Your website’s landing page isn’t throwaway copy. It is crucial to construct quality content on each and every landing page.

The landing page is the first thing that customers and potential customers see when they go to your web page. Having the right landing page can make the difference between a person exploring the rest of your page or seeing what else his favorite search engine has to offer.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

To create a good landing page you will need to know what makes a good landing page. The perfect landing page is more than just a matter of cutting and pasting, but there are some fairly clear guidelines to craft the right landing page.

  • Keep your first paragraph concise -- no more than a line or two.
  • Organize your most important information toward the front.
  • Use bullet points and ordered lists to make the information easier to skim.
  • · Write in the second person. Addressing your potential clients as “you” is a way to engage them with the copy.
  • Be clear with the message you wish to send. Make a list of the two or three most important things you wish to communicate and stick only to those topics.
  • · Have the headline match the ad that the user clicked to get to your page.
  • · End the landing page copy with a clear call to action that encourages the visitor to take the next step.

Benefits of a Good Landing Page

Whether the main page of your site, or the landing page found when a user clicks on an ad, the landing page is the first thing that a potential customer sees. Benefits of a good landing page includes:

  • A Personal Connection: When you tailor website copy to the specific reasons that have brought a person to your site, you create an instant personal connection with the customer.
  • · Driving Traffic: A good landing page will bring more traffic to your website. While a high rank on a search engine is the best way to drive traffic, giving your customers meaningful when content after they click an ad will make them want to explore what else there is on your website.
  • · Online Reputation Control: Having several landing pages provides search engines with more results from your company. This manages your online reputation by occupying more space on the Internet about your company.
  • · Search Engine Optimization: Different landing pages represent more copy about your business. Further, having several landing pages can exponentially increase the number of back links that your website has, a key component of getting high search engine rankings. The landing page will also necessarily include a number of crucial keywords for your business.
  • · Good Impressions: A well-written landing page will contain much in the way of memorable content for the reader. In addition to outlining the most important points you wish to communicate, a good landing page gives your future clients something to remember. Concentrate not only on copy that is memorable, but also design.

Alternative Uses for Landing Pages

You can use a landing page for a few different purposes that other pages on your site cannot fulfill.

  • Experimentation: You can use a landing page to try out new design and marketing concepts without overhauling the rest of your page.
  • New Products: A landing page can allow you to showcase new products that you are not ready to release to the general public.
  • QR Codes and Other Promotion Testing: Learn just how much traffic QR codes and other advertising and marketing programs are driving to your website. Give them their own landing page and follow the metrics.

Your Landing Pages

There is no limit to the number of landing pages you can have. Landing pages allow you to battle test different marketing techniques, tones and approaches against one another. This makes them an indispensible tool for the modern business.