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      National Week coaching
      advice from John Bailey
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      Controversial U/11 ball sizes
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 ISSUE                                       NOVEMBER 2010
                         WARRIORS COACH                                                        COACHING MANAGER
                         RUSSELL DOMINGO                                                       JOHAN WEYERS

    With the teams success in the Champions league, we now                All age group teams coaching sessions are well underway and
    face a new set of challenges.                                         the focus is now on preparing the youngsters for the different
                                                                          formats on the National cricket weeks. High Performance
    We currently have 8 players in the national setup and
                                                                          coaches will attend the training sessions to add more value to
    replacing those players in our team is going to be a real
                                                                          the preparation of our young players. Fitness assessments will
                                                                          be conducted for all age group teams before the end of
    Ingram, Theron, Tsotsobe, Botha, Prince, Parnell, Boucher             November 2010.
    and Kallis all played major roles in the teams success last
                                                                          Provincial pre-tournament warm-up games are planned
    year and replacing that calibre of player is always going to be
                                                                          against other provincial teams in the months of November and
    a challenge. It does however provide opportunities for some
                                                                          December. Good luck to all the age group teams and their
    young talent to try and eatablish themselves so hopefully
                                                                          managers and make us proud at these events.
    players such as Kelly and Jon jon Smuts and Basheer
    Walters can make a big impact and push for higher honours             The capping ceremony of the players going to National cricket
    in years to come.                                                     weeks will be held in Oudtshoorn on the 3rd of December.
    We have started the defence of our MTN title a bit slowly and         Congratulations to the following umpires that were nominated
    will need to win 3 of our remaining 4 games to stay in                and approved by the SWD Umpires Association to go to the
    contention for a semi final spot.                                     National cricket weeks:
                                                                          U/13 Boys, Jaco van Stryp
    The guys really are focused and determined to ensure we
                                                                          U/15 Boys, Moses Carolus
    give it a full go in defending our title.
                                                                          U/17 Boys, John Frans
    If we play to our potential and a few things go our way, we           U/19 Girls, George Nieuweveldt
    should be competitive and ensure we keep developing and               The following candidates were selected to do the Boston Sport
    improving as a unit.                                                  Management Diploma for 2010/2011: Dinilesizwe Grootboom,
                                                                          Theo Ferreira, Felicity Damons and Zenobia Nel.
                                                                          Congratulations to the candidates and we know that you will
                                                                          add value to the coaching and development of cricket in the

                                      The month of September was the highlight         Chennai in the final. It was the most
                                      on our 2010 calendar – Airtel Champions          incredible three weeks of our lives, and life
                                      League T20. We had to wait almost six            changing in many ways. We had worked so
                                      months for it since winning the Pro20 title in   hard to get there, and to have progressed so
                                      March. But it went by fairly quickly, cause we   far in the tournament, and almost winning it,
                                      weren’t waiting, we were preparing.              spoke volumes of where this Franchise is
                                                                                       going. We’ve got some way to go to being the
                                      Tipped by some to not make the playoffs, we
                                                                                       best Franchise in the world – like coach
                                      stormed through the pool stages, playing all
     CAPTAINS                         our games at home, and hearing our band
                                                                                       Russell Domingo demanded of us two years
     CORNER                                                                            ago – but second will do for now.
                                      singing their “bye-bye” to three of the four
                                      touring teams, Wayamba from Sri Lanka,           We want to leave a legacy, but it’s gonna take
                                      pre-tournament favourites Victoria from Oz,      a lot of hard work. And like Henry Ford stated:
                                      and the Stags from New Zealand. We               “You can't build a reputation on what you are
                                      managed to overcome the second Aussie            going to do”.
                                      threat, South Australia, in the semi finals,
                                      and eventually came up short against

                                                                                                             Coaches Forum

                      GREG HAYES - CSA DEV CONSULTANT

In 2009 the SA Schools Cricket                                                                  bowling) – when batting the
General Council took a decision                                                                 bigger / heavier ball is more
that that the U11 age group would                                                               difficult to hit to the boundary – in
use the 135g cricket ball at all                                                                fielding - throwing and catching
future inter - provincial                                                                       the bigger /heavier ball is more
tournaments and not the 113g                                                                    difficult.
                                                                                                Pitch Lengths
This has led to some Provincial
                                                                                            It is also felt that the length of the
School Cricket Structures
                                                                                            pitches presently used further
introducing this rule within their
                                                                                            disadvantages the U/11 age
provinces as they felt that the
                                                                                            group when using the heavier
players would be disadvantaged
when they played at the Inter                                135g                      113g 135g ball.
Provincial tournament at the end
of the year. This ruling now forces
a child of 10 to use the same size cricket ball (135g) as a child of
12 (who is 2 years older) as opposed to the 113g ball as before.
                                                                         “I am extremely concerned with U11 cricketers
This decision has created much concern and confusion in
certain Eastern Cape coaching circles as coaches cannot                  using the 135g ball, the heavier ball causes
understand how this will benefit the young cricketers                    them to “sling” the ball in the delivery action
concerned.                                                               and this could lead to lower back injuries. The
These are present rulings at Inter Provincial Tournaments for            113g is a far better choice especially taking
boys:                                                                    into account that they bowl on full length
14 years old (U/15)      - 156g ball                                     pitches” - Kenny Watson (ex Protea Fast Bowler & full

12 years old (U/13) - 135g ball
                                       }   2 yrs difference in age /
                                           strength etc
                                                                         time Coach)

                                                                         “Having coached in both Motherwell and the
                                       }   Also 2 yrs difference in
                                           age / strength etc but
                                                                         rural programme in Alice, I have witnessed
                                                                         the U11 cricketers struggling with the 135g
                                           now being forced to use       ball, especially the young rural cricketers who
                                           the same size ball?
                                                                         are smaller in build. The children find it easier
10 years old (U/11) - 135g ball
                                                                         to grip and spin the smaller 113g ball”
                                                                         - Mfuneko Ngam (ex Protea Fast Bowler & full time
Physical & Mental Disadvantage                                           Coach)
The “2 year” physical and mental gap between the 10 year old
and the 12 year old is even bigger than the gap between the 12
year old and the 14 year old. The vast majority of                        Please feel free to share your thoughts
educationalists would concur with this statement.                        on the above subject as at the end of the
The feeling amongst many coaches is that these U/11                       day we need to ensure that the young
cricketers are being heavily disadvantaged by using the bigger                  cricketer benefits – contact
ball in terms of spinning the ball (grip), general control / incorrect    
bowling technique resulting in eventual back injury (seam


      When Greg Hayes asked me to put some thoughts together for Coaches taking sides to
      tournaments or weeks at any level, I tried to think of the biggest issues that I have noticed since
      I have been attending them. I have put down some points that I believe to be important.

      1. Why Players go to Weeks                                         where the inner ring markers are in the time versions
         I feel there is a need for the Coach to apply an over-          or requesting the batting power play in T20 games and
         riding concept to their particular side. Many times I get       we have to ask whose fault this is. The Coach needs to
         the impression that many players are there to further           ensure that he is aware of the playing conditions and
         their potential careers as opposed to focusing on the           then pass this on to the players. Surely there is less
         requirements of the team. There is no doubt in my               chance of being successful in any contest if you are
         mind that teams focused on performing as a unit                 not aware of the rules before playing.
         profile the stars within far more.                           3. Let the Players Play
         Conversely, there are some players that seem content            In any week – from U13 to U18 – there are continued
         with having been picked. There is a vast difference in          instances of Coaches controlling the Captain’s
         being picked for a side and playing for a side – this is a      thought patterns. I often feel this may be because
         point which Ray Jennings stresses continually to                Coaches see the week as more of a reflection on them
         budding U19 National players.                                   than the players.
         This is where the Coach can have a huge impact by            There is definitely a lack of good Captains in junior cricket
         assigning a role to each and every player. All players       in South Africa and it is little wonder why when Coaches
         need to know the role they are required to perform, this     dictate in selection, batting orders, bowling changes and
         is magnified in junior squads where there may well be        field placing.
         players looking to play SA Schools and those who feel        I would like to see the Coaches taking time planning
         they are lucky to be there, playing alongside each            thoroughly alongside their Captain and players for each
         other. The emphasis should be on every player having          game and then letting them get on with it out in the middle.
         a role to play in each other’s, and the team’s success.       When messages are sent on the field it would be nice to
      2. Know the playing conditions                                   see them conveyed from a view point of ‘here is an idea,
         I have lost count of the number of times I have heard         you decide if you want to use it’ and not jump all over them
         Coaches questioning the playing conditions in the             if they don’t, merely ask why and discuss it.
         various formats during the games! Each Coach knows           The Coach can guide the players in to not making
         that their side will be playing time, 50 over and T20        catastrophic choices whilst still allowing them leeway to
         cricket so it is their duty to make themselves and their     make their own mistakes and create their own
         players aware of the particular conditions of each.          successes. This is the only way a player will truly learn.
         We constantly see Captain’s and players asking

                                                                                                                  Coaches Forum


SWD U/19 attain eventful victory                                     SWD excels at CSA Tournament
The SWD U/19 team attained a prestigious victory over WP in          The cricket program for emerging
the CSA U/19 Three day Competition by beaten them with four          talent in SWD is definitely on the
wickets.                                                             right path if the SWD Academy
                                                                     team’s performance is used as an
The match, which took place at the Recreation Grounds in
                                                                     indicator. During the Cricket South
Oudtshoorn, started on the Saturday due to heavy rain during
                                                                     A f r i c a A c a d e m y We e k i n
the week. Western Province scored 171 runs in their first
                                                                     Oudtshoorn, SWD defeated two of
innings with Bronwill Goede (2/41), Justin Jordaan (3/29) and
                                                                     the heavyweights namely WP and
James Marais (3/15) the best bowlers for SWD.
In reply, SWD scored 124 runs after losing five wicket for five
                                                                     In SWD's first full-fledged
runs with Brendan Louw (56; 106 balls, 1x6, 6x4) being the
                                                                     academy intake, players like Erinn
best batsmen.
                                                                     Ewerts, Martin Coetzee and
WP, with a lead of 47 runs declared in the second innings on         Christo van Schalkwyk emerged
162/8 with Bronwill Goede (3/43) being the best bowler.              strongly and showed that they will
                                                                     soon take their place in the SWD
SWD had to score 210 runs in the remaining 58 over’s to win                                                               Erinn Ewerts
                                                                     senior team.
the match, which they did. An excellent Third wicket
partnership of 83 runs between Byron Haycock (28; 64 balls,          SWD lost their first two matches, Boland (with 8 wickets) and
4x4) and Brendon Louw (65; 89 balls, 2x6, 7x4) paved the way.        Border in a Pro 20 match (with 2 wickets). They won the last
Kobus Scholtz, captain of the team also played a big part by         three games by beating WP in a Pro20 game (with two runs)
contributing (56; 72 balls, 2x6, 9x4).(Photo of U/19 team)           and then Fort Hare (with 77 runs) and EP (with 13 runs).

                               Regional camps held in 2010
                               Cricket South Africa Awareness Regional             The Regional u/19 camp was held in Port
                               u/17 camp was held in East London on the 24-        Elizabeth on the 11th and 12th of October
                               25 June 2010. The camp was led by John              2010. This camp was led by the SA U/19 Head
                               Bailey who represented Cricket South Africa.        Coach, Ray Jennings. Ray shared his values
                               The players underwent the following aspects         and his criteria as far as his vision for selection
                               over the two day camp. Fitness testing, nets,       is concerned. The u/19 camp took a similar
                               fielding, presentations, cricket awareness          format to the regional u/17 camp. Twenty
 CSA/EC U/17 &                 aspects were all covered at the camp. Twenty        young players were put through their paces.
 U/19 TALENT                   young cricketers from the Eastern Cape              They did fitness test, fielding, had nets and
 SCOUT                         region attended the camp. Coaches from the          also participated in discussions about cricket
                               various provinces also accompanied the              awareness with the Coach. Ray also
 CHRISTO ESAU                  players. These coaches were also                    empowered our coaches with new ways to
                               empowered at the camp through interaction           stimulate the young players.
                               and leading fielding drills, nets and discussion
                               when required to do so.

                                                                                  U/19                                           U/17

    REGIONAL NEWS                                                                            SWD SNR CAPTAIN
                                                                                             Ross McMillan

    KFC Mini Cricket Festival                    SWD U/10 Open Squad
                                                                                             Please tell us about your
    The provincial KFC Mini Cricket Festival     Before implementing an U/10 squad           background.
    took place on Saturday the 11th of           talent identification took place in the     I was born in Pietermaritzburg,
    September at Oudtshoorn High School.         different regions where the top u/10        grew up in Hilton and attended
    470 learners and 57 educators were           cricketers were identified and brought to   Hilton College. I played Natal
    present at the tournament. The festival      Oudtshoorn to fast track them into a        Midlands before it became Kwa
    was a resounding success and we              skills development program in               Zulu Natal Inland at U/17 & U/19
    appreciate the presence of the Executive     preparation for next year’s u/11 open       level. I first played for KZN
    members at the festival.                     squad.                                      Inland at senior level in the
                                                                                             provincial associates
    Senior Team Camp                                                                         competition in 2004.
                                                                                             When did you make your first
    The SWD Provincial Squad attended a
                                                                                             class debut?
    mental toughness and team dynamics                                                       In 2006, when KZN Inland first
    camp run by Dr Francois Joubert at the                                                   joined the provincial competition.
    Carmel Scripture Union Campon the 12th                                                   Highlights of your career to
    and 13th of October. Players were put                                                    date?
    through different exercises and activities                                               - CSA Mutual & Federal
    and taught how to deal with the pressure                                                     Associates Cricketer of the
    caused by various circumstances.                                                             year 2005/06.
    Valuable sports psychology lessons and                                                   - Being selected for the
    tips were given by Dr Joubert to help                                                        Nashua Dolphins in 2008.
    players work together as a unit as well as                                               - Being selected for the
    to enhance team and their own individual                                                     National Academy.
    performances.                                                                            - Two First class hundreds in
                                                  U/10 Players                                   my first two games for SWD.
                                                                                             Your impression on your
     KFC Mini Cricket Festival                                                               move to SWD Cricket.
                                                                                             I’m really enjoying it here. My
                                                                                             wife and I love the area, the
                                                                                             standard of cricket is really good
                                                                                             and the team has made me feel
                                                                                             very welcome. This has been a
                                                                                             great move thus far.
                                                                                             What are your expectations
                                                                                             for SWD Cricket and yourself
                                                                                             in the 2010/11 season?
                                                                                             To be in the top 10 three day
                                                                                             and one day batsmen in the
                                                                                             competition and to lead the
    Senior Team Camp                                                                         SWD side to the top 4 in both

                                                   Senior Team Camp

                                                                                                          Coaches Forum

PROVINCIAL NEWS (Cont. from Pg 4)

                                     Age group teams going to National Tournaments
SWD U/13 Team                               SWD U/17 Team                            SWD U/19 Team
1 Bailey Aarons           Outeniqua Pri     1 Rory Bell (C)          Oudtsh Hi       1 Otniel Baartman        Bridgton SS
2 Jean Du Plessis (C)     Plett B Pri       2 Rikus Cronje           Outeniqua Hi    2 Johandre Barnard       Outeniqua Hi
3 Ronaldo Fortuin (VC)    Outeniqua Pri     3 Keagan Fortuin         Oudtsh Hi       3 Lerique Du Plessis     Outeniqua Hi
4 Colan Hoogbaard         Outeniqua Pri     4 Jody Fortuin           Bridgton SS     4 Gurshwin Goliath       Lang Gym
5 Kevin Gibson            Milkwood Pri      5 Du Toit Hills          Outeniqua Hi    5 Byron Haycock          Outeniqua Hi
6 Johan Goosen            George S Pri      6 Curtley Kannemeyer     Point Hi        6 Fred King              Principia
7 Estjone Goliath         Colridge Pri      7 Chriscendo Maksella    Lang Gym        7 Marcello Piedt (VC)    Outeniqua Hi
8 Levin Muller            Outeniqua Pri     8 James Marais (VC)      Point Hi        8 Jeandre Rudolph        Oakdale Agri
9 Dilan Nuys              Saturnus Pri      9 Josh Pieters           Oakhill Sch     9 Christiaan Rust        Oakdale Agri
10 Llywellyn Serfontein   Volschenk Pri     10 Jolin Saptou          Oudtsh Hi       10 Kobus Scholtz (C)     Outeniqua Hi
11 Ruan Steyn             Wesbank Pri       11 Gurswin Sparks        York Hi         11 Glenton Stuurman      Morester Hi
12 Boeta Swanepoel        Hartenbos Pri     12 Ruan Stander          Outeniqua Hi    12 Miche Vallabh         York Hi
13 Jaco JV Rensburg       George S Pri      13 Jaco Van Greunen      Oudtsh Hi       13 Tyron Whitehead       Knysna Hi

SWD U/15 Team
1 Hennie Barnard (C)      Outeniqua Hi      SWD Girls U/19 Team                       It is as well for us to remember
2 Ruaan Bekker            Outeniqua Hi      1 Gay Baartman           Morester Hi      when we are watching the best
3 Sheldon Eksteen         Lang Gym          2 Stef-Marie Barnard     Knysna Hi        batsmen that, however easy it may
4 Warrick Gelandt         Outeniqua Hi      3 B Bezuidenhout (C)     PW Botha         all look, they do not achieve their
5 Nervan Langdown         Outeniqua Hi      4 Monique Booysen        Morester Hi      success without toil and sweat, and
6 Thomas Marrow           Oakhill Sch       5 Jillian Carelse        PW Botha         that there are times even with the
7 Chris Marrow            Oakhill Sch       6 Jody Duminy            York Hi          greatest when they must seem to
8 Brandon Olivier         Principia Coll    7 Rowena Jansen          PW Botha
                                                                                      themselves, as we humble
9 Lance Roelfse (VC)      Outeniqua Hi      8 Phalita Johnson        Sentraal Hi
10 Larnell Spies          Outeniqua Hi      9 Tertia Lingeveldt      Gerrit DP        performers so frequently seem to
11 Aldin Rossouw          OudtshHi          10 Sonica Stemmet        Lang Gym         ourselves, to be batting with a
12 Simon Venter           Outeniqua Hi      11 Anoeska Steyn         Lang Hi          broomstick, with a barn door for a
13 Eduard Zandberg        Outeniqua Hi      12 Mary-Anne Tiemie      Bridgton SS      wicket. - E.W. Swanton
                                            13 Ezrin VAswegen (VC)   Knysna Hi

November 2010 - January 2011

 Date         Event Details                    Venue            Date          Event Details                  Venue
 20 Nov       SWD U/13 A & B Friendly          V Reede SF       04 Dec        SWD U/13 A & B Friendly        TBA
 21 Nov       SWD U/15 Friendly Fixture        TBA              04 Dec        SWD U/15 Friendly Fixture      TBA
 22 Nov       SWD U/11 Team Practice           Wesbank PS       04 Dec        SWD U/15 vs EP “B”             TBA
 24 Nov       SWD U/15 Team Practice           Outeniqua HS     05 Dec        SWD U/15 vs EP “A”             TBA
 24 Nov       SWD U/17 Team Practice           GlenWH           06 Dec        SWD U/15 vs Border (Pro 20) TBA
 28 Nov       SWD U/15 Friendly Fixture        TBA              06 Dec        SWD U/13 A & B Practice        O’shoorn HS
 29 Nov       SWD U/13 A & B Practice          Outeniqua HS     08 Dec        SWD U/15 Squad Practice        Outeniqua HS
 29 Nov       SWD U/11 Team Practice           Wesbank PS       08 Dec        SWD U/17 Squad Practice        GlenWH
 01 Dec       SWD U/15 Team Practice           O’shoorn HS      08 Dec        SWD U/19 Squad Practice        Rec Gr
 01 Dec       SWD U/17 Team Practice           GlenWH           13 Dec        SWD U/19 Squad Practice        Rec Gr
 03 Dec       SWD U/19 Team Practice           Recreation Gr


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