Antivirus programs can be important tools in protecting your business from security risks. Leaving your system susceptible to malicious code or phishing through email or instant messaging can prove to be very costly, setting a product back weeks or, in extreme cases, putting your customer’s sensitive data at risk or even draining your company’s bank account.

Every type of operating system can be susceptible to attack. Avoiding compromising websites may not be enough to protect your computer, as even legitimate sites can contain malware.

Advising your employees about safe internet use, making sure you back up your data and having proper password security are all important steps to maintaining a secure system, but most business owners will opt for greater security by using an antivirus program.

Depending on the needs of your business, you may want protection that allows administrators to control your system through a central console, so that you can limit the websites or networks employees are able to access. Cloud security and protection for mobile devices are other factors you will want to consider in choosing a plan.

Keeping your network safe is more difficult than ever, as attackers are creating malware so quickly that companies cannot keep up. These advanced persistent threats (ATPs) gain access by identifying vulnerability in your software and exploiting it, allowing attackers to remotely access the malware. For these reasons, antivirus companies now go beyond software and include many different types of protection.

Here are five of the highest-rated antivirus programs:

1. Bitdefender

Available for PCs and Macs, you can purchase Bitdefender for small business in packs of 5, 10 and 20. The Small Business Pack is easy to install and can be downloaded and installed without IT support. Bitdefender also offers cloud security and allows for automation of installing, updating and administrating the software for those with no in-house IT. You can remotely deploy protection to your entire system in less than an hour. For those that want more control over their security, their Client Security package offers centralized network protection.

2. Kaspersky

Offering everything from antivirus to mobile protection and password managers, Kaspersky Small Office Security protects Windows-based computers and Android phones and tablets. There are no options for Mac or Linux security. Kaspersky offers anti-malware protection for file servers to protect malware from spreading across corporate networks. Application Control allows your IT team to manage which applications can run on your network, which devices can access your system and how your employees can use the internet. Anti-spam and anti-malware protection is included for your mail servers and ensures secure collaboration.

3. G Data

This software is available for Windows-based computers, Linux-based clients and Android devices. Macs and iOS devices are not supported. G Data continues its functionality on devices even when they are outside of your network. G Data BankGuard provides online payment security. G Data’s virus database allows real-time data comparison to protect against false positives. Remote control allows client protection from any web interface, including mobile browsers. G Data’s AntiVirus Enterprise can be purchased for an additional fee; it includes virus and spam filters for your mail server and provides central control for client backups.

4. Symantec (Norton AntiVirus)

Offered as an in-the-cloud or on-premise service, Symantec provides solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, their most popular arguably being Norton AntiVirus. Symantec offers subscription models that allow you to add to your plan as your business grows. The cloud-based solutions don’t necessitate hardware, and the software updates automatically. Symantec will allow your employees to have secure access to your cloud data at any time. Disaster-recovery solutions can make sure your system is always backed up in case you accidentally delete an important file or your entire system is destroyed.

5. Panda

A cloud-based security solution that protects Macs, PCs and Linux-based machines, Panda Security does not include mobile or tablets and requires some onsite resources. Administrators can block or restrict access to applications or files from a central console. These solutions are available to companies of any size. Panda’s technology includes an analysis of behavior and will automatically uncover and disinfect threats. With Panda, you are able to control access to your network to prevent compromised PCs from connecting. Administrators have control over endpoint and network resources. Suspicious files can be sent to PandaLabs for analysis.

Having antivirus protection is important to maintain your server’s security and ensure that your business can run smoothly. Make sure to take inventory of your company’s needs and find the antivirus protection that is right for you.