Create an Employee Handbook

Easily create a customizable Employee Handbook for your business that can set policy and avoid costly lawsuits. It can include rules for vacation days, smoking, dress codes, computer use and more.

Build an Employee Handbook Now

Take a look at these key company policies. Are you currently enforcing these with a Handbook?

Vacation Policy

While employers are not required on a federal level to provide vacation time (with a few rare exceptions, such as the care of a sick family member or new child), most employers offer some time off set by a Vacation Policy.

Dress Code

As an employer, you have the right to implement an Appearance and Dress Policy at your own discretion as long as the requirements do not conflict with state and federal anti-discrimination laws based on religion, race or gender.

Smoking Policy

Smokers are not protected from employment discrimination on a federal level, but twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have labeled smokers as a protected class. While you cannot avoid hiring someone on the basis of smoking in these states, a Smoking Policy can set restrictions regarding where employees can smoke in order to protect the health of other employees.

Computer and Internet Use

If your employees are using company computers, it’s a good idea to have a policy regulating computer and internet use. This can clarify acceptable uses for company computers and helps reinforce the prohibition of illegal online activities, such as fraud and music piracy; it'll help you avoid a similar fate as employers sued by record companies because their employees downloaded music on a company computer. You can also control the content that your employees share online and prevent the spread of confidential or negative information about your company.

How to Implement These Policies

Each of these policies can be implemented individually, but most employers choose to put them all in the Employee Handbook, which is essentially the rule book for the entire company. It outlines important company policies and protects the employer from a lot of legal liability. Fill out a customizable version here.