Being a mother is already a 24/7 job so deciding whether or not to return to work after taking time off for children is not an easy decision. Many mothers are contemplating whether to go back to work and are facing some tough questions: should they go back to their old job or pursue a new one? Go back working full time or part time? Work from home or give up going back to work at all? Add to that separation anxiety, childcare and work-life balance concerns and the difficulty of going back to work after being off the job market for some time and you get a challenging decision to make.

However, going back to work can be a new opportunity for a new career and not necessarily a scary thing. Motherhood and life experiences often shift and redefined a woman’s career direction and personality and can be used as career leverage.


Working in the K-12 to higher education school system as a Teacher, Professor or Administrator can be a convenient working environment for mothers. Most institutions allow flexibility with hours, schedule that match your child’s schedule, paid time off and a couple of months off in the summer to spend with the family. There is usually no traveling required and an added bonus of financial breaks on kids’ tuition.

Working Online

The internet allows people to work virtually from home and not physically in an office. In addition, the growing trend of businesses going on the cloud, enables employees to work from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

This field has a great potential for a wide array of jobs: Web Developers, IT Support, Editors, Graphic Designers, Web Designers and Marketing. All of these jobs are perfect for stay-home moms who are creative and have experience or an eye for art and design. These jobs usually involve working as independent contractors and allow flexibility of setting your own schedule.

Freelance Writing and Blogging Jobs

From press releases, to reviews to magazine features, writing can be a perfect profession for freelance-moms who wants to earn living on the internet. Writing jobs are independent in nature and allow freedom in time management planning. Writers can make money per article or blog post and can also earn money from their blogging through affiliate marketing programs. Bloggers can also use their blogs as an Internet marketing tool where companies like PayPerPost connect bloggers to companies who will pay them to write product and service reviews or blog for websites such as eHow,, Linkpost, PayPerPost and other sites. Bloggers can also search freelance writing or blogging jobs on different sites such as,, craigslist, monster, indeed, career builders and simply hired.

By Appointment Jobs

Mothers can juggle between giving professional services and being with their children since they set their own appointments at their own time. Some of the by-appointment jobs include Career Coaching, Therapist, Financial Analyst, Nutritionist, Speech Language Pathologist, Cosmetician, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Personal Trainer, Yoga or Pilates Instructor and Photographer.

Client Service Jobs

The best thing about client service jobs is that you limit your schedule by the number of clients you accept. Accounting, Bookkeeping, Legal work, Translation, Consulting, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture are just some of the jobs that can be done on a per-customer/project base. For example, if you are an Accountant, you can work all through tax season on an almost full schedule and then go back being a full time mom.

Health Care

The Bureau of Labor statistics reports that this field will be the fastest growing field until 2016. Since a lot of resources are being invested in this field, there is a growing demand for jobs such as Lactation Consultant, Doula, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse, Massage Therapist, Dental Hygienist, Homeopathic Therapist, Acupuncturist etc’.

Surprisingly enough, at the top of the “happiest jobs” list for working moms this year, pharmaceutical positions ranked as the happiest, with best work-life balance, good management and excellent benefits. It is also well paid and ranked 2nd in the list of top paid jobs for women in 2011.

Sales jobs

These jobs are easy to handle because they can be done online and over the phone 24/7. customer service and support, marketing, real estate, Ebay, Amazon or Etsy sales are just a few of the sales jobs that allow mothers to plan their own schedule with the bonus of making money for those who are blessed with natural sales skills.

Being Your Own Boss

Owning your own business or startup or being an Entrepreneur is becoming a more attractive option for working mothers because they can work for home or set their own schedule. But there is another big plus: owning your own business or startup means you can start over and go for a career that truly makes you happy or make the most out of your potential and skills. Doing something meaningful is important because many women need a real good reason to do something that will take time away from their kids. Also, mothers’ needs might change if they have a newborn or five-years old, so being your own boss might give you the flexibility to change your schedule based on your changing needs.


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