Hiring a new employee can often be a roll of the dice. There's no way to know for sure whether that employee is a good fit for your company until it's too late. Or is there?


Usually a good resume with references is enough to “pass the smell test” of whether an applicant meets the skill requirements of a job. However, no fortune-tellers, fortune cookies, or magic 8-balls will reveal as much truth as good old-fashioned science. Skill assessment software companies like eSkill help you save time and money during your candidate selection process.

There are many reasons to qualify an applicant before hiring them. Two of the most important are: 1) to determine the proficiency for performing the job, and 2) to determine personality compatibility. Instead of learning of employee inadequacy on the job, employers can use assessment tests to detect fake or exaggerated skill sets presented in the resume and much more.


A large company like Walmart has long been requiring applicants to take career assessment tests to determine their suitability for employment. A small business wishing to avoid its own hiring missteps should also consider adopting tests as a way to prevent further errors in judgment. Pre-employment assessments are designed to take the guesswork out of hiring. Increased accuracy in hiring practices can have a resounding effect on your company’s business outcomes. Companies like Previsor have libraries of “off-the-shelf” assessments or specially customized ones from which to choose. Timetables for the interview and selection process can be cut drastically, leaving more time for business execution.


Even highly gifted and capable individuals may be detrimental to the work environment. Just because an individual is capable does not mean he or she is profitable. An office culture of productivity, accountability, and integrity should always be a protected investment. It’s a delicate balance of cohesive and compatible personalities that can easily be upset by adding the wrong employee to your team. With companies like Previsor and eSkill, favorable office cultures can be maintained without high turnover. Any small business that experiences difficulty with high turnover rates should consider pre-employment assessments. They will help identify applicant traits unrecognizable by the naked eye, but easily detected by an assessment.

The costs of assessment tests are definitely an investment in your company’s health. The packages can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. This seems to be a small price to pay, considering how much you’d be saving your business in time, resources, as well as solving any problems with employee retention.