Starting a project is often the hardest part. Whether you feel pressured by deadlines, or clouded by uncertainty, the beginning of a project is often overwhelming. Here are a few tips to get your project started in an organized and methodical fashion.

Pick something already! If do not know where to start, and cannot figure out which project is the most important, just jump in and pick something random off your list. If you start making progress, it will be a lot easier to move forward with other things that need to be completed.

Tackle the task that is most on your mind. Let’s say that you are a busy business owner, working from a home office. Every time you walk into your living room, you trip over the clutter on the floor, causing you substantial frustration before your work days starts. As such, you start the day on a bad foot, and, subsequently, you are not as productive as you could be. Tackle the clutter before you start your work You will feel satisfaction and start the day right.

Take small steps. Be realistic with your goals. Do not set yourself up to fail. Remember you do not have to, nor will you be able to complete all of your tasks at once.

Get an accountability partner – or team. Incorporate others into your project. Tell a friend about your project, and the project’s goals. Ask them to check in with you for support, if nothing else. Let them know you are having trouble getting started. Choose someone whom you trust and feel comfortable speaking with.

Project development can be a very sensitive topic for some, so think about what you want/need from your support team. Do not choose a friend who is going to email once and then forget about it. Choose an assertive person who is going to hold you accountable to what you say and do.