Even if your business is not in a labor-intensive industry, there may be times when you need to hire temporary help for moving, cleaning, painting or day labor. Regardless of the job and needs of your company, there are two ways to go about hiring temporary labor: finding it yourself or going through an agency. This guide describes three websites you can use to hire temporary labor.

Labor Ready


Labor Ready is one of the most prominent agencies for temporary labor employment. They act as liaison between you and the workers that use Labor Ready to network. Labor Ready has over 600 locations throughout the United States and Canada. The advantage of using the Labor Ready service is that all you need to do is notify the organization of the nature and scope of the task, and they do the rest. When you contract with Labor Ready, you don't have to worry about issues like undocumented workers and all workers have leadership training and have passed a background and behavior check. Labor Ready can handle any other specific requests you have for temporary workers. Furthermore, associates will come with relevant safety equipment and in some cases will be able to provide other equipment as well.

The company website lists their specialties as:

  1. Quick response, including early mornings and weekends.
  2. Placement of large numbers of people in general labor positions for all industries.
  3. Specialization in tough-to-fill, high-turnover positions.

Labor Ready also instructs their associates on filling out identity (I-9) and tax (W-2, W-9) forms, ensuring your contract is fulfilled cleanly and easily. An example invoice from Labor Ready can be found here.



While Craigslist lacks much of the security that sites like Labor Ready and Hire a Helper offer, depending on the job it may be the most affordable and least intrusive option. Seeking assistance through Craigslist is as easy as posting a listing and waiting for a response. Having a clear and detailed listing will help limit applicants to those that meet your requirements – whether for wages, equipment, or technical skill.

The downside to Craigslist is that you will have to perform your own background checks (if necessary), draft your own labor contract, and deal with the government forms. However, depending on your time and resources this may not matter. Additionally, it is possible to work out a cash payment agreement with a labor worker you discover through Craigslist.

Other Options

While the three websites described above will suit most labor demands, they are not the only ways to hire a temporary laborer. There are other websites out there and there's always the option of recruiting on community billboards or at your local home improvement store.