Unless you have a background in copywriting, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

The question is often raised “should I hire a professional copywriting editor for my business material?” While the answer is almost universally an emphatic “yes,” the reasons for that yes are involved.

Professional Copywriting Editors

Are you a professional copywriter? Then why try and do the job of one. Just as you wouldn’t have a copywriter running your engineering department, don’t assume that your writing, no matter how good it is, is good enough for your business. Writing is one of those rare things that everyone assumes they can do well. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even if you are a talented writer you should hire an editor. This is because copywriting isn’t like writing a short story or a feature article for a magazine. There is a definite craft to copywriting. Even if you have an extensive background in writing, don’t assume that this skill and experience translates into knowing how to write good business copy.

Other reasons for hiring professional copywriting, rather than just doing it yourself include:

  • · Professional copywriters have an eye trained to find all the little grammatical mistakes that amateurs might miss.
  • · A hired gun will certainly know best search engine optimization (SEO) practices. As these change frequently, hiring a professional is of the utmost importance in getting your message across.
  • · The “latest trick” in SEO isn’t a trick at all. It’s crafting quality content that makes your customers come to your site for information. Content on your company website should not just be polished, it should also be informative. A professional copywriter not only has the writing skills to make this happen, he also has the research skills necessary to make your website legitimately informative.
  • · It’s a basic rule of microeconomics that the maximum economic benefit is gained by everyone doing what he does best. What you do best is running your business. What the copywriter does best is craft quality content. Observe this principle and focus on running your business.

Editing Your Work

Assuming that you have some background in copywriting, you still want to hire an editor. Having a second set of eyes looking at a document is always a good thing and can only increase the quality of your content. Further, writing is a bit like exercise. The more you do it, the easier it comes and the better you are it. When you take a break from writing -- especially something niche like copywriting -- your “writing muscles” atrophy. A copywriter, however, writes every day, meaning that his muscles are going to be in top shape when he edits your document.

Hiring a Copywriting Editor

When you hire a copywriting editor, look at his previous work. This is a far better measure of future success than a resume. Further, you can review this prior work to see if it is the right fit for your company. Even the best copywriter in the world might not be the right match for your business. Careful selection of a copywriter will ensure that your company’s business documents are professionally and attractively crafted.