A majority of small business owners are satisfied, and better yet, they feel they are successful too.

84% of Small Business Owners are Satisfied Being the Owner of a Small Business, and 55% Report Being Either Extremely or Very Satisfied

A recent Wells Fargo-Gallup Small Business Index poll found that 84% of small business owners feel at least some level of satisfaction (either extremely, very or somewhat) in being a small business owner. In fact, of the 600 small business owners polled, a majority (55%) feel either extremely satisfied (17%) or very satisfied (38%). The remaining 45% feel either somewhat satisfied (29%), not too satisfied (10%) or not at all satisfied (6%).

With Satisfaction Comes Feelings of Success

In addition to be satisfied, a majority (51%) of the same 600 small business owners also feel at least somewhat successful, while 39% feel that they are either extremely or very successful. Only 8% feel that they are not too successful, and 1% identified themselves as feeling not at all successful. (1% refused to respond.)

Source: Wells Fargo-Gallup Small Business Index Poll