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The LGL Group, Inc., through its subsidiary, M-tron Industries, Inc., designs, manufactures, and markets custom-designed engineered electronic components that are used primarily to control the frequency or timing of signals in electronic circuits. Its frequency control devices consist of packaged quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, and electronic filters. The companyÂ’s products include the Packaged Crystal, a single crystal in a hermetically sealed package used by electronic equipment manufacturers to build oscillators for frequency control in their electronic devices; the Clock Oscillator, a self-contained package with a crystal and electronic circuitry that is used as a subsystem to provide frequency control for their devices; the Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator, a variable frequency oscillator whose frequency can be changed by varying the control voltage to the oscillator; the Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator, a stable oscillator designed for use over a range of temperatures; and the Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators designed to produce stability over a range of operating conditions with very low phase noise. Its products also comprise electronic filters that provide filters with defined capabilities to filter out unwanted portions of timing signal. The LGL GroupÂ’s products are used in infrastructure equipment for the telecommunications and network equipment industries, as well as in electronic systems for military applications, avionics, earth orbiting satellites, medical devices, instrumentation, industrial devices, and global positioning systems. It has operations in the United States, Hong Kong, and India. The LGL Group, Inc. was formerly known as Lynch Corp. and changed its name on June 22, 2006. The company was founded in 1917 and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

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 The LGL Group, Inc. is a holding company with subsidiaries engaged in manufacturing electronic components. The Company operates through its principal subsidiary, M-tron Industries, Inc., which includes the operations of M-tron Industries, Ltd. (Mt...

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Contact Info

2525 Shader Road, Orlando,FL 32804, United States

Executive Team

Mr. Gregory P. Anderson
50, Chief Exec. Officer and Pres
Mr. Robert Zylstra
62, Chairman of Board of Advisors and Advisor
Mr. R. LaDuane Clifton CPA
38, Chief Accounting Officer
Mr. Richard E. McGrail
55, Advisor


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