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Top 10 Apps and Tools Every Small Business Should Have

Take advantage of these popular apps to streamline how you do business, increase your productivity, save money and generate revenue. Improving your business is just a click away:

1. Cloud Storage: Dropbox.

Forget about purchasing servers or trusting email to send documents. Add files, photos and videos to this free mobile app and share them safely and securely with your employees, partners or investors. You and others can gain instant access to your files via computers, phones or tablets. Starting at $795 per year and $125 per user after the first five users, Dropbox for Business adds extra security and administration features, including unlimited deletion recovery, phone support and space.

2. GoToMeeting.

Cut back on travel time and expenses, and instead host unlimited online meetings with up to 25 customers, associates, employees and so on. You can host, and far-flung attendees can join a meeting from a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Plans start at $19 per month. At press time, you could sign up for a free 30-day trial.

3. DocuSign.

Trim turnaround times by using this app to safely send and sign documents from any device to collect data, signatures and payments within minutes. DocuSign accepts Word, Excel, PDF and many other file formats. Grab documents from your hard drive or from popular sites like Dropbox and Google Docs. Plans start at $15 per month. At press time, you could sign up for a free 14-day trial.

4. Evernote.

Track your brilliant ideas and keep all your to-dos in one place, all on-the-go, using text, snapshots or audio files. Then easily access your notes and lists across your devices, and share them with others. Download it for free or opt for the Premium version that upgrades your Evernote experience, starting at $5.00 per month or $45.00 per year.

5. GoPayment.

Accept payments at industry events, trade shows—or anywhere for that matter—using your mobile device, the GoPayment app and the free card reader provided by Intuit. Simply swipe the card and ask customers to sign the screen using a finger. You can then pay per swipe—as little as 1.75% per swipe—or purchase a monthly plan for $12.95.

6. Findmyshift.

Quit agonizing over the tedious task of employee scheduling. With this app, create and share employee schedules anywhere, anytime, in any web browser. Edit right on the screen or use the drag-and-drop function for simple updating. Other features include vacation management and payroll report generation, and you can send schedule notifications to staff by email, text message or push notification. Each schedule costs $30 per month.

7. Inventory Tracker.

Make doing inventory a breeze. See and track what you have for sale, what you have sold in the past and what you need to ship out. Easily track your inventory, sales, payment, shipment and balance sheets on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis. Available on Android ($5.99) and iOS ($4.99) devices.

8. Google Analytics.

If your website is a key component of your marketing strategy, you need to be analyzing visitor traffic to fully understand your customers and their needs. Find out important data concerning where your traffic is coming from, how long people are browsing your site, what search terms they used to find your website and more. It costs nothing and can be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

9. Expensify.

Make filling out and filing expense reports easy. Scan receipts, add cash expenses, automatically import card transactions, and capture mileage, time and other reimbursable/billable expenses. It's free for individuals.


Provide outstanding customer service. This all-in-one customer-support app has everything a small business needs to provide customer service in the cloud. Use the universal inbox to connect with customers via email, social media, chat and phone. Plans start at $3 per month for up to three agents. At press time, you could sign up for a free trial.