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56% of Small Business Employees Do Not Feel a Very Strong Sense of Loyalty to Their Employer

Study Shows that Employees Not as Loyal as Small Business Employers Think

Small Business Employers Overestimate How Loyal Their Employees Really Are

In 2011, 54% of employers whose businesses employ between 2 and 499 employees felt that their employees feel a very strong sense of loyalty to their employer. However, only 44% of employees employed by firms of that size in 2011 reported feeling a very strong sense of loyalty to their employers. That leaves a 10% difference between how employers view employee loyalty, and how much loyalty employees actually feel.

Overestimating Employee Loyalty Nothing New

In 2008 small business employers underestimated their employees’ loyalty, with 57% of small business employees feeling a very strong sense of loyalty to their employers, and only 49% of small business employers feeling that their employees had a very strong sense of loyalty to them. However, since 2008 the trend has reversed and small business employers’ confidence in their employees’ loyalty has increased, while their employees’ actual sense of loyalty has decreased, resulting in employer overestimation in 2009, 2010 and 2011. See graph for the survey results from MetLife for the past 4 years.

Source: MetLife