Become a Better Public Speaker

Being a great public speaker isn’t just about handling your nerves, but that’s an important part.

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The best way to make your speeches or presentations stand out in a good way is prepare before hand, not only to prepare the relevant material but to prepare yourself for the task at hand. This collection contains information on ways to improve your public speaking whether you’re manically afraid of getting in front of even a couple people or you’ve been delivering knockout speeches for years.

It’s been said that public speaking is the number one fear of Americans, ranked higher even than death. Other statistics report that fear of speech in public is retained by 75% of people and is the most prominent phobia. Whether or not these numbers are exact is uncertain, what is for sure is that there are a lot of people whose knees quake at merely the thought of speaking in front of a group of people, no matter what the size.

Whether you’re looking to realize your lifelong dream of becoming a motivational speaker or just trying to climb the corporate ladder at work, odds are you’re going to need to deliver some sort of public speech at some point in your career. When that time comes, you want to be sure you’re ready and that you aren’t a closet glossophobiac (one who fears public speaking).

There is advice and helpful hints in this collection for people of all ages and in all different positions to improve their public persona and presentation.

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