A recent survey of small to medium-sized businesses revealed an optimistic future for the coming year, with expected increases in hiring, sales and compensation. If you're planning to hire, post on 40+ job boards for free with Ziprecruiter.

Results from a survey conducted by Insperity this quarter reveal surprising hiring improvements amongst SMBs as compared to last quarter. Small to medium-sized businesses predict a sizeable increase in hiring and a drop in lay-offs:

SMBs that plan to add employees have increased by 12%:

  • October 2012 (Then): 28%
  • April 2013 (Now): 40%

SMBs that plan to lay off employees have decreased by 4%:

  • Then: 9%
  • Now: 5%

These numbers foreshadow an exciting quarter of personnel growth amongst small to medium-sized businesses. If you’re amongst one of the businesses that will be expanding your team this quarter and are looking to save time and money, try Ziprecruiter for free. Post on 40+ different job boards (Indeed, Craigslist, LinkedIn, etc.) all at once.

Hiring looks promising, but the positivity doesn’t stop there; SMBs have also been experiencing an uptick in general performance:

More companies are meeting or exceeding performance plans:

  • Then: 71%
  • Now: 74%

Fewer companies are doing worse than expected:

  • Then: 29%
  • Now: 26%

There has also been a 3.7% boost in compensation since last quarter, and a gain in expected sales:

7% more small businesses expect sales to increase in 2013:

  • Then: 52%
  • Now: 59%

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Source: Insperity