So you’re thinking about getting a tablet but can’t quite decide on which one. On one hand you’ve been hearing how great the iPad is since it came out, and it pioneered the tablet market. On the other hand, Amazon just released their new Fire, which is supposed to change the game.

Pros – Apple iPad

  • The 9.7-inch screen allows for easy viewing no matter what you are trying to watch or what web pages you’re trying to surf
  • The smallest model still has 16 GB worth of storage allowing you to store at least double what you can on the Fire
  • The iTunes store offers many movies, music, books and more
  • The iTunes app store has a wider selection than Android could ever dream of
  • Battery life is 8.5 hours, but looking to increase greatly with the release of the iPad3
  • It has a camera and microphone which the Fire is sorely missing
  • 3G is offered to allow for web browsing wherever you are
  • Apple has been in the game longer with these devices, so automatically they have the upper leg

Pros – Amazon Kindle Fire

  • It has the capability to run Flash, something which many iPad users have wanted for awhile, but Apple has not made available
  • The cheapest model only costs $199 – that’s a savings of $300 from the cheapest iPad
  • The 7-inch screen allows you to hold it easily in one hand
  • It weighs in at 14.6 ounces making it considerably lighter than most tablets
  • Amazon is unleashing their brand new Amazon Silk web browser that is supposed to be the fastest mobile web browser available. Only the smaller components of web browsing like text and block will be handled on the tablet while the more meaty stuff (HTML, CSS and Javascript) will be taken care of by Amazon’s EC2 cloud servers by Amazon’s EC2 cloud servers
  • It has the capability for wireless mirroring which allows it to transmit what is on the screen onto a TV or monitor with no accessories
  • Amazon has its own instant movie streaming and music store
  • The Fire will carry the Android app store as well, obviously, as the Kindle book store
  • Anything you download will be automatically backed up on Amazon’s cloud servers
  • Free 30-day trial subscription to Amazon Prime – Free shipping on packages and free streaming of movies and TV shows. Subscriptions normally cost $79 for a year

Cons – Apple iPad

  • It weighs in at 21.3 ounces, which is 146% the weight of the Fire
  • The cheapest model costs $499, which doesn’t even include 3G. For that price you can get 2.5 Fires
  • You must sync your iPad with your computer in order to get any apps that you have downloaded backed up

Cons – Amazon Kindle Fire

  • The 7-inch screen is considerably smaller than that of its counterpart and could cause some issues for video watching
  • 3G is not available so users will be limited by having to use WiFi in order to web browse. This is fine for home or office use (if you have WiFi set up), but good luck trying to watch college football highlights on the bus ride home
  • Battery life is only 8 hours, which is soon to be way outdone by the competition
  • There is no camera or microphone
  • Only 8 GB of memory may be limiting depending on what you intend to use it for
  • At the end of the day, both tablets have their advantages and shortcomings. Depending on your need both can be a good choice for your business.