Employees Want Cash Bonuses, Small Businesses Use Facebook and Other Things We Have Learned in 2012

The countdown to 2013 is in full swing, and the clock is ticking down on 2012. And throughout this past year, small businesses were constantly in the headlines and the national conversation, increasingly so as the Presidential election approached. What better time than now to look back at 2012 and reflect on what we learned over the past year about small businesses.

In 2012, the editorial staff at Docstoc started tracking and reporting small business stats and survey results through weekly Small Business “Stat of the Day” articles and emails. What was interesting, important or capturing the attention of the small business world at that moment in time were reflected in these articles, and when reviewed now at the end of the year, they give an interesting summary of the small business world that was in 2012.

Survey results showed that small businesses prefer Facebook as a marketing tool and that mobile is not just emerging, it is already here. Optimism was up and down throughout 2012, but that did not get in the way of small business owners being satisfied and pursuing their dreams with a personal passion. And, while employees may not be as loyal as employers think they are, one thing is sure, small businesses create jobs and economic growth, and America loves them for it.

Below is a representative example of some of the best Stat of the Day articles from 2012 categorized by topic. A quick review of these articles provides a fun review of 2012 – the Small Business Year that Was.

Social Media and the Emergence of Mobile

August - 39% of Tablet Users Purchase Physical Goods from Their Tablets

October - 59% of Small Biz Owners Wish There Were More Mobile Apps Relevant to Their Business

November - 90% of Small Businesses Use Facebook, 69% Use Twitter


June - Average Employee Spends 5.6 Hours in Meetings Each Week

September - Study Shows that Employees Not as Loyal as Small Business Employers Think.

December - No Surprise, 73% of Employees Have Holiday Bonus on their Wish List

Small Business Optimism

June - So Much for an Optimistic Outlook, June Brings Gloom

September - 6% Drop in Small Business Post-Election Optimism

November - Small Business Optimism Higher Than One Year Ago, But Only Slightly

The Election

July - 99% of Small Business Owners Are Registered To Vote

August - 61% of Small Business Owners Plan to Vote for Romney

Jobs and the Economy

May - 89,000 More Teenagers Hired in May 2012

June - Employers Added Only 69,000 Jobs in May

August - Small Business Owners Create Jobs and Economic Growth

September - A majority of small business owners are of the opinion that there is too much economic uncertainty for their company to expand, grow or hire new workers.

November - 100 Million Consumers and Small Business Saturday – Will Customers Show Up?

Small Business Ownership

June - 85% Chance Your Company Will Sell for Less Than $500,000

June - Big Profit Not So Important to SMB Owners

June - Idaho and Texas are Friendliest Small Business States

July - There are over 8 million women-owned businesses in the U.S.

July - 18% of Small Businesses in United States Are Immigrant Owned

August - 93% of all Business Entities are “Flow-Through” Businesses

August - 53% of Americans Have a Very Favorable Opinion of Small Business

September - 84% of Small Business Owners Are Satisfied Being the Owner of a Small Business

October - 95% of Small Biz Owners Say an Extra Hour a Day is Worth at Least $100

October - 67% Say Personal Passion is Top Reason to Start a Business

November - 55% of Businesses That Celebrate a 1 Year Anniversary Also Reach the 5 Year Milestone

December - 29 Million Adults are Starting or Running a New Business in the U.S. – Who are They?