6% Drop in Small Business Post-Election Optimism

A majority of small business owners are still optimistic about post-election economic outlook, but not as optimistic as they were in May.

Post-Election Optimism Drops 6% from May to August

The majority of small business owners remain optimistic about the post-presidential economic outlook, but not as optimistic as they were 3 months ago. According to surveys conducted by Manta in May and August 2012, the amount of small business owners who have an optimistic outlook regarding the post-presidential election economy has declined 6% in the past three months (65% in May vs. 59% in August).

NFIB Survey Shows Small Business Owner Optimism Declining, Again

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Economic Trends monthly survey results for July saw small business owner optimism drop for the third straight month. In April 2012, small business owner optimism was equal to the highest level it had been at since December 2007; however, in the three months since, optimism levels have declined to the lowest levels since November 2011.

Sources: Manta, NFIB Small Business Economic Trends July Survey