Complementary guide for Revenue Projection Template.

We don’t have a precise formula or metrics for forecasting revenues. Although revenues cannot be predicted with a 100 % precise degree, this does not give business managers a leeway to perform their job haphazardly. Understanding the business, competitors, market and economic conditions will help a business manager develop sales projection which reflects on the reality of the industry.

A step in understanding sales channel and how long it takes to close a sale will help a business manager formulate future sales projections. The average sale per sale rep in a business can be applied in planning for the sales projections and in determining the increase in sale as a result of the addition sales person hired. Historical data, customers buying behavior and market data will offer more information in developing a more precise revenue projections.

A new business is presented with the challenge of determining the sales volume. Business manager do not have to be driven by emotions or assumptions when generating numbers. Conservative approach in generating numbers is well suited for new ventures; this gives the business the ability to analysis the venture on lower side of return on investments. Well forecasted cash revenue will help the business to avoid the cash flow crises and enhances the credibility of gaining investors support.

Few other approaches in building sales forecasting in any business include identifying industry and market trends and performing competitive analysis. A business manager should develop a discipline of evaluating key assumptions and applying probability method when developing the number of units to be sold.

The revenue forecasting is crucial when a business is looking to secure bank financing, evaluating staffing decision, estimating space and approximating the inventory required. The efficiency of decisions taken will likely enhance the chances of the business growing the revenues as projected.

Excel as forecasting tool is put into operation to assist the business manager or the owner to predict revenues under different conditions. The price, quantity and percentage increase can be manipulated to give different outlook on revenue projections outcome. The user should use the tool to analysis the data as worse case scenario, moderate scenario and highly favorable scenario, the approach helps the user to spot the business outlook in different situations. The different outlook gears the business to plan and gather resources to achieve success.

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