There are so many things to do every day with running your business that often some tasks or responsibilities can get lost in the shuffle. Automating your business can be a great way to help you take care of some of the smaller things so that you can focus on all of the other goals you need to accomplish.

Automating your business doesn’t mean having a supercomputer or robot run important processes like processing orders and making sales calls. Rather, it refers to creating a process that works smoothly to manage the more repetitive, mundane tasks that occur daily.

Set up the process

The first step in automating your business is setting up the process that will be carried out. The two main components of this are creating goals to achieve and determining the timeframe in which you would like them to be completed.

For instance, if you normally send out a weekly email to all of your customers to give them an update on your products and services then you would create a document explaining the process as well as why it’s important (i.e. to entice existing customers to check out new products that they may not be aware about). Also included in the document should be the email list as well as any other instructions that go along with sending the update out.

The whole point of the process setup is to create a method that is very easy for someone else to follow so that they can complete the tasks instead of you so that it frees up your time.

Document the process

The easiest way for someone to follow your process exactly is to have good documentation of exactly how to do it. Of course, you should always make yourself available to answer any questions that your employees have, but having a document that shows how the process is done should be sufficient enough to answer whatever questions they have.

During the documentation process, try using step-by-step instructions that include any graphics which may help. For instance, creating screenshots or screen capture videos for each step will allow your employees to see what they should be doing on their own screens. Some people are much better visual learners than others so this will help them in carrying out the process.

One thing to consider is documenting the process as you learn it yourself because that will likely be the same way that you want employees to go about doing it. Once you have finished, go through the steps one by one to make sure you end with the same result that you expect every time.

Delegate the process to your employees

Delegating effectively is a skill that comes over time that is essential to master in order to automate your business. Some of the main points to keep in mind when delegating are –

  • Communicating efficiently
  • Explaining why it's important
  • Allowing a degree of creative freedom (when applicable)
  • Providing support for your employees
  • Getting commitment from your employees