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					                   The Iloilo City Summer Conference

        On April 18, 2001, some 67 participants joined the PAARL Board on a trip
to Boracay on the way to Iloilo City, where the summer conference organized by
PAARL for this year was to be held. The other participants who went direct to
Iloilo City for the conference were to form a second batch (Batch B) that would
take a side trip to Boracay at the end of the conference.

       Aboard the SuperFerry by 3:00 in the afternoon, the Batch A participants
enjoyed viewing the ocean waters. After dinner, some went to the Karaoke bar
for a night of singing, while some preferred to just simply shoot the breeze. After
a good sleep, at 5 in the wee hours of the morning, they arrived in the Port of
Dumaguit, Aklan.

         The bus trip to Caticlan took about two hours. This town must win the title
for the “clean and green” environment contest. Trees are never out of sight;
houses, too, vary from traditional to modern architectural designs. It looked
really like a typical “probinsya”, unpolluted as well as peaceful.

      After a 20-minute boat ride from Caticlan, we reached the summer
paradise called Boracay.

       Boracay, known far and wide, as an island paradise with its powder white
sand and crystal blue waters, made us hungry for a dip. Although the sun was at
its peak; this did not bother the participants. As soon as they have secured their
baggages, they went off to its inviting waters for a swim. Some took a boat ride
to explore its white beaches and nearby islands and rocks.

       The participants stayed at Sand Castles Resort, one of the best in the
island, while some were booked at the nearby Galaxy and Sunrise hotels, all
strategically located, for one and a half day. The short stay, however, was not
enough for many of us. Of course, we wanted to stay longer, linger and playfully
swim in Boracay waters. But there are still other things to do.

      However, it was really worth the trip! Thanks to PAARL for giving us the
chance to somehow experience Boracay although briefly.

       After Boracay, Batch A participants headed South for the seminar in Iloilo,
in the afternoon of Friday, April 20. At Four-Season Hotel, they were treated to a
sumptuous dinner.

      The seminar proper started as early as 8:00 in the morning of April 21.
The speakers who shared their expertise on different topics were: Mrs. Corazon
M. Nera on “Developing shared leadership in managing libraries”; Ms. Fe
Angela Verzosa on “Change strategies in a proactive library management”
and “Preservation of library resources”; Ms. Josephine T. Fernandez on
“Effective resource allocation for libraries”; Ms. Annabelle S. Acedera on
“Evaluating collection quality vis a vis standard collection tools”; Ms. Victory
Gabawa-Dionio on “Conducting user surveys as tools for assessing readers
services”; and Ms. Lourdes T. David on “Utilizing electronic and multi-media
resources for information delivery”.

       It was truly a very tight schedule, but the audience, numbering to about
130 librarians and information professionals, were able to follow and the seminar
was finished on time. An open forum followed before the distribution of the
attendance certificates. A product demo was also presented by Mr. Glenn
Bautista, business manager of 3-M Philippines.

      A fun-filled fellowship dinner, complete with games and dancing, capped
the day’s activity. Everyone had an enjoyable evening until past ten.

       Iloilo City, famous not only for its fresh seafoods and other native
delicacies, is a haven of rich fishing grounds and historical sights. The following
morning was a cultural tour that should not be missed. Participants were treated
to a visit to the famous Molo church, La Villa Rica de Arevalo, SEAFDEC, Jaro
Cathedral, and the Biscocho House.

       The second batch, however, missed the cultural tour, for they had to take
the bus trip to Caticlan, right after attending the Sunday service. Arriving in
Boracay almost at 3:00 in the afternoon, they lost no time in taking a dip in the
waters. Some preferred to take a stroll along the white beaches, lined with
handicraft and souvenir shops, bars and night spots, and eateries of a wide
variety of cuisine, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Danish, German,

        The entire Batch B participants stayed at Sand Castles. In the evening,
they went bar-hopping, some went night-shopping, while others simply enjoyed
night-swimming. There is more of Boracay to come back to, and hopefully, this
will not be the last time for PAARL. Already, the organizers are planning to hold
an entire summer conference right in the heart of this fantastic island paradise!

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