          and the defunct Committee for Social remain suspended, in most universities                in the official media about the return of
  country from what they termed a              Self-Defense (KOR). The December 17 students and faculty may only visit the                stability, normalcy, peace and social
  deepening catastrophe. Archbishop            and 18, 1981, issues of Trybuna Ludu campus for classes or to go directly to               discipline, the martial law regime
  Glemp also gave a number of well-            gave short biographical sketches of the library. Students showing any type                 continues to exist. Gen. Jaruzelski's
  publicized sermons calling for a dis-        prominent opposition activists and of politically deviant behavior are being               announcement in the Sejm on January
  mantling of martial law and a return to      outlined their past anti-regime activities. threatened with expulsion or military          25 that martial law restrictions would be
  the process of dialogue and national         The articles pointed to alleged involve-                                                   lifted by the end of February was so
  renewal. On March 4, he publicly called      ment with "Zionism" and particularly                                                       qualified as to be almost meaningless,
  for the release of Lech Walesa and other     to manifestations of support for Israel       The Independent Association of               and he made clear that many aspects of
  detainees at a religious ceremony near       in the late 1960s. For example, the Students, the student counterpart of                   martial law may continue indefinitely in
  the giant Ursus tractor complex. In a        December 17 article stated that after Solidarity, was dissolved by the autho-              the economic sector. Gen. Jaruzelski
  brief address supplementing his Easter       release from prison in the early 1970s, rities on January 5 for alleged "subver-           later told the Communist Party's Cen-
  message, the primate posed a clear           Jacek Kuron "established contact with sive and illegal activities"during martial           tral Committee on February 24 that
  challenge to the martial law regime. He      emigre circles, and with Zionist, Trot- law. However, it reportedly has begun              plans to end martial law restrictions had
   called for the removal of barriers          skyite and Western sabotage centers." underground operations and issued                    been delayed by continued social and
   separating the authorities and society,     The December 18 article described the clandestine bulletins commenting on                  industrial unrest. Some modifications
   and announced the release for public        career of Bronislaw Geremek and stated various aspects of martial law.                     of martial law restrictions did take
   discussion of a document titled "Re-        that, "after the Israeli attack on Arab        In implementing martial law, the            place, principally in the areas of the
   garding Social Conciliation" which he       countries, he made known his revi- military regime has used considerable                   curfew, transportation and communi-
   had sent to the government. This            sionist views and turned in his party force to crush any signs of resistance               cation. Limited public social gather-
   document called for a new discussion        card in 1969." From this time onward, — even passive resistance. The authori-              ings, resumption of intercity telephone
   between the government, the Church,         "his main connections were with Zio- ties have employed tanks, small arms,                 communications on a censored basis
   and a broadly based committee repre-        nist-revisionist centers." In a similar clubs, tear gas, rubber bullets and water          and a relaxation of internal travel
   senting all elements in Polish society,     vein, the Polish Press Agency on Ja- cannon to break up non-violent strikes                restrictions were among the measures
   including Solidarity. The dialogue          nuary 9 described Solidarity adviser and demonstrations. Official state-                   announced by the beginning of March.
   would seek to negotiate an end to           Seweryn Blumsztajn as "the favorite of ments acknowledged 10 deaths as a                   The curfew, which ran from 11 p.m. to 5
   martial law, explore ways to reactivate     certain anarchist and cosmopolitan result of government suppression of                     a.m. in most parts of the country, was
   trade unions and to re-establish civil      circles in the West," and the Army protest actions, but unofficial and                     lifted temporarily on May 2 as part of a
    rights, and address economic and social     newspaper Zolnierz Wolnosci on unconfirmed reports indicate a higher                      limited easing of martial law restric-
    reforms. The document also took Soli-       February 23 linked KOR with "Zionist number of fatalities. No firm estimates              tions. The military authorities, citing
    darity to task for pre-martial law          milieus seeking to antagonize Polish have been made of the number of                       "further progress in normalization of
    excesses and urged recognition by          society."                                   persons injured and wounded in the              public life," also announced the release
    Polish society of "economic and geo-                                                                                                   of 800 detainees on May 2 and granted,
    political ' realities."                        The most glaring instance of pub- course of government "pacification"
                                                lished anti-Semitism was an article in     actions.                                                   (Continued on paft 14)
 8                                                           THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY          SUNDAY. OCTOBER 3.1982                                                           No. 40

                                                                                                                          Post Office Box 134
                       MEDIA ACTION COALITION                                                                             Whippany, New Jersey 07981

Toward               accuracy in classification                                      at       the Library of                        Congress
    It is with great pleasure that the MA Cpublishes this     Chernigov and classified according to the Library of         names of Ukraine (e.g., Brody, Ukraine, and not
 article by our guest author, Andrew Turchyn. Dr.             Congress classification schedules as a Russian city, all     Brody, Russia, as it was until 1967) and in indirect
 Turchyn is professor and librarian emeritus, Indiana         American libraries, press, television, etc. regard this      subdivisions (e.g., Agriculture — Ukraine — Crimea,
 University Library, Bloomington, Ind.                        Ukrainian city as a Russian one. It is laudable that        and not Agriculture — Russia - Crimea), the Soviet
                                                             each year in Congress we celebrate the Captive Nations        Union is no longer called "Russia," and the Ukrainian
                  by Andrew Turchyn                           Week and commemorate the independence of U-                 provinces, cities, towns, etc. will be classified within
                                                              kraine, Byelorussia, and some other captive nations         the history schedule of Ukraine. Still there are many
     In I960, when the Library of Congress was still          but it seems that these actions of ours become               other changes which ought to be made.
 using its outdated classification schedules reflecting       meaningless when in everyday life we negate our                The Library of Congress has to stop treating
 the political situation in Europe before World War I, I     solemn addresses."                                            Ukraine as a province of Russia, as reflected in the
 sent a memo to the Library of Congress suggesting               Finally I received an answer from the Library of         Class A (4th ed., 1973) and in some other classification
 many changes in its classification schedules, subject        Congress to my letter of March 10. Lucia J. Rather,         schedules. Each Soviet republic should have its
 headings and main entries.                                   director of cataloguing, informed me in her letter of       classification schedules outside and not inside the
    When my effort brought no change, in 1967 I asked         June 28 that the Subject Cataloguing Division had           classification schedules of Russia. It is not enought to
 Sen. Milton B. Young to intervene. Pressure on the          agreed to relocate history schedules of some of the          change the heading "Russia" to the "Soviet Union"
   ibrary of Congress was put also on forums of the           non-Russian republics and to provide each of them           and to have the outdated classification schedules
  )la vie and East European Section of the Association        with its own local history number. However, the             unchanged. The classification schedules related to the
 of College and Research Libraries, the American              library decided that "all matters involving the             Soviet Union have to be elaborated. All constituent
 Library Association, and the American Association            Revolution should be classed in DK.265.95 according         republics of the USSR should be listed in the tables of
 for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.                      to existing policy."                                         subdivisions in the various classification schedules,
     In this way the Library of Congress became aware of         As far as Ukrainian local history is concerned, my       especially in the "Tables of Geographical Divisions" of
 a general dissatisfaction with its cataloguing policy. As   efforts brought a complete success. From now on, all         the Class H and the "Tables of Subdivisions" in the
 a result, several important changes related to              provinces, cities and towns of Ukraine will be               Class N.
 cataloguing and classification of East European             classified within the history schedule of Ukraine, and          The Library of Congress has to remove all traces of
 materials were made. Slavic librarians accepted these       not of Russia, as it was before.                             misconceptions based on the outdated assertions that
 changes with satisfaction and hope that the Library of          In my answer to Ms. Rather of July 7,1 wrote: "If        the USSR is Russia and that all Eastern Slavs are
 Congress would finally make all of the necessary            the Library of Congress is not in the position now to        Russians. Furthermore, the Library of Congress has
 improvements in cataloguing materials related to the        make a new schedule for the Soviet Union, then it            to make the necessary changes in its classification
 Soviet Union and its republics, the area most neglected     would be advisable to have the schedules of the non-         schedules and subject headings related to history,
 by the Library of Congress. However, the Library of          Russian republics outside the schedule of Russia. In        language, literature, etc. of Kievan Rus'. We cannot be
 Congress postponed further changes.                         this way the Russian history material would be left          silent as long the Library of Congress deprives us of
    Since lack of additional funds and personnel is one      together and the material related to each non-Russian        our glorious past and the rich cultural heritage of
 of the usual Library of Congress excuses for not            republic would follow it according to the relocated          Kievan Rus'. We also have to protest to the U.S. Board
making the necessary changes, in my letter of March          schedules. The best place for them would, in my              of Geographic Names against use of the Russian form of
 10, 1982, to the library I suggested only such changes      opinion, be between DK1000 and DK4000. In such an            the geographic names of Ukraine. The Library of
 which required neither special funds nor personnel. It      arrangement the non-Russian republics would be               Congress will stop using the Russian form only after
 was a test of good will.                                    treated the same way as the Slovaks in the history           the U.S. Board on Geographic Names accepts the
                                                             schedule of Czechoslovakia and the non-Serbs in the          Ukrainian form.
    Several years ago the Library of Congress accepted
the regional or ethnic principle, suggested by me, in the    new schedule of Yugoslavia."                                    Immediate action should be led by our representa-
 new history schedule for Czechoslovakia. Now the                In regard to the library's refusal to remove the         tion in this country, as well as by our scientific
local history of Slovakia is included in the history         restrictive notes concerning the revolutions in the          societies, institutes and professional associations.
schedule of Slovakia, and this fact allows libraries to      former Russian Empire, I brought several arguments
 keep all historical materials on Slovakia together.         which ought to prove that the present Library of
 However, the Library of Congress does not want to           Congress policy is neither just nor logical, but is a sign
apply this principle to the non-Russian republics of the     of favoritism applied to no nation other than the                       Library of Congress statement
 Soviet Union. The classification schedule History-          Russian.
 Class D contains the "tables for countries and regions          I am glad that meanwhile the Media Action
                                                                                                                                        on subject headings for
 with single numbers or Cutter numbers." These tables
have been applied not only to the states created after
                                                             Coalition published in The Ukrainian Weekly (May
                                                             23, 1982) the article "Toward accuracy in classification
                                                                                                                                      Russians and Soviet Union
 World War II in Africa and elsewhere but also to            systems" and recommended writing letters to con-                           In the May 23, 1982, issue of The Ukrainian
several republics of the Soviet Union.                       gressmen and senators concerning the Library of                         Weekly, the following "Action Item" appeared:
    Yet, the Library of Congress practice does not allow     Congress cataloguing policy. The MAC's action dis-                         "The Library of Congress, an official arm of the
cataloguers to use the local history number of the           turbed the Library of Congress. Mary K. D. Pietris, chief,              legislative branch of our government, has unilate-
tables for the local history of the non-Russian              Subject Cataloguing Division, prepared the "Library of                  rally decreed that everyone in the USSR is a
republics of the Soviet Union. Instead, cataloguers are      Congress Statement on Subject Headings for Russians                     Russian and every aspect related to the identity of
referred to the local history of Russia. By doing so, the    and the Soviet Union" and sent it to Rep. Hawkins,                      the 100 nations and nationalities within the
 Library of Congress not only commits a mistake, but         who forwarded it to me.                                                 common framework of the USSR is Russian. This
also unnecessarily antagonizes some segments of our              In my letter to Ms. Pietris of August 3,1 stressed                  is the type of information that the Library of
population. To classify, for example, Kiev as a              that her complaint that The Ukrainian Weekly "has                       Congress will furnish to every federal legislator who
 Russian city is no less offensive to a Ukrainian            misunderstood and misrepresented the position of the                    will request any information on the USSR.
 American than it would be to an Irish American to           Library of Congress" was not justified. The Ukrainian                      "RECOMMENDED ACTION: Write to your
classify Dublin as an English city.                          Weekly did not change her statement. It only informed                   federal representatives, congressman and senators
    Since there is no reason that cataloguers should not     its readers about the library's decision to use                         and ask them please to investigate why the Library
use the local history number of the above-mentioned          "Russian" as the general adjective for citizens of the                  of Congress intends to misinform them on the
tables for the non-Russian republics, I requested that       Soviet Union and recommended action against it. The                     subject of the USSR. Also write or call every
the Library of Congress change its policy as soon as         non-Russians who constitute about one-half of the                       candidate running for a federal office and ask them
possible. I also asked the library to cancel the             entire population of the Soviet Union simply do not                     to express their position on this issue."
restrictive notes, which tell cataloguers not to classify    wish to be called "Russians" and there is nothing                          (Then followed information on how to discover
the revolutionary periods of the years 1905-6 and            wrong with it.                                                          the names of congressmen and senators, and the
 1917-21 within the history schedules of the non-                The book titled "Soviet Cooking Today" should                       suggestion to send copies of the letters to "Mr. D. J.
 Russian republics, but as a local revolutionary history     never have the heading "Cookery, Russian," but only                     Boorstine fsicj, librarian, and Office of the Director
of Russia (DK264.2 and DK265.8). Following these             "Cookery, Soviet." It is quite true that "most educated                 of Cataloguing" and to Rep. Augustus F. Hawkins
discriminatory notes, cataloguers disperse the books,        Americans fail to distinguish the subtle difference                     and Sen. Charles McC. Mathias Jr.)
which cover some very important periods, including           between 'Russians' and 'Soviet people' and use the                         The Ukrainian Weekly has misunderstood and
the period of independence of several republics              terms interchangeably." However, it shows that these                    misrepresented the position of the Library of
among materials covering the history of Russia.              Americans, although well educated in their fields, are                  Congress. Below is a description of our actual
    Since I did not receive an answer to my letter of        quite ignorant in the field of Soviet studies. It is sad                policies.
March 10, 1982, on May 3 I wrote a letter to Richard         that the Library of Congress has contributed much to                       Until January 1981, the subject heading "Russia"
Richards, chairman of the Republican National                this ignorance by its outdated classification and                       was used to describe the country of the Soviet
Committee, and to Sen. Richard G. Lugar, asking              incorrect subject headings.                                             Union and its historical development from earliest
them for their support of my action. I also sent a letter        The Ukrainian community should not be silent                        times through the centuries up to today. In January
to Augustus F. Hawkins, chairman. Joint Committee            when misinformation about Ukraine and Ukrainians                         1981, the subject heading "Russia" was replaced by
on the Library, asking him for his intervention.             is constantly disseminated. Thanks to my and other                      the subject heading "Soviet Union." All date
    In my letter to Sen. Lugar I wrote: "Since, according    librarians' efforts, the Library of Congress made                       subdivisions formerly included under Russia are
to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, the Ukrai-            several changes in its cataloguing and classification.
nian city Cbemihiv, for example, has been called             Now Ukraine's name appears after the geographical
            NsJfi.                                                     THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY. OCTOBER 3.1982                                                                 9

           ACTION ITEMS                                                  Write to: Jack Anderson, care of your local
                                                                                                                                   with the entire families of the principals of the Helsinki
                                                                                                                                   movement. The Sichkos, father and son, were
                                                                         Send copy to: the editor of your local newspaper.         reaching the end of their term; now they have been
                        Library of Congress revisited
                                                                                                                                   resentenced to an extra three years. The leader of the
                                                                                    U.S. News A World Report                       Ukrainian movement, Mykola Rudenko, and his wife
              Many persons who wrote to their federal represen­                                                                    are in jail. He has spinal injuries. There is no
           tatives after reading the Library of Congress "Action          In reply to an inquiry as to why the U.S. News A         medication made available to him."
           Item" in the May 23 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly           World Report interchangeably uses the terms "Russia"
           received responses which included the library of            and "USSR," Ben. F. Phlegar,executive editor, stated
           Congress statement printed in this MAC edition.                                                                            RECOMMENDED ACTION:
                                                                       the following:                                                 If your local newspaper carries Mr. Wattenberg's
                                                                                                                                   column, write to the letters editor and express your
              RECOMMENDED ACTION:                                         "While using 'Russia' and 'Soviet Union' inter­          appreciation of this fact. If not then write to Mr.
              Write back to your U.S. representative and               changeably may be technically inaccurate, we believe        Wattenberg directly and thank him for bringing
           senators, and indicate that the Library of Congress         that common and conversational usage makes them             information about Ukraine to the attention of the
           statement is full of inaccuracies and only reinforces the   acceptable. As you know, the practice is common in          American public.
           purpose of your original letter. Dr. Andrew Turchyn's       magazines, newspapers, radio, television and in
           response to the Library of Congress (also published in      books. We do not believe the oversimplification                Write to:       Ben. J. Wattenberg, c/o American
           this MAC edition) raises several valid points for you to    misleads any reader or listener, which is the important      Enterprise institute, 1150 17th St., NW, Washington,
           consider in your own response.                              thing."                                                      D.C. 20036.
              Public concern via congressional inquiry about the
           Library of Congress Subject Headings practice                                                                                             Lucy S. Dawidowkz
                                                                         RECOMMENDED ACTION:
           resulted in response from the Library of Congress.            Since this is the same standard answer that the U.S.
           This process should be encouraged through continued                                                                        Ms. Dawidowicz, seeker of truth and inveterate
                                                                       News A World Report has been using for the last four        chronicler of the "evil" Ukrainians, in her book "The
           correspondence with members of Congress. Our                years, write to Ben F. Phlegar and tell him that, yes
           federal representatives'awareness of inaccuracies will,                                                                 Holocaust and the Historians" (Harvard University
                                                                       you are confused by their practice and that you indeed      Press), makes the following observations: "The
           in turn, be reflected in changes to the cataloguing         expect more from their publication than just simple
           system.                                                                                                                 Ukrainians became Germany's most diligent colla­
                                                                       oversimplifications.                                        borators. They even turned up as helpers in the murder
              Send copies to: Dr. Andrew Turchyn, librarian and
           professor emeritus, Indiana University Library,                Write to: Ben. F. Phlegar, executive editor, U.S.        of the Jews as far from home as the Warsaw ghetto,
           Bloomington, Ind. 47405; and to the president of the                                                                    where they served as auxiliaries to Gen. Jurgen
                                                                       News A. World Report, 2300 N. St., NW, Washington,
           Ukrainian Library Association of America: Dr.                                                                           Stroop's SS troops in putting down the uprising in the
                                                                       D C . 20037.                                                Warsaw ghetto in April-May 1943."
           Dmytro Shtohryn, Special Languages Department,                Send copies to: M. L. Stone, editor; L. Tanzer,
           University of Illinois Library, Urbana, 111. 61801.         managing editor; J. H. Sweet, publisher.                      Are these the type of "facts" that Ms. Dawidowicz
                                                                                                                                   advocates should be taught as a mandatory curriculum
                          Jack Anderson's columns                                         Ben Wattenberg                           on the Holocaust in our public schools?

              Most recently, nationally syndicated columnist                                                                          RECOMMENDED ACTION:
                                                                          Ben Wattenberg, United Features syndicated
           Jack Anderson has published two columns dealing                                                                            Write to Ms. Dawidowicz and ask her if she is as
                                                                       columnist as well as an eminent scholar and an
           with Ukraine and I or Ukrainians. On September 19 his                                                                   ready to condemn the whole Jewish nation for the
                                                                       assistant to former President Lyndon B. Johnson,
           column compared the plight of a Swedish family with                                                                     bloody pogroms in Lebanon and the Rosh Hashanah
                                                                       recently wrote two columns which included informa­
           the case of Walter Polovchak. Three days later, Mr.                                                                     massacre in Beirut as she is so eager to condemn every
                                                                       tion on Ukraine.
           Anderson wrote a lengthy column discussing Soviet                                                                       Ukrainian?
                                                                          In a column for the week of September 7, he wrote:
           oppression of Ukraine and its relation to the Solidarity    "The Russians, as of this moment, still make up 52           Write to: Lucy S. Dawidowicz, 200 W. 86th St.,
           movement.                                                   percent of the USSR's population. The 'Slavic'              Apt. 20L, New York, N.Y. 10024.
                                                                       republics, which include not only Russians but 50
              RECOMMENDED ACTION:                                      million Ukrainians, make up 72 percent of the USSR            Send copies to: A. J. Rosenthal, director, Harvard
              Let Mr. Anderson know of your appreciation for his       (although many Ukrainians also feel captured, not           University Press, 79 Garden St., Cambridge, Mass.
           efforts in publicizing the repression in Ukraine.           captivated, by the Russians)."                              02138; and to: Prof. O. Pritsak, director, Harvard
           Secondly, remind him tactfully that Walter Polov­              In a column for the week of September 20, he wrote:      University Ukrainian Research Institute, 1S83
           chak's parents returned not to Russia, but to Ukraine.      "In fthej Ukraine, the authorities have taken to dealing    Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 02138.

being transferred to the new heading. These                  "Russian" to do double duty, first as a specific            that most educated Americans fail to distinguish
changes will appear in the January-June 1981 issue           nationality designation, and second as a collective         the subtle difference between "Russians" and
of the supplement to Library of Congress Subject             word describing all Soviet citizens. We are well            "Soviet people" and use the two terms inter­
Headings to be published this summer.                        aware that not all Soviet citizens are "Russians" in        changeably.
   This practice cbrresponds with our general                the limited nationality sense. We were, however,               To ensure understanding of our practices, here is
practice of using as a subject heading only the latest       persuaded to continue our practice of using                 another example. If we catalogue a book titled
form of name for a country. Under this latest form           "Russians" in a broad sense because the distinction         "Soviet Cooking Today," it would receive the
of name are included those historical date subdi­            between Russian and Soviet is not commonly made             subject "Cookery, Russian" in two cases: 1) if it is
visions back to the earliest time period when both           by persons using library card catalogues, nor by            about cookery in more than three republics or
the geographical extent of the country and its name          many authors of general books. To require that              reflecting more than three nationalities in the
may have been different. This practice is similar to         both users and cataloguers distinguish whether, for         Soviet Union, or 2) if it is limited to cookery in the
the practice in general encyclopedias such as the            instance, the movie "The Russians Are Coming,               RFSFR fsicj or by people of the Russian nationality. A
World Book, where, in the article on Russia, its             The Russians Are Coming" was really about people            work on Ukrainian cookery will receive the heading
history is described as beginning around 1000 B.C.,          of the Russian nationality or about Russians,               "Cookery, Ukrainian," a work on Uzbek cookery
and the history of the United States is described            Ukrainians, Byelorussians, etc. so that the term            the heading "Cookery, Uzbek," and so forth.
starting "more than 20,000years ago."In both cases           "Soviet" could be used, places an intolerable                  We hive no intention whatsoever of ignoring the
the history of the currently existing country is             burden on people to make a distinction where none           nationalities that make up the Soviet Union and
described as beginning long before the present               may have been intended or can be possible.                  will recognize them whenever appropriate to do so
government came into existence.                                  People should be assured, however, if a work            in our cataloguing. We also have no intention of
   In our subject heading system, the republics of           were catalogued that is specifically and unam­              misinforming congressmen and senators on the
the Soviet Union, such as Ukraine, Latvia and the            biguously identified as concerning one specific             subject of the USSR. The author of "Action Items"
Uzbek SSR, and the states of the United States,              republic or nationality within the Soviet Union,            has misinterpreted our practices. — Mary K. D.
such as Pennsylvania, Delaware and Utah, exist as            such as on Ukraine or Ukrainians, it would receive          Pietris, chief, Subject Cataloguing Division,
separately named entities. Under each of these there         an appropriate and specific heading. Similarly, if a        Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20540.
may also be historical dates listed. However, for the        work were catalogued on two republics or nationa­
United States, no history period is given before the         lities such as Ukraine and Lithuania, it would
"Colonial period, ca. 1600-1770." The republics of           receive an appropriate heading for each. If a work                   Comment on statement
the Soviet Union are treated differently, in that            were catalogued on three of the nationalities in the                 by Library of Congress
early history may be covered by an indication that           Soviet Union, it would receive headings for all
works are written about the area up to a certain             three. However, only if the work covered four or              This is my comment on the "Library of Congress
significant date, such as "Ukraine — History - To            more nationalities or republics would the heading           Statement on Subject Headings for Russians and
 1648" and "Latvia - History - To 1562." Specific            "Russians" (in this case meaning "citizens of the          the Soviet Union," which you presented at the
time periods may be added as warranted by the                Soviet Union ") or "Soviet Union" be used. This is our     conference of the Ukrainian Library Association of
books catalogued at the Library of Congress.                 general rule of three: if more than three similiar          America in Philadelphia. I am sorry that I cannot
   When we adopted the term "Soviet Union" in                headings --are needed, assign the next                     agree with your arguments. The fallacy lies in your
1981 we decided to retain the language and                   broader heading available. We accept: the                  regarding "Russia" and the "Soviet Union" as
nationality adjective "Russian" and to continue our          ambiguous use of "Russian" as ч language, a                identical terms. Russia (RSFSR) is not the Soviet
60-year-old practice of using "Russian" as the               nationality, and a substitute for "Soviet" on the          Union, but a part of it. The Soviet Union is not the
general adjective for citizens of the Soviet Union           basis of convenience for cataloguers and for general       latest form of name for the country called Russia, as
instead of introducing the adjective "Soviet." We            users of catalogues. Regardless of the technically         your statement mistakenly implies. Therefore, you
recognize that this practice requires the word               narrow meaning of the term "Russian," we accept                               (Continued on pap 12)
 10                                                         THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3.1982                                                            No. 40

                                                            reasons, in my letter of March 10, a copy of which is       that we are not able to follow through on it, since to do
                                                            enclosed, I suggested only such changes which would         so would violate our policy for the treatment of wars,
                                                            require no additional funds or personnel. Yet, to this      revolutions, etc. Today we provide only one block of
                       MEDIA ACTION COALITION               day, even the receipt of my letter was not acknow­          numbers for an event of this kind in the schedule,
                                                            ledged. ..." - Andrew Turchyn, in a letter to Rep.          including provision for local history. If exceptions do
                                                            Augustus F. Hawkins, chairman, Joint Committee on           exist in the various history schedules, they stem from
                                                            the Library, Washington.                                    earlier times when other policies may have been in
                                                                                                                        effect. Therefore, all matters involving the Revolution
COMBAT                                                          Ш "Several years ago, when I had pleasure of
                                                                                                                        should be classed in DK265-265.95 according to
                                                                                                                        existing policy. We do not wish to disperse the
                                                            meeting you at a sports event in Bloomington, I talked      material. ..." - Lucia J. Rather, director for cata­
CORRESPONDENCE                                              with you about my disappointment with the Library of
                                                            Congress concerning its policy of cataloguing Slavic
                                                                                                                        loguing, Library of Congress, Washington, in a letter
                                                                                                                        to Andrew Turchyn.
                                                            and East European materials. At that time you
    Ш "Twenty-two years ago I sent my first memo­           expressed your willingness to do whatever might be
 randum to the Library of Congress concerning the                                                                       Ш "I am grateful to you and glad that I finally
                                                            appropriate in order to improve the situation. Now it    received the answer to my letter of March 10,
 necessary changes in its main entries, subject headings,   seems to me that I have to ask you for your help.
 and classification schedules, which were dictated by                                                                addressed to Mr. William J. Welsh, deputy librarian of
                                                               "For several decades the Library of Congress          Congress. ...
 the political changes in Europe after 1914. The Library    neglected to recognize many changes that occurred on
of Congress, as well as many other libraries could have                                                                 "The Library of Congress has heard many times and
                                                            the political map of Europe in the 20th century, when    from many persons that the classification schedules
avoided many problems and unnecessary expenses, if          several East European countries, previously ruled by
the LC would not have ignored my suggestions for                                                                     related to the area and peoples of the Soviet Union
                                                            Austria, Germany, Russia and Turkey, became either       have been in the most urgent need of revision. Yet, the
many years, but had accepted them in time, when             fully independent states or federated republics.
Slavic collections in North America were still                                                                       answer usually has been that such a revision has not
                                                            According to the Library of Congress classification      been possible at the present time, although at the same
relatively small. ...                                       schedules, such Czechoslovak territories as Moravia
   "1 do know the reasons why a few years ago the LC                                                                 time entirely new classification schedules were being
                                                            and Slovakia, for example, as late as 197S still were    prepared for several countries (Albania, Czechoslo­
had temporarily to postpone working on further              regarded as the Austrian provinces; ... There was a
changes. Although it seems to me that the situation has                                                              vakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, etc.) and major shifts in
                                                            similar situation with Poland. The Polish provinces,     collections were being made....
changed recently for the better, nevertheless in this       cities, etc. were classified as Austrian, German or
letter I would like to propose nothing else but a                                                                       "In LC Classification" Add it ions and Changes, list
                                                            Russian ones as if Poland still was partitioned in'
cancellation of some discriminatory notes, the                                                                       205, January-March 1982, the Library of Congress
                                                            1975. ...
removing of which requires neither additional funds                                                                  presents an entirely new history schedule for Yugo­
                                                               "...Only in the 70s the Library of Congress started toslavia. At the beginning of it there is a note: For works
nor personnel, and could be done in a few minutes.          make some changes under the pressure of the Slavic
   "Several years ago the LC accepted the regional, or                                                               limited to specific republics, see the individual
                                                            and East European Section of the Association of          republic.... Why, then, is it not possible to rework in
ethnic principle in the new history schedule for            College and Research Libraries as well as the
Czechoslovakia. Now the local history of Slovakia is                                                                 the same way the classification schedule for the Soviet
                                                            American Association for the Advancement of Slavic       Union, or at least to apply the same principle of
included in the history schedule of Slovakia and this       Studies. However, the most urgent changes, related to
fact allows libraries to keep all historical materials on                                                            keeping together all materials on a specific republic
                                                            Russia and the Soviet Union, have been postponed.        even within the present, classification schedule? ...
Slovakia together. However, the LC does not want to         For the Library of Congress, our de facto national
apply this principle to the non-Russian republics of the                                                                "In regard to my second proposal, you write that the
                                                            library and supposed center of up-to-date and correct    LC is not able to follow through on it, since to do so
Soviet Union. ...                                           information, the Soviet Union did not even exist in
   "My final request to the Library of Congress is to                                                                would violate our policy for the treatment of wars,
                                                             1980. ...                                               revolutions, etc." In spite of the fact that the LC has
cancel also the restrictive notes, which tell cataloguers      "Instead of demanding from the Russians that they
not to classify the revolutionary periods of the years                                                               special schedules for both world wars, the years 1914-8
                                                            respect the rights of the non-Russian republics,         and 1939-45 are not eliminated from the history
 1905-6 and 1917-21 within the history schedules of the     provided in their constitutions, we ourselves treat
non-Russian republics, but as a local revolutionary                                                                  schedules of individual countries, are they? I also do
                                                            these republics as colonies of Russia.                   not know what other revolutions, besides the Russian
history of Russia (DK264.2 and DK26S.8). Following             "The Library of Congress, by its policy of cata­
these discriminatory notes, cataloguers disperse the                                                                 ones, you have in mind, which are treated the same
                                                            loguing materials related to these republics, has been   way. Besides, the LC does not apply the restrictive
books, which cover the very important periods               creating the public opinion that these republics are
including the period of independence of several                                                                      notes to the entire area of the former Russian Empire,
                                                            indeed the provinces of Russia....                       but only to those republics which have not been
republics, among materials covering history of
                                                               "As far as the Library of Congress is concerned, 1    successful in their struggle for independence. Although
Russia...." - Andrew Turchyn, librarian and professor
                                                            wish nothing else from our de facto national library     today the status of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is
emeritus, Indiana University Library, Bloomington,
                                                            but accurate information for our public about Russia'    not better than that of Ukraine (which is a member of
Ind., in a letter to William J. Welsh, deputy librarian
                                                            and the non-Russian republics of the Soviet Union....    the U.N.), there are no restrictive notes in their
of Congress, Washington.
                                                               "I shall appreciate, if you, Dear Sen. Lugar, and     schedules, not mentioning. Poland and Finland,
                                                            perhaps some of your colleagues in the Congress          former parts of the Russian Empire. ...
                                                            would be willing to investigate the situation at the        "I assure you, Dear Ms. Rather, that all librarians
   Ш "...The action you have taken thus far appears to      Library of Congress and to press for the necessary
be correct. However, if you have not already done so,                                                                dealing with the Slavic and East European.materials
                                                            changes. ..." — Andrew Turchyn, in a letter to Sen.      would be delighted if the LC would apply the same
it would be beneficial to write to the chairman of the      Richard G. Lugar, Washington.                            principles in cataloguing materials related to the non-
Joint Committee on the Library who has oversight of
                                                                                                                     Russian republics of the Soviet Union, which the LC
Library of Congress administration. ...
   "I appreciate your support and wish you every               Ш "I was very glad to receive your recent letter not long ago started to apply to the constituent
                                                            mailed upon your return from Urbana, 111.                republics of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, as is
success in your endeavors." - Richard Richards,                                                                      reflected in their new history schedules." — Andrew
chairman, Republican National Committee, in a letter           "When I received a copy of your previous Turchyn, in a letter to Lucia J. Rather.
to Andrew Turchyn.                                          correspondence to me concerning Library of Congress
                                                            cataloguing of Slavic and East European materials, I
                                                            wrote immediately to the librarian of Congress, Mr.         Ш "Thank you for bringing to public attention the
  Ш "In 1960, when I was head of the Slavic Section         Daniel Boorstin.                                         distinctive role Ukraine plays within the Soviet Union,
and associate head of the Catalogue Department,                "I requested Mr. Boorstin to have someone on his and the fear Ukrainian nationalism instills in the
Indiana University Library, Bloomington, Ind., I sent       staff address the concerns you have about Library of     Russian Communist hierarchy ('Kremlin Fears
a memorandum to the Library of Congress in which I          Congress policy and its failure to recognize the current Restive Ukraine', September 22). It is high time that
suggested many changes in its main entries, subject         geographic situation...." - Sen. Richard G. Lugar, in the West recognizes the powerful allies it has in the
headings and classification schedules dictated by the       a letter to Andrew Turchyn.                              non-Russian republics of the USSR. ...
changes in the political map of Eastern Europe.                                                                         "My only disagreement with the article deals with
  "It was hard to believe that the Library of Congress,                                                              your description of Ukrainian support of the Germans
which ought to be the center of correct and up-to-date         U "Your letter in which you proposed that the against the Russians. While it is true that at the
information, would as late as I960 still use the            library initiate several changes in the text of Subclass beginning of the war Ukrainians expected the German
unrevised classification schedules which reflected the      DK of the LC Classification' System, was referred to troops to be civilized Western liberators, and so
political situation in Eastern Europe before 1914.          me for reply as I have overall responsibility for the proclaimed independence in 1941, they all too quickly
                                                            cataloguing processes at the Library of Congress. „.     realized that their German invaders were just as
   "For many years the Library of Congress continued           "These proposals were referred to the Subject tyrannical and brutal as the Russians. The Organiza­
to refuse to make the necessary changes. Only after         Cataloguing Division, the division that is charged with  tion of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian
pressure was exerted by the Slavic and East European        the responsibility for developing and maintaining the    Insurgent Army began a two-front war against both
Section of the Association of College and Research          LC Classification System. In reviewing the first the Nazis and the Russians. In fact, it was the
Libraries, as well as the American Association for the      proposal the division did agree that a few simple Ukrainian army that assassinated Victor Lutze,achief
Advancement of Slavic Studies did the Library of            rearrangements in Subclass DK were possible along the of the Nazi SS forces and one of Himmler's most
Congress finally make some of the suggested changes.        lines that you suggested.... With the exception of the trusted aides in 1943.
However, it still regards the non-Russian republics of      localities of the Russian SFSR, all of the localities       "Hence Ukraine should not be considered an ally of
the Soviet Union as provinces of Russia and classifies      currently provided for under DK511 or DK651 would the Germans, but rather a country which faced the
their regions and cities as Russian ones. By doing          be shifted to their corresponding numbers under the impossible task of struggling against two hostile forces
so, the Library of Congress not only misinforms our         individual republics. The localities of the Russian simultaneously. The fight against Berlin has ended;
public, but also supports the Russians and discourages      SFSR, however, would remain where they are, and the the one with Moscow has been - and will be —
the enslaved peoples in their struggle for freedom.         span DK511-651, would be used henceforth solely for continued." - Katberine C. Chumachenko, director,
   "Since in the past the Library of Congress refused to    localities of this republic. „.                          Ukrainian National Information Service, Washing­
make the necessary changes supposedly for economic             "In regard to the second proposal we wish to state ton, in a letter to Jack Anderson, Washington.
No. 40                                                         THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY          SUNDAY. OCTOBER 3.1982                                                                11

                           Ukrainian street names abound throughout U.S.
         by Stephen P. Holutiak-Hailick Jr.                       11. Geba Road, Glen Spey, N.Y. (circa 1966 -
   Scattered throughout the United States are                     12. Ginda Avenue, Carteret, N.J. (mid 1950s -
numerous areas which bear Ukrainian names. Taken               present).
as a whole the collection of cities, villages, post offices,      13. Halko Drive, Township of Hanover, Morris
parks, bridges, vacation resorts and streets totals, to        County, N.J. (early 1960s - present).
date, approximately 150.                                          14. Ivanitsky Terrace, Carteret, N.J. (mid 1950s -
   In recent articles the two most common Ukrainian            present).
placenames in the United States - Mazeppa and                     15. Hollowaty-Kozak Road, Glen Spey, N.Y. (circa
Odessa — were presented. The purpose of this                   1966 - present).
discussion is to catalogue the streets which bear or              16. Hunczek Boulevard, Glen Spey, N.Y. (circa
bore Ukrainian names and influences.                           1966 - present).
   The majority of Ukrainian immigrants settled in the            17. General Samuel Jaskilka Highway, Shelton,
industrial center of the United States. However, the           Conn. (1980 - present).
trappings of city life or mining-steel town did not stop          18. Kindrachuk Road No. 1, Glen Spey, N.Y. (circa
them from leaving an imprint of their culture. Tothisend,      1966 - present).
one could say that these circumstances served to                  19. Kindrachuk Road No. 2, Glen Spey, N.Y. (circa
strengthen their will to ensure that others knew who           1966 - present).
Ukrainians were. The American way of life has                    20. Kuzyk Road, Creamridge, N.J. (circa 1952 -
affected all ethnic communities; some for the better,          present).
others for worse. Yet, as the old neighborhoods                  21. Lepky Avenue, Creamridge, N.J. (circa 1952 -
disappear, certain landmarks, such as streets, remain          present).
to remind one, if so inclined, of the past — if only in a        22. Maliniak Street, Monessen, Pa. (1925-present).
name!                                                            23. Markowitz Street, Carteret, N.J. (mid 1950s -
   An analysis of the street names in our collection           present).
reveals certain generalizations. First, some names are           24. Mazeppa Road, Mazeppa, N.C. (? - present).
transplanted geographic features which remind people             25. Minue Street, Carteret, N.J. (1954 - present).
of their Ukrainian homeland. Other names are in                  26. Niader Court, Clifton, N.J. (1974 - present).
honor of prominent historic and literary figures .of             27. Odessa A v e n u e , Van N u y s , Calif. (1923 -
 Ukraine. Interestingly, a number of streets are named         present).
in honor of Ukrainian immigrants or their American-              28. Odessa Drive, Yorba Linda, Calif. (1968 -
born offspring who made lasting contributions or               present).
sacrifices to the United States. Such cases are reserved         29. Odessa Place, Pittsburgh (East Liberty), Pa.
mostly for U.S. servicemen killed in action or for             (pre-1913 - present).
prominent citizens. Lastly, there are streets which bear         30. Pitio Road, Glen Spey, N.Y. (circa 1966-
organization or family names of early settlers and or          present).
land developers.                                                31. Rohatyn Street, South Plainfield (Nova
   How each street name came about is not our                  Ukraine), N.J. (1927 - present).
purpose, although information is available.1 Here, our           32. St. John's Parkway, Johnson City, N.Y. (1953 -
 purpose is only to form a registry.                           present).
                                                                 33. St. Josaphet Drive, Warren, Mich. (1973 -
                     Existing streets                                            (Continued oo pare 12)

                                                                   1. Stephen T. Holutiak-Hailick Jr., "Slavic Toponymic                                        . Holutiak-Hailick Jr.
    1. Andrew Drive, Sterling Heights, Mich, (mid
                                                                Atlas of the United States, Volume I: Ukrainian''(New York:
1950 - present).
                                                               Slavic Onomastic Research Group, 1982), 145 pp.                  Carpathb Street in South Plainfield, N J .
   2. Bandera Drive, Ann Arbor, Mich. (1964 -
   3. Baran Drive , Glen Spey, N.Y. (early 1960s -                                        U.S INITIATIVES TO CHANGE AN EXISTING N A M E
present).                                                                                      TO ONE BEARING A UKRAINIAN N A M E
   4. Bohdan Place, South Plainfield (Nova Ukraine),
N.J. (1927 - present).
   5. C a p p Street, Carteret, N.J. (mid 1950s -                         Year       Location               From                    To                     Results
  6. Carpethia Street, South Plainfield (Nova                     1.      1958     - Panne, Ohio            Marioncliff Drive       Shevchenko Boulevard not attained
Ukraine), N.J. (1927 - present).
   7. Dibrova Drive, Brighton, Mich. (1955 - present).             2.                                                               Kiev or Lviv Street    not attained
                                                                          1958       Parma, Ohio            33rd Street
   8. Fanok Road, Township of Hanover, Morris
County, N.J. (early 1930s - present).
                                                                  3.      1961       Passaic, N.J.          Hope Avenue             Shevchenko Avenue Obtained
   9. Franko Avenue, South Plainfield (Nova
                                                                                                            or                                        Taras Shevchenko
Ukraine), N.J. (1927 - present).
                                                                                                            President Street                          Park in 1964
  10. Ivan Franko Road, Glen Spey, N.Y. (circa 1979-
                                                                   4.     1968       Carnegie, Pa.          Mansfield Boulevard      Kiev Boulevard        not attained

                                                                   5.     1968       Philadelphia, Pa.      Street in Logan         Shevchenko Avenue Obtained
                                                                                                            or Oak Lane area                          Taras Shevchenko
                                                                                                                                                      Park in 1969

                                                                   6.     1979/81 Uniondale, N.Y.           Newport Road             Shevchenko Avenue Local opposition
                                                                                                                                                       of residents

                                                                   7.     1981       Honolulu, Hawaii       (new street)             Liasiansky Avenue     In organizational
                                                                                                                                                           planning stage

                                                                   8.     1982       Syracuse, N.Y.         (new street)            Shevchenko Avenue Resolution
                                                                                                                                                      approved by City
                                                                                                                                                      Council, pending

                                                                   9.     1982       Johnson City, N.Y                              Ukrainian Place        Letter sent
                                                                                                                                                           from Umman
                                                                                                                                                           to City officials
                                                                                                                                                           requesting street
         Ukraine Road in Hanover Township, N J .
 12                                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 , 1 9 8 2                                                                      No. 40

                                                          recommended action against it. The non-Russians                                                 In your statement you wrote that "most educated
      Comment on statement...                             who constitute about one-half of the entire                                                  Americans fail to distinguish the subtle difference
                            (Continued frowjpejeJ)        population of the Soviet Union simply do not wish                                            between 'Russians'and 'Soviet people'and use the
       committed a great mistake when you transferred all to be called "Russians," and there is nothing wrong                                          two terms interchangeably." I agree with you that
       date subdivisions formerly included under Russia in it.                                                                                         such a sad situation exists. Many Americans, well
       to the heading "Soviet Union." Russia did not         In your statement you have mentioned the                                                  educated in their fields, quite often are ignorant in
       disappear when the Soviet Union was created". You library rule of three. However,'you have wrongly                                              the field of foreign affairs. I am sorry to say that the
       should not be misled by the fact that the Russians applied it in the case involved. The term "Russian"                                          LC has contributed much to this ignorance by its
       have ruled the Soviet Union and have kept the non- in no way can be regarded as the next broader                                               outdated classification and wrong subject headings.
       Russian peoples in captivity.                      heading for "Russian," "Estonian," "Latvian," and                                              I hope that you, Ms. Pietris, willfindmy criticism
                                                          all other "non-Russian" elements in the Soviet                                              objective and constructive. Since 1960, when I sent
         Your complaint that The Ukrainian Weekly of Union. The next broader heading is "Soviet." The                                                 my first suggestions to the LC, my only wish has
      May 23, 1982, "has misunderstood and misrepre­ book titled "Soviet Cooking Today" should receive                                                been to improve LC cataloguing and classification.
      sented the position of the Library of Congress" is the subject "Cookery, Soviet" and not "Cookery,                                              Looking at my long correspondence with the LCas
      not justified. You yourself wrote in the statement: Russian."                                                                                   well as my publications, one may see now whether I
      "When we adopted the term 'Soviet Union'in 1981                                                                                                 was right or wrong. Many changes have already
      we decide to retain the language and nationality       If a book is titled "Soviet Literature Today" it                                         been made by the LC although the unnecessary
      adjective 'Russian' and to continue our 60-year-old should not be classified as Russian literature. We                                          delays have been costly. Much still has to be done
      practice of using 'Russian'as the general adjective might have the subject heading "Jews, Russian," if                                          and I perceive it as my duty to serve our de facto
      for citizens of the Soviet Union instead of intro­ we deal with Jews in Russia. However, if Jews are                                            national library with my experience. — Andrew
      ducing the adjective 'Soviet.' " The Ukrainian related to several republics, or to the Soviet Union                                             Turchyn, professor and librarian emeritus, Indiana
      Weekly did not change your statement. It only in general, the subject heading "Jews, Soviet"                                                    University Library, Bloomington, Ind., in a letter to
      informed its readers about the LC decision and should be used.                                                                                  Mary K.D. Pietris.

Ukrainian street..                                                            50. Stefanyk Road, Glen Spey, N.Y. (circa 1966 -
                          (CoBtinowlfrompettn)                                51. Stanley Switlik Drive, Hamilton Township, N.J.
    34. St. Michael's Street, South Plainfield (Nova                        (1980 - present).
 Ukraine), N.J. (1927 - present).                                             52. Sunflower Drive, Glen Spey, N.Y. (circa 1966-
    35. St. Olga's Place, S o u t h Plainfield ( N o v a                    present).
 Ukraine), N.J. (1927 - present).                                             53. Teliska Avenue, Defreetsville, N.Y. (1949 -
    36. St. Vladimir Street, Los Angeles C o u n t y ,                      present).
 California (? - present).                                                    54. Ukraine Road, Township of Hanover, Morris
    37. Sarniak Street, Monessen, Pa. (1925 -present).                      County, N.J. (1961 - present).
    38. Sheptytzky Avenue, Creamridge, N.J. (circa                            55. Ukraine Drive, Columbus, Ga. (1967 - present).
 1952 - present).                                                             56. Ukrainian Street, M o n e s s e n , Pa. (1925 -
    39. Shevchenko Drive, Ann Arbor, Mich. (1964 -                          present).
present).                                                                     57. Wortylko Street, Carteret, N.J. (mid 1950s -
   40. Shevchenko Avenue, Auburn, N.Y. (1957 -                              present).
   41. Shevchenko Avenue, Creamridge, N.J. (circa                                             Private streets t h a t " w e r e "
 1952 - present).
   42. Taras Shevchenko Road, Glen Spey, N.Y. (1965                             1.   Burztyn Drive, Columbus, Ga. (1964-81).
- present).                                                                     2.   Demianow Drive, Columbus, Ga. (1964-81).                                                              SS.P. Holutiak-HallickJr.
   43. Shevchenko Place, New York, N.Y. (1978 -                                 3.   Galicia Drive, Columbus, Ga. (1964-81).                                    Shevchenko Place in Spring Valley, N.Y.
present).                                                                       4.   Kiev Drive, Columbus, Ga. (1964-81).
   44. Shevchenko Avenue, Piscataway Township and                               5.   Kuropatnik Drive, Columbus, Ga. (1964-81).                              4. Halich Street, South Plainfield (Nova Ukraina),
S o u t h Plainfield ( N o v a U k r a i n e ) , N.J. ( 1 9 2 7 -               6.   Lviv Drive, Columbus, Ga. (1964-81).                                N.J. (1927-34).
present).                                                                       7.   Shevchenko Drive, Columbus, Ga. (1964-81).                              6. Leo Place, Piscataway Township (Nova U-
   45. Shevchenko Drive, Amherst, N.Y. (circa 1968-                                                                                                      kraina), N.J. (1927-35).
present).                                                                            "Paper streets": undeveloped by planners                                7. Lessenko Place, Piscataway Township (Nova
   46. Shevchenko Place, Spring Valley, N.Y. (circa                                                                                                      Ukraina), N.J. (1927-35).
1963 - present).                                                                1. Dnieper Street, South Plainfield (Nova Ukraina),                          8. Prut P l a c e , Piscataway T o w n s h i p ( N o v a
   47. Skitka Avenue, Carteret, N.J. (1952 - present).                      N.J. (1927-34).                                                              Ukraina), N.J. (1927-35).
   48. Skurkay A v e n u e , M o n e s s e n , Pa. (1925 -                     1 Dniester Street, South Plainfield (Nova U-                                  9. Simon Street, South Plainfield (Nova Ukraina),
present).                                                                   kraina), N.J. (1927-34).                                                     N.J. (1927-34).
   49. Spoganetz Avenue, Carteret, N.J. (early 1950s -                         3. Eugene Place, Piscataway Township (Nova                                   10. Ukraine Street, Desert H o t Springs, Calif.
present).                                                                   Ukraina), N.J. (1927-35).                                                    (1950s - present).

                        UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL                                                                      Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania
                                is sponsoring its                                                                             DISTRICT COMMITTEE OF UNA BRANCHES
           ANNUAL AUTUMN DANCE fc PRIZES                                                                                    OF PITTSBURGH AND WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA
                                                                                                                                                               ANNOUNCES THAT ITS
                    on Saturday, October 16,1982 at 8:00 p.m.
            in the School Gym at 764 Sanford Avenuo. Newark, N.J. 07106
                            Orchestra: Chervona Kalyna                                                                        ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING
      m Admission: Adults - S10.00. Students - S5.00.                                                                                                              WILL BE HELD
      в For table reservations call Mrs. 0 . Ponos at ( 2 0 1 ) 5334)656
      ш All reservation of a full table (10 persons) are eligible for a discount of SI.00 per person.                                    Sunday, October 10,1982, at 2 p.m. - sharp
                             ALL PROCEEDS ARE DESIGNATED FOR THE SCHOOL                                                                   at the 600 Glenwood Avenue, Ambridge, Pa.
                                                                                                                                    All members of the District Committee, Convention Delegates. Branch Officers
                                                                                                                                           of the following Branches are requested to attend without fail:
                                                                                                                           24, 41, 53, 56, 63, 91, 96,109,113,120,126, 132, 161, 264,
                          IN THE FOOTSTEPS                                                                                                       276, 296. 338, 481
                           OF THE PIONEERS                                                                                    1.    Opening Remarks.
                                               IN UKRAINIAN                                                                   2.    Review of the organizational work of the District during the past 9 months.
                               A SAGA OP UKRAINIAN AMERICA                                                                    3.    Discussion of Fall Organizational Campaifn.
                                                                                                                              4.    Adoption of membership campaign plan for balance of 1982.
                                   By Ulas Samchuk                                                                            5.    General UNA topics.
                                                                                                                              6.    Questions and answers, adjournment
    A 268-page hardcover novel about the Ukrainian settlement in the United States, spanning some
                         100 years ol history. Cover design by BOHDAN TYTLA.                                                                                Meeting will be attended by:

                              Price: SI5.00 (including postage and handling)                                                                      D r . J o h n O . F l i s , Supreme President
    "In the Footsteps of the Pioneers" is now available at the Svotoda Bookstore. Please send                                                         A n d r e w J u l a , Supreme Advisor
                a check or cash for t ach order (New Jersey residents add 54 tax)                                                                              DISTRICT COMMITTEE:
                                                                                                                        Andrew Jula                            Dmytro Holowaty                Eustachy Prokopowycz
                                       SVOBODA BOOKSTORE
5   3 0 Montgomery Street                                                                                                 Resident                                Secretary                             Treasurer

7^0000000000000000 0000000000000
No. 40                                                                  THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 . 1 9 8 2                                                                          13

20,000 attend Rhode Island Heritage Festival
   PROVIDENCE, R,I. - More than
20,000 people attended the fifth annual
Heritage Festival held on Sunday,
September 19,reportedthe Providence
   The festival, which included Ukrai­
nian cultural booths, Ukrainian food
and a dance presentation, was sponsored
by the Rhode Island Heritage Commission
and was held on the front lawn and mall
of the State House.
   The Ukrainian subcommittee of the
Rhode Island Heritage Commission is
headed by Dimitri Sarachmon and
includesrepresentativesfrom all church
and various other Ukrainian organiza­
tions in Rhode Island.
   They all contributed to the beautiful
displays of Ukrainian folk art and food
booths. Many helped sell the various
Ukrainian arts and crafts to curious
   Also included at this year's festival               The Ukrainian American Youth Association Dancers perform for festival-goers.
was an exhibit of photos of prominent
 Ukrainians.                                         Polish, Native American Indian, British,
   However, the highlight of the day was
the Ukrainian entertainment supplied
                                                     Latin American, Brazilian, Cape Ver-
                                                     dean, Italian, Indo-Chinese, Arab,
                                                                                                       To err is human
by the Ukrainian American Youth                      Portuguese, French, Irish, German,                   In The Weekly's story on the Labor
Association Dancers under the direc­                 Lithuanian, Armenian, Greek, Chinese,             Day weekend swim meet at Soyuzivka,
tion of John Baryski. The dance group's              Filipino and black peoples. The 11 a.m.           the name of the winner of the girls' (age
performance was filmed by a cable TV                 opening ceremony featured the Rhode               8-Ю) 25-meter freestyle, 25-meter butter­
station.                                             Island Colonial Militia; entertainment            fly and 4x2S-meter freestyle was in­                    Little John A. Hicks, ton of Charles and
                                                     by the various ethnic groups was fea­             correctly given, in accordance with                     Virginia Woznik Hicks, is the newest
   Labeled "an international experience,"                                                                                                                      member of UNA Branch 292 in Detroit,
the festival also featured the foods, arts           tured throughout the day, on the mall             information received from the swim
                                                     before the State House on Smith Hill.             meet committee, as Talia. Buzan. The                    His mother is the daughter of John and
and crafts and entertainment of the                                                                                                                            Wilma Woznik. His great-grandfather
                                                                                                       winner's name is Puala Buzan.
                                                                                                                                                                          is Walter Woznik.

Plans under way.                                     New Jersey...
                                  5 3)                            (Continued from page 4)                           JONAGROUP                                         INSURANCE
spoke on the Canadian association of                 held under the auspices of the Office of
                                                                                                                   (NO SCARE TACTICS)
                                                                                                                                                                    FOR CHILDREN?
professionals and businessmen; Adrian                Ethnic Affairs.
Karatnycky, who addressed recent                        On September 1, Gov. Kean issued a
developments in Poland; and Roman                    proclamation noting the ethnic diver­                                   CALL
Kupchinsky who reviewed U.S. foreign                 sity of New Jersey and declaring that the
policy                 . - - ,v .. ..                Office of Ethnic Affairs and the Ethnic                          586-87DQfecL476
  Duesjiave been set at S50 per mem­                 Advisory Council would sponsor the                             The American Cancer
ber, or SI00 for members/benefactors;                festival. It also proclaimed the week of                              Society
S500 for members/patrons.                            September 6-12 as Ethnic Heritage
                                                                                                                    New York City Division
  The steering committee consists of:                Week in the state.
                                                                                                                      19 West 56th Street
Bohdan Wytwycky (chairman), Dr.                                                                                     New York, N.Y. 10019
Yuriy Trytjak, Yuri Wedmid, Victor                     Among those at the signing ceremony
Hatala, Bohdan Hajduczok and Roma                    were Ms. Burgio, Alvin S. Felzenberg,                             American
Hadzewycz.                                           assistant secretary of state; Messrs.
  For further information, interested                Pappas and Zochowski, and Juhan                                 Cancer Society
persons may contact Natalka Pawlenko                 Simonson, coordinator of the Liberty
during business hours at (212) 564-4334.             Park Festival.
                                                                                                                          REAL ESTATE

   Share The Weekly with a friend                                                                                                                                   "You bet. The Ukrainian National
                                                                                                                                                                 Association offers your family more
                                                                                                                 RETIREMENT FUTURE                               than life insurance. The UNA's seven
                                                                                                                   IN S.W. FLORIDA!                              classes of life insurance for juvenile
                                                                                                                The growing communities near St.                 members are designed to answer the
    Buffalo, N.Y.                                                                   Buffalo,    N.YA            Andrew's Ukrainian Religious and                 educational and financial needs of your
                                                                                                                        Cultural Center.                         children.
                        UNA DISTRICT COMMITTEE                                                                  For Personalized Service, c o n t a c t            "As a UNA member, your child will
                                          ANNOUNCES THAT                                                                                                         become eligible for scholarship oppor­
                                                                                                                                                                 tunities, camping programs and various

          ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING                                                                                                                                 other youth activities coordinated by
                                                                                                                                                                 UNA'ers who are genuinely interested in
                                                                                                                                                                 your children.
                                            WILL BE HELD
                                                                                                                                                                    "The UNA believes in Ukrainian youth.
                     Sunday, October 1 7 , 1 9 8 2 , at 3:00 p.m.                                                                                                Our investment of time, energy and capi­
                                                                                                                                                                 tal prove it."
                  at the Ukrainian American Civic Center, Inc.
                                  2 0 5 Military Road. Buffalo, N.Y.
                                                                                                                                                       і            Inquire about UNA financial and fra­
                                                                                                                                                                 ternal benefits today.
          All members of the District Committee, Convention Delegates and Branch Officers
                 tad Delegates of the following Brandies are requested to attend:                               NICKS ELOiSE POPOViCH
                       40, 8 7 , 1 2 7 , 1 4 9 , 2 9 9 , 3 0 4 , 360 and 363                                      Realtor-Associate/Broker-Salesman
                                                                                                                 Hotline phone: 1-813-629-3179                   Address:
                                                                                                                RANOOi REALTY, INC., REALTOR                     Tel.:
             1.   Opening Remarks.
                                                                                                                     3 2 2 1 Tamiami Trail
             2.   Review of the organizational work of the District during the vast 9 months.                     Port Charlotte. Fla. 33952                     Number of children:
             3.   Discussion of Fall Organizational Campaign.                                                                 625-4193
             4.   General UNA topics.                                                                                                                            Dates of birth:
             5.   Adoption of membership campaign plan for balance of 1982;                                          ( 7 7 . 9 0 0 and NEGOTIABLE
             6.   Questions and answers, adjournment                                                                                                             Send to:
                                                                                                       jI     Custom built master suite 12 x 20 with two
                                             Meeting will be attended by                                      "his" and "hers" walk-in closets; private             UKRAINIAN NATIONAL
                                                                                                              bath, spacious lanai overlooking a very                     ASSOCIATION
                            W a s y l O r i c h O W S k y j , Senior Field Organizer                          private, choice, waterfront location. Call day       30 Montgomery Street, 3rd Fl.
                          All Members and Non-Members and their Families are Welcome.                         or night - H813) 629-3179.          RA Я 3956
                                                                                                                                                                      Jersey City, N J . 07302
     Roman Konotopskyj                      Peter Harawus                       Joseph Hawrykik               Building Sites - 80 x 125 on paved streets,                Tel.: (201) 451-2200
        President                              Treasurer -                          Secretary               ! S2.300 and up; some with terms.        PL-2                  (212) 227-5250
14                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY          SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3,1982                                                                No. 40

                                             typified by the Army daily's (Narodna          prison sentences are imposed for terms          Charter TJ also issued a number of
The Madrid...                                Armiya) characterization of martial law        ranging from one to five years or more       other documents on subjects of extreme
            (СоаНюи і tnm p p 7)             as "the last resolute measure aimed at         for crimes such as subversion, incite­       sensitivity to the authorities, including a
 200 others "conditional leave,"a kind of    stopping the process of destabilization."      ment and parasitism. Although the            lengthy document on the state of the
 probation. However, neither Lech            However, at the Ninth Bulgarian Trade          number of trials and arrests in the last     Charter 77 movement in its fifth year; a
 Walesa nor the top leadership and           Union Congress in April, the Bulgarian         six months has not been as great as          statement and study discussing the
 advisers of Solidarity were among those     leadership called for greater "socialist       during the previous "reporting period,       recent price increases and calling for
 released. The Ministry of Interior          democracy" in the trade-union move­            the'practice of isolated individual trials   reform of the trade unions; and an open
cautioned that those released could be       ment and criticized the unions for not         of human-rights activists continues.         letter to the writers' congress. The
reinterned if they did not take up "a        being sufficiently sensitive to the needs         As previously reported, in May 1981       statement on price increases and trade-
normal life."                                of the workers.                                at least 30 persons were arrested in a       union reform was a particularly com­
    The practice of summary internment                                                      crackdown against Charter 77, VONS           pelling document which concluded that
did not end. Slightly more than 2,000               CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Czechoslo­ and the underground Literature and                        correcting the unfavorable state of the
union and human-rights activists re­             vak implementation of the final act Information Network. Eighteen per­                  Czechoslovak economyrequireddemo­
mained confined in 25 detention centers          remains fundamentally flawed, parti­ sons faced up to 10 years in prison on             cratization of the economy and of
and prisons around the country on May            cularly on Principle VII, human-rights charges of subversive ties with foreign          society. It urged the authorities not to
 I. Not affected by the release were those       issues. Continuing Czechoslovak ner­ countries. By late October, seven of the           regard "criticism of existing negative
serving prison sentences ranging from            vousness, uncertainty and heightened persons arrested in May remained                   aspects as subversion" and charac­
two to 10 years for political offenses           sensitivity bver events in Poland have confined although no trial had taken             terized reformed trade unions as "the
after the imposition of martial law.             caused a government normally suspi­ place. On March 22, journalist Karel                natural basis for defending the econo­
    The relaxation measures were merely          cious of dissent and reform to become Kyncl, sociologist Jirina Siklova, Eva            mic interests of citizens." In addition,
modest and partial actions which did even more intolerant.                                  Kanturkova and Jan Ruml were re­             there have been many VONS bulletins
not seriously affect the major issues of            There are two primary groups within leased from prison but the charges were          which comment on and detail the arrest
releasing the still-interned Solidarity          Czechoslovakia that concern them­ not dropped. Three others, Jiri Ruml,                 and detentions of various Czechoslovak
leadership and other political prisoners selves with humanrights.One is Charter Dr. Jan Mlynarek and Dr. Milan                           human-rights activists. In response,
and returning to a national dialogue. 77; the other is the Committee for the Simecka, were not released until May                        Czechoslovak authorities temporarily
Also, military discipline remained in            Defense of the Unjustly Prosecuted 29. In a related development, for the                detained and warned two of the three
major factories and coal mines. At the (VONS). Charter 77 is a movement of first time in recent memory Czechoslo­                        Charter 77 spokesmen plus their families
same time, the military authorities intellectuals, workers and students vak President Husak pardoned a politi­                           not to publish material on sensitive
warned that they would deal harshly which has been seeking to persuade the cal prisoner. Drahomira Sinoglova was                         topics. In addition, Ladislav Hejdanek
with "agitators" and stood ready to Czechoslovak government to abide by serving a one-year sentence for "incite­                         and his family were detained and told to
"reimpose the rigors of martial law its own laws and international commit­ ment to rebellion" for publishing al­                         disband the Jan Patochka seminars
should excesses and social unrest" ments regarding human and civil rights. legedly illegal material by contempo­                         which frequently feature foreign guests
develop. The nature of this threat Charter 77 has issued several studies on rary Czechoslovak writers. The case of                       lecturers.
became evident a few days later when topics such as the standard of living, the Mrs. Sinoglova, a mother of three                           It should be noted that although
the authorities employed ZOMO and plight of pensioners, and the right to expecting her fourth child, aroused                             Czechoslovakia is a signatory to the
regular police forces ruthlessly through­ travel abroad. VONS concentrates on considerable world sympathy during                         CSCE Final Act, the Czechoslovak
out the country against those who abuses of the judicial system and uses her imprisonment.                                               government has reacted strongly to
protested, at first peacefully, against public records and reports from friends                Pressure also has continued on reli­      expressions of concern about human-
martial law in connection with activities and relatives of the accused to issue gious activists, another focus of human-                 rights violations in Czechoslovakia by
commemorating the Polish Constitu­ communiques on cases where it believes                   rights activity. Church-staterelationsin     other governments or non-governmen­
tion on МаУ 3, 1791. By May 4, the the police, the courts or the prisons                    Czechoslovakia are widely thought to         tal institutions. Czechoslovakia con­
rigors of martial law had returned. For have abused citizens' civil or human                be the worst of all the East European        tinues to place a heavy emphasis on the
example, the curfew was reimposed in rights. These communiques are distri­                  countries. There are indications that the    final act's principle of non-intervention.
Warsaw and elsewhere, telephone com­ buted to Czechoslovak authorities.                     authorities, ever fearful of events in       It asserts that it is in full compliance with
munications disrupted, some public                                                                                                       the final act andregardsoutside investi­
gatherings prohibited, and use of pri­              As a result of their activities, mem­ Poland, want to prevent the Catholic           gation or comment as interference in its
vate vehicles banned. The authorities            bers of both these groups have suffered. Church from developing any similar             internal affairs. Since recent events in
announced on May 10 that 2,269 per­              considerable persecution, including loss capability to influence events in Cze­         Poland, however, the Czechoslovak
sons had been arrested for martial law           of jobs, detention, loss of educational choslovakia.                                    government has been in the forefront of
                                                                                               Freedom of religious belief and
violations since May 1 and admitted that opportunities for their children, impri­ freedom to practice religion theoreti­                 those who have accused the United
over 1.300 of these had received sen­            sonment and harassment such as sus­                                                     States and certain West European states
tences of up to three months in jail.            pension of driving licenses and sur­ cally are guaranteed in the Czechoslo­             of violating this principle with regard to
Another 211 persons were interned.               veillance. More significantly, the go­ vak Constitution. Nonetheless, the               the actions taken in response to the
Thus, after months of martial law, the           vernment has attempted to suppress authorities rigorously regulate religious            imposition of martial law in Poland.
widespread violation of internationally          dissident activity by periodically arrest­ activity. Those who stray beyond the
recognized human rights in Poland                ing, trying and sentencing leading narrowly defined permissible bounda­
continued. The situation in Poland               members of the movement to prison ries are subject to punishment. For                      With regard to Poland, the Czecho­
remained tense and uneasy as the                 terms on changes of anti-state activities. example, Jesuit Frantisek Lizna, who         slovak government refuses to acknow­
authorities were unable to resolve the           Many people active in Charter 77 have previously received a sentence of 20              ledge the existence of any major CSCE
country's political, economic and                emigrated in the face of harassment by months in October on charges of ille­            violations in that country and has been
social problems.                                 the authorities, and some have been gally publishing and distributing reli­             an enthusiastic supporter of the esta­
                                                 stripped of their citizenship. The police gious material, subsequently was given        blishment of martial law and the conse­
    BULGARIA: Bulgarian implemen­ frequently detain human-rights activists an additional seven months in March                           quent "normalization" process there. In
tation of the final act deteriorated             for 48 hours before releasing them with for allegedly providing two visiting            February the party daily Rude Pravo
somewhat during the reporting period, warnings. Harassment of individuals German priests "information about                              accused the Catholic Church in Poland
 remaining spotty at best. The Bulgarian detained in such circumstances also churches" in Czechoslovakia. More                           of exerting considerable influence on
government administers a system in often includes attempts to persuade recently, in Slovakia, Father Gabriel                             Solidarity's transformation into "a
which the exercise of civil and political them to emigrate. Indeed, during the Povala was sentenced to eight months                      counterrevolutionary social move­
 rights is severely restricted. The deve­ reporting period, dissident musician for allegedly trying to influence young                   ment."
 lopment of organized and vocal dissent and Charter 77 signatory Karel Soukup people toward religious vocations.                            In commentary related to Poland, the
 is firmly discouraged.                          and his family emigrated in March Father Jaroslav Duba, a Dominican,                    Charter 77 movement has circulated
                                                                                            received IS months' imprisonment in
    There are indications that the Bul­ under threats of trial on "breach of Plzen in December 1981 for allegedly                        material which has urged the Czecho­
 garian leadership is concerned over the peace" charges dating from 1976. Souk­ obstructing state supervision of reli­                   slovak government to address major
 possible impact of labor unrest in up previously served 10 months in gion, and Father Josef Barta was                                   political and social problems in Cze­
 Poland. Official Bulgarian reaction to 'prison for "hooliganism"(singing sentenced in Liberec to 18 months in                           choslovakia which the Charter move­
 the imposition of martial law in Poland "unauthorized" songs).                                                                          ment believes are analogous to those
 was overwhelmingly supportive as                   Occasionally, trials are held and prison on the same charge on April 6.              which led to the present situation in
                                                                                               Despite harassment, Charter 77            Poland. Charter 77 also issued a com­
                                                                                            spokesmen and others continue to             mentary on events in Poland and a
      Looking for a second income?                                                          monitor and comment on the govern­           statement on a day of solidarity with
                                                                                            ment's failure to implement the Final        Poland. The authorities have refused to
                  Become                                                                    Act. For example, on March 3, new
                                                                                            Charter 77 leaders Dr. Radim Palous,
                                                                                                                                         acknowledge or to respond to these
                                                                                                                                         allegations and in fact took certain
              AN ORGANIZER                                                                  Anna Marvanova and Ladislav Lis
                                                                                            addressed an appeal on religious free­
                                                                                                                                         measures immediately following the
                                                                                                                                         declaration of martial law in Poland
     for Ukrainian National Association                                                     dom to the Czechoslovak government.
                                                                                            The document called on the authorities
                                                                                                                                         whose clear intent was to prevent any
                                                                                                                                         dissident commentary on those events.
                                FULL or PART TIME                                           to adopt an II-point program on              A number of leading Charter 77 and
              You could start this career by organizing your family and friends.            freedom of religion in accord with the       VONS figures, including Vaclav Maly,
                                                                                            provisions of the CSCE Final Act on          Jiri Hajek and Ladislav Lis, were
                              -    For information write to:
                                                                                            this subject. This is unlikely since the     detained or warned to remain silent
                        UKRAINIAN, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION                                                                                  about events in Poland. In addition, a
                                                                                            authorities remain suspicious of the role
                 30 Montgomery Street a Jersey City, N.J. 0 7 3 0 2                         played by the Church in Poland and           number of young people were detained
                                    Men: Organizing Uepi.                                   have been engaged in a major effort to       in January for distributing leaflets
            Or telephone: (201) 451-2200 (Collect) or (212) 227-5250                        suppress the distribution of religious       urging Czechoslovak solidarity with the
                                                                                            samizdat.                                    Polish workers.      -     -'      b-owurtm
No. 40                                                                   THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3,1982                                                                       15
                                                       ings of Ivan Franko. Prof. Paul
Essays on Austrian...                                   Magosci's contribution on the language          Twenty-three participate in
           (Continuedfrompafe 5)                       question in eastern Galicia deals with
work is particularly useful to those who
mistakenly view Ukrainian-Jewish
                                                       what evolved into one of the central
                                                       issues facing the Ukrainian movement
                                                                                                        Choral Conductors Seminar
relations as an unbroken history of                    right up to World War I, and his second
                                                       contribution, 4 historiographical guide                by Nadia H. Skop                        Catholic Church choirs of Edmonton,
Ukrainian anti-Semitism confronting
                                                       to the history of Ukrainians in Galicia,                                                       made up the choir which sang for four
Jewish Ukrainophobia.                                                                                 EDMONTON -Twenty-threechoir
                                                       will long be invaluable both to scholars                                                       hours daily in preparation for the final
   To be sure, both anti-Semitism and
Ukrainophobia existed (one is hard put                 in the field and to anyone else who conductors from all parts of Canada                        concert in which each participant was
to name any country, including the                     might want to read up on some aspect of and the United States gathered once                    required to conduct a selected song
                                                       Ukrainian history.                          again at St. John's Institute here in              from the repertoire.
United States, which has no history of                                                             Alberta from August 14 to 27 to partici­
anti-Semitism), but this is hardly the                                                             pate in the seventh annual Ukrainian                  In observance of the 100th anniver­
whole story. As Dr. Everett, a former                      The publication of such an outstand­ Choral Conductors Seminar, organized                  sary of his birth, special re­
Research Associate of both the YIVO                     ing collection is a major event in by the Ukrainian Music Society of                          cognition was given to Kyrylo
Institute for Jewish Studies and the                    Ukrainian studies and an indispensible Alberta.                                               Stetsenko, a leading figure in Ukrainian
Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute,                   addition to the library of anyone             Though the topics change from year              musical history, whose nationalism,
points out, it was a Ukrainian, Iuliian                 seriously interested in Ukrainian his­ to year, the purpose of the seminar is to              humanitarianism and optimism are
Romanchuk, who was the first to                         tory. Those who wish to order a copy gain knowledge about, practice in, and                   reflected in his works, two of which
advocate Jewish national autonomy in                    may do so by sending S9.50 to: Harvard appreciation for choral conducting and                 were part of this year's repertoire.
the Austrian Reichsrat,                                 University, Ukrainian Studies Fund, Ukrainian musical culture in general.
   She further notes that his courageous                1383 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge,                                                             This seminar was by no means a two-
action was followed by Ukrainian                        Mass. 02138.                                  The faculty, headed by Volodymyr                week summer holiday. The schedule
speakers addressing Jewish political                                                               Kolesnyk of Toronto, was comprised of              was intense,rigorousand often frustrat­
meetings, Jews addressing Ukrainian                                                                Zenoby Lawryshyn, composer, con­                   ing as the participants tried to absorb
meetings, Jewish-Ukrainian electoral                  Yuriy Badzio...                              ductor and musicologist from Toronto,              the incredible wealth of information
cooperation, and cases where Ukrainian                                                             Maria Dytyniak, conductor of the                   being offered. Classes were held from 9
                                                                   (Continuedfrompap 2)                                                               a.m. to 10 p.m. daily with breaks only
academics and intellectuals assisted                                                               Dnipro Choir of Edmonton and a
Jews in defending themselves from                       2 of the Soviet Constitution states that principal organizer of the seminar for               for meals (or more appropriately,
Polish-inspired violence at the elections.              power in the USSR rests with the the past four years, and a new member,                       bountiful feasts, prepared by St. John's
This is a picture quite different from the              people, and since all his writings support Irene Tchoryk, a young conductor from              kitchen staff).
one-sided stereotypes so often en­                      Article 2 and the supposition that Edmonton.                                                     Students were quick to learn that any
countered in the American media.                        Soviet power lies with the people, then       This year's main topic was intona­              outside preparation, practicing or
   While the attempt was made to incor­                 he cannot be guilty of anti-Soviet tion: how to arrive at the best sound,                     recreation would have to be done in the
porate all three of the major national                 agitprop.                                   timbre and color in a choir. Included              late hours of the night. The words "free
groups which inhabited Galicia, the                        Mr. Badzio concluded his statement also were courses in church music,                      time" are not in Mr. Kolesnyk's color­
bulk of the material deals with Ukrai­                  by declaring a hunger strike to mark the music theory, music appreciation,                    ful vocabulary and his untiring energy,
nians. Prof. Peter Brock's study of Ivan                 second anniversary of his arrest, and to principles in conducting skills, and                drive and love for Ukrainian musical
 Vahylevych helps explain the early                     protest the chauvinism of the CPSU.        private lessons with Mr. Kolesnyk. The             culture inspired the participants to keep
fragmentation of the Ukrainian move­                                                               23 participants, in addition to members            going, even when mental and physical
                                                           Ms; Kyrychenko has suffered be­ of the Dnipro and St. Basil's Ukrainian
ment into Russophile and Polonophile                                                                                                                  exhaustion finally caught up with them.
                                                        cause of her husband's activities and her
orientations in addition to mainstream                  efforts in his defense. She was expelled
 Ukrainian patriotism. Prof. John-Paul                  from the Academy of Science of the
Himka's lively written essay on Ukrai-.                 Ukrainian SSR in 1972.
 nian voluntary artisan associations
attempts to explain the fundamental                      In December 1980 she was ordered to
                                                                                                             A Ukrainian perspective
problem of the Ukrainian movement's
failure to develop a strong urban base.
                                                      serve a term of three months' forced
                                                      labor as the result of an administrative               on the news...
   Prof. Martha Bohachevsky-Cho-                      sanction leveled against her during her
miak's work on Natalia Kobrynska                      husband's trial a year before..
deals with the fascinating and long-                     The Badzios have two children, a 19-
neglected subject of Ukrainian femi­                  year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter.
nism. Leonid Rudnytzky traces the                     Mr. Badzio is not scheduled to be
changing image of Austria in the writ­                released until 1991.

                         UKRAINIAN MUSEUM
                         203 Second Avenue
                         New York, N.Y. 10003

                       October 8 -            December 18, 1 9 8 2
   Ukrainian embroidery courses offered on three levels and geared to meet the needs of the beginner,
                                intermediate and advanced embroiderer.                                       dissident news'commentary"politics'editonals"interviews"people'reviews
                   TIME: Saturdays from 1:00 -    2:30 p.m.                                                  community news'culture'the arts'church affairs"education"upcoming events
                   PLACE: 108 Second Avenue New York City                                                                               special features
                        UNWLA Headquarters
                   FEE: Adults -   S30.00. Members -     S25.00.                                                     THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY
                        Students and Senior Citizens -     S20.00. Children -   Free.
                         Advanced registration required -     (212) 228-0110
                                                                                                                                We cover it all.
                        FUNDED BY NEW YORK STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS.                                                    Can you afford not to subscribe?
                                                                                                          I would like to subscribe to The Ukrainian Weekly for:     year(s). (Subscription rates:
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                        UKRAINIAN MUSEUM                                                                  Name:-                             . UNA branch:
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                        New York, N.Y. 10003                                                              City:                            . State:                . Zip code:

          WOODCARVING WORKSHOP                                                                            In addition, I would like to give a friend a Weekly subscription for      year(s).
                      October 8 - December 18,1982                                                        Name^                              . UNA branch:
          -  " Participants will learn techniques and styles used in Ukrainian Folk Art.                  Address:
             P This course is open to adults and students age twelve and above.                           City:                            .State:                 . Zip code:.
             ш All materials for workshops are covered by registration fee.                               I enclose a check for | .
                                Adult І40.00           Members: 535.00
         Students and Senior Citizens: 530.00          Children: Free
                                                                                                                                      THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY
                                       Time: 2:30 -    5:30 p.m.
                         Advance registration required -    (212) 228-0110                                            30 Montgomery Street " Jersey City. N.J. 0 7 3 0 2

16                                                        THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY            SUNDAY, OCTOJP 3,1982
     Monday, October 4                                                                                                             ball will start at 9 p.m. with music

     HEMPSTEAD, N.Y.: The Sko-
                                                        PREVIEW OF EVENTS                                                          provided by H. Zarycky's Halychany
                                                                                                                                   orchestra. Tickets are S25 per couple,
                                              from 9-10 p.m. 'Veselka ' orchestra         tion today, at 2:30 p.m. on the south
     morokhy Dancers will begin registra­     will provide music for dancing.                                                      SI5 per person. For more informa­
     tion for instruction in Ukrainian                                                    stage. The festival, held at World       tion, call the league at (313) 894-
                                              Admission is S7.                            War II Memorial Park, features a
     dancing today. Registration for new                                                                                           9334.
     students from age 5 through 13                                                       variety of foods, crafts and enter-.
     will take place at 7 p.m. in St.         Saturday, October 9                         tainment. There is no admission charge   Sunday, October 24
     Vladimir's Parish Center, 226 Union-                                                 to the three-day festival, and the
     dale Ave. Registration for the older     HARTFORD, Conn.: The theatrical             public is invited.                       ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y.: The
     age group (age 14 and up) will be held   ensemble "Tiazhko na Emihratsiyi,"                                                   young adults of St. Nicholas parish
     at 8 p.m.                                under the auspices of the M. Pav-        BRIDGEPORT, Com.: The Ukrai­                here are sponsoring a winery tour.
        Roma Pryma Bohachevsky, a             lushko SUM-A branch in Chicago,          nian Women's League of Bridgeport           The day's schedule includes a 10:30
     renowned Ukrainian dancer and            will present a revue titled "Inflation.''
                                                                                      is sponsoring a kaleidoscope of              a.m. divine liturgy celebrated at
     choreographer will instruct the          The evening of humor and satire will     Ukrainian dance and fashion at 3:30         Christ the King Ukrainian Catholic
     classes; she has been with the Sko-      be held at the South Catholic High      p.m. at Sacred Heart University,             Church in Bath, N.Y. At 11:30 a.m.
     morokhy dancers for three years. For     School, 21S South St., at 7 p.m.        5529 Park Ave. (off of Merritt Park­         brunch win be served in the church
     more information, please call Ella       Tickets may be purchased for S5 at      way, Exit 47 South, or 1-95, Exit 27         hall and at 12:30 p.m. everyone will
     Kopyscianski (S16) 486-1710 or           Arka and Surma in New York. For         North). The Voloshky Dance En­               leave for a tour of the Gold Seal
     Darka Mociuk (914) 793-4907.             more information, call (914) 969-       semble from Philadelphia will per­           Winery. The tour and wine-tasting
                                              7486.                                   form Ukrainian dances. During                begin at 1 p.m. At 4 p.m. the group
     Weekend of October 8                                                             intermissions, authenic Ukrainian            will leave for Elmira Heights, N.Y.
                                                                                      regional dress will be modeled for the       (about 35 miles), where at 5 p.m. there
                                              ABINGTON, Pa.: The Ukrainian audience. For more information, call                    will be a pizza party, films and
     WILKES-BARRE, Рал The 44th
                                              Savings and Loan Association in (203) 336-1332, or (203) 878-8856.                   socializing at the St. Nicholas Ukrai­
     annual convention of the League of
                                              Philadelphia and Janney Montgo­ Tickets are available at the door.                   nian Catholic Church hall.
     Ukrainian Catholics of America will
                                              mery Scott Inc. are co-sponsoring                                                       For the convenience of the winery,
     be held here at the Sheraton Cross-
                                              Saturday Financial Seminars at 1:30                                                  the organizers of the tour need a
     gates Hotel.
                                              p.m. at the Ukrainian Educational Saturday, October 16                               count of people going on the tour by
       During the three-day convention,       Cultural Center, 700 Cedar Road.
     which will be hosted by the North                                                                                             October 15. Please notify the rectory
     Anthracite Council of the league, the      The English-language seminars NEW YORK: The Ukrainian Insti­                       by dropping a postcard to the St.
     annual Ukrainian Layperson of the        began on Saturday, October 2, and tute of America will present the                   Nicholas Rectory, 410 McCanns
     Year award will be presented to a        will also be held on October 23 and opening of the Ukrainian Photo­                  Boulevard, Elmira Heights, N.Y.
     dedicated individual, chosen by a        November 6 and 13. The subject of graphers' Association exhibition at 6              14903.
     committee.                               today's lecture will be a discussion on p.m. Featured will be photographs
                                              how financial planning can help you by many Ukrainian artists including
                                              attain your financial goals. The Alexander Suchenko. The institute is
     NEWARK, NJ.: St John's Ukrai­            speaker will be Andrew Palashew- located at 2 E. 79th St., (212) 288-                Saturday, October 30
     nian Catholic Social Series here will    sky.                                    8660.                                        CULVER CITY, CaHf.: West Los
     sponsor a trip the week of October 8-
      14 to the World's Fair in Knoxville,                                                                                         Angeles College, 4800 Freshman
     Tenn.                                                                                Sunday, October 17                       Drive, is featuring a one-day (9 a.m.-
                                              Sunday, October 10                                                                   5 p.m.) course on Ukrainian egg-
        The bus leaves St. John's Ukrai­
     nian Catholic Church on Friday,                                                      NEW YORK: The Ukrainian Insti­           dyeing. Course registration is S20.
                                              NEWARK, NJ.: The New Jersey                 tute of America will hold its official   The instructor is Cathleen Handlin;
     October 8, and will travel via, New       Regional Council of the Ukrainian
     Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and                                                   opening of the fall season, today at 4   she will teach students the fine art of
                                              National Women's League of Ame­             p.m. The day will include a special      pysanka making. No previous art
     Virginia, stopping in Roanoke, Va.,      rica is sponsoring a UNWLA Day
     for the night.                                                                       program with various guest perfor­       training is necessary. For more
                                              from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St John the        mers. The institute is located at 2 E.   information call the college registra­
        The next day it continues on to       Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church
     Nashville, Tenn., to hear the Music                                                  79th St., (212) 288-8660.                tion office at (213) 559-7993.
                                              hail. The day's program includes a
     City Jubilee. On Sunday, there is a      lecture by Di\ Bohdan Cymbalisty at
     three-hour tour of Nashville, Fort                                                   WASHINGTON: The Ukrainian                Sunday, October 31
                                              1:15 p.m., fine art and crafts exhibits,    Women's League is sponsoring a
      Nashboro, Premiss Alley and the         a book sale, baked goods sale and a
     homes of famous Opryland stars.                                                      children's masquerade at the Holy        NEW YORK: The Ukrainian Insti­
                                              raffle.                                     Family Center, 4250 Harewood
        The next stop on the tour is the                                                                                           tute of America/ Ukrainian National
     World's Fair, where the group will                                                   Road, N.E., at 2:30 p.m. The emcee       Association Performing Artists
     stay for two days.                       YONKERS, N.Y.: The theatrical               of the event will be Martha Bazarko.     Group will present the first in a series
        On the return trip, included is a     ensemble "Tiazhko na Emihratsiyi "'                                                  of concerts for the fall season. "An
     tour of Richmond, Va., and Wash­         will present a revue titled "Inflation"                                              Afternoon of Classics" will be held
     ington before heading for home. All      at the. SUM-A Home, 301 Palisades           Saturday, October 23                     today at 3 p.m. at the Ukrainian
     interested should call Michael Gienga    Ave. Tickets may be purchased at                                                     Institute of America, 2 E. 79th St.
     as soon as possible at: (201) 372-       Arka and Surma in New York. For             WASHINGTON: The Ukrainian                The program includes performances
     6662.                                    further information, call (914) 969-        Women's League is sponsoring an art      by three outstanding artists: Laryssa
                                              7486.                                       exhibit, featuring the works of          Krupa, pianist, Stefka Nazarkewycz,
     Saturday, October 9                                                                  Bohdan Borzemsky at the Holy             actress, and Laryssa Magun-Huryn,
                                                                                          Family Center, 4250 Harewood Road,       soprano.
     NEW YORK: The Ukrainian Insti­           BOSTON: A concert of dances and             N.E. The opening is tonight at 7:30
     tute of America will present the first   songs of Ukraine will highlight the         p.m.; on Sunday, October 24, the
     fall lecture of the Harvard Ukrainian
     Research Institute series. "The Origin
                                              30th anniversary celebration of the
                                              Ukrainian American Youth Associa­
                                                                                          exhibit will be open from 1 to 3 p.m.
                                                                                          The public is cordially invited to
                                                                                                                                     Patriarch's pastoral...
     of the Slavs" will be delivered by       tion (SUM-A) of Greater Boston, 2           attend.                                               (Continoed from page 1)
     Prof. Omeljan Pritsak, at the UIA, 2     p.m. at West Roxbury High School,                                                      of your homeland and the fulfillment of
      E. 79th St., at 5 p.m.                   1205 VFW Parkway.                                                                     your responsibilities toward it. In order
                                                 The Ukrainian American Youth MAPLEWOOD, N J.: The Womenfc                           to love your homeland, you must
                                              Association's ensemble, which has 40 Club of Holy Ascension Ukrainian                  recognize the beauty of the language,
     IRVINGTON, NJ.: Starshi plas-
     tunky, "Chortopolokhy" are spon­         young dancers and singers, is direct­ Orthodox Church will sponsor a                   the history of the land and its people;
     soring a dance at the Ukrainian          ed by John Baryski. The anniversary Chinese Auction at 6:30 p.m. in the                then your love becomes an offering. The
     National Home, 140 Prospect St.          program will feature a variety of parish hall at 652 Irvington Ave.                    offering of such a love resulted in the
     from 9 p.m. -1:30 a.m. Happy hour is     Ukrainian folk dances ranging from There will be door prizes, gifts,                   formation of the Ukrainian Insurgent
                                              the Kozak Sword Dance to the raffles and arts and crafts. Dessert                      Army, which became a living strong­
                                               Hopak. Ticket sales will benefit the and coffee will be served. Tickets               hold, a true symbol and a burning
        PREVIEW OF EVENTS is a                association, a non-profit organiza­ must be purchased in advance by                    banner for future generations."
    service provided free of charge by        tion. Prices in advance tickets are: S5 calling Anna Chudzey, club presi­                 Observing that "although each war is
    The Ukrainian Weekly to the Ukrai­        for adults, ІЗ for youth. At the door, dent at (201) 789-2346. Proceeds will           so inhumane," Patriarch Josyf states
    nian community. To have a Ukrai­          the charge is S7 for adults and SS for be used for the church building fund.           that any nation that respects itself and
    nian community event listed in this       youth. Further concert information Vespers will be offered in church at                its identity, its sense of belonging to a
    column please send information            may be obtained by calling Michael 5:30 p.m.                                           people, has not only the right, but the
    (type of event, date, time, place,        Nosal at (617) 668-7808.                                                               responsibility to defend the noblest
    admission, sponsor, etc.) - along                                                 DETROIT: The Ukrainian Michi­                  qualities of its people, the qualities of
 \ with the phone number of a person                                                  gan League will bold its 50th anniver­         liberty, fairness, national independence,
    who may be reached during daytime         WOONSOCKET, R.I.: The Odessa sary banquet and ball at the Ukrai­                       freedom to express belief in God, have
    hours for any additional information      Ukrainian Dancers of Rhode Island, nian National Temple. The keynote                   its own Church and express its wish for
    - to: PREVIEW OF EVENTS, The              sponsored by St. Michael's Ukrai­ address will be delivered by commu­                  God's peace around the world. It must
    Ukrainian Weekly, 30 Montgomery           nian Orthodox Church, will perform nity activist Dr. Mary Beck. The                    do everything in its power to pave the
    S t , Jersey City, N J . 07302.           at the annual Autumnfest celebra- banquet will begin at 7 p.m.; and the                way for God's commandments to be
                                                                                                                                     established in its land."

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