How to Utilize Twitter's New Ad System

In Twitter's early years, a major question for the microblog site was how it could operate profitably. The answer lies in a three-pronged approach of Promoted Tweets, Trends, and Accounts. Your business could benefit from Twitter's innovative advertising solutions.

Promoted Tweets (beta)

While they are not available yet for everyone (you can find out when they go public here), Promoted Tweets are shaping up to be a very successful, very Twitter sort of advertising. Unlike obtrusive side-ads, Promoted Tweets exist in the live stream of a user. A user will only receive your Promoted Tweet if they're following you, but it will appear at the top of their stream. A Promoted Tweet will also come up if you search for its associated keywords or #hashtags.

The pricing method per ad is very innovative. Rather than charge per tweet promoted or click, the amount an advertiser has to pay is based on "resonance" - essentially how much activity the tweet generates in the form of replies, retweets, link clicks, account visits, favorites, etc. As a result, the most popular ads stay on while duds eventually fade out of the promoted system.

A Promoted Tweet has its origins as a regular tweet, since a user with promotion privileges chooses which of their tweets to promote to fight it out for resonance online.

Promoted Trends (beta)

Promoted Trends are an opportunity to buy a spot in the top trends section. Promoted Trends will integrate with Promoted Tweets to show your Promoted Tweets when someone clicks on a Promoted Trend. Like Promoted Tweets, however, the Promoted Trends are still in beta and not publicly available. You subscribe to get notified when the service goes live on the business FAQ page.

Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts are the one component of Twitter's advertising triforce that is currently publicly available. Promoted Accounts integrate with the Who to Follow feature. Promoted Accounts are recommended to users that have follow related people or services. You can sign up for a Promoted Account here.