While many picture the Millennials as entitled (and even a bit whiny), in the small business community their optimism and coping skills seem to eclipse that of their more seasoned counterparts.

A small business survey recently conducted by Bank of America revealed that when it comes to maintaining positivity and wellbeing, Millennials surpass older entrepreneurs. When asked if they…

Expect More Revenue

  • 18-34 yr: 70%
  • 35-50 yr: 54%
  • 51-64 yr: 46%

Expect Increased Hiring

  • 18-34 yr: 52%
  • 35-50 yr: 33%
  • 51-64 yr: 24%

These staggering differences show optimism decreasing on essentially a sliding scale as business owners age, with as much as 28% difference in expectations amongst the youngest and oldest generations.

Not only do Millennial entrepreneurs expect increases in small business employment and profits this year, they also appear to be managing the bumps in the road. When asked if they…

Manage Stress Well

  • 18-34 yr: 70%
  • 35-50 yr: 51%
  • 51-64 yr: 55%

Prepare for the Unexpected

  • 18-34 yr: 65%
  • 35-50 yr: 53%
  • 51-64 yr: 45%

As the economy is slowly restored, maybe staying positive is what America’s small business community needs. Or perhaps the Millennials’ doe-eyed optimism is a result of first-time entrepreneur naiveté. After all, older business owners are more likely to have started and failed in a business before.

In either case, nobody can argue that reducing stress and pessimism can help any entrepreneur. Check out some stats on the most effective stress relievers (Forbes) or for a sudden bout of anxiety here’s how to alleviate stress in a minute or less (Entrepreneur). To better manage your time and increase productivity overall, check out this free course.

Source: Bank of America

Article by Rochelle Bailis