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Orange County faceliftIn the past it used to be that you had to travel to Beverly Hills for cosmetic procedures but in Orange County facelift procedures have become more accessible and prevalent. Skin repositioning is the basic surgical method meant to help tighten sagging skin and create upwards lift. Another type of surgery that may requires less invasive surgery and recovery time is the “mini-lift.” A mini-lift could be performed over the weekend and it can allow the patient to return to work the following Monday.
Living a few miles south of Hollywood does put pressure on women of Orange County breast augmentation can be a stress reliever to consideration for fading beauty. In addition to a breast augmentation, a breast lift may be necessary if your goal is to improve sagging breasts. Your plastic surgeon will need to evaluate the need for a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift.

Once you have selected what procedure will work best for you, schedule a confidential consultation with an Orange County plastic surgeon. Once at the office you may feel a little apprehensive talking about your areas of improvement, however it is necessary for the doctor go give you an adequate evaluation. Make sure to question your doctor about his or hers experience, voice what expectations you may have and what the recovery period may be.

A procedure method to consider for men and women in Orange County tummy tuck combined with liposuction can help with sagging skin and stubborn fat removal. If you have already lost weight and can feel that your abs are tight behind fat deposits and sagging skin you can also consider an “abdominal etching” procedure. However if you feel that you need both sagging skin reduction and abdominal muscle tightening then a tummy tuck would be ideal. Always speak to your doctor about your expectations prior to surgery.

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