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					   Volume 62 Issue 7

   October 2010
                                       The Spire
  Special points of interest:        The First Baptist Church in Needham
  •    “P” is for Pray          p4
                                     Radical Hospitality?
  •    World Missions month p5
                                          The Holman Bible Dictionary de-        question, consider our standard prac-
  •    Needham Night at
                                     fines hospitality as the practice of        tice of hospitality, particularly in the
             the Pops           p6   entertaining or receiving a stranger        church. In the days of “owned” pew
  •    Introducing our new
                                     into one’s home as an honored guest         boxes, it is hard to imagine hospitality
                                     and to provide the guest with food,         being practiced. Everyone had their
             Student Minister p9
                                     shelter, and protection. Hospitality        box and people largely kept to them-
                                     was commended as a sacred duty in           selves in those pew boxes. It would
                                     Biblical writing. A commonly cited ex-      have been egregiously outrageous to
                                     ample of hospitality in in the Old Tes-     even dare sit in someone else’s pew
                                     tament was Abraham receiving the            box. Thankfully, we have moved from
                                     three visitors (Genesis 18:1-8). Not        that inhospitable place, but not far
                                     only did Abraham run to meet the visi-      enough. More commonly, churches
                                     tors, he offered them water to wash         utilize greeters, for example, to wel-
                                     their feet, a place to rest, and ordered    come guests to the church. However,
Inside This Issue:                   a large meal to be prepared in their        beyond saying good morning and
                                     honor.                                      pointing someone to the sanctuary,
From the Desk of the            2         Hospitality was also commended         what are we doing that demonstrates
Pastor                               by other ancient cultures. The Greeks       hospitality? The answer is very little.
                                     and Romans regarded hospitality as a             Offering a new definition for con-
                                     sacred obligation. The Egyptians            sideration, Robert Schnase in the
Board Updates                   3    claimed it as a meritorious deed in         book Five Practices of Fruitful Congre-
                                     life. Bedouins saw hospitality as an        gations suggests that we practice
                                     expression of righteousness.                radical hospitality by drastically alter-
                                          Then of course, we know that hos-      ing our ordinary practices so that we
Caring and Calling              7
                                     pitality is emphasized in the New Tes-      exceed expectations. More practically
                                     tament as well. It is a characteristic of   and theologically, it means going the
Calendar                        10   our duty as Christians. It is an expres-    extra mile or giving of your cloak and
                                     sion of the love of Christ. It is an out-   tunic. It means that we offer the abso-
                                     ward focus that demonstrates our            lute utmost of ourselves, our creativ-
Thank you                       11
                                     willingness to be open and adaptive         ity, our abilities, and our energy to ex-
                                     in order to meet the needs of others.       tend the gracious invitation and re-
                                     We are commanded to practice hospi-         ception of Christ to others.
                                     tality.                                          For some of us, that definition is a
                                          In recent years, a modifier has        huge departure from what we would
                                     been added to the word hospitality in       see ourselves doing as the church.
                                     order to create the phrase “Radical         For some, saying hello to a visitor af-
                                     Hospitality”. What does it mean to be       ter worship is the extent of our hospi-
                                     radically hospitable? To answer the         table act—not only the extent, but also
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7                                                                                     Page 2

From the Desk of the Pastor
                        I preached a    its status and prominence such              So what do we do as the
                        revival ser-    that people do not view church         church? Sure we have an oppor-
                        vice at Zion    attendance as necessary or even        tunity to look at new innovations
                        B a p t i s t   desirable. That fact is well dem-      in church ministry. Sure, we could
                        Church     in   onstrated in the decline of the        benefit from honest feedback and
                        Lynn      re-   church.                                letting people know that what
                        cently. The          For those who do continue to      they are doing isn’t “up to snuff”.
                        r e v i v a l   participate, the level of effort af-        But, I think the real need is to
theme came from Lamentations            forded to church work is reduced       return to God and acknowledge
5:21 in which the writer implored,      and often inadequate. Rather           our own shortcomings and fail-
“Take us back, O Lord, to your-         than demonstrating innovation          ings. God said in 2 Chronicles
self, and let us come back; renew       and excellence, our ministry ef-       7:14, “...If my people who are
our days as of old.” In my sermon,      forts are often lacking and ill-       called by my name would humble
I asserted that the onus is not on      planned. However, we shy away          themselves and pray, seek my
God to take us back. Rather, it is      from providing honest feedback         face, turn from their wicked ways,
on us to come back, because God         on that which is inadequate for        then I will hear from heaven, and
did not change or move on us. We        fear of offending or alienating.       will forgive their sins and heal
changed and moved on God. It            Sadly, we are so afraid that we        their land.” If we make that first
occurs to me that this word is          will lose one more member by de-       move, God will take us back.
beneficial for us too.                  manding excellence that our min-       More than that, God will restore
    It is difficult to be the church    istry efforts limp along unable to     and renew us so that we are pre-
at this point in our society, time      garner intended results.               pared to handle the challenges of
and culture. The church has lost                                               even this societal age.
Radical Hospitality (continued)
the only expectation. Traditionally,        Third, we should all make it       ence in visiting a church and intro-
the average lay person would not        our responsibility to observe who      ducing herself to the pastor after
have seen it as his or her respon-      is absent in our congregation and      worship. When she returned the
sibility to do more than simply         reach out to them. If you noticed      next week, she found waiting for
greet. However, radical hospitality     that someone is missing, it should     her a name badge, typed and
says that we must do more than          not suffice to simply ask the pas-     laminated, in the same form as
that. Radical hospitality says that     tor, “What ever happened to Mrs.       that of the members of the con-
it is everyone’s job to extend the      Smith.” We must personally ex-         gregation. In that instant, she was
very best of themselves in order        tend ourselves to Mrs. Smith.          hooked. She affiliated with the
to make the stranger feel wel-              Likewise, when visitors come,      church and has been active ever
comed.                                  we should make it our personal         since. How do we emulate such a
     How does that play practically     responsibility to extend ourselves     practice? How do we prepare to
in our congregation? First, it is a     to them. If, during the conversa-      welcome someone who returns?
“no brainer” to suggest that we         tion, you recognize a spark of             In some regards, these ideas
should greet those who come to          commonality, exchange contact          are not radical, but they do point
the church. Greeters need to be         information so that you can be in      to a need for intentionality in our
stationed at every entrance of the      touch. A personal contact may          outreach and welcome. We need
church so everyone is welcomed          very well make the difference be-      to practice hospitality, but this is
upon entry. Secondly, members           tween that visitor returning or not.   not new. God has commanded
should sit with visitors so that            Finally, we need to make           that we be hospitable, welcoming
people feel connected in the wor-       preparations for a visitor’s return.   the stranger, since the beginning.
ship.                                   Someone once shared her experi-
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7                                                                              Page 3

                                          Board Updates
         Board of Missions                                                        Board of Deacons
                                    In addition, we’re still doing our
       October is World Missions    best to show a presence in                    Who was it that said the
Offering month and on Sunday,       Needham. On Sunday, Septem-           only constant in life is change?
October 24th, there will be a       ber 26th, we hosted a movie af-       Well, the Deacons are certainly
video presentation and speaker      ternoon at Seabed’s Way (see          making changes lately. Within the
after Worship at our fellowship     page 11) and we’re still going        board, Ken Gullotti has assumed
hour.                               strong with the Bread of Life pro-    the duties of Secretary while
                                    gram with Carter Memorial             Cindi Toto is now the Treasurer.
                                    Church (we’re always looking for              The Deacons had a lively
                                    more volunteers, hint hint!). In      discussion at their most recent
                                    addition, we’ll be running a bake     meeting with regard to the duties
                                    sale on October 16th to help the      that the Deacons are responsible
                                    Bread of Life effort.                 for— we’ll see many things an-
                                           We’re asking for help in       nounced in the coming months.
        During our Missions Mo-     the bake sale. If you’d like to do-   One of the first things we’ll see is
ment at the Worship Service on      nate baked good, bring them to        a documented job description for
October 10th, we’ll mention         the copy room at Carter Memorial      Greeters and the possible estab-
many of the things that we are      no later than Friday morning, Oc-     lishment of a Hospitality Ministry.
currently working on.               tober 15th. And if you’d like to      That’s coming out this month.
        We are delighted to an-     help out during the day, please               In addition, we’ll also see
nounce our plans for a missions     call Ken at the church office or      directives with regard to the fam-
trip to Haiti and you will hear     see Minister Sandra on any Sun-       ily ministry, which began this past
more of that in the coming          day prior to that date.               summer.
months. Minister Sandra has                Stay tuned—we’ve got                   Our focus remains on the
hosted a presentation about this    more in store next month and          spiritual direction of the church
effort at fellowship on September   throughout the holidays!!             and, as always, there will be
26th and will reprise her presen-                          Ken Gullotti   more to come.
tation on Sunday, October 3rd.                                                                   Ken Gullotti

    Needham Community
        Blood Drive

       Friday, October 22nd, 2010                          Our Next Movie Night
           1:00 PM—6:00 PM
            The Village Club
                                                             Is scheduled for
            83 Morton Street                                  November 12th
                                                                          Save the date!
       For an appointment, please call                              See your November
               1-800-RED Cross                                           SPIRE for
       Or visit                                 Movie details!!!
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7                                                                               Page 4

                       P is for Pray                     we can commit the whole day to God. Regular
      Sunday came with the cool dampness of a            communication helps any friendship. Davy won-
  September morning, when the days are too short         dered if he truly had set aside a regular time to
  to keep the alpine grasses green. We gathered at       pray.
  our church, with its white spire crowned by a               Discipline: Pray every day, no matter what, for
  cross, with its hand-carved doorway, with its shin-    prayer is your lifeline to God. Don’t let your prayer
  gled roof. Beside the church, a little at the back     time be interrupted by the pressure of your sched-
  under spreading trees, was the graveyard. The          ule or by threats.
  graves were marked by weathered crosses, mark-              Spontaneity: Daily prayer establishes an inti-
  ing the resting places of pioneers who first settled   mate relationship with God. If we want to reach
  this place called Climax. The wooded hill rose be-     God with our emergency prayers, we need to take
  hind these graves and stretched away towards the       time to cultivate a strong relationship with God
  vast, unexplored wilderness.                           through times of in-depth prayer.
      All at once we struck the mountain trace that           Finding Time to Pray: Take Jesus’ attitude of
  climbed upward towards the cathedral in the            regular communion with the Father. Seek the Lord
  pines. Reverend Baker walked ahead, bible in           before your busy schedule takes over your
  hand, then Deacon Garrett; and lastly Robert Hale      thoughts. Determine to pray on a more regular
  watched for stragglers among our spiritual fam-        basis, even if you have to get up very early in the
  ily—the universal church. The dawn was dark and        morning to do it. And withdraw from noise and de-
  foreboding, with rain showers from time to time.       mands so you can focus on God, which is exactly
  And when we spoke, we talked softly.                   why Church of Christ members came to this wil-
      The woods rose in rough glory, every light lend-   derness cathedral.
  ing its hues of color. Ancient-looking trees teemed         Yes, thought Davy, building a strong relation-
  in damp gullies and on stream-banks, forming the       ship with God through daily prayer is important.
  wild forest. Here are true temples with tree-shafts    But what about building them with other Chris-
  pointed and aspiring. The mists weighed heavily        tians? And then Rev. Baker spoke, as if to answer,
  on the evergreens of the slopes and hid the            “Gather others around you by giving yourself away
  ridges. It was dead-calm; every feature mirrored       to them: sharing and caring, sorrowing, rejoicing,
  perfectly in the small glacial lake on whose shore     and praying together.”
  we sat, as if in an amphitheater.                           Strong relationships are brought together
      And so we came to our place of worship.            through worship, seeded through outreach, ex-
      Rev. Baker stood on an immense white boul-         plained through bible reading, enhanced through
  der and began his sermon, which was called             church service, built with others through hospital-
  “Prayer—A Spiritual Communion with God.” Davy          ity, nurtured through talent and treasures invest-
  took mental notes. It seemed to him that there         ment, and built with God through daily prayer. So,
  are four facets to prayer.                             W-O-R-S-H-I-P the Lord and express your praise
      Daily Prayer: The secret of a close relationship   and devotion.
  with God is to pray to him earnestly each morning,          P is for pray: Pray daily.
  when our minds are freer from problems and then                                        by Andrew Thoresen

                              Sunday Mornings at 9:00 AM
                              In the Coombs Lounge
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7                                                    Page 5

          At the First Baptist church in Needham

Please use the envelopes provided in
the pews starting on October 10th to
          give your gift to
      International Ministries!
Stay at church on October 24th after
 Worship to see the presentation that
our own Missions Board will give re-
garding Missions efforts in the world

                                        We have coin boxes for children to
                                        make donations to the missions ef-
                                        fort, too. Find them on the table in
                                        the Vestry!
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7   Page 6
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7                                                                                Page 7

                                                                            daughter Rebecca and her hus-
                                                                            band Steve will be making him a
                                                                            grandfather for the third time in
                  During       the                      who had triple      the spring.
                  month of Sep-                         bypass    sur-             We      also
                  tember,       we                      gery and we         prayed for Tracy
                  prayed       for                      are   grateful      Gee,
                                                                            Gee although it is
                  Margaret Nich-                        that he is on       with sadness that
                  ols and her                           the road to         we see her being
                  family after the                      recovery.           transferred to Ari-
passing of her husband, Paul.                                               zona,    we     are
        We prayed for Martine                 We prayed for our sister,     grateful that she is going with
Taylor’s friend Larry whose tu-      Annette Fenton, who had sur-
                                                Fenton                      God.
mors are getting worse and           gery this month and we continue               We also prayed for all who
treatments don’t seem to be          to pray for Jeannette Tanner           needed God’s strength and love
working.                             who has respiratory problems           and we continue to pray in thanks-
        We prayed for Karina         and now requires oxygen.               giving for all our blessings, large
Fontanez who is struggling with                                    Kinne,
                                              We prayed for Jeff Kinne      and small, even when we feel we
bad symptoms because of post         who threw his back out.                are undeserving.
cancer treatments and for San-                We prayed for Jean and
dra Evans’ sister Denise Alves       Jim Morehead
who has been struggling with         as they return to
dialysis and contracted a staff      the      mission
infection and pneumonia.             field.
        We also prayed for Lee                We con-
Wayne Thomas who returned to         tinued to pray
the hospital this month, and for     for Connie Marsland, and for
travelling mercies for James                  Jennings,
                                     Myrtle Jennings that God will
Thomas when he went to visit         give her all that she needs.
him.                                          We prayed for Reverend
        We prayed for Elsie Kent            Fassett,
                                     Jack Fassett who is at home
who was in                           and for Olive Molter who is at
the hospital                         Briarwood.
this month,                                   We prayed for Minister
and       for                        Sandra’s father, Polynice Dor-
Cindi Toto                           sainvil who continues to struggle
who had a                            every day, and for her mother,
brief hospi-                         Paulette,
                                     Paulette who travelled here to
tal      stay                        visit with Minister Sandra.
also.                                         We prayed in celebration      Marilyn Blake        October 11
        We prayed for Mark                           with Karen Cam-        Sandra Evans         October 11
Morehead, Jean and Jim More-                         panella,
                                                     panella       whose    Ed Boyd              October 11
head’s son, who because of a                         new      grandson,     Jon Kingsbury        October 13
fall required surgery—and we                         Logan      Anthony     Sande Lafaver        October 15
prayed again in thanksgiving                         Tripician was born     Jeff Kinne           October 19
when we heard he was doing                           to Wendy and           Clifford Kurker      October 19
better.                                              Nick Tripician and     Marty Fassett        October 25
        We prayed for Martine                        we prayed in cele-     Elsie Kent           October 26
Taylor’s friend Lance Eskelund                           Gullotti,
                                     bration with Ken Gullotti whose
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7   Page 8
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7                                                                                Page 9

                         Heya my brothers and sis-       way I look at life. In a restaurant, one’s sole pur-
                         ters in Jesus!                  pose is to serve the other. This is what Jesus calls
                         As you are well aware, I be-    us to accomplish in all that we do. Of course, like
                         gan my field education with     any other good Baptist, I have learned to live the
                         you a few weeks ago, and it     Good News through food.
                         has been brought to my at-      I live in Boston (Mission Hill) with my Fiancé, Tim,
                         tention that many of you are    and our pet tortoise, Raphael. If you were wonder-
                         interested in getting to know   ing if he is named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja
                         the student minister who will   Turtle, then snaps for you because you are correct.
                         be with you for the next        We enjoy going to the park together where he can
                         school year. Unfortunately, I   roam in the grass and I am able to talk with God.
am not the most interesting of people. I went to         Leaving my family and friends back in RI was diffi-
school in upstate NY (Elmira College) where I stud-      cult, but being taken out of my comfort zone has
ied Psychology and World Religions/Philosophy. In        definitely deepened my faith over the past year. I
college, I began to realize that my Ultimate Truth       am hoping that you will grow with me over the
may not be the only valid Ultimate Truth, which fas-     course of the year as we experience Jesus to-
cinates me to this day. Because of that, interfaith      gether.
work is near and dear to my heart, especially work-      I realize that this is a very small snap-shot of me as
ing with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Most of        a person because I wouldn’t want you to know eve-
my courses this term revolve around Jewish-              rything about me in an article. You have a diving
Christian relations.                                     board off which we can converse and get to know
What is the Good news? That through Jesus, we            one another together. Any time you see me, please
are one and are freed from the separation of God         feel free to stop me; while I enjoy speaking, I am a
and man. Believing the Gospel is great, but living       seasoned listener as well. We can set up a date to
the Gospel, I think, is the ultimate goal we have as     meet any time you are free my brothers and sis-
Believers. For me, the ministry of Jesus was one of      ters, and if you can’t seem to get a hold of me, just
hospitality, which is something I intend to begin to     leave me a message in the church office. I’d love
take as my own. God is always preparing us for           to talk with you about why Jesus is my homeboy,
what He has in store for us. I have worked with          and to learn how He has moved in your life.
Friendly’s for a little over 6 years, and while I had    Shalom
no idea when I first began, it has transformed the                                               Kyle Larguinha
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7                                                                                               Page 10

                                  October, 2010
          Sun                  Mon            Tue               Wed                 Thu                 Fri         Sat

                                                                                                   1          2 Needham Har-
                                                                                                              vest Fair and
                                                                                                              “Soup-er” Bowl

   3Joyful Noise &        4             5 Board of Chris- 6                    7 Adult Choir       8          9
   Bible Study 9:00;                    tian Education                         Rehearsal 7:00 PM
   Worship Service                      7:30 PM

   10 Joyful Noise &      11            12 Board of        13 Worship          14 Adult Choir      15         16
   Bible Study 9:00;                    Trustees 7:30 PM   Service at Briar-   Rehearsal 7:00 PM
   Worship Service                                         wood 10:00 AM
   10:00, Music Commit-

   17Joyful Noise &       18            19 Board of Dea- 20                    21 Adult Choir      22         23
   Bible Study 9:00;                    cons 5:30 PM                           Rehearsal 7:00 PM
   Worship Service

   24Joyful Noise &       25            26 Executive       27                  28 Adult Choir      29         30
   Bible Study 9:00;                    Committee 7:30                         Rehearsal 7:00 PM
   Worship Service

   31Joyful Noise &
   Bible Study 9:00;
   Worship Service

                                • Joyful Noise Sunday School (9:00am)
                                • The People’s Bible Study (9:00 am)
                                • Sunday Worship Service (10:00 am,
                                • Music Committee Meeting (2nd Sunday
                                   of the month)                                         Thursdays
                                • Board of Missions Meeting (Sunday fol-                 • Adult Choir Rehearsal (7:00pm)
                                   lowing Board of Trustees meeting)

                                Tuesdays                                                Join us each week at Carter Memorial
                                                                                       Methodist Church for our BREAD OF LIFE
                                Board meetings (all begin at 7:30pm)
                                • 1st Tuesday —Christian Ed Board
                                                                                            Tuesday evenings at 5:30 PM
                                • 2nd Tuesday — Board of Trustees
                                •  3rd Tuesday– Executive Meeting
                                •  4th Tuesday — Deacons Meeting*
 The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7                                                                                      Page 11

          The Missions Board is
 having a bake sale for the benefit                                                   Members from the Missions
 of our BREAD OF LIFE program.                                    Ministry turned the function room at Seabed’s Way
                                                                  into a movie theatre on Sunday September 26th!
                                                                  With popcorn and soft drinks, we presented the
 Held in conjunction with Carter                                  movie, “Aliens in the Attic” to sixteen elated chil-
                                                                  dren. It was an afternoon of laughter, fellowship
 Memorial’s pumpkin sale, we’ll be                                and local mission activity! Truly, a blessing for all
 selling baked goods on Saturday,                                 who attended.
                                                                         Don’t miss our next movie event at FBC - on
 October 16th! Bring your baked                                   Friday night, November 12th, we’ll be bringing our
 goods to the copy room at Carter                                 Movie Night back to our Vestry - stay tuned for
                                                                  more details!
 Memorial by Friday, October 15th
 – We’re also looking for volun-
 teers to man the bake sale on
 Saturday, the 16th!
  Call Ken at the church office for
          more information!
                                                                          While our direct expenses for the current oil
                                                                  spill response on the Gulf Coast will be covered as
                                                                  part of our contract with BP, your donation to Tri-
                (the following letter was sent to our church in   State will help ensure that we can continue our pro-
                response to the donation made by the chil         grams for years to come. We were prepared and
                dren of the 2010 VBS program. -Ed.)               able to quickly respond to this recent disaster be-
                                                                  cause people like you, who care about wildlife, con-
September 8, 2010                                                 tribute to us each year.
Dear Rev. Jackson:                                                        We appreciate your kindness and look for-
        Thank you for your donation to Tri-State Bird             ward to your continued caring and support to keep
Rescue & Research. Our mission is to achieve excel-               our native wildlife alive and thriving in an increas-
lence in the rehabilitation of injured, orphaned, oiled           ingly urbanized world!
native wild birds, with the goal of returning healthy                     Sincerely,
birds to their natural environment. We have 34                            Rebecca Elzey
years of experience in providing life saving service to                   Director of Development
compromised wildlife and being an invaluable re-
source for people who care about animal welfare.
        Your gift will help support our important work,
which includes caring for over 3,000 wild birds every
year in our clinic, responding to the tragic conse-
quences of oil spills nationally and internationally,
and helping us make advances in the field of wildlife
The Spire—Volume 62 Issue 7                                                                Page 12

The First Baptist Church in Needham
       858 Great Plain Avenue
        Needham, MA 02492

        Phone: 781-400-5867
We are a church that loves, welcomes and
seeks the will of God in all that we do

         WE ARE ON THE WEB

•    9:00 People’s Bible Study
•    9:00 Joyful Noise Sunday School          Ministers: All the People of the Church.
•    10:00 Worship Service
                                              Pastor: The Reverend Debora Jackson

Tuesdays                                      Admin. Asst: Ken Gullotti

•    7:30 Board Meetings                      Music Minister: Matt Harrison

•                                             Student Minister: Kyle Larguinha

Thursdays                                     Minister Emeritus:
                                                       The Reverend Gordon C. Swan
•    7:00 Adult Choir Rehearsal

Church Office Hours:
Monday thru Thursday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
                Friday - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

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