Receiving a cash bonus is the top choice for what employees want from their employers as a holiday perk.

What do Employees Want from their Employers as a Holiday Perk?

Results from a survey by indicate that most employees put cash bonuses at the top of their wish list of employer-gifted holiday perks. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of the more than 2,000 adults surveyed listed a “cash bonus” as one of their top choices as an employer-gifted holiday perk this year, followed by a raise in salary (60%), paid time off (36%), grocery gift card (29%) and “work from home for 1 year” (13%).

Is a Holiday Party Really Viewed as a Perk?

How about holiday parties, what do employees think about them? Only five percent (5%) of the respondents indicated that a “holiday party with open bar” would be on their holiday perk wish list. In fact, of the nine perks identified in the results, the holiday party was the second least picked option, with “commuter subsidy” (2%) being the only option picked less. Gym membership (7%) was even picked more than a holiday party. And, with what may be a sign of the times, only nine percent (9%) of the respondents would put “company stocks/shares” on their wish list.

So, if holiday parties are not much wanted, will companies still have them? The answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” According to a recent survey 96 of the 105 (91%) companies polled indicated that they will have a holiday party this year.

Source:, Battalia Winston