Do you want to increase your company’s sales and market your business to consumers through e-mail? A very effective sales tool is creating a customer newsletter. It’s simple and effective!

Newsletters can be used in a variety of ways to attract new customers, enhance your company’s reputation, increase repeat business from existing customers, and improve customer communications. They can be very effective if planned and designed accordingly.

Deciding on Content

The most significant part of a newsletter is deciding on what type of content to include in your piece. You want to immediately catch the attention of your consumer reading the newsletter and make them interested in your business. This is very important because you want the consumer to look at your newsletter and continue reading it. A catchy title or phrase is a good way to start.

Keep the content informative and do not use a direct sales approach. If a consumer feels like he is trying to be sold to immediately, he will walk away and lose interest. Your newsletter should include the following:

  • General information about your company
  • The overall purpose of your newsletter such as upcoming sales, promotions, events, and new products/services
  • Tips relating to your business that consumers will find beneficial
  • Any photos relating to the content included in your newsletter
  • Any coupons or discounts that may be included in your offer

Sometimes it is beneficial to ask your consumers what type of topics they want to see in your upcoming newsletters. Always take into consideration their suggestions, comments, questions, and feedback. It is very important to include them because it shows you care.

Layout of the Newsletter

Creating an easy to read and understandable newsletter is key to making your piece successful.

  • The layout should be simple and easy on the eye. Do not jumble words together. Rather create breaks in between articles and separate the content so consumers have somewhere to start and finish.
  • Your layout should be consistent. The structure of the newsletter should remain the same at all times. If you plan on sending the newsletter once a month, the layout and design should be exactly the same. All you have to do is go in and change your content. If you are receiving bad feedback regarding the design and layout of your newsletter, this would be the only time to change it around.
  • Do not include too much content. Most people do not like reading large paragraphs filled with content. They lose interest. Keep it easy to read and in a font size that isn’t too large or too small.
  • If you are adding a picture(s), choose a picture that corresponds to your content. You do not want to add a picture that is completely irrelevant.

How Often Do I Send a Newsletter?

Depending on the type of business you have, the amount of content you have, and the amount of time and money you have to invest will all determine how often you send a newsletter out to consumers. Many businesses will send a newsletter once a month, while others send a promotional email once a week or once every month. Some businesses have a special sale within a certain timeframe and may even send a promotional email twice a week. Don’t overwhelm your subscribers with too many emails if they’re not relevant.

Newsletter Websites

There are several websites out there that make customer newsletters a lot easier to create and deliver to your consumers.

  • Constant Contact is a website that makes newsletters easy, fast, and affordable. They have hundreds of template to choose from, Facebook and Twitter links, one-click editing, anti-spam checker, and tracking. All you have to do is go in and add your personal content. It’s that easy!
  • iContact is another e-mail marketing software that allows you to create newsletters quickly and efficiently. iContact offers professional looking newsletters that are great for any size business.
  • Emma will help you create a stylish newsletter that will help your e-mail stand out in any inbox. The website is very simple to use and includes features that make the whole newsletter process quick and effective. Emma is great for small to mid-size businesses.
  • Vertical Response will guide you step by step on how to build your newsletter. It offers over 700 templates perfect for any size or type of business. You will be able to track your results in real time and see when someone opens and clicks on your newsletter. Vertical Response makes sure your e-mail is delivered right in the inbox and not the SPAM folder.