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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the program that can give you advertising revenue from each of your document pages—with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources. Google AdSense delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your document content.

How does DocCash work?

The DocCash program pays you for uploading documents. After you join, we'll spit (50/50) the Google AdSense revenue that we earn from the documents you upload to Docstoc.

Millions of people visit Docstoc every month to find the documents they need. Whenever someone clicks on a Google AdSense advertisement on one of the documents you uploaded to Docstoc, you get cash. Payments are made directly by Google each month.

Why should I try DocCash?

Why not? Making money on Docstoc is fast and easy. Just take a few minutes to find documents on your computer that you can publish and share online. Upload them to Docstoc and immediately start making passive, recurring revenue every month.

It’s that simple - a 10 minute investment turns into a check from Google to you each month.

Does it cost anything to join the DocCash program?

No, there is absolutely no cost to joining DocCash. It's free to set up an Google AdSense account with Google, and it's free to enroll in DocCash with us.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply visit the tab on the left of this page that says “Sign Up For DocCash”. If you already have an Google AdSense account, you can associate your current account with your Docstoc profile.

If you don’t yet have an Google AdSense account, you can sign up by simply submitting your email. New accounts typically get approved by Google within 2-3 days.

What kind of content/documents can I upload on Docstoc?

We accept any documents in Word, Excel or PDF format. Just keep in mind that you should not upload copyrighted documents for which you do not own the rights or have permission from the owner to share.

Higher quality documents include college essays, business forms, financial models, worksheets, coupons, conference presentations, fliers and promos, public domain books, editorials, quizzes and tests, diagrams, templates, and sample legal agreements.

How can I increase the amount of money I make?

The simplest way to make more money through DocCash is to upload more documents. See the next question for tips on how to upload documents.

Also, make sure that you give your documents good titles, tags, descriptions, and categories. This will make it easier for users to find your documents and click on their ads. Finally, you should share your documents across the web on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

More advice on making money from DocCash can be found here.

What is the best way to upload lots of documents to Docstoc?

Use Docstoc Sync to seamlessly upload lots of documents from your desktop or email documents to You can also use our web form to upload files in bulk. Docstoc OneClick makes it easy to upload individual or particularly large files.

Do the documents uploaded in the DocCash program look any different than regular documents uploaded?

Yes, documents uploaded by members of the DocCash program have a unique ad template.

Can I control the display of Google AdSense ads on my documents?

No, the manner in which Google AdSense ads are displayed alongside your documents is controlled by Docstoc staff members. We display the ads with optimal ad revenue (for both Docstoc and DocCash members) in mind.

Are there any rules that go along with being a member of the DocCash program?

At no point should you engage in click fraud. If you or your friends actively attempt the inflate the ad revenue on your documents by clicking on advertisements, you will be banned from both from Docstoc and Google AdSense.

It's also not legitimate to upload and share copyrighted documents for which you do not own the rights or have permission from the owner to share.

Do I need a Google AdSense account to join DocCash? What if I don’t have an account?

If you already have a Google AdSense account, just provide us with some basic information about the account and we'll enroll you in DocCash.

If you don't already have a Google AdSense account, we'll help you set one up. Just submit your email to us and your account will be set up with Google within 2-3 days.

Visit our sign up form to start, regardless of whether you have an Google AdSense account or not.

If I use my Google AdSense account for DocCash, can I use it on my website as well?

Yes, you can link your Google AdSense account to multiple sites at once.

If I use my Google AdSense account for multiple websites, how do I set up a channel to see how much money I am making just from Docstoc?

To see how much money you are making from Google AdSense on a particular website, set up a channel for that site using the Google AdSense control panel. Once established, you can track how much money you are making from that site in real-time. It will also show you how many pageviews the website has generated for you.

How can I see how much money I've made from the DocCash program?

Log into the Google AdSense control panel to see how much money your account is making in real-time. If you are using the same account for multiple sites, first select the channel you've set up for Docstoc.

How do I get the money I earn through the DocCash program?

By default, Google pays AdSense members each month by sending a check in the mail. You can also set up your Google AdSense account so that Google directly deposits earnings into your bank account. To learn more, click here.

Which advertisements on Docstoc generate revenue for my documents?

We will split the revenue on all of the advertisements that show up on single document pages.

Do you publish the revenue split?

We will split the revenue 50/50 on all of the advertisements that show up on single document pages.

What if I uploaded documents before the DocCash program was launched, can I make money on those documents?

Unfortunately, the DocCash program cannot be applied retroactively to documents uploaded before the program was launched. Due to technical limitations, only documents uploaded after you request enrollment in DocCash can generate revenue for you.

Can some of the documents I upload to Docstoc be in the DocCash Program and Some of the Documents I upload not?

Yes, but you will have to create two accounts: one enrolled in DocCash and the other not enrolled. If you enroll an account in DocCash, all of the documents uploaded with that account will earn revenue from the DocCash program.

Is it possible to leave the DocCash program after I join?

To have your DocCash account removed from your Docstoc profile, simply email us at