Small Business beats out Major Companies and the Federal Government in Americans' opinion of which one they view most favorably.

53% of Americans Have a Very Favorable Opinion of Small Business

Results from a survey commissioned by the Public Affairs Council show that more than half of Americans (53%) have a “Very Favorable” opinion of small business, compared to only 16% of those surveyed having a “Very Favorable” opinion of Major Companies. As for the Federal Government, it received only a meager 9% “Very Favorable” rating.

Opinions of Small Business are Great; the Federal Government, uh, Not So Much

In the graph the results from the survey show that Americans have a favorable opinion of business in general, and small business in particular (Small Business = 53% “Very Favorable” and 35% “Somewhat Favorable” = 88% favorable overall; Major Companies = 16% “Very Favorable” and 51% “Somewhat Favorable” = 67% favorable overall). But, when it comes to the Federal Government, more than half of Americans have an unfavorable opinion (27% “Not too favorable” and 28% “Not at all favorable” = 55% unfavorable overall). With only 41% of Americans expressing a favorable opinion of the Federal Government (9% “Very Favorable, 32% “Somewhat Favorable”), it is readily apparent that politicians in Washington need to work on their image.

Source: Public Affairs Council’s Second Annual Public Affairs Pulse Survey