You don’t need to develop your own product in order to sell something unique. Outsourcing is an excellent way to get unique, quality products that you can sell for a profit.

Not everyone has the ability to come up with a product on their own, but since outsourcing is now a very reasonable option, you don’t have to be a product creation genius to pull it off. Hire someone else, preferably an expert in the field you’re interested in and let them do the work for you. All you need to do is promote the product afterward and reap the profits.

How do you outsource a product? First, you need to decide what you want to sell. There are unlimited options here, so decide whether you want a physical product or a virtual one first. Virtual products include:

  • Ebooks
  • Software (sold online)
  • Graphics
  • Websites

Physical products can be anything that you can hold in your hand, from food to books. Once you have decided what type of product you will be selling, it’s time to find someone to create it for you.

1. Hire a Local

Chances are your home town has plenty of talent and it could be as simple as putting out a want ad to find someone to handle your product creation. If you are looking for something like writing, consider going to the writers by posting an ad or placing a call to a local writers’ group, etc. to let them know you need someone.

The downside to this type of outsourcing is that you may be quite limited, depending on just how small your town is. Also, you will pay more in the U.S. than you would in another country, like India or Mexico, where costs would be considerably cheaper. For actual manufacturing, it’s best to look at the cheaper countries.

2. Outsource Overseas

Most people think of hiring someone overseas when they hear the word “outsource.” While it is more than possible to hire someone in your own area, going overseas can be considerably cheaper. Not only will materials for physical products cost less, the actual labor for both physical and virtual products will be considerably lower than in your home country.

There are several downsides to outsourcing to a foreign country, particularly one that offers low prices. The main issue is language, since English is not likely to be the worker’s first language. This may cause some issues in communications and if you need someone to write or speak in English, this usually eliminates this option. You will also find that there is a large time difference, which can affect your ability to have online meetings with the worker.

3. Go to the Experts

Need a graphic designer? You can find one easily with a quick search online. The same goes for a large number of professions, ranging from software development to copywriting. These are experts who already have their own websites online and are actively advertising their services. These are often the most expensive choice, but if you can afford them, the work should be top quality. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to opt for the cheapest choice.

4. Hire an Outsource Firm

An outsource firm is an excellent choice for anyone not willing to go through the interview process dozens of times. You hire one company and they will take care of all your product creation. Most firms will have a number of employees and can assign you as many as you need. If one person gets sick while working on your project, it’s possible for another to step into their place so your project doesn’t lose steam.

You can find outsource firms around the world, including in the United States, so you just need to decide where you want to hire and how much you can afford to pay for your product. Keep in mind that quality will also vary from company to company.

5. Pay a Student

Hire a student to handle some of your product development for you and you’ll get lower prices than you would if he had already graduated, yet still receive a quality product. This works best for virtual products for obvious reasons . . . most students won’t be filling their dorm with physical products that they’ve assembled, for example. Since the student has already received training and is passionate enough about his chosen topic to study it for several years, you should have a good head start on quality work, without paying an arm and a leg.

Just because you aren’t good at product creation doesn’t mean you can’t sell something of your own. There are so many options for outsourcing these days that you can pick the perfect solution for your needs. Most of these work best with virtual products such as ebooks, websites or software, but some may be adapted to physical products, as well.