Biometric Fingerprint Attendance by anamaulida


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                <p>The Biometric range of fingerprint attendance systems
showcases an array of solution-driven products aimed at providing
biometric security and convenience in time and attendance record
maintenance. Designed to function in extreme outdoor conditions and for
indoor usage alike, these systems also act as fingerprint door lock
mechanisms keep the premises safe from unwanted/unauthorized elements,
while also helping to improve employee productivity.</p>
<p>These <a rel="nofollow"
Time-Attendance-Systems.htm" title="Fingerprint Attendance">fingerprint
attendance</a> systems can be customized to suit the organizational
requirement in terms of attendance management, leave management, shift
management, numbers of employees, internet connectivity issues,
personalized messages (meeting notices, birthday greetings), etc.
However, the most important application can be seen in multi-tiered
access systems, as it acts as fingerprint door lock with access to only
the authorized personnel, thereby providing biometric security in
protecting sensitive information and areas.</p>
<p>These devices have a sensor window that accepts dry, wet, and smudged
fingers with improved image quality, which ensures fingerprint matching
consistency and accuracy. These systems are also armed with a USB
interface with full speed/high speed support, which aid in downloading
time &amp; attendance records, and embedded TCP/IP, 100M high-speed
network that allows crossing of sub-mask data transfer. These plug and
play devices support multiple OS such as Windows Vista/XP/ 7/98/ME/2000.
Other optional features include HID / Mifare / ID card, 2G SD card,
Webserver, Workcode, WIFI, GPRS, Printer, RIS, camera, multi-language
menu (English Spanish, etc.), Voice prompt, etc.</p>
<p>Despite all these advanced features, these attendance systems serve as
simple and accurate <a rel="nofollow"
href="" title="Biometric
Identification">biometric identification</a> tools, equipped with
employee time clock software that records employees' in/out time and
provides various reports that can be used by payroll. This software
produces attendance reports in real time that are easily exportable to
excel, text or to an external payroll mechanism or other applications.
This results in saving considerable administrative labor hours and costs,
and removing calculation errors and buddy punching.</p>
<p>Consequently, these have found great usage in a variety of
applications in the private sector companies, government enterprises, and
even, judiciary complexes. The Biometric fingerprint attendance systems,
therefore, act as solution-provider watchdogs offering high return on
investment, through effective time and attendance management, alongside
helping in capturing illegal elements by fingerprint identification,
improving employee efficiency and productivity due to constant
monitoring, and increasing effectiveness of labor time usage by
channelizing to other functions.</p>                 <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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